Motley Crue / Tacoma 1987 Upgrade / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR

Motley Crue / Tacoma 1987 Upgrade / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Translated text:

Live at Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA. USA 15th October 1987 PRO-SHOT Plus 1Bonus DVDR “COLUMBUS 1987”

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The golden period masterpiece pro shot revived with the highest peak quality ever. That masterpiece is “Tacoma Performance on October 15, 1987” + “September 5, 1987 East Troy Performance”. It is a famous movie representing “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR 1987” which swept the nation in multicamera · pro shot which reproduced the full show using the 2 performances.
Distribution of these two performances is before and after the show. Most of the opening from the opening to “Smokin ‘In The Boys Room” intro is Tacoma Performance, the rest is East Troy Performance. This image was a big staple known for a long time, mostly credited as the main “Tacoma Performance”, but this is incorrect. It was a connection of two shows all along. This work is the decision board which upgraded both the performances!
This tour is my second visit to Japan, which is memorable, but first let’s check the position from the outline of the world tour as usual.

“May 15″ Release of GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS ”
· June 19 – October 27: North America # 1 (84 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· November 3 – 29: North America # 2 (20 performances)
“About two weeks later”
· December 13 – 18: Japan (5 shows)

Overall, 109 performances. This is the whole picture of the live activity related to “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS”. Although it is a world tour, only North America and Japan did live. However, its density was not humpa but rocked in a super-overcrowded schedule of 109 times in about six months (183 days). It was a golden age full of vitality. Besides, schedule is not only dense. In ‘North America # 1’, WHITESNAKE which just had a fire on ‘SERPENS ALBUS’ was greeted on the undercard of GUNS N ‘ROSES in the middle of the revolution with’ APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION ‘in’ North America # 2 ‘. Not only the historical bands but also the glittering moment of the greatest prime. That was a dignified head line following the undercard.
Among such “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR”, the Tacoma performance of this work is 80 concerts of “North America # 1”, the East Troy performance is a concert of 55 performances. Only a large number of standard albums have been released so far, as well as DVDs as well as live albums that have only sounds, but it is not such a copy / remaster of that origin. Recently discovered as an upgrade master, its quality is exceptionally high. Although the image quality and sound quality have improved drastically by both new masters both at the performances, the greatest is the latter half East Troy performance. Although it is an era pattern analog master, it is glossy beauty even in light of the modern criteria of digital prime. That is the dimension of “Is there an official laser disc something out?” (Not to mention). Of course, the tacoma performance in the first half also undoubtedly the highest image beauty of the past. Although the master is switched in “Smokin ‘In The Boys Room”, even if it says “Here is here”, it seems that you can not see the seams. (Masters switched on the net are also on the net, but this work is It is seamless and I really do not understand).
Such a terrible thing of “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR” drawn with such highest quality! Sexy NASTY HABITS (Donna McDaniel & Emi Canyon), 360 degree rotated deep flashing drum solos, everything is seen with a superb multicamera in a dash up. Of course, MOTLEY CRUE which folds such a set is hot. Although I switched to making a wild image with a leather costume by stopping make-up, the momentum that sent the new work on the national chart 2nd is also awesome, “Hi Energy, Low · IQ” fully open. At that time, we also measured the image change. “TOO FAST FOR LOVE” “Live Wire” and “THEATER OF PAIN” ‘s “Home Sweet Home” “Smokin’ In The Boys Room” will also be performed, but roughly “SHOUT AT THE DEVIL” + new work “GIRLS, It is filled with GIRLS, GIRLS.

Century rock and roll circus, “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR” which followed the heyday WHITESNAKE and GUNS N ‘ROSES. While setting the glow of the historic peak as the undercard, MOTLEY CRUE grew even more momentum than being eaten. It is the best multifunctional camera and pro shot that is able to taste rich luxurious shoes like that and its highest version. A masterpiece of this century. We will contain it in the press DVD that will remain forever and deliver it to you.
黄金期の大傑作プロショットが史上最高峰クオリティで蘇りました。その大傑作とは「1987年10月15日タコマ公演」+「1987年9月5日イースト・トロイ公演」。2公演を駆使してフルショウを再現したマルチカメラ・プロショットで、全米を席巻した“GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR 1987”を代表する有名映像です。
この2公演の配分は、ショウの前・後半。オープニングから「Smokin’ In The Boys Room」イントロまでの大部分がタコマ公演で、残りがイースト・トロイ公演です。この映像は以前から知られる大定番で、メインの「タコマ公演だけ」とクレジットされているものがほとんどでしたが、これは誤り。ずっと2公演の接続でした。本作は、その両公演共にアップグレードした決定盤なのです!

《5月15日『GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS』発売》

以上、全109公演。これが『GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS』にまつわるライヴ活動の全体像です。ワールドツアーとは言っても、ライヴを行ったのは北米と日本のみ。しかし、その密度はハンパではなく、約半年(183日間)で109回という超過密スケジュールでロックしまくった。それだけの活力に充ち満ちた黄金期だったわけです。しかも、濃密なのはスケジュールだけじゃない。「北米#1」では『SERPENS ALBUS』に火が付いたばかりのWHITESNAKEを、「北米#2」では『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』で革命真っ最中のGUNS N’ ROSESを前座に迎えていた。歴史的な両バンドというだけでなく、一大全盛のもっとも眩しい瞬間。それを前座に従えての堂々たるヘッドラインだったわけです。
そんな“GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR”のうち、本作のタコマ公演は「北米#1」の80公演目、イースト・トロイ公演は55公演目にあたるコンサートです。大定番だけに、これまでもDVDはもとより音だけ抜いたライヴアルバムも数多くリリースされてきましたが、そんな既発のコピー/リマスターではありません。最近になって発掘されたアップグレード・マスターであり、そのクオリティはまさに最高峰。両公演ともニューマスターによって飛躍的に画質・音質が向上していますが、特に凄いのは後半のイースト・トロイ公演。時代柄アナログ・マスターではあるのですが、デジタル全盛の現代基準に照らしても艶やかな美しさ。それこそ「公式レーザーディスクなんか出てたっけ?」という次元(もちろん出ていません)なのです。もちろん、前半のタコマ公演も間違いなく過去最高の映像美。「Smokin’ In The Boys Room」でマスターが切り替わるのですが、「ここだよ」と言われても繋ぎ目が分からないほどです(ネットにはブツ切りで切り替わるマスターも出回っていますが、本作はシームレスで本当に分かりません)。
そんな最高峰クオリティで描かれる“GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR”の凄まじいこと! セクシーなNASTY HABITS(ドナ・マクダニエル&エミ・キャニオン)も、360度回転するド派手なドラムソロも、すべてが極上マルチカメラでつぶさに、ドアップで観られる。もちろん、そんなセットを畳みかけるMOTLEY CRUEこそが熱い。メイクを止めてレザー衣装なワイルドなイメージに転換したわけですが、新作を全米チャート2位を送り込んだ勢いも凄まじく、「ハイ・エナジー、ロー・IQ」っぷり全開。セットもイメージ転換を計った当時ならでは。『TOO FAST FOR LOVE』の「Live Wire」や『THEATRE OF PAIN』の「Home Sweet Home」「Smokin’ In The Boys Room」も演奏されはするものの、おおよそ『SHOUT AT THE DEVIL』+新作『GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS』で埋め尽くされているのです。

全盛WHITESNAKEやGUNS N’ ROSESを従えた世紀のロックンロール・サーカス、“GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR”。歴史的頂点の輝きを前座に据えながら、それでもMOTLEY CRUEは食われるどころか一層の勢いを増していった。そんな彼らの苛烈にして豪奢なショウを味わい尽くせる極上マルチカメラ・プロショット、その最高峰版です。この世紀の大傑作。永遠に残るプレスDVDに封じ込め、あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。
1. Intro 2. All In The Name Of… 3. Live Wire 4. Dancin’ On Glass 5. Looks That Kill
6. Ten Seconds To Love 7. Bass Solo 8. Red Hot 9. Home Sweet Home 10. Wild Side
11. Guitar Solo 12. Drum Solo 13. Shout At The Devil 14. Smokin’ In The Boys Room (Intro)

Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI. USA 5th September 1987

15. Smokin’ In The Boys Room 16. Jailhouse Rock 17. Medley: Helter Skelter / Highway To Hell / Walk This Way / Rock And Roll 18. Girls, Girls, Girls



Motley Crue / Columbus 1987 / 1Bonus Single DVDR / Non Label
Translated text:
Live at Buckeye Lake Music Center, Columbus, OH. USA 26th July 1987

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The main press press DVD is a super masterpiece pro shot which is the top of “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR”. Of course, although originally bonus etc are unnecessary, “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR” has various expressions which can not be conveyed with only one picture. Therefore, we will also present a masterpiece image that can also be said to be true.
Such a work is contained in “Columbus Performance on July 26, 1987”. 84 “Performance in North America # 1” was the earliest show of 28 performances. I wrote as “True opposite to main press DVD”, but the first thing is different from audience shots of the audience seats. But its quality is amazing. I was shooting from the rear seat in front of the stage, but the height of the line of sight is the same as the members. While looking down at the booming audience, we are staring at the stage with zero obstructions. Moreover, stability is also preeminent. Following Vince Neil or Nicky Six who is violent against active by vigorous zoom but hardly causes camera shake. That viewpoint is good, a sense of stability, good way to suppress the highlight, it may be what the stakeholders of the show were shooting for recording. Of course, the sound is perfect for the sight, clear sound that reaches straight with the shields pear. I am also sucking in the big cheers, but it also rises just like a steam from the bottom of my eyes, a stereoscopic feeling that extreme musical sounds and singing voices are suppressed from the top.
The show drawn with such quality is another opposite “pro shot” in another sense. As you can see the screen capture, this work is a show in the daytime. Whereas this press press DVD was a show emerging in the indoor venue, this work is all exposed under white sunlight all the time. As it is an outdoor venue indeed there is no big drum set, but instead the essence of “Rock Band · Moteley CRUE” is round naked. Do not rely on flashy director, wild and tough performance, push and push with pushing power with a powerful masterpiece. That dysfunction is threatened. To compensate for the shortage of drum solos, “Bad Boy Boogie” of “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS” and “Too Young To Fall In Love” of “SHOUT AT THE DEVIL” have also been added, but more than that Band power “is an overwhelming picture.

This work of “Outdoor venue / audience / band power” against this press press DVD which was “indoor venue · pro shot · show up”. Although it is a totally contradictory picture, neither of them gives a gratitude to “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR” with the highest quality. By combining two, you can know how much he was a rock band that god hanged at the time. A luxury set of such superb picture. Please, please do not hesitate to “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR” this weekend!
本編プレスDVDは、“GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR”の頂点たる超傑作プロショットです。もちろん、本来ならボーナスなど不要なのですが、“GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR”には1本の映像だけでは伝えきれないさまざまな表情がある。そこで、真反対とも言える傑作映像を併せてお贈りいたします。
そんなクオリティで描かれるショウは、別の意味で「プロショットと真反対」。画面キャプチャーをご覧の通り、本作は真っ昼間のショウなのです。本編プレスDVDが屋内会場に浮かび上がるショウだったのに対し、本作は一挙手一投足がすべて白日の下に晒されているのです。さすがに野外会場ですので大掛かりなドラムセットはないわけですが、その代わりに“ロックバンド・MOTLEY CRUE”の本質が丸裸。派手な演出に頼らず、ワイルドでタフな演奏と、ゴキゲンな名曲のパワーで押して押して押しまくる。その力業が叩きつけられるのです。ドラムソロの不足分を補うように『GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS』の「Bad Boy Boogie」や『SHOUT AT THE DEVIL』の「Too Young To Fall In Love」も追加されているのですが、それ以上に「バンド・パワー」が圧倒的な映像なのです。

“屋内会場・プロショット・ショウアップ”だった本編プレスDVDに対し、“野外会場・オーディエンス・バンド力”の本作。まったく正反対な映像ではありますが、どちらもクオリティは極上で“GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR”の凄味を叩きつける。2本併せることで、当時の彼がいかに神懸かったロックバンドだったのかを思い知ることができる。そんな極上映像の豪華セット。どうぞ、今週末は“GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS TOUR”に思いっきりヤラれてください!

1. Introduction 2. All In The Name Of… 3. Live Wire 4. Dancing On Glass 5. Looks The Kill
6. Ten Seconds To Love 7. Red Hot 8. Home Sweet Home 9. Wild Side 10. Guitar Solo
11. Shout At The Devil 12. Bad Boy Boogie 13. Too Young To Fall In Love
14. Smokin’ In The Boys Room 15. Jailhouse Rock 16. Helter Skelter 17. Highway To Hell
18. Walk This Way 19. Rock And Roll 20. Girls, Girls, Girls

COLOUR NTSC Approx.85min.

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