Miles Davis / Plays Broken Wings / 2CDR

Miles Davis / Plays Broken Wings / 2CDR / Bluestone

Translated text:
Berlin Jazz Festival” on 1985 November 1 Berlin, Germany. Soundboard


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The first songs recorded in high-quality sound board sound performances “Berlin Jazz Festival” on November 1 Berlin, Germany, from Miles Davis ’85 European tour.

Performances by members of the only luxury this time guitarist of transcendence tech, called Twin percussion by Marilyn Mazur and Steve Thornton and Mike Stern must listen live one of the best 80’s even during mania.

Sound source acclaimed, MR unpublished at the time and in the encore performance, a rare “Pacific Express” between the mania. In terms of showing off the cover of Mr. “Broken Wing” is also a big recommendation title of collectors must-have!




1. Opening Medley
(One Phone Call / Right Off / Street Scenes / Speak / That’s What Happened)
2. Star People
3. Maze
4. Human Nature
5. Medley 
(MD I / Something’s On Your Mind / MD II)
6. Time After Time
7. Ms Morrinsine
8. Code M.D.

1. Pacific Express
2. Burn
3. Stronger Than Before
4. Hopscotch
5. Rubberband
6. Broken Wings


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