National Health / Live In Boston 1979 / 2CDR

National Health / Live In Boston 1979 / 2CDR / Galaxy

Translated Text:

Live At Modern Theater, Boston, MA November 5th 1979. Audience

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Progressive rock band of the Canterbury Britain, a valuable live instrument of National Health appeared newly!

Boston · Modern · Theater Performance on November 5, 1979, which was the first and last American tour, is compiled from a high-quality audience recording master.
Recording from the longest version master with longer sound quality and longer total time than before, from the girugamesh to Alan Gowen resumed participation The lineup at this time was a canterbury system that enhances tension with a precise ensemble and aggressive development This is a must-have title!





1. Introduction/2. Dreams Wide Awake/3. TNTFX Silence/4. Seven Sisters / Foetal Fandango/5. Squarer For Maude/6. Nowadays A Silhouette
1. The Rose Sob / Play Time/2. Toad Of Toad Hall/3. Fourfold/4. 3:15
Live At Modern Theater, Boston, MA November 5th 1979

Galaxy. GX060A/B


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