Mr Big / Tell The Stories In Osaka / 2CD

Mr Big / Tell The Stories In Osaka / 2CD /Zodiac

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Live At Grandcube Osaka, Osaka, Japan 12th November 2014.


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Zodiac. 098

New “… The Stories We Could Tell” due to the announcement, and from this time of Japan tour that took place in the band biggest ever crisis situation with Budokan became a wholly sold out, which said that the highlight of this Japan Tour 11 month the 12th Grand Cube Osaka (Osaka International Convention Center main Hall) live a profound outro to complete recording over 140 minutes, which flows from the curtain before the BGM in after the show by the ultra-high-quality audience recording of the finest level in. Recording who said “Osaka performance with this person speaking”, the familiar “West strongest taper”. This work one of the best among the taper Mr. successive recording! I do not think only with all of the favorable conditions overlap, as the audience recording of a concert, at a phenomenal sound that you can assert that the best in every sense, and you can this time of live and relive.

With news of Japan tour decision, marked the “band ever the most important tour, you are about to begin now.” Although a variety of speculation in wording was flowing among fans that, too fact that it has been published was shocking. Pat Torpey of drum and Parkinson’s disease. Is incurable disease Parkinson’s disease is caused also unknown in the modern, the operator without any of cure, progressive disease I can say that fatal to drummer.
It was this time of Japan tour that took place under such a situation, it gave me a great impression on the fans and great stage professional attitude of the band does not feel the anxiety element at all. The most important tour band ever became a concert in Japan in history most wonderful tour.

Because there was from the band formed even 25th anniversary this year, making it the thing that set list was also aggregate the history of the band. Up-tempo songs that made full use of high technique, pop songs with catchy, soulful song Buruji, I can enjoy at once a variety of songs that has created a beautiful ballad and band.
Its direction has been unveiled six songs songs from new that called pros and cons among fans. Simple music reminiscent of the 70s hard rock of New Those who live you more prosperous. Pat Topy was able of excellence among the new work I think the ties with Japanese fans, the beauty of the “East / West” that was made is where noteworthy.

Matt Starr of this entrained the drum is the original KISS of Ace Frehley, there is the activity history Gilby Clarke of the original GUNS N ‘ROSES, currently in Doug Aldrich led by members of BURNING RAIN of the original WHITESNAKE, with solid play I am served enough too understudy of putt.
Other members also me always let the perfect play of the street.
Physical condition is Pat Torpey, which is worried also appeared in “Alive And Kickin ‘” in the airy movement that I do not think has also had incurable disease, other than “As Far As I Can See” from “The Monster In Me” in the middle in Dezuppari, you show me a cheerful appearance as percussion and chorus. “The Light Of Day” in the show off twin vocals of Eric Martin, members are responsible for the cover “Living After Midnight” in the main vocal of JUDAS PRIEST in Enjoy time to be playing a musical instrument exchange. Leather Jean appearance there in sunglasses, and MC to listen to the song as “Breaking The What?” Will not think quite Na’s mania.
And is was the most impressive in this live “Just Take My Heart”, “Fragile” drum play of Pat Torpey in “Mr. Big”. But still there was the awkwardness in movement or because of disease, decline in power and technique did not seen. Pat and me let a great play did their best that can be now. Tragic Yes while musicians of appearance to fight valiantly without give up never to fate, play is where you would like to listen to a lot of rock fans.

Recordings from Paul Gilbert side of one floor seats fifth column. Crystal clear bright sound quality is of course in clear, also perfect separation of each instrument. Guitar and bass vivid You thrilled to have heard. Yet high sound pressure and direct feeling full sound of the front seat because, quality air feel and the sound echoes have also been taken into account in the hall, you can assert that net audience recording of the highest peak. Addition to sound quality is also great, annoying voice and applause despite its front of the seat is none. Except audience noise you hear from a distance of between songs, it is miraculous recording, that does not feel the presence of any of the audience.

Fan from Billy scene after the show, thanks to the officials, “The Show Must Go On” in the outro QUEEN flowing after the message described the splendor of thing that will have Pat Torpey is here very meaning depth is. There is also a situation of Pat, this is the end of the visit to Japan, in the hiatus and dissolution are also rumors, what was the message to the fans that means that this song is played the band will continue the still active? All of Mr.Big fan must listen excitement, tears of gratitude inevitable Osaka performance Ketteiban document. Very important one work is the release determined by the limited press CD from ZODIAC label.

新作「…The Stories We Could Tell」発表に伴う、そしてバンド史上最大の危機的状況で行われた今回のジャパンツアーより武道館とともに今回のジャパンツアーのハイライトと言える完全ソールドアウトとなった11月12日グランキューブ大阪(大阪国際会議場 メインホール)でのライブを極上レベルの超高音質オーディエンス録音により開演前のBGMから終演後に流れた意味深なアウトロまで140分に渡り完全収録。録音者は「大阪公演と言えばこの人」の、お馴染み「西日本最強テーパー」氏。本作はテーパー氏の歴代の録音の中でもベストの一枚!全ての好条件が重なったとしか思えない、コンサートのオーディエンス録音としては、あらゆる意味で最良と断言できる驚異的なサウンドで、今回のライヴを追体験することができます。



今回帯同したドラムのマット・スターは元KISSのエース・ フレーリー、元GUNS N’ ROSESのギルビー・クラークと活動歴があり、現在は元WHITESNAKEのダグ・アルドリッチ率いるBURNING RAINのメンバーで、堅実なプレイでパットの充分すぎる代役を務めています。
体調が心配されたパット・トーピーも難病も抱えているとは思えない軽やかな動きで「Alive And Kickin’」から登場し、中盤の「The Monster In Me」から「As Far As I Can See」以外は出ずっぱりで、パーカッション兼コーラスとして元気な姿を見せてくれます。「The Light Of Day」ではエリック・マーティンとのツインボーカルを披露、メンバーが楽器交換をし演奏されるお楽しみタイムでのJUDAS PRIESTのカバー「Living After Midnight」ではメインボーカルを担当します。そこでのサングラスに革ジャン姿、そして曲中に「Breaking The What?」と聞くMCはなかなかマニアだなと思わせます。
そして今回のライブで最も感動的だったのが「Just Take My Heart」「Fragile」「Mr. Big」でのパット・トーピーのドラムプレイです。やはり病気のせいか動きにぎこちなさはありましたが、パワーとテクニックに衰えは見られませんでした。パットが今出来る最良を尽くした素晴らしいプレイを聞かせてくれます。悲劇的な運命にありながら決して諦めることなく果敢に闘うミュージシャンの姿、プレイは多くのロックファンに聞いて頂きたいところです。


終演後のビリー・シーンからのファン、関係者へのお礼、パット・トーピーがここにいてくれることの素晴らしさを述べたメッセージの後に流れるアウトロQUEENの「The Show Must Go On」は非常に意味深です。パットの状況もあり、今回が最後の来日、活動休止や解散も噂される中、この曲が流れた意味はバンドはまだまだ活動を続けていくというファンへのメッセージだったのでしょうか?全てのMr.Bigファン必聴の感動・感涙必至の大阪公演決定盤ドキュメント。非常に重要な一作がZODIACレーベルから限定プレスCDでリリース決定です。


Disc 1 (66:55)
1. Intro 2. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song) 3. Gotta Love The Ride
4. American Beauty 5. Undertow 6. Alive And Kickin’ 7. I Forget The Breath 8. Take Cover
9. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind 10. Out Of The Underground 11. Guitar Solo
12. The Monster In Me 13. Rock & Roll Over 14. As Far As I Can See

Disc 2 (72:39)
1. MC 2. Wild World 3. East/West 4. Just Take My Heart 5. Fragile 6. Around The World
7. Bass Solo 8. Addicted To That Rush 9. Band Introduction 10. To Be With You
11. Colorado Bulldog 12. Living After Midnight 13. The Light Of Day 14. Mr. Big
15. MC from Billy Sheehan


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