Motorhead / First Ever Gig 1975 / 1CD

Motorhead / First Ever Gig 1975 / 1CD / Zodiac

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Roundhouse, London, England 20th July 1975


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“From up to fast.” In daring to kick someone’s ass rock ‘n’ roll, it had repainted the speed limit of rock music MOTORHEAD. Live album of its historic debut gig is appearance. The end of last year, Lemmy that was passed away after just four days from the date of birth of the 70-year-old. The majority of his life, it is a translation has devoted 40 years of time to MOTORHEAD, but this work is of a very “Fighting Spirit”.
This film audience album that contains the “London performances July 20, 1975”. And since the debut of MOTORHEAD has been released it is in August 1977, two years before that. I think even so much early, but Remy is in June 1975 that left the HAWKWIND, and the next June was formed a MOTORHEAD. Its’s the right after the live.
And, that the rage in the first live is, of genuine “THE ORIGINAL MOTORHEAD”. Generally, the golden trio were equipped from debut “MOTORHEAD”, Remy, Eddie Clarke, Phil but three of Taylor is often considered as the original, another original lineup formed at all. Remy will have of course, but the original PINK FAIRIES / UFO Larry Wilson to guitar, it was a trio of rookie Lucas Fox on drums. At the Official is the lineup that does not remain only in Demoteiku of “Lost Johnny” and recurrence bonus track of “ON PAROLE” version, but this work is not Fururaivu of the “THE ORIGINAL MOTORHEAD” to listen.
Sound of this work of matches such a monumental live, the historical sense of a lot of vintage sound. It became a site in the “round house” of tradition, a concert venue, which boasts a history of even 128 years at that time. Beatles unreleased song “Carnival of Light” and MOTT THE HOOPLE, NEKTAR, UFO, PINK FAIRIES etc., heroes of the UK lock is also a site that has been recorded live (in particular, of PINK FAIRIES the “LIVE AT THE ROUNDHOUSE 1975 “is the album that rally has only participated, was recorded in one week prior to this work). This work that has been blown in the venue, although it can not be said that “as the sound board”, historical atmosphere is highest, such as pulsing in the weights rich analog sense of tradition. The same recording has also appeared on the net, but the noise was a hiss and crackled is intense, pitch rolled mad at random. I am not bear to listen honestly stuff has been around. Although there are also faint hiss in this work, Buchibuchi and annoying noise is nil. It is easy to hear much from the net sound source, the pitch also unearthed a normal master. In accordance with yet polite noise processing and mastering, the first performance to be memorial was the ultimate specification coming out before and jerk. Then it floats stand ensemble, there is also a simplicity of the trio, also is transmitted to the air a sense of flowing between the three people. THE STRANGLERS and even while raising the SEX PISTOLS is born, yet the atmosphere of the appearance of the world that did not have to know “of the 1975 London”. Among them, I breath of MOTORHEAD that rage in the wild has been blown firmly.
Such the “of 1975 MOTORHEAD” stand the smell, it does not sound alone. Songs that they still had less of the original is to play even rich. Remy had been told always as “I’m a World War II buff,” What a start from Nazi speech in this work. Remy himself wrote there “Motorhead”, “Lost Johnny”, there is also the first hit for him, “Silver Machine” such as HAWKWIND of the song, is going to be showing off “City Kids” rally of a full PINK FAIRIES. In “HAWKWIND and’m not listening to PINK FAIRIES ……” at anyone who even “Motorhead”, “Lost Johnny”, “City Kids” is debut of MOTORHEAD, “Leaving Here” is what is heard in the “ON PAROLE” or it would not be. “Waiting For The Man” of THE VELVET UNDERGROUND to converse in there, “Leaving Here” of Motown, cover song we like Bruce soil classic “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”. In playing the first time in that refreshingly zip up and would be Motown as would be blues, I “as you like your favorite songs 演Ru ze!” A “MOTORHEAD clause” is Buchikamasa.

So, how much and when you try to play the HAWKWIND number, and would not have Eddie and Filthy, this work is nothing more than MOTORHEAD. Now, it is “Remy until the last moment of the last moment was Remy” in the world has been told and, MOTORHEAD also the same he has devoted half a lifetime. In the present work of the newborn “MOTORHEAD is, but MOTORHEAD!” And I are in drastically shouting. The same era as the London punk, MOTORHEAD that raised the first cry in the same smell. The air a sense, it is a valuable first live recording in which the 40-year Perpetuate was “MOTORHEAD clause” comes blowing furiously. Their first step and the United Kingdom lock have inhaled directly the smell of age that had been scratched algae and be reborn, this production 100% of the live album,. MOTORHEAD fan of course person, “70’s in the UK” a weakness in is your one that I would like you to come also touched on.
そして、その初ライヴで暴れるのが、正真正銘の“THE ORIGINAL MOTORHEAD”。一般的にデビュー作「MOTORHEAD」から揃っていた黄金トリオ、レミー、エディ・クラーク、フィル・テイラーの3人がオリジナルと思われがちですが、結成当初のラインナップはまったく別。レミーはもちろんいますが、ギターに元PINK FAIRIES/UFOのラリー・ウィルソン、ドラムに新人のルーカス・フォックスというトリオでした。オフィシャルでは「ON PAROLE」バージョンの「Lost Johnny」や再発ボーナストラックのデモテイクでしか残っていないラインナップですが、本作はその“THE ORIGINAL MOTORHEAD”のフルライヴが聴けるわけです。
そんな記念碑的なライヴを収めた本作のサウンドは、歴史感たっぷりなヴィンテージ・サウンド。現場となったのは伝統の“ラウンドハウス”で、当時でさえ128年もの歴史を誇るコンサート会場。ビートルズの未発表曲「Carnival of Light」やMOTT THE HOOPLE、NEKTAR、UFO、PINK FAIRIES等々、英国ロックの英雄たちがライヴを記録してきた現場でもあるのです(特に、PINK FAIRIESの「LIVE AT THE ROUNDHOUSE 1975」はラリーが唯一参加したアルバムで、本作の1週間前に録音されました)。その会場で吹き込まれた本作は、「サウンドボードのよう」とは言えないものの、伝統の重みが豊かなアナログ感覚の中で脈打つようなヒストリカルな雰囲気が最高。同じ録音がネットにも登場していますが、ヒスやバチバチとしたノイズが強烈で、ピッチもランダムに狂いまくり。正直なところ聴くに耐えない代物が出回っています。本作にもうっすらとヒスがあるものの、ブチブチとうるさいノイズは皆無。ネット音源より格段に聴きやすく、ピッチも正常なマスターを発掘。さらに丁寧なノイズ処理とマスタリングにより、記念すべき初パフォーマンスがグッと前に出てくる究極仕様を実現しました。そうして浮かび立つアンサンブルは、トリオのシンプルさもあり、3人の間に流れる空気感までもが伝わる。THE STRANGLERSやSEX PISTOLSが産声を上げながらも、まだのその姿を世界が知ることもなかった“1975年のロンドン”の大気。その中で、ワイルドに暴れるMOTORHEADの息吹がしっかりと吹き込まれているのです。
そんな“1975年のMOTORHEAD”が匂い立つのは、サウンドだけではありません。まだオリジナルの少なかった彼らが演奏する曲も濃厚。レミーは「俺は第二次世界大戦のマニアだ」と常々語っていましたが、本作ではなんとナチスの演説からスタート。そこにレミー自身が書いた「Motorhead」「Lost Johnny」、彼にとって初ヒットでもある「Silver Machine」といったHAWKWINDの曲、ラリーの古巣PINK FAIRIESの「City Kids」が披露されていく。「HAWKWINDやPINK FAIRIESまで聴いてないよ……」という方でも「Motorhead」「Lost Johnny」「City Kids」はMOTORHEADのデビュー作で、「Leaving Here」は「ON PAROLE」で耳にされているのではないでしょうか。そこに交えるTHE VELVET UNDERGROUNDの「Waiting For The Man」、モータウンの「Leaving Here」、ブルースのド定番「Good Morning Little Schoolgirl」といったカバーソングたち。モータウンであろうとブルースであろうと爽快にかっ飛ばす演奏ぶりで、「好きな曲を好きなように演るぜ!」な“MOTORHEAD節”がぶちかまされるのです。


1. Intro 2. Motorhead 3. Leaving Here 4. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
5. Lost Johnny 6. City Kids 7. Silver Machine 8. Waiting For The Man
Zodiac 166

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