Mr Big / Tell The Stories In Tokyo / 2CD

Mr Big / Tell The Stories In Tokyo / 2CD /Zodiac

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Live At Budokan, Tokoy, Japan, 10th November 2014.


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Zodiac. 097

MR.BIG Japan tour just the other day ended. Press 2CD is the emergence of the album that contains the Budokan concert was held on the 11th of this month at the best sound from it! Even today that attempt to enter also the 15th year the 21st century, because I called trying to press CD that can be permanent preservation, sound quality even the emergency release is of course best. Taper is recorded from the stage in front of the front arena, also ideal stereo balance direct feeling even preeminent. On the day, I think also of being surprised in the goodness of best sheet of sound if you’re seeing. Super audience sound and live album of I with no drawback seems drawback to have at all!

MR.BIG about the live album is greater than the studio work genuine live band. Moreover, much to achieve uncommon became Japan archipelago longitudinal tour in recent years, the popularity of MR.BIG today is tremendous. Heat of the audience spree climax while familiar with the music of extensive playing and the band is exceptional. Honestly, “as usual wonderful” of 10 Show fulfilling enough to want to end with a letter, and it is recorded that the. However, only this time it will not afford to not touch this thing. Yes, it is the presence of Pat Torpey to fight sickness.
This time, sit on drums tool, rather than a putt that was eroded to intractable disease “Parkinson’s disease”, Matt Starr. It does not mean that the famous big star, but Nere hands of American HR veteran who had hit even ACE FREHLEY BAND. Although is where the skill is a concern, you are showing off the reproduction force and sense of stability that would actually as long as you listen to this work “to do it!” And growled. Although it is uncertain whether going to work how the future of MR.BIG, if there is his drumming, it may it may be also overcome band maximum of crisis maybe.

The MR.BIG of the show, which celebrated such a mat, “as usual wonderful”. However, not a “usual” is still putt. Then in early in the bass solo and wrapped his name the venue is warm cheers Ya is called, to push collapse snow to “Alive And Kickin ‘”. Then you also show me a cheerful likely to figure in the chorus and percussion, but a full-fledged highlight from getting to CD2. As led to putt was spelled think of to Japanese fans “East / West”, to rainy day drums tool! “Just Take My Heart”, “Fragile”, and I me hit the drum in the “Mr. Big” in the encore! It seems to choose a song that does not require a ferocious technique, but simple but solid hammering it seems come echoing in mind jumping over the ear.
Further sing everyone in the main in changing the instrument “Living After Midnight”, can you also show off a duet with Eric Martin in “The Light Of Day”. First, when I heard a “putt to accompany”, I think “Why? Me to concentrate on medical treatment.” Let’s honestly confess. To be even “or going to a be a sob of the show!?”, And I thought. However, at the sight of healthy pat, now you have heard the sound, was reminded that it was wrong. Fight incurable disease he does not mean that heartbroken the day-to-day. Following is also his life turned to disease, and facing a sincere music as much as possible, you are enjoying the usual lock sincerely. To the Positive passion has been continued to support the MR.BIG of until now, it does not change in the future even now. Above all, hear coming music is I make me so believe.

This positive vibe is spreads to the entire band, and showed me a figure of about “live in the present MR.BIG” to show off six songs a new song. Fast numbers are Zubutoku roar, can you carry it a refreshing impression not only sweet even ballads. Finally Billy scene standing in greeting of the show, I will talk about the splendor of things that will stay here the words and Pat of gratitude. Its voice is full of humor and joy, Kanashi of nor speck. That Pat has been eroded to sickness is certainly a tragedy. However, So it does not end. Nor indomitable fighting spirit, nor tragic sense, MR.BIG that locks to the fullest. Why helplessly their music is how to lock our hearts. It is the small to me again tell.
I do not know what will become what the future MR.BIG. And even whether seeing to putt in the next visit to Japan. However, the only thing that will continue to lock together with the future MR.BIG, will not change. Definitely, this Japan tour with a maximum of turning point. Irreplaceable, it is the release decision in a press 2CD leave this time forever!

先日終了したばかりのMR.BIG来日公演。その中から今月11日に行われた武道館公演を最高のサウンドで収めたプレス2CDアルバムの登場です! 21世紀も15年目に入ろうという現代でも、永久保存できるプレスCDにしようというのですから、緊急リリースといえども音質はもちろん極上です。テーパーはアリーナ前方のステージ正面から録音しており、ダイレクト感も抜群でステレオのバランスも理想的。当日、ご覧になった方でもベスト・シートの音の良さに驚かれるのではないでしょうか。まったくもって欠点らしい欠点のないスーパー・オーディエンス・サウンドのライヴ・アルバムなのです!

今回、ドラムスツールに座るのは、難病“パーキンソン病”に蝕まれたパットではなく、マット・スター。有名な大スターというわけではありませんが、ACE FREHLEY BANDでも叩いていたアメリカンHR歴戦の手練れです。その腕前が気になるところですが、実際に本作を聴く限り“やるな!”と唸ってしまう安定感と再現力を披露している。今後のMR.BIGがどのように活動していくかは不透明ですが、彼のドラミングがあれば、もしかしたらバンド最大の危機も乗り越えられるかも知れません。

そんなマットを迎えたMR.BIGのショウは、“いつも通り素晴らしい”。しかし、“いつも通り”ではないのは、やはりパットです。序盤のベースソロに続いて彼の名前がコールされるや暖かい歓声が会場を包み、「Alive And Kickin’」へと雪崩れ込む。その後もコーラスとパーカッションで元気そうな姿を見せてくれますが、本格的な見せ場はCD2になってから。パットが日本のファンへの思いを綴った「East/West」に導かれるように、まさかのドラムスツールへ! 「Just Take My Heart」「Fragile」、そしてアンコールの「Mr. Big」でドラムを叩いてくれるのです! 猛烈なテクニックを必要としない曲を選んでいるようですが、シンプルながらも確かな打音が耳を飛び越えて心に響いてくるようです。
さらに全員が楽器を替える「Living After Midnight」ではメインで歌い、「The Light Of Day」ではエリック・マーティンとのデュエットも披露してくれる。最初、「パットが同行する」と耳にしたとき、「なぜ? 療養に専念してくれ」と思いました。正直に告白しましょう。「お涙頂戴のショウでもするつもりなのか!?」とさえ、考えたのです。しかし、元気なパットの姿を見て、その音を聞いた今、間違っていたことを思い知らされました。難病と闘う彼は、日々を悲嘆に暮れているわけではない。病になっても彼の人生は続き、できる限り真摯に音楽と向き合い、相変わらず心からロックを楽しんでいる。そのポジティヴな情熱が今までのMR.BIGを支え続けてきたし、今もこれからもそれは変わらない。なにより、聞こえてくる音楽がそう信じさせてくれるのです。

Disc 1 (62:27)
1. Intro 2. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)
3. Gotta Love The Ride 4. American Beauty 5. Undertow 6. Alive And Kickin’
7. I Forget The Breath 8. Take Cover 9. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind 10. Out Of The Underground
11. Guitar Solo 12. The Monster In Me 13. Rock & Roll Over 14. As Far As I Can See

Disc 2 (72:27)
1. MC 2. Wild World 3. East/West 4. Just Take My Heart 5. Fragile 6. Around The World
7. Bass Solo 8. Addicted To That Rush 9. Band Introduction 10. To Be With You
11. Colorado Bulldog 12. Living After Midnight 13. The Light Of Day
14. Mr. Big 15. MC by Billy Sheehan

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