Mick Ronson / The Mick Memorial Concert / 3CDR

Mick Ronson / The Mick Ronson Memorial Concert / 3CDR / Uxbridge

live At Hammersmith Apollo, Hammersmith, London , Uk 29th April 1994. Soundboard Recording

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Mick · Ronson, which is drawing attention from the publication of the documentary movie ‘Bizide · Bowie Mick · Ronson’s Trail’ in Japan, is getting closer. A memorial event reminiscent of him “THE MICK RONSON MEMORIAL CONCERT” The finest stereo sound board album is appearing.
This event was held at Mick’s first anniversary “Hummersmith Apollo on April 29, 1994”. Edge musicians who had a close relationship with Mick before life gathered and held a session. That lineup is really luxurious. Ian Hunter, Roger Daltry, Steve Hurley, Bill Wyman, Glen Matlock, Roger Taylor of QUEEN, Mick Jones of THE CLASH, Gary Brooker of PROCOL HARUM, Joe Eliot of DEF LEPPARD and Phil Collin Especially … etc. It was a big event that became a microcosm of UK rock.

【The longest 3 sheets in history with about 3 hours】
The pattern was released as an official live album, but this work is different from that. This show was recorded by the prestigious BBC, FM broadcasting on the “April 30th” the day after the show. This work is the broadcast master. The difference in magnitude is length. Actually, the official work is premised on the release of 2 CDs, and it was an excerpt edit that selected each song of each artist. However, this work is the broadcast itself. The songs cut by the official board are also fully recorded. Let’s summarize the composition of this work and the musicians included here.

● Disk 1
· THE RATS (2 songs)
※ official unrecorded song “I Feel Free”
※ official unrecorded song “Be My Sugar”
※ Official unrecorded song “My Man” “Take The Long Ride”
· BIG AUDIO (2 songs)
※ official unrecorded song “Rush”
· Gary Brooker (1 song)

● Disk 2
※ Official unrecorded song “High School Confidential”
· Steve · Hurley (2 songs)

● Disk 3
· Roger · Taylor (1 song)
· Roger Daltrey (2 songs)
· Ian · Hunter (4 songs)

…… and it looks like this. It contains 28 songs of 11 pairs, of which 6 songs can not be heard on the official board. As a matter of fact, broadcast versions covering these songs are on the net, but this work is even longer than that. It is a complete recording master of oversea’s core maniacs’ collection for this work, an interview of the performers from the opening of the program, an inspiring speech by Mick’s sister Maggie Ronson, and even Mick’s Up to “Life’s a River (Studio Version)”. It is recorded from the corner of the program to the corner. It is more than 20 minutes longer than the net sound source.
This is surprisingly important. As a matter of fact, at the event Mick’s songs are also played, but roughly they are showing off the musicians’ songs and good standards. Therefore, if it is only music, it sounds like a compilation of live take. However, by entering an interview or a speech with a feeling for Mick, the memorable mood becomes more prominent and a sense of unity of a special overnight is born.

【Real documents to spell with no processing sound】
Even more vivid sound is exquisite. Joe Elliot remixed on the official board, but this work is still on site. Because the broadcast was the day after the show and broadcasting without processing any BBC at all. Of course, it is BBC of the heavenly so there is no fault in the recording, it can be called “Official grade” without hesitation, but it is far more natural and realistic feeling than the actual official board to which these hands were added . In these tribute events, the breath of the day and the workplace is the most important than polishing as a music work. From that point of view, this work is a much more weighty recording.
The complete version that was revived is exactly the supreme. Shaw started from THE RATS who enrolled in the 60 ‘s, and will take over to Dana Gillespie, Glenn Matlock & THE MAVERICKS, BIG AUDIO which were deeply involved in the Ziggy era. And the vicinity of the midfield comes with precious collaboration strange. When Gary Brooker sings the “blue shadow”, Bill · Wyman, Andy · Fair Weather · Row has appeared there. We will present two songs by name of WILLY AND THE POOR BOYS which seems to have taken from the title of CCR.
And then the show gets heated at a stretch. It is the THE SPIDERS FROM MARS that appears following Maggie ‘s speech. Unfortunately Bowie does not participate, but in return it is Joe Eliot to grab the microphone. Also on the album, Mike’s solo number such as “Do not Look Down” and “Angel No. 9” sung by Joe is also played, but the main is naturally Bowie. We will play famous songs such as “The Width of a Circle” “Ziggy Stardust” “Moonage Daydream” “White Light / White Heat” “Suffragette City”. I can not help remembering the movie “Ziggy Stardust” for this. In any case, the site is Hammersmith ‘s stage where the declaration of the end of Ziggy was done 21 years ago. That song one song is too heavy, the document feeling of the real sound grips my heart.
Steve · Hurley, Roger · Taylor, Ian · Hunter, Roger · Daltrey appear in the final stage. COCKNEY REBEL, QUEEN, THE WHO repertoire will be prosperous but exciting, Ian is coming. At “Once Bitten Twice Shy”, Mick’s side is visible, and the stupid singing voice of “Michael Picasso” written as a memorial penetrates. And, the big circle of “All The Young Dudes” all stars gather around the Ian. Again the movie “Ziggy Stardust” came up, the live album “WELCOME TO THE CLUB” came across and the spectacle of Freddie memorial concert revived. In Melody, the appearance of Mick playing the guitar standing by the side of Bowie and Ian is flashing back.

Lastly this work closes the curtain with “Life’s a River” spelling at Mick’s own guitar. The breadth of the luxurious appearance is also the extent of Mick’s friendship, and I realize how he was loved by many musicians and was at the center of the English rock scene. It is a decision board stereo sound board album that can be tasted with the sound of the site itself, for about 3 hours, which is the longest in such a special night. Please, please bit me thoroughly.
ドキュメンタリー映画『ビサイド・ボウイ ミック・ロンソンの軌跡』の日本公開も迫り、にわかに注目を集めているミック・ロンソン。彼を偲ぶ追悼イベント“THE MICK RONSON MEMORIAL CONCERT”の極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。
このイベントが開催されたのは、ミックの一周忌となる「1994年4月29日ハマースミス・アポロ」でのこと。生前のミックと親交のあった縁のミュージシャンが集い、セッションを繰り広げました。そのラインアップは本当に豪華。イアン・ハンター、ロジャー・ダルトリー、スティーヴ・ハーレイ、ビル・ワイマン、グレン・マトロック、QUEENのロジャー・テイラー、THE CLASHのミック・ジョーンズ、PROCOL HARUMのゲイリー・ブルッカー、DEF LEPPARDのジョー・エリオットとフィル・コリン等々など……。英国ロックの縮図となる一大イベントだったのです。


※公式未収録曲「I Feel Free」
※公式未収録曲「Be My Sugar」
※公式未収録曲「My Man」「Take The Long Ride」

※公式未収録曲「High School Confidential」


……と、このようになっています。全11組の28曲を収録しており、そのうち6曲が公式盤では聴けない曲なのです。実のところ、こうした曲を網羅した放送版がネットにも出回っておりますが、本作はそれより更に長い。海外のコア・マニアが本作のために蔵出しした番組の完全録音マスターで、番組のオープニングから出演者たちのインタビュー、ミックの妹マギー・ロンソンの感動的なスピーチ、さらにはエンディングに流されるミックの「Life’s a River(スタジオ・バージョン)」に至るまで。番組の隅から隅まで収録。ネット音源よりも20分以上も長いのです。

そうして甦った完全版は、まさに至高。ショウは60年代に在籍したTHE RATSからスタートし、ジギー時代に縁の深かったダナ・ギレスピーやグレン・マトロック&THE MAVERICKS、BIG AUDIOへと引き継いでいく。そして、中盤に差し掛かる辺りは貴重なコラボレーションの妙が登場。ゲイリー・ブルッカーが「青い影」を歌うと、そこにビル・ワイマン、アンディ・フェアウェザー・ロウが登場。CCRのタイトルから取ったと思われるWILLY AND THE POOR BOYSを名乗って2曲披露します。
そして、その後にショウが一気に熱を帯びる。マギーのスピーチに続いて登場するのは、あのTHE SPIDERS FROM MARS。残念ながらボウイは参加していませんが、代わってマイクを握るのはジョー・エリオット。アルバムでもジョーが歌った「Don’t Look Down」や「Angel No. 9」といったミックのソロナンバーも演奏するものの、メインは当然ボウイ。「The Width of a Circle」「Ziggy Stardust」「Moonage Daydream」「White Light/White Heat」「Suffragette City」といった名曲を演奏していくのです。これには映画『ジギー・スターダスト』を思い起こさずにはいられない。何しろ、現場は21年前にジギー終了宣言が行われたハマースミスのステージ。その1曲1曲があまりも重く、リアル・サウンドのドキュメント感が胸をえぐるのです。
終盤はスティーヴ・ハーレイ、ロジャー・テイラー、イアン・ハンター、ロジャー・ダルトリーが登場。COCKNEY REBELやQUEEN、THE WHOのレパートリーで盛大に盛り上がりますが、やはりグッと来るのはイアン。「Once Bitten Twice Shy」ではミックの面影が浮かびますし、追悼として書かれた「Michael Picasso」の切々とした歌声が染み渡る。そして、そのイアンを中心にしてオールスターが集う「All The Young Dudes」の大団円。ここでも映画『ジギー・スターダスト』が浮かび、ライヴアルバム『WELCOME TO THE CLUB』がよぎり、フレディ追悼コンサートの光景が蘇る。あのメロディに、ボウイやイアンの側らに立ってギターを弾くミックの姿がフラッシュバックするのです。

最後はミック自身のギターで綴る「Life’s a River」で幕を閉じる本作。豪華な出演陣の幅広さはミックの交友の広さでもあり、いかに彼が多くのミュージシャンに愛され、英国ロック・シーンの中心にいたことを実感する。そんな特別な一夜を史上最長となる約3時間に渡り、現場そのもののサウンドで味わえる決定盤ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムです。どうぞ、じっくりと噛みしめてください。

Disc 1 (58:32)
1. Radio Spot
2. Intro
3. The Rats – It Aint Easy
4. The Rats – I Feel Free
5. The Dana Gillespie Blues Band – Be My Sugar
6. The Dana Gillespie Blues Band – A Lotta What You Got
7. Glen Matlock and the Mavericks – My Man
8. Glen Matlock and the Mavericks – Take The Long Ride
9. Glen Matlock and the Mavericks – Burning Sounds
10. Mick Jones – Interview
11. Mick Jones & Big Audio – Medicine Show
12. Mick Jones & Big Audio – Rush
13. Roger Daltrey – Interview
14. Gary Brooker – A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Disc 2(70:42)
1. Intro
Willy And The Poor Boys (Gary Brooker, Andy Fairweather-Low, Bill Wyman)
2. Willy and the Poor Boys – Mystery Train
3. Willy and the Poor Boys – High School Confidential
4. Maggie Ronson
5. The Spiders From Mars – The Width of a Circle
6. The Spiders From Mars – Ziggy Stardust
7. The Spiders From Mars – Angel No. 9 (I Want You Here Beside Me)
8. The Spiders From Mars – Don’t Look Down
9. The Spiders From Mars – Moonage Daydream
10. The Spiders From Mars – White Light/White Heat
11. The Spiders From Mars – Suffragette City
12. Steve Harley – Interview
13. Steve Harley – Last Time I Saw You
14. Steve Harley & Friends – Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile)

Disc 3 (49:02)
1. Ian Hunter – Interview
2. Roger Taylor – Interview
3. Roger Taylor & Friends – A Kind Of Magic
4. Ian Hunter & Friends – Once Bitten Twice Shy
5. Ian Hunter & Friends – Resurection Mary
6. Roger Daltrey & Friends – Baba O’Riley
7. Roger Daltrey & Friends – Summertime Blues
8. Ian Hunter & Friends – Michael Picasso
9. Ian Hunter & Everyone – All The Young Dudes
10. Mick Ronson – Life’s a River


Uxbridge 955

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