Motley Crue / The Final Tour In Kobe / 2CDR

Motley Crue / The Final Tour In Kobe / 2CDR / No Label

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Live at World Memorial Hall, Kobe, Japan 11th February 2015


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Ridiculously MOTLEY CRUE you came to say goodbye in a big saving. At all, … Therefore Ya show off this kind of amazing things in parting. For those who can not suppress such a feeling, yet another batch, you can gift your Memorial Album of the Japan tour the first day, “February 11 Kobe World Hall performances”.
Among the special “Final Tour”, Kobe performances only all-standing venue. There is also the fact that the first day, it was a tremendous mayhem state. That the present work has been recorded, the front row of the bird’s-eye second floor stand seats the mayhem arena. It is a swirling frenzy a masterpiece recordings fully captured in clear. That sounds great because, when that has been breaking release as a gift title, whats also the voice of the “do not you press?” From customers. In conclusion, from the emergence of further super sound “THE FINAL TOUR IN SUPER ARENA”, but I have become a thing to miss the chance of the press of, it is certainly a high quality album not amusing when you press.
Compared to focus is narrowed down to the band sound “THE FINAL TOUR IN SUPER ARENA”, this work is hot in the reaction of the audience is more realistic. In spite of the best clear, rather than the realistic barrel and odd, might some people you love than “THE FINAL TOUR IN SUPER ARENA”. Even drum solo is hard to propagate the only voice, increases the tension in the Carmina Burana, is perfectly how the Bubbly with the solo. Just cheer, it is likely to come into view until either the Where are the drum.
When say that “not only is great for tourists?”, It is not rough on the difference. Band also best condition There is only the first day of the tour. Also as well voice of Vince Neil, Mick Mars, which is reportedly poor health condition called contribute to the dissolution does not feel the anxiety element. And from beginning to end cool Nikki Sixx, hyper Tommy Lee. I am engaged in a great performance to prove the declaration that “leave at best.” Since his debut, that will not change sportiness. …… Whether no longer be anymore to see.
They that went told the cool farewell in hateful about MOTLEY flow. The figure, because I do not palm forgotten anyway, it Is not I’ll beat listen to rather thoroughly. It is, in our flow “goodbye”. One for that, I will gift to you.

とんでもなくビッグなショウで別れを告げに来たMOTLEY CRUE。まったく、別れ際にこんな凄いものを見せつけやがって……。そんな気持ちを抑えられない方のため、さらにもう1回分、ジャパンツアー初日となる「2月11日神戸ワールド記念ホール公演」のメモリアル・アルバムをお贈りします。
特別な“Final Tour”の中でも、神戸公演は唯一のオール・スタンディング会場。初日ということもあり、凄まじい騒乱状態となりました。本作が録音されたのは、その騒乱アリーナを俯瞰する2階スタンド指定席の最前列。渦巻く熱狂をクリアに捉えきった傑作録音です。その素晴らしいサウンドゆえ、ギフトタイトルとして速報リリースされた際には、お客様から「プレスしないの?」の声もいただきました。結論としては、さらなるスーパー・サウンド「THE FINAL TOUR IN SUPER ARENA」の登場より、プレス化のチャンスを逃すこととなってしまいましたが、確かにプレスしてもおかしくない高音質アルバムです。
バンド・サウンドに焦点が絞られた「THE FINAL TOUR IN SUPER ARENA」に比べると、本作はオーディエンスの反応がよりリアルで熱い。極上クリアにもかかわらず、その臨場感たるや半端ではなく、「THE FINAL TOUR IN SUPER ARENA」よりも気に入る方もいらっしゃるかもしれません。音声だけでは伝わりづらいドラムソロでも、カルミナ・ブラーナで緊張感が高まり、ソロと共に沸き立つ様子がばっちり。歓声だけで、ドラムがどこにいるのかまで見えてきそうです。

Disc 1 (53:00)
1. Intro 2. Saints Of Los Angeles 3. Wild Side 4. Primal Scream 5. Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
6. Looks That Kill 7. On With The Show 8. Too Fast For Love 9. Smokin’ In The Boys Room
10. Mutherfucker Of The Year 11. Band Introductions 12. Anarchy In The U.K. 13. Dr. Feelgood

Disc 2 (66:06)
1. In The Beginning / Shout At The Devil 2. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go AwCay) 3. Drums Solo
4. Guitar Solo 5. Live Wire 6. Too Young To Fall In Love 7. Girls, Girls, Girls
8. Kickstart My Heart 9. Home Sweet Home

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