Miles Davis / Helsinki 1964/1967 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

Miles Davis Quintet / Helsinki 1964/1967 / 2CD / SpeakEzy

Disc 1 : Messuhalli, Helsinki, Finland 6th October 1964 & Disc 2 : Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland 1st November 1967 Plus Bonus CDR “Rotterdam 1967”

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*A super-high quality SB sound source of the topic appeared in Press 2CD!

Miles The golden quintet, Wayne Shorter, who joined Helsinki’s performances after joining the show in ’64 and ’67, the very definitive press 2CD version of the Dopica Soundboard recording coupling!

In ’64 of Disc 1, only two songs of dead leaves and So What were recorded in the past, and in ’67 of Disc 2, only 2 songs of Footprints and Round Midnight were heard with existing titles respectively. However, this time, the number of recorded tracks has significantly increased, and the sound quality has been improved from the sound board mono recording to the best quality press CD!
When switching to a press board, fine high-frequency noise is removed (there is no effect on the musical sound associated with removal) and DJs that are unrelated to the main part of the live show have been edited as much as possible (some parts are affected by DJs). Also, there seems to be a cut (edit) near Walkin 3:20 in 1964, but this is from the beginning.

A press 2CD limited edition that combines the legendary Miles Golden Quintet with ’64/’67 Helsinki performances with superb sound quality!
Introducing a permanent version of the favorite collection with limited numbering!





Disc 1 “Helsinki 1964”
1. Autumn Leaves
2. So What
3. Stella By Starlight
4. Walkin’
5. The Theme

Disc 2 “Helsinki 1967”
1. Agitation
2. Footprints
3. ‘Round Midnight
4. Walkin’
5. Masqualero

Soundboard Recordings

Miles Davis – trumpet
Wayne Shorter – tenor saxophone
Herbie Hancock – piano
Ron Carter – bass
Tony Williams – drums

SpeakEzy. SPE-6467

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