Neil Young / Chicago 2018 / 4CDR

Neil Young / Chicago 2018 / 4CDR / Uxbridge

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Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USA 31th June 2018.

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Neil Young’s live performances this year and I’m just amazed at the fulfillment. While continuing activities with Promise of Real, in the beginning of May realized the realization of the real Santa Monica Flyers with Crazy Horse who also called Nils Looggren, a very wonderful gig It was a memorable new place that showed as much as four performances and made fans around the world topple. Actually, since the performance contents of those gigs were fulfilling too much, “BAKERSFIELD 2018” and “FRESNO 2018” became extremely popular while releasing them on CD-R, and they are still continuing their best sellers.
Neil is continuing the event appearance with Promise of Real even during that time, but this time it announces solo playing show. It is serious again when opening the lid. Most of the set list was full of killer tune of the 1970 ‘s. In other words, from the “AFTER THE GOLD RUSH” to the album around “TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT”, only the famous songs of the highest peak were performed in succession, a set list like a dream taken by a mania all over the world. Still it is a composition of tears that it will be shown to the 2nd song everyday, even unreleased song “Homefires” of 1974.
Not only in the first half of the year but also in the last few years Neil was heading for retrospective activities to look back on his career, opening a concert at a former live venue called Massey Hall in Carnegie Hall Let’s see. As evidence, for the solo show this time, Chicago · Auditorium · Theater which Neil used as a venue many times in the 1970s was chosen for a long time. If that happens, it is also convincing that a singing list playing show like this was done.

Regarding the two days at this Chicago Auditorium Theater, audience recording appeared on the net with haste. It was this CD-R set that we coupled it, both of which were recorded by the same taper. From the audience recording from the balcony, there is a slight sense of distance in the sound image, but this is addictively to the singing refreshing show of this special menu. Just wrapped in a modest echo, I just frantically heard about Neil ‘s generous songs of the past years unfascinatingly showing off. “Mellow My Mind” is the performance in the banjo that reminds me of the first performance in Japan, and also shows “There’s A World” which was less frequent in live performances among the name “HARVEST”.
In the end, the set list is different on both days, and rare performances will appear in each. Regarding the first day, “Hidden classic song” from “AFTER THE GOLD RUSH” “Cowgirl In The Sand” “Birds”. “Love In Mind” that appeared on the second day is also a rare song selection reminiscent of Massey Hall of the archive series and live music of the same period, all of which are all the music of the first half of the 1970s.

However, the most important thing is that “One More Sign” suddenly showcased live on this day. Have you heard such a song? It is reasonable. This is an unreleased song Neil created during the Buffalo Springfield era, as a song with only a demonstration recording left, it was known to boot for such a long time as a core maniac, but maniacs and others I thought it was a handful. It is now officially released in the “Early Years (1966-1968)” disc in the archives box or the box in the buffalo. As it was played suddenly, maniacs around the world became turbulent. On the contrary, the air at the venue is also “this song?”
It is as wonderful as it is performed by a luxurious selection of songs like the best board, while the lure of the latest Neil flirting talk showed that a super rare number was performed. In the latter half of the show, the numbers from the recent work will be shown together, but this will fit again without any discomfort. Still, the best two days that you want to lean your body to the relaxed comfort drifting in the full story!

今年のニール・ヤングのライブ活動の幅広さと充実ぶりには驚かされるばかり。プロミス・オブ・リアルとの活動を継続しつつ、5月初頭にはニルス・ロフグレンも呼んだクレイジー・ホースで実質的なサンタモニカ・フライヤーズの再結成を実現させた上で、非常に素晴らしいギグを四公演ほど披露して世界中のファンをアッと言わせたのは記憶に新しいところ。実際あまりにもそれらのギグの演奏内容が充実していたことから、「BAKERSFIELD 2018」と「FRESNO 2018」それぞれがCD-Rでのリリースながら大人気を博し、現在もベストセラー続行中です。
その合間でもプロミス・オブ・リアルとのイベント出演などを続けているニールですが、今度はソロの弾き語りショーをアナウンス。いざ蓋を開けてみればこれがまた大変。何とセットリストの大半が1970年代のキラーチューンだらけ。つまり「AFTER THE GOLD RUSH」から「TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT」辺りのアルバムまでが中心、絶頂期の名曲ばかりが立て続けに披露されたという、世界中のマニアとって夢のようなセットリスト。それでいて連日で二曲目には1974年の未発表曲「Homefires」までも披露されるという感涙ものの構成。

このシカゴ・オーディトリアム・シアターでの二日間に関しては速攻でオーディエンス録音がネット上に現れました。それをカップリングしたのが今回のCD-Rセットで、どちらのショーも同じテーパーによって録音されたもの。バルコニーからのオーディエンス録音ということから音像には若干の距離感があるのですが、これが今回のスペシャルなメニューの弾き語りショーにばっちりハマっている。程よいエコーに包まれ、ニールが往年の名曲を惜しげもなく披露していく様子に思わず聞き惚れてしまうばかり。「Mellow My Mind」に至っては初来日公演を彷彿とさせるバンジョーでの演奏ですし、名盤「HARVEST」の中でもっとライブ披露回数の少なかった「There’s A World」までも披露。
とどめは両日でセットリストが異なっており、それぞれでレアな演奏が登場してくれます。初日に関しては必殺の「Cowgirl In The Sand」に「AFTER THE GOLD RUSH」からの隠れた名曲「Birds」。二日目で登場した「Love In Mind」もアーカイブ・シリーズのマッセイ・ホールや同時期のライブを彷彿させるレアな選曲であり、どれも70年代前半の楽曲ばかりでもある。

しかし何と言っても極めつけはこの日、突如ライブ披露された「One More Sign」。はて、そんな曲ありましたっけ?ごもっともです。これはニールがバッファロー・スプリングフィールド時代に作った未発表曲で、デモ録音だけが残された曲としてコアなマニアには古くからブートなどで知られていたものですが、それが思い浮かぶマニアなど一握りではないかと。現在ではアーカイブス・ボックスの「Early Years (1966-1968)」ディスク、あるいはバッファローのボックスでオフィシャル・リリース済。それがいきなり演奏されたものだから、世界中のマニアが騒然となったものです。それどころか、会場の空気も「この曲は?」という空気がプンプン。

Live at Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USA 30th June 2018

Disc 1(49:02)
1. Intro 2. On The Way Home 3. Homefires 4. Love Is A Rose 5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
6. Cowgirl In The Sand 7. Mellow My Mind 8. Ohio 9. There’s A World 10. Birds
11. Are You Ready For The Country? 12. After The Gold Rush 13. Tonight’s The Night

Disc 2(50:50)
1. MC 2. Speakin’ Out 3. Angry World 4. Love And War 5. Peaceful Valley Boulevard
6. Out On The Weekend 7. The Needle And The Damage Done 8. Heart Of Gold 9. One Of These Days
10. War Of Man 11. Tumbleweed

Live at Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USA 1st July 2018

Disc 3(48:26)
1. Intro2. On The Way Home 3. Homefires 4. Love Is A Rose
5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (false start) 6. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
7. Mellow My Mind 8. Ohio 9. There’s A World 10. Love In Mind 11. One More Sign
12. Are You Ready For The Country? 13. After The Gold Rush

Disc 4(49:31)
1. MC 2. Tonight’s The Night 3. Speakin’ Out 4. Angry World 5. Love And War
6. Peaceful Valley Boulevard 7. Out On The Weekend (false start) 8. Out On The Weekend
9. The Needle And The Damage Done 10. Heart Of Gold (false start) 11. Heart Of Gold
12. Tumbleweed

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