Mick Taylor Bobby Keys & Nicky Hopkins / Tumbling Dice / 3CD

Mick Taylor Bobby Keys & Nicky Hopkins / Tumbling Dice / 3CD / Non Label

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Charcoals, Kendall, Florida, USA 29th April 1992, Charcoals, Coral Springs, Florida, USA 1st May 1992


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In response to obituary of Bobby Keys, our shop is the title that was released in 2003 will play a long time of revival! Its title is the name board was recorded band Bobby has joined the 1992, the club gig of tumbling dice. Speaking of ’92 is a time when Stones of activities had been suspended, the band formed and gig of a collection of members of the Stones entanglement by Florida promoter has been planning. Although the band showed off a gig in Florida club by being named tumbling dice, the number of times is only three times. And Mick Taylor members to Bobby and 錚 people serving member named Nicky Hopkins,. Despite recorded all of the unit three times of gig that had ended with short-term activities, yet the title “TUMBLING DICE” which has been recorded in superb audience recording at the time in 2003, but was released in 300 copies limited , too charming face and playing content, and it was that good of sound quality was recorded coupled prematurely Sold Out. But was passed Years of more than ten years from its release, was aware of the existence Become a to or “recently many who were reminded that title in response to Bobby obituary” could not be obtained in 2003 “, I got a request to that Come hear I want to. “So even rice meaning of Bobby memorial, you really long time of recurrence is realized.
Of course, it is this time of recurrence, but simply do not do simplistic imitation such as only rehash the release of the time in 2003. And because Years of this decades I have to improve the mastering technology, is natural subjected to a new remastered. Remove noise that had mixed with one round of gig and second time gig of sound source. It April 29 is “You Gotta Move”, gig of May 1 is what you have been entered in the band intro of beginning. The song credits accurately notation was unclear at the time in 2003. None if the relapse there a requirement level, but it also has improved finish of as an item as well as sound quality.

Although each of the gig is none was very on sound image and unprecedented contribute that called popular in 2003 also was a superb sound source that has been recorded in clearness, the sound quality and content of those three times gig There is a feature in each. It is April 29, which became the debut gig of the unit, but as before the band appeared hear big voice around the audience, it is a recording state that comes through the most realistic of the club is vividly. Conversation around and play starts of course I fit, but from realism of this when you can feel the expectation that “what unfolds what playing members of the Stones entanglement is now?”. Debut stage of tumbling dice that began in such is polished enough performance is surprising from the beginning, there is almost no such there tend disturbance to first gig. Whether this area would be unique unit that gathered the musicians of veteran milling. And it is this day that Taylor’s guitar playing is vividly captured the most on.

Gig a second time and it is May 1st recorded boasts the most on a sound image in three performances is attractive. -Based play of Calvin Samuels compared with other day would be similar also clearly hear take point. Speaking of Samuels famous rock fans that had served as a bassist with Crosby Stills Nash & Young tour, has also been introduced as such a member introduction of this day. In the first half but the 1980s that it may have been served as a bassist when Taylor was working with Alvin Lee of the original Ten Years After, is high likely may have been invited to the unit from his connection. Although it is the unit was put together by members of such rock fans tears of gratitude, but from the fact that a collection of musicians who have been active as a member of the side faces and back band By “vocalist” absence it might be weakness. Which day singing Taylor few songs also but, this day Lester Chambers of Chambers Brothers is I am taking the lead vocal in Bruce Standard of two songs to participate. Gig by who joined the professional vocalist on this day two songs that were not played only became the content at once incandescent, a different sharp and the other two days.

And the third day of the sound source is the sound quality and recording conditions such as sense of presence was quiet the first day, it tells you how the gig in this day also great clearness. In number from the “Edward” was raised also re-evaluated for a period of time in Japan Nicky album “THE TIN MAN WAS A DREAMER” which was played through the three days, the more stunning Nicky it is unlikely that disappears after this two years that piano of judgment of has been heard is at the time of release of 2003 became a hot topic. It is from the previous reason the installation is often live configuration, but why that Taylor and Bobby is playing heart’s content is really wonderful this day. Alone it is now that you’ve gone to Bobby not Nicky, I of both people play flash is heard really impressive. Stones song “Can not You Hear Me Knocking” has been played in the Arrange who played the second half part live from Taylor before, but playing this day among the three days really hot! Along the way you will hear a club gig seems scene like expel the audience, but the blazing playing really the best without being disturbed it.
Thus illusion of title that contains the gig unit of vision not exaggeration to say that a series of far from listening each three days will be released at the press CD of limited time! But is of course played incandescent and its valuable contents in superb sound quality (because it is this member reminds the ’71 Atari Stones), it would be also valuable is that everywhere Bobby of MC to listen in. That sax play to listen with plenty more than Stones concert, release please do not miss that put a memorial to him!

ボビー・キーズの訃報を受け、当店が2003年にリリースしていたタイトルが久々の復活を果たします!そのタイトルは1992年にボビーが参加したバンド、タンブリング・ダイスのクラブ・ギグを収録した名盤です。92年と言えばストーンズの活動が休止していた時期であり、フロリダのプロモーターによってストーンズ絡みのメンバーを集めたバンドの結成とギグが企画されました。そのバンドはタンブリング・ダイスと命名されてフロリダのクラブでギグを披露したものの、その回数はわずか三回。しかもメンバーがボビーにミック・テイラー、そしてニッキー・ホプキンスという錚々たるメンバー。にもかかわらず短期の活動で終わってしまったユニット三回のギグをすべて収録し、しかも極上のオーディエンス録音で収録していたタイトル『TUMBLING DICE』は2003年当時、300枚限定でリリースされたものの、あまりに魅力的な面子と演奏内容、そして音質の良さが相まって早々にSold Outを記録したものでした。そのリリースから十年以上の歳月が経過しましたが、ボビーの訃報を受けてあのタイトルを思い出された方も多く「2003年に入手できなかった」あるいは「最近になって存在を知った、是非聞いてみたい」というリクエストをいただきました。そこでボビーの追悼の意味も込め、本当に久しぶりの再発が実現します。
もちろん今回の再発ですが、単に2003年当時のリリースを焼き直すだけのような安直な真似はいたしません。それにこの十年の歳月がマスタリング技術を向上させているのですから、新たなリマスターを施すのは当たり前。一回目のギグと二回目のギグの音源で混入してしまったノイズを削除。それは4月29日が「You Gotta Move」、5月1日のギグは冒頭のバンド・イントロで入っていたものです。また2003年当時には不明瞭だった曲目クレジットも正確に表記。再発するのであればどれも必須条件レベルではありますが、音質面だけでなくアイテムとしての仕上がりも向上しています。



そして三日目の音源は初日の臨場感を大人しくしたような音質と録音状態であり、この日も素晴らしいクリアネスでギグの様子を伝えてくれます。三日間を通して演奏された「Edward」はニッキーのアルバムで日本でも一時期再評価が盛り上がった『THE TIN MAN WAS A DREAMER』からのナンバーで、この二年後に亡くなってしまうとは思えないほど見事なニッキーのピアノさばきが聴かれた点が2003年のリリース時には話題となりました。先の理由からインストが多いライブ構成なのですが、だからこそテイラーやボビーが思う存分演奏している点はこの日も本当に素晴らしい。ニッキーだけではなくボビーまで亡くなってしまった今となっては、両人のプレイの閃きが本当に感動的に聴こえるのです。ストーンズ・ソング「Can’t You Hear Me Knocking」はテイラーが以前からライブで後半パートを演奏したアレンジで演奏されていますが、三日間の中でもこの日の演奏は本当にアツい!途中で観客を追い出すようなクラブのギグらしい場面が聴かれますが、それに乱されることなく燃え上がる演奏は本当に最高。

Disc 1(67:34)
Charcoals, Kendall, Florida, USA 29th April 1992

1. Introduction 2. Hideaway 3. Mercy Mercy 4. You Gotta Move 5. Edward 6. Soul Serenade
7. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 8. I Wonder Why 9. Outroduction

Disc 2(77:53)
Charcoals, Coral Springs, Florida, USA 1st May 1992

1. Band Introduction 2. Hideaway 3. Mercy Mercy 4. You Gotta Move 5. Edward
6. Five Long Years 7. Baby What You Want Me To Do 8. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
9. Little Red Rooster 10. Outroduction

With special guest Lester Chambers (Vocal) on Five Long Years and Baby What You Want Me To Do

Disc 3(56:06)
Charcoals, Miami Lakes, Florida, USA 2nd May 1992

1. Introduction 2. Hideaway 3. Mercy Mercy 4. You Gotta Move 5. Edward
6. Soul Serenade 7. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 8. Outroduction

Mick Taylor – Guitar, Vocal Bobby Keys – Saxophone Nicky Hopkins – Keyboards
Calvin “Fuzzy” Samuels – Bass

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