Mr Big / Yokohama 2011/ 2CDR

Mr Big / Yokohama 2011/ 2CDR /Non Label

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Live At Pacifico Yokohama, Japan 22nd April 2011.


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And show a healthy appearance, Pat Torpey was me encouraged us to reverse. However, enough to experience the live, about listening to the sound source that is left, the figure of putt of time that did not speck also feel like illness resulting in a flashback. So, this time I decided to make also included the last Japan tour sound source. The main press it to come with the 2CD “TELL THE STORIES IN TOKYO” had housed Budokan, this is the same taper as the main part was recorded Yokohama Pacifico performance “YOKOHAMA 2011”.
Beginning what (slightly), but you will hear even over peak slightly, each instrument of clear is, the good of the balance superb. Moreover, the sound enough to show progresses we are getting better and better, “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind” from Atari will be super sound that does not lose to perfect main press CD.
Main “TELL THE STORIES IN TOKYO” includes, but is love of the audience to the putt was a live album that was muffled, here Memorial in a different sense. After all, Japan is not later than one month from the Great East Japan Earthquake of time, time that what happens even nuclear accident. Succession of cancellation or postponement of outside sauce, “after all MR.BIG also Na ……’m stop” in the darkness of rolling blackouts will be there were many who sighed with. However, they came. Among the reasons for cancellation abound, if broken facilities, I MR.BIG gave me around all over had been fully exhausted Japan even change to another venue. Among the disappearing figure of foreigners from the city, … or that their presence was how Tanomoshika~tsu. Lock you hear from this work, I have screaming that “tonight enjoying me!” While hidden such a courage to chest.

“Popular bands / artists in Japan” will have plenty. However, once while enjoying the Japan popular, whether there will be a number of bands that can even now archipelago longitudinal tour? Last time we are attacked by a natural disaster, this time Pat was attacked by sickness. Still, the echoing to the venue, Positive lock and hot crowd. “Usual wonderful”, it is how warm, or that it sounds encouraging.
Any time to can have each other, such as bonds of support had musicians and the audience, you’ll overlook to any other band. “When MR.BIG even special”. Reason is, I think is the most inspiring work that has been blown in the best sound. Became the turning point of the band along with the “TELL THE STORIES IN TOKYO”, please the “record of ties” of us and MR.BIG leave to your shelf.

元気な姿を見せ、逆に私たちを力づけてくれたパット・トーピー。しかし、そのライヴを体験するほど、残された音源を聴くほど、病など微塵も感じさせなかった頃のパットの姿がフラッシュバックしてしまう。そこで、今回は前回の日本ツアー音源も付属させることにしました。武道館を収めた本編プレス2CD「TELL THE STORIES IN TOKYO」に付属するのは、本編と同じテーパーが横浜パシフィコ公演を記録した「YOKOHAMA 2011」です。
冒頭こそ(わずかに)オーバーピーク気味にも聞こえますが、各楽器のクリアさ、バランスの良さは見事。しかも、ショウが進むほどにサウンドはどんどん良くなっていき、「Green-Tinted Sixties Mind」辺りからはパーフェクトな本編プレスCDにも負けないスーパー・サウンドになります。
本編「TELL THE STORIES IN TOKYO」は、パットへのオーディエンスの愛がこもったライヴ・アルバムでしたが、こちらは別の意味でメモリアル。なにしろ、当時の日本は東日本大震災から1ヶ月も経っておらず、原発事故もどうなるかという時期。外タレのキャンセルや延期が相次ぎ、計画停電の暗闇の中で「やっぱりMR.BIGも中止だよな……」とタメ息をついた方も多かったことでしょう。しかし、彼らはやって来ました。キャンセルする理由がいくらでもある中、施設が壊れていれば、別の会場に変更してでもMR.BIGは疲弊しきっていた日本全国をくまなく回ってくれたのです。街中から外国人の姿が消えていくなか、彼らの存在がどれほど頼もしかったことか……。本作から聞こえるロックは、そんな勇気を胸に秘めながら「今夜は楽しんでくれ!」と叫んでいるのです。

“日本で人気の高いバンド/アーティスト”はいくらでもいます。しかし、かつて日本人気を謳歌しながら、現在でも列島縦断ツアーができるバンドはいくつあるでしょうか? 前回は私たちが天災に襲われ、今回はパットが病魔に襲われました。それでも会場に響き渡るのは、ポジティヴなロックと熱い観客。“いつも通り素晴らしい”、それがどれほど暖かく、心強く響くことか。
どんな時にも互いがいて、支えあったミュージシャンと観客の絆など、他のどんなバンドに望めるでしょう。「いつまでもMR.BIGは特別」。その理由が、思いが、最高のサウンドで吹き込まれた大感動作です。バンドの転機となった「TELL THE STORIES IN TOKYO」と共に、私たちとMR.BIGの“絆の記録”をあなたの棚に残してください。

Disc 1 (59:37)
1. Come Fly With Me (Intro) 2. Undertow 3. American Beauty
4. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy(The Electric Drill Song)
5. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind 6. Take Cover 7. I Won’t Get In My Way
8. Stranger In My Life 9. Once Upon A Time 10. Road To Ruin 11. Just Take My Heart
12. Merciless 13. Guitar Solo 14. Still Ain’t Enough For Me

Disc 2 (79:21)
1. MC 2. Where Do I Fit In? 3. The World Is On The Way 4. Voodoo Kiss 5. Carry On
6. Around The World 7. As Far As I Can See 8. Bass Solo 9. Addicted To That Rush
10. Band Introduction 11. To Be With You 12. Price You Gotta Pay 13. Colorado Bulldog
14. Brown Sugar 15. Shy Boy

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