Mr Big / 100th Show In Japan / 2CDR

Mr Big / 100th Show In Japan / 2CDR /Non Label

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Live At Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 7th April 2011.


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Than Japan tour accompanying the reunion album first series, “WHAT IF …”, at Osaka Castle Hall April 7, 2011, which became the 100th live in Japan MR.BIG memorable in the tour the first day complete recording cross the live in two and a half hours in the ultra-high quality audience recording.

This tour did those eventful and may become the previous month to or become abort you have no venue by the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred unprecedented, sudden changes venue just before held in the planned venue had been damaged, many in the artist to cancel a visit to Japan by the earthquake, they came as promised in a situation that is not passed than a month from the earthquake dared tour. With inspiring to many fans showing off the wonderful live in many places, it was MR.BIG and tour was stronger ties Japanese fans.

This Osaka live that became the 100th live in Japan, counting from the first visit to Japan of 1989 among them was now to what it can be said that the highlight of the Japan tour.
About live hit songs that ranged in two and a half hours, masterpieces while of course, has also been showcased 10 songs in 11 songs with the exception of Japan edition bonus track from new “WHAT IF …”.
Around the World Tour and entitled this tour makes me listen to only the perfect playing this Osaka but professional was tour the first day of members except once live of that also serves as a Genepuro of at home. This is Pat Torpey that seems to have felt the discomfort and pain in the body from time, but shows off the powerful and perfect play much I can not imagine such a tragedy that visit to No way then.
Victims and playing at the time of the charity song that Japan was made before that was dedicated to Japanese fans that are fully sink “The World Is On The Way” and CSN & Y of cover “Carry On” also fit the meaning of the lyrics for both songs it was impressive scene Te.

Recording is a recording of from about in the arena. Powerful sound that bottom is worked in the clear, you can enjoy the live of this day from different angles official and as a record of the audience side. Audience noise almost none, also the separation of each musical instrument well, it is unattractive especially striking vivid sound image also official vocal like Eric Martin is singing in front of the eye.

The drift self-restraint mood of one month after the earthquake, the MR.BIG visited in Japan that was fully sink, this time, to our rock fans, was just there, such as the savior. Please enjoy again live in Osaka, which became a highlight from the live that has been acclaimed now in many places.

再結成作第一弾「WHAT IF…」に伴うジャパンツアーより、ツアー初日にして記念すべきMR.BIGの日本での100回目のライブとなった2011年4月7日大阪城ホールでのライブを超高音質オーディエンス録音で2時間半に渡り完全収録。


約2時間半に及んだライブはヒット曲、名曲は勿論ながら、新作「WHAT IF…」から日本盤ボーナストラックを除く11曲中10曲も披露されています。
Around the World Tourと題されたこのツアーは本国でのゲネプロを兼ねた1度のライブを除けばこの大阪がツアー初日でしたがプロフェッショナルなメンバーだけに完璧な演奏を聞かせてくれます。この頃から体に違和感や痛みを感じていたらしいパット・トーピーですがまさかその後に訪れる悲劇など想像できないくらいのパワフルで完璧なプレイを披露しています。
被災者そして沈みきった当時の日本のファンに捧げられた来日前に作られたチャリティソング「The World Is On The Way」とCSN&Yのカバー「Carry On」の演奏は両曲とも歌詞の意味も合わせて感動的な場面でした。



Disc 1 (69:14)
1. Intro 2. Undertow 3. American Beauty 4. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
5. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind 6. Take Cover 7. I Won’t Get In My Way 8. Stranger In My Life
9. Once Upon A Time 10. A Little Too Loose 11. Road To Ruin 12. Still Ain’t Enough For Me
13. Just Take My Heart 14. Merciless 15. Guitar Solo 16. I Get The Feeling

Disc 2 (77:13)
1. Acoustic Set Intro 2. Where Do I Fit In ? 3. The World Is On The Way 4. Voodoo Kiss
5. Carry On 6. Around The World 7. All The Way Up 8. As Far As I Can See 9. Bass Solo
10. Addicted To That Rush 11. Band Introduction 12. To Be With You 13. Colorado Bulldog
14. 30 Days In The Hole 15. Baba O’Riley

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