National Health / Live At Hull UK 1977 / 1CDR

National Health / Live At Hull UK 1977 / 1CDR / Galaxy

Translated Text:
Live At Hull University, Hull, U.K. November 16th 1977. Audience

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Progressive rock band of British Canterbury series, valuable live sound source of National Health appeared!

November 16, 1977 Contained performances at Hull University from the highest level high-quality audience recording master.
A temporary enrolled Burr-Braford has withdrawn and joined the White Snake after joining the White Snake, including a four-member set-up for the first album recording, which is a lineup, at this point we have already released songs on the second album It is noteworthy.
In addition bonus included BBC studio live tone generator additionally.
This is a valuable sound source that Richard Sinclair of Hatfield and the North participated. It is an indispensable title that Canterbury collectors can not miss!



Live At Hull University, Hull, U.K. November 16th 1977
01. The Bryden Two-Step (For Amphibians)/02. Lethargy Shuffle And The Mind-Your-Backs Tango/03. Binoculars/04. The Collapso/05. Dreams Wide Awake/06. Tenemos Roads
Live At BBC broadcast, November 16th 1977
07. Binoculars (with Richard Sinclair)

Galaxy. GX 059

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