Neil Young / Upper Darby 2018 / 2CDR

Neil Young / Upper Darby 2018 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Live At Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USA 30th September 2018.

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Starting from the crazy hose of spring like a vision, Neil Young of this year is full of engines. In addition, I played until Darryl · Hannah ‘s remarriage, and finally it is the first energetic activity of Kana Hanasaki. Last week we released the latest live instrument with Promise of the Real, but this week we will deliver the latest solo songwriting live. Speaking of solo songs this year, about four shows in the summer have already been done, three of which have already been released. At those shows, the popular Killer Tune set list has become a hot topic among maniacs all over the world, but this sequel to the solo playing live is also a mania tearful monochrome set list.
First of all, I would like to highlight the wonderful sound quality of the audience recording that will be released this time. The sound source that captured the summer show was also wonderful, but this time it is a different quality that exceeds them. The echo of the venue is also clearly and soundly sound, and Neil’s singing voice is close. Originally it was also ant release level on press CD, but this time I became compatible with CD-R because it was the fastest release.
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And this time also amazingly Killer Tune Tonight’s set list, but the opening was the first opening that touched the notation “Dance, Dance, Dance”. What I would like to bring to the opening suddenly the unpublished songs of the seventies with a strong impression that is overwhelmingly performed in the latter half of the live. As this song tells, the composition of the first half of the live has changed significantly since the summer. In particular, the three songs played on a guitar that changed the tuning from “War Of Man” to “Mr. Soul” are exquisite, and among them the acoustic version of “The Loner” is what the 1971 revival since the Royal Festival Hall . It is possible to assert that this famous song is played by playing after a long time (almost for the first time in 45 years!) But it can be asserted that it is an audible sound source all over the world, but its performance is also wonderful. In addition, “Flying on the Ground is Wrong” and “See the Sky About to Rain” have been performed, and it is as luxurious a famous classic group that it is as if you want to call it the reproduction of Carnegie Hall in 1970.
Among the past killer tune being played from the summer, the only interesting thing is “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”. Unexpected development that I think that arranging dropped to a lower key will continue as it is, and how to modulate on the way. Originally Neil is a person who rarely uses modulation, so this is really rare, yet it has a great impact. In addition, the new song “Children Of Destiny” from the latest album “THE VISITOR” which was performed for the first time in Farm Aid was the first time to play as a songwriting version of a strumy electric style instead of a band. The audience is also excited ahead of this performance and will let us foresee the birth of new standards.
Even at the summer show, rare numbers of mania crazy raided, but this time also a luxurious selection. And Neir’s tension is very high with circle, and he is still full of unexpectedly intense singing in “One of These Days” and “Mellow My Mind” as usual. Still, you can enjoy listening compare with the summer show. This time we have a fulfilling selection and the best playing tune!


そして今回もまた呆れるほどキラーチューンてんこ盛りなセットリストなのですが、まずオープニングが「Dance, Dance, Dance」という意表を突いたオープニング。圧倒的にライブの後半で演奏される印象の強い70年代の未発表曲をいきなりオープニングに持ってくるとは。この曲が物語っているように、ライブ前半の構成は夏の時から大きく変わっています。特に「War Of Man」から「Mr. Soul」までのチューニングを変えたギターで演奏される三曲は絶品で、中でも「The Loner」のアコースティック・バージョンは何と1971年ロイヤル・フェスティバル・ホール以来の復活。この名曲が本当に久しぶりに弾き語りで演奏された(ほとんど45年ぶり!)というだけでも世界中のマニア必聴音源だと断言できるのですが、その演奏も実に素晴らしい。さらには「Flying on the Ground is Wrong」や「See the Sky About to Rain」まで演奏されており、まるで1970年カーネギー・ホールの再現だと呼びたくなるほど豪華な名曲群。
夏から演奏されている往年のキラーチューンの中で面白いのが「Only Love Can Break Your Heart」。これまでになく低いキーに落とされたアレンジがそのまま続くと思いきや、何と途中で転調するという意外な展開。元々ニールは滅多に転調を用いない人ですので、これは本当に珍しく、それでいてインパクトも大きい。さらにファーム・エイドで初めてライブ披露された最新アルバム「THE VISITOR」からの新曲「Children Of Destiny」はバンドでなくエレキをかき鳴らしたスタイルの弾き語りバージョンとしては初めての披露となりました。この演奏を前に観客も盛り上がっており、新たなスタンダードの誕生を予見させてくれます。
夏のショーでもマニア狂喜のレア・ナンバーが連発されましたが、今回もまた贅沢なセレクション。それに輪をかけてニールのテンションが非常に高く、「One of These Days」や「Mellow My Mind」での思いがけずも激しい歌いっぷりも圧巻で、彼は相変わらず元気いっぱいです。それでいて夏のショーとの聞き比べも楽しめるでしょう。今回も充実の選曲と最高の弾き語りがぎっしりと!

Disc 1(44:09)
1. Dance, Dance, Dance 2. Tell Me Why 3. Homefires 4. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
5. One of These Days 6. War of Man 7. The Loner 8. Mr. Soul 9. Flying on the Ground is Wrong
10. Mellow My Mind 11. Ohio

Disc 2(53:06)
1. Speakin’ Out 2. Are You Ready for the Country? 3. Horseshoe Man 4. Birds
5. See the Sky About to Rain 6. Children of Destiny 7. Love and War 8. Peaceful Valley Boulevard
9. From Hank to Hendrix 10. Heart of Gold 11. Tumbleweed

Uxbridge 903

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