Moody Blues / Days Of Future Passed / 1CD

Moody Blues / Days Of Future Passed / 1CD / Non Label

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Original Stereo Mix From A European Copy Tape


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“Progressive rock of the dawn,” By now, the historical great board, “DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED”. It praised as “the first concept one of the album the world”, a large masterpiece in honor also High masterpiece of the “lock and the first to perfect fusion of classic”. One of the century was faithful to revive the appearance of the original is appeared in the press CD of permanent preservation.
Was released in 1967, Along with “SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND” of the Beatles, but is literally lords board of 1967 that changed the history, the current CD, you do not have a complete original. Original master has already been damaged, since the recurrence of 1978 is still being produced and sold in the remix version. Of course, this only only history on the great board of the mania around the world are asked to “original appearance” of, it always has been pursuing a boot leg that has been reprinted from the LP of the original release, this work with them a clear distinction fractionated ones. Wow,’s the one that was “closest to the original master” the previous tape to the origin, which is press cutting.
It became the original source of such this work, what is commonly called “EUROPEAN COPY TAPE”. Usually, music album sends a master reel in each country, and then produced a LP / CD from there. As I mentioned earlier, I mean home country the United Kingdom is of the “DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED” original master was lost, the European board was alive. Unused master was sleeping in the press factory warehouse, we are unawares gone to collectors of the world and has been handed down for a long time “Legend”. However, the Omoto tape that has been reprinted from the reel came out again to the world in recent years. It is “EUROPEAN COPY TAPE”. The digitized such a “sound of the legendary” to direct it’s the this work.
In fact, the sound of this work is another dimension entirely and cause many of the LP. After all, Omoto Products LP, let alone, the sound was supposed to be “the original product”. Moreover, completely because I unused, to say the “copy” of how Omoto master reel, it is possible that the same generation as the original LP. Its freshness is even comparable to the current remix version CD, nor any of cloudiness, turbidity-distortion. It jammed the most seen eyes Uruwashiki “primordial sound” in this 50 years.
Of course, freshness is also in line with the current official CD, the contents are completely different original mix. Although tone balance is finely different reason over the whole volume, we will introduce a larger point and ….

– “Dawn: Dawn is a Feeling”
After the orchestral intro, but contains the song of a little abruptly Mike Pinder in the current remix, the original will come in gently riding the Mellotron sound.
– “The Morning: Another Morning”
Stereo sense of Ray Thomas of vocal is different though. The remix has been largely separate from side to side, but the original is somewhat hardened to the left. Also the number of times different further phrase of the flute to be migrated from the song part to the orchestra part.
– “Lunch Break: Peak Hour”
There is “1 minute 53 seconds” intro part of the orchestra is in the current remix, but the original will fade in 13 seconds short “1 minute 40 seconds”.
– “Evening: Evening Time to Get Away”
This song is a big difference. In the current remix, but John Lodge also in the bridge after the rust is singing alone, thick double vocals in the original mix. Back vocal of this part seems to have got lost. In addition, not even twice the place to repeat the “evening time to get away” in the ending, making it three times.
– “Evening: The Sunset”
In addition to piano phrase that had disappeared in the current remix can listen, you have different types of reverb applied to the part and singing “through the night”.
– “Evening: Twilight Time”
In the current remix it has totally entered the back vocals, but the original mix will go only to the key point.
– “The Night: Nights in White Satin”
Needless to say hit songs also original was different. Mellotron and somewhat slow the timing of incoming rhythm in the orchestra and took a deep reverb on the flute, also have different front of the strings to enter the “Late Lament”. And last of gong appeared from the current remix with another take, until the end comes in longer without having to fade-out.

About 41 minutes of LP put together in the “story of the day”, great board that opened the door of the orchestra and the rock “DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED”. Since 1978, and a remix that has been ingrained in the mind and body over many years, a genuine original mix, aside or that either is better musically, shocked the world, moved the historical “sound” is definitely this work is.
Sound PINK FLOYD is in 1967 had Akekure to Syd Barrett and psychedelic rock, the rock in two of the possibility that “concept” and “orchestra” possibility was showing off to the world. It is exactly wake up the concept of the king. For progressive rock, no one the most important for the United Kingdom lock itself. The real thing. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

「プログレッシヴ・ロックの夜明け」となった歴史的大名盤、『DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED』。「世界初のコンセプトアルバムのひとつ」と讃えられ、「ロックとクラシックの最初にして完全なる融合」との誉れも高き傑作中の大傑作。その原初の姿を忠実に蘇らせた世紀の1枚が永久保存のプレスCDで登場です。
1967年にリリースされ、ビートルズの『SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND』と並び、文字通り歴史を変えた1967年の大名盤ですが、現在のCDは、完全なオリジナルではありません。オリジナル・マスターは既に破損しており、1978年の再発以降はリミックス・バージョンで制作・販売され続けています。もちろん、これだけの歴史上の大名盤だけに世界中のマニアが“原初の姿”を求め、オリジナル・リリースのLPから復刻されたブートレッグを追い求めてきたわけですが、本作はそれらとは一線を画したもの。なんと、プレスカッティングされる前のテープを由来とする“オリジナル・マスターに最接近”した1枚なのです。
そんな本作の大元になったのは、通称“EUROPEAN COPY TAPE”と呼ばれるもの。通常、音楽アルバムは各国にマスター・リールを送り、そこからLP/CDを制作します。先ほども述べた通り、母国イギリスの『DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED』オリジナル・マスターは失われてしまったわけですが、ヨーロッパ盤は生きていた。プレス工場の倉庫に眠っていた未使用マスターは、いつしか収集家の世界へ消えていき、長い間“伝説”として語り継がれてきました。しかし、近年になってその大元リールから復刻されたテープが再び世に出てきた。それが“EUROPEAN COPY TAPE”。そんな“伝説の音”をダイレクトにデジタル化したのが本作なのです。

・「Dawn: Dawn is a Feeling」
・「The Morning: Another Morning」
・「Lunch Break: Peak Hour」
・「Evening: Evening Time to Get Away」
この曲は大きく違う。現行リミックスでは、サビの後のブリッジでもジョン・ロッジが独りで歌っていますが、オリジナル・ミックスではぶ厚いダブルヴォーカル。このパートのバックヴォーカルは失われてしまったようです。また、エンディングで「evening time to get away」と繰り返すところも2回ではなく、3回になっています。
・「Evening: The Sunset」
現行リミックスでは消えていたピアノフレーズが聴けるほか、“through the night”と歌うパートにかかるリヴァーブの種類が異なっています。
・「Evening: Twilight Time」
・「The Night: Nights in White Satin」
言わずと知れたヒット曲もオリジナルは異なっていました。メロトロンとフルートには深いリバーブが掛かっておりオーケストラにリズムが入ってくるタイミングがやや遅く、「Late Lament」に入る前のストリングスも異なっています。そしてラストの銅鑼は現行リミックスとは別テイクと思われ、フェードアウトすることなく最後まで長めに入っています。

LPの約41分を“1日の物語”でまとめあげ、オーケストラとロックの扉を開いた大名盤『DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED』。1978年以降、長年渡って心身に染みついてきたリミックスと、正真正銘のオリジナル・ミックス、そのどちらが音楽的に優れているかはさておき、世界に衝撃を与え、歴史を動かした“音”は間違いなく本作です。
PINK FLOYDがシド・バレットとサイケデリック・ロックに明け暮れていた1967年に、“コンセプト”と“オーケストラ”という2つの可能性でロックの可能性を世界に見せつけたサウンド。まさにコンセプト王のめざめです。プログレッシヴ・ロックにとって、いや英国ロックそのものにとって最重要な1枚。その本物。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

1. The Day Begins – Morning Glory 2. Dawn: Dawn Is A Feeling 3. The Morning: Another Morning
4. Lunch Break: Peak Hour 5. The Afternoon: Tuesday Afternoon 6. Evening: Evening Time To Get Away
7. Evening: The Sunset 8. Evening: Twilight Time 9. The Night: Nights In White Satin
10. The Night: Late Lament

Mike Pinder – mellotron, piano, tambura, vocals (including spoken)
Ray Thomas – flutes, percussion, piano, vocals
Justin Hayward – acoustic & electric guitars, piano, sitar, vocals
John Lodge – bass, vocals
Graeme Edge – drums, percussion, vocals

Peter Knight – conducting, arrangements
The London Festival Orchestra

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