Motley Crue / Definitive Sheffield 1986 / 1CD

Motley Crue / Definitive Sheffield 1986 / 1CD / Zodiac
Live at City Hall, Sheffield, UK 13th February 1986

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The MOTLEY CRUE is about to release the biographical film “The Dart: Motley Crew Autobiography” and the covers of his new song “The Dirt (Est. 1981)” and “Like A Virgin” are also hot. Such a week this week also appeared in the ultra-super live album of 1986, where they were rushing at full throttle for a big success!

Included in this film is “The Sheffield Performance on February 13, 1986.” Yes, it is a super masterpiece upgraded by the great label “WELCOME TO THEATER OF PAIN” of the Langley label. The main point of this work is the miracle-like superlative sound, but first of all the show position. Let’s check from the whole picture of “THEATER OF PAIN TOUR 1985/1986” which shakes the whole world.

● 1985
“June 21” THEATER OF PAIN “”
・ July 7-15: First visit to Japan (7 performances)
・ July 31-Dec 21: North America (92 performances)
● 1986
・ January 22-February 3: Europe # 1 (10 shows)
・ February 6-15: England (9 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
・ February 19-March 3: Europe # 2 (10 shows)
“November” GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS “production start”

This is MOTLEY CRUE of 1985/1986. The tour started from the first visit of the legendary Japan, and swept the earth with a total of 127 performances. This work is the “UK” leg of the late stage. They played their first tour of England in 1984, but at that time they had only 2 shows for the show, including MONSTERS OF ROCK. On the other hand, “THEATER OF PAIN TOUR” realizes a large-scale tour of all nine performances. It is amazing to just follow that CHEAP TRICK, but MOTLEY CRUE’s largest ever British tour that hasn’t been to the present. The Sheffield performance of this work was the concert which is the 7th performance of such “UK”.
This work which recorded such a show is just the name recording of a miracle. What made it to a thing is a master of craftsman “Crazy S.”. He is a person who has left a large number of well-known recordings throughout the 80’s, but in the heyday he was really haunting, he stabbed him in 1986. At this time, there are many unusual recordings that can not be explained by the equipment and techniques alone, and the “WAR COMMANDER (LANGLEY DELUXE 008)” of Accept, “COME OUT AND PLAY IN NOTTINGHAM (ZODIAC 129)” of Tyested Sister, and Ozzy Osbourne “MONSTERS OF ROCK (Zodiac 192)”, Marlion “WELCOME TO THE GARDEN PARTY: MILTON KEYNES 1986 (Zodiac 186)”, Queen “DEFINITIVE KNEBWORTH 1986 (Wardour-320)”, Iron Maiden “CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN “LEICESTER (LANGLEY DELUXE 022)” etc., many historical famous recordings were left indoors and outdoors.
This work is also one of such super famous recordings. Many mania from around the world is amazed by the high quality of the sound that is introduced from Langley label as “WELCOME TO THEATER OF PAIN”. The criteria for the MOTLEY CRUE audience have been raised quickly. It has already been out of print for a long time, but it is not just a repress. A redesigned version of the original cassette from Mr. Crazy S. with the latest equipment. It is a super top board that has updated the highest peak of supreme recording. In fact, the sound is overwhelming. The already released board was also a super clear sound that surprises the world, but this work is even brighter. The core is closer than the venue sound, and the recording position itself has been reborn into a direct feeling as if it was about 3 or 4 lines ago. I knew that it was a well-known recording, but I think that the sound up to here was recorded on the Daigen cassette …. It is the first time an upgrade that brings us to the miracle delicacy.
The updated sound is drawn to the hot performance of MOTLEY CRUE, which burns into the British invasion of HR. The set is Tonomono that concentrated and reduced the two major titles “SHOUT AT THE DEVIL” and “THEATER OF PAIN”. “Live Wire” and Elvis cover “Jailhouse Rock” will also be played, but the rest are beautifully selected from the 2 pieces by 6 pieces each. Although “Red Hot” and “Louder Than Hell” can not be heard in “LIVE: ENTERTAINMENT OR DEATH”, “Use It Or Lose It”, “Fight For Your Rights” and “Keep Your Eye On The Money” I only played on this tour. Since tape change, which is the destiny of cassette recording, is also a part of drum solo, it allows you to experience the full stage including precious numbers with a soundboard barefoot miracle quality.

Even MOTLEY CRUE which does not leave the full live board of the heyday officially even. Moreover, this work is a scorching board that the rock burning in the world conquest swirls. A masterpiece of the world’s masterpiece “Crazy S.” collection, a super masterpiece that will be a masterpiece. Please enjoy yourself with the permanent preservation press CD.

いよいよ伝記映画『ザ・ダート: モトリー・クルー自伝』の公開が迫り、久々の新曲「The Dirt (Est. 1981)」や「Like A Virgin」のカバーも話題を振りまいているMOTLEY CRUE。そんな今週は彼らが一大全盛に向けてフルスロットルで突っ走っていた1986年の超・極上ライヴアルバムも登場します!

本作に収められているのは「1986年2月13日シェフィールド公演」。そう、Langleyレーベルの大名盤『WELCOME TO THE THEATRE OF PAIN』がアップグレードした超傑作です。本作最大のポイントは奇跡のような極上サウンドにあるわけですが、まずはショウのポジション。全世界を揺るがした“THEATRE OF PAIN TOUR 1985/1986”の全体像から確認してみましょう。

《11月『GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS』製作開始》

これが1985年/1986年のMOTLEY CRUE。ツアーは伝説の初来日からスタートし、全127公演で地球を席巻しました。本作はその終盤の「英国」レッグ。彼らは1984年に初渡英を果たしていましたが、その際はMONSTERS OF ROCKを含むお披露目的な2公演だけ。それに対し、“THEATRE OF PAIN TOUR”では全9公演の大規模ツアーが実現。あのCHEAP TRICKを前座に従えただけでも驚きですが、現在に至るまで超えるもののないMOTLEY CRUE史上最大の英国ツアー。本作のシェフィールド公演は、そんな「英国」の7公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなショウを記録した本作は、まさに奇跡の名録音。モノにしたのは、かの名匠“Crazy S.”氏。80年代を通して名盤・名録音を多数残した人物ですが、彼が本当に神懸かっていた最盛期は1986年にトドメを刺す。この時期は機材やテクニックだけでは説明の付かない異様な録音が多く、アクセプトの『WAR COMMANDER(LANGLEY DELUXE 008)』やトィステッド・シスターの『COME OUT AND PLAY IN NOTTINGHAM (ZODIAC 129)』、オジー・オズボーンの『MONSTERS OF ROCK(Zodiac 192)』、マリリオンの『WELCOME TO THE GARDEN PARTY: MILTON KEYNES 1986(Zodiac 186)』、クイーンの『DEFINITIVE KNEBWORTH 1986(Wardour-320)』、アイアン・メイデンの『CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN LEICESTER (LANGLEY DELUXE 022)』等々、屋内・屋外問わず幾多の歴史的名録音が残されました。
本作もまた、そんな超名録音の1つ。Langleyレーベルから『WELCOME TO THE THEATRE OF PAIN』として紹介されるやあまりの高音質に世界中のマニアが騒然。MOTLEY CRUEオーディエンスの基準そのものをグイッと引き上げてしまいました。すでに長らく廃盤・完売となってきたわけですが、単なる再プレスではありません。“Crazy S.”氏のオリジナル・カセットから最新機材で改めてデジタル化し直したもの。至高の録音の最高峰を更新してしまった超極上盤なのです。実際、そのサウンドは圧倒的。既発盤も世界を驚かせる超クリアサウンドでしたが、本作はさらに鮮やか。会場音響よりも芯がグイグイと迫り、まるで録音ポジションそのものが3・4列ほど前になったようなダイレクト感に生まれ変わっている。名録音なのは分かっていましたが、まさか大元カセットにはここまでの音が記録されていたとは……。改めて奇跡の凄味を突きつけられるアップグレードぶりなのです。
その更新サウンドで描かれるのは、HRの本場イギリス侵攻に燃えるMOTLEY CRUEの熱演。セットは2大名盤『SHOUT AT THE DEVIL』『THEATRE OF PAIN』を濃縮還元した特濃モノ。「Live Wire」やエルヴィスのカバー「Jailhouse Rock」も演奏されはしますが、残りは2枚から綺麗に6曲ずつセレクトされている。「Red Hot」「Louder Than Hell」も『LIVE: ENTERTAINMENT OR DEATH』でも聴けないわけですが、さらに「Use It Or Lose It」「Fight For Your Rights」「Keep Your Eye On The Money」に至っては、このツアーでしか演奏していない。カセット録音の宿命であるテープ・チェンジもドラムソロの合間なので違和感なく、貴重ナンバーも含めたフルステージをサウンドボード裸足な奇跡クオリティで一気体験できるのです。

ただでさえ公式に全盛期のフルライヴ盤を残していないMOTLEY CRUE。しかも、本作は世界制覇に燃えるロックが渦巻く灼熱盤です。世界の名匠“Crazy S.”コレクションでも最高傑作となる超・極上盤。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDで存分にご堪能ください。


1. In The Beginning 2. Looks That Kill 3. Use It Or Lose It 4. Shout At The Devil
5. Ten Seconds Till Love 6. Fight For Your Rights 7. Home Sweet Home 8. Red Hot
9. Guitar Solo 10. Keep Your Eye On The Money 11. Louder Than Hell 12. Drum Solo
13. Too Young To Fall In Love 14. Live Wire 15. Smokin’ In The Boys Room
16. Helter Skelter 17. Jailhouse Rock

Vince Neil – Vocals Mick Mars – Guitar Nikki Sixx – Bass Tommy Lee – Drums

Special Thanks: Crazy S.



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