Neil Young / Osaka 2003 / 3CD

Neil Young / Osaka 2003 / 3CD / Zion
Live at Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 10th November 2003

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Now I can not deny the feeling of becoming estranged from Japan, but Neil Young is having a short interval, a crazy hose accompanied by a bonus, and the arrival of Japan will continue, now it is unlikely time There was in the early 21st century. Even before that, he also passed through the tunnel where he came to Japan with the lost Dogs who was then back band in 1989 and went around the venue of the middle class hall and lasted for not long before coming to Japan. did. Because the stage with the crazy hose at Fuji Rock in 2001 was a great success, the fact that I appeared at the same festival succeeded in acquiring new fans in Japan.
It was the Japan tour in 2003 that took on that momentum. While Fuji Rock ‘s memories and lingering fans were still fond of memory among Japanese fans, I came to Japan by attracting “GREENDALE” which is counted as one of Neil’ s masterpieces in the 2000 ‘s. At that time, this album was also a perfect timing as it gathered the attention of Japanese rock fans, and the performance schedule is such that the Budokan is twice assembled, and excitement is also the difference of the muddy from the time of 1989. In 2003, in the case of 2003, we just got out of the time when it was called stray, that reassessment image given up to the title of Godfather of Grange also fully penetrated, supported by a wide range of fans It was a time to call it the biggest place.
Contrary to such excitement, the arrival in Japan at this time will be missed because the CD-R item reflects the mania society of the time and resulted in making the width wider. Of course all the performances were released, but there were not many people who were dissatisfied with the fact that they were only CD-Rs at that time. To tell the story, although multiple items appeared from Osaka performance which is the tour first day, all formats are CD-R. Early even at that time Western music live was in the era when high quality audiences recordings lined up, and this Osaka was something that all items recorded with wonderful sound quality were lined up. As a result, the only thing that existed more solely on CD-R releases was to have a passionate feeling for maniacs.

Such Neil & Crazy Horse “SUPORT OUR WAR” which was highly evaluated by mania if it is the highest sound quality audience recording at the 2003 Osaka performance. QSM that is released from the label called Quick Step Music CD-R, which is basically like Osaka performance such as items of Stones who came to Japan six months ago, so to speak, so to speak as “local label” It was a release from. Apart from the fact that the label was only showing Osaka performances, it is one of the features that is simple (especially back jacket) to make jacket making it incongruous, so if there are not a few manias I remember with that .
This “SUPORT OUR WAR” appeared on the market at that time Neil in 2003 Although it is a later episode in the item, can not imagine from that blatant artwork (lol) Audience recording of the finest quality calls reputation, Somewhat rather quietly but enthusiastically supported items among maniacs. In the early 15 years since its release, most of the maniacs have forgotten that such items were no longer present. But this time, I got the master CD-R of “SUPORT OUR WAR” from Phantom QSM label. According to the QSM officials who provided us, the master DAT at the time of recording is no longer discarded, so the limited press CD release from that valuable master CD-R is a nice achievement without a price!
Even now, 15 years have passed since then, its exceptional quality is just amazing. If you’ve never heard of “SUPORT OUR WAR”, you will definitely pull out your waist. The sound image that is on as well and outstanding clearness are not faded at all now. I wonder if there are maniacs who are rejoicing that “this can be heard on press discs”. Moreover, although it is an audience recording which boasts a high quality sound quality so that it is unnecessary to add new equalization, in the press CD conversion this time, it fixed only the stereotype which the performance was apt to tend to the right. I solved a sense of discomfort remarkable when listening with headphones at a stretch. This is something suitable for press CD.

I listen to it again and it is surprising that it is surprising as a crazy hose unexpectedly lightly playing. The album “GREENDALE” is a masterpiece called Neil version rock and opera which pioneered a new ground by seeking a suppressive performance which they dare to suppress. Now when I hear the pattern of Osaka that the QSM board caught, the sound of a light crazy hose sounds fresh again. In addition, there is also a case called Japan’s first show, or even happening that Neil mistakes lyrics at “Be The Rain” which ends the “GREENDALE” set where the album was played altogether. However, because it is a long song of lyrics (lol) I explained singing the lyrics in the previous part “Be the ocean when it meets the sky ~” where to sing “Dream the hunter on the western plain ~” It is said that it was.
Because the sound is good at all, it seems that such happening is realistic, but the part where the classical number is played is also unusual, unusual from other eras. Crazy horses since the 1990s have a strong grooved image, but only in the “GREENDALE” era, it is interesting because a different sense of speed dominated. “Crime In The City” which was the only live show in Japan until now has been remarkable in speed and the ending that Neal forcibly abandoned as if to put a sudden braking there, became a topic among maniacs It was. And at the time there were only press CD items on the first day of the martial arts bureau (and a sound image with a sense of distance), the name of the phantom boasted of the top class sound quality among the performances of 2003 in 2003 visited 15 years It revived brilliantly through!


そんなニール&クレイジー・ホース2003年の大阪公演において、もっとも高音質なオーディエンス録音だとマニアから高い評価を受けていたのが「SUPORT OUR WAR」。QSMことQuick Step MusicというレーベルからリリースされていたCD-Rで、半年前に来日していたストーンズのアイテムなど基本的に大阪公演を出す、いわば「地方レーベル」とでも呼びたくなるような存在からのリリースでした。同レーベルは大阪公演ばかりを出していたという事実以外にも、ジャケの作りが素っ気ないまでにシンプル(特に裏ジャケ)というのも特徴の一つであり、それで覚えているマニアも少なくないのでは。
この「SUPORT OUR WAR」は当時市場に現れたニール2003年来日公演アイテムの中では後発に当たるのですが、その素っ気ないアートワークからは想像もできない(笑)極上クオリティのオーディエンス録音が評判を呼び、どちらかと言えばマニアの間でひっそりと、しかし確実に支持されたアイテムであったのです。そのリリースから早15年、もはやそうしたアイテムが存在していたことすら忘れてしまったマニアがほとんどでは。しかし今回、幻のQSMレーベルから「SUPORT OUR WAR」のマスターCD-Rを入手。提供してくれたQSMの関係者によると、もはやレコーディング時のマスターDATは破棄されたとのことですので、その貴重なマスターCD-Rからの限定プレスCDリリースは掛け値なしに快挙!
あれから15年が経過した今もなお、その別格のクオリティには驚かされるばかり。もし「SUPORT OUR WAR」を聞いたことがない方であれば、間違いなく腰を抜かしてしまうことでしょう。それほどにオンな音像や抜群なクリアネスは今もまったく色褪せていない。むしろ「これをプレスのディスクで聞けるとは」と歓喜されるマニアがおられるかと。しかも新たなイコライズを加える必要がないほどレベルが高い音質を誇るオーディエンス録音な訳ですが、今回のプレスCD化に当たっては唯一の欠点だった、演奏が右に寄りがちだった定位を修正。ヘッドフォンで聞いた場合に顕著だった違和感を一気に解消してみせました。これこそプレスCDに相応しいというもの。

改めて聞いてみると驚かされるのがクレイジー・ホースとしては意外なほど軽快な演奏ぶり。アルバム「GREENDALE」は彼らに敢えて抑え気味な演奏を求めたことで新境地を開拓したニール版ロック・オペラというべき名作。こうしてQSM盤が捉えた大阪の模様も今になって聞いてみるとやはり軽めなクレイジー・ホースのサウンドが新鮮に響きます。さらに日本初披露ということもあってか、アルバムが丸ごと演奏された「GREENDALE」セットを締めくくる「Be The Rain」でニールが歌詞を間違えるというハプニングも。とはいっても歌詞の長い曲ですので(笑)説明すると「Dream the hunter on the western plain~」と歌うべきところで「Be the ocean when it meets the sky~」という前のパートにあった歌詞を歌ってしまったというもの。
何しろ音が良いのでそうしたハプニングがリアルに感じられるのですが、クラシック・ナンバーが演奏されるパートも他の時代とは異例の軽快さ。90年代以降のクレイジー・ホースは重厚なグルーブ感のイメージが強いのですが「GREENDALE」時代だけは異質のスピード感が支配していたのだから面白いものです。現在に至るまで日本で唯一のライブ披露となった「Crime In The City」は速さが顕著で、そこへ急ブレーキをかけるかのごとくニールが強制終了させたエンディングがマニアの間で話題となりました。そして当時はプレスCDアイテムが武道館初日(しかも距離感のある音像)しか存在しなかっただけに、2003年来日公演の中でもトップ・クラスの音質を誇った幻の名盤が15年の歳月を経て見事な復活を遂げました!


GREENDALE (Disc 1 & 2)

Disc 1 (50:37)
1. Falling From Above 2. Double E 3. Devil’s Sidewalk 4. Leave The Driving 5. Carmichael
6. Bandit

Disc 2 (40:04)
1. Grandpa’s Interview 2. Bringin’ Down Dinner 3. Sun Green 4. Be The Rain

Disc 3 (63:58)
1. Hey Hey, My My 2. Crime In The City 3. Powderfinger 4. Love And Only Love
5. Cinnamon Girl 6. Cortez the Killer 7. Fuckin’ Up


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