Mick Jagger / Osaka 1988 3rd Night / 2CD

Mick Jagger / Osaka 1988 3rd Night / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:

Live At Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka , Japan 18th March 1988


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Highlights in the current release of angry waves, it’ll be in Osaka third day of the sound source is released. Whole live up to now is not that it has been released by press CD, yet even though it was modern live-tour that in 1988, it is the day it was surprisingly overlooked the missing link presence. Still before Mick fall to cold, the original momentum and it is not an exaggeration to say that the last performances that took place in the glue Osaka third day. In in the ’88 Mick alone Japan tour, live whole picture in the sense that had been veiled there is, along with the release in the long-awaited press CD, I become finally clear!
Moreover Fortunately, the thing of it is great this time of the provided audience recording sound quality! I record the state of the realism and clearness emphasis was characterized in Osaka of the preceding two days, here on a sound realistic to turn. Around the Mick vocal, you taste a strong force of sound pressure. Of course based on the cassette recording of the mid-1980s, the skill, but overall sound quality balance is an analog-taste fully open texture of the mid-range close, yet you have me catch a solo live Mick in this only on a sound image It is not the only surprise. For example, “Let’s Spend The Night Together”, or Jimmy lip is rather force out the intro in an atmosphere such as “Street Fighting Man” how much intro of vividness of “Jumping Jack Flash”, is really likely to lose the words .

The other, and so much of the good sound source had been buried for nearly 30 years is really incredible I think. This day also cut point but is something very small (this is also stunning recording the first time), in the absence of the presence of another sound source corresponding to them, compensation using a different sound source is only on this day is not done No Could. However, since the cut point is too small, not really care, it will be said to be a good sound source in that enjoy without feeling any stress. Although most prominent cut’s the intro of “Brown Sugar”, it will was further raised from here, like recording position has changed to match it, and then change the tone of muffled little sound quality. However, this state also is eliminated immediately, it will be able to enjoy the realistic texture in “Jumping Jack Flash” in the first.

After finishing the first of two rounds of live in Osaka, also Mick sandwiching the off of the day were able to refresh, just because recording state of realistic texture, you have clearly conveyed. Skip downside first day, a little experience the second day that dropped the pace, Mick in the live of the third day that me waging the most natural performance here. Even while flying from the opening, and I make me suggest a margin a good feeling. On the contrary, “Lonely At The Top” best condition to the finish was a place in the “Atsuine, Atsuine” to the Japanese that has jumped out from his mouth. Since then, such as Japanese is heard, apparently the first of two times live with the different margin is whether is also charm comes through throughout the day. Rather, it will also be considered as the next day of the accident to Harikiri the first time of this day Tata~tsu has had happened to Mick.
And “Lonely At The Top” from the solo album becomes Mick physical condition caused by a malfunction of the next day, “Lucky In Love”, and “Shoot Off Your Mouth,” such as I played in the upper rock tune from being at once sealed . Barely I achieve the “Shoot Off ~” only resurrected after, but the transfiguration Tokyo Dome by this situation and to live configuration specific gravity of the Stones number is large (bubbly music fans, the fans who want to watch the time being the singer of the legendary to just got to No …) might have been rather favorable, Mick would have been aimed at the original Japan tour, so much of the best sound quality at the end of the live, which followed the pattern of as a solo act in new sound for his capture, it is no doubt that it is attention release of even for enthusiasts around the world not only in Japan!

しかも嬉しいことに、今回提供されたオーディエンス録音の音質の素晴らしいこと!大阪の前二日間においては臨場感やクリアネス重視の録音状態が特徴だったのですが、こちらは一転してリアルでオンな音像。ミックのボーカルを中心として、ド迫力な音圧が味わえるのです。もちろん1980年代半ばのカセット録音を元にしています、全体の音質バランスは中域寄りのアナログ・テイスト全開な質感ですが、それでいてこれだけオンな音像でミックのソロ・ライブをキャッチしてくれた技量には驚くしかありません。例えば「Let’s Spend The Night Together」、あるいはジミー・リップがむしろ「Street Fighting Man」のような雰囲気でイントロを弾き出す「Jumping Jack Flash」のイントロの生々しさと言ったら、本当に言葉を失ってしまいそうです。

もう、これほどの優良音源が30年近くも埋もれていたとは、本当に信じられない思いです。この日もカット箇所は微小なもの(これがまた見事な録音ぶりです)ですが、それらに該当する別音源の存在もないことから、この日に限っては別音源を使った補填は行われませんでした。しかしながら、カット箇所があまりに微小なので、ほとんど気にならず、一切のストレスを感じずに楽しめるという点でも優良音源であると言えるでしょう。一番目立つカットが「Brown Sugar」のイントロなのですが、ここから一段と盛り上がったのでしょう、それに合わせて録音ポジションが変わったようで、少し音質がこもった調子に変化します。しかしこの状態もすぐに解消され、先の「Jumping Jack Flash」におけるリアルな質感を堪能できることでしょう。

大阪での最初の二回のライブを終え、一日のオフを挟んだミックがリフレッシュできたことも、リアルな質感の録音状態だからこそ、はっきりと伝わってきます。飛ばし気味な初日、ちょっとペースを落とした二日目を経験し、ここでもっとも自然なパフォーマンスを繰り広げてくれるのが三日目のライブにおけるミック。オープニングから飛ばしつつも、いい感じで余裕を伺わせてくれるのです。それどころか「Lonely At The Top」絶好調に終えたところで「アツイネ、アツイネ」という日本語まで彼の口から飛び出しました。その後も日本語が聴かれるなど、明らかに最初の二回のライブとは違った余裕がこの日を通して伝わってくるのがまた魅力かと。むしろ、この日の張り切りぶりがたたって翌日の異変がミックに起きてしまったようにも考えられます。
そして翌日のミック体調不調が原因となりソロ・アルバムからの「Lonely At The Top」、「Lucky In Love」、そして「Shoot Off Your Mouth」といったアッパーなロック・チューンの演奏が一気に封印されてしまうのです。かろうじて「Shoot Off~」だけが後に復活を遂げるのですが、この事態によって東京ドームがストーンズ・ナンバーの比重が大きいライブ構成へと変貌(バブリーな音楽ファン、とりあえず伝説のシンガーを観たいファンにはむしろ好都合だったのかもしれませんが…)してしまっただけに、ミックが当初日本公演で目指していたであろう、ソロ・アクトとしてのパターンを踏襲した最後のライブをこれほどの極上音質で捉えてくれた新音源、それは日本だけでなく世界中のマニアにとっても注目のリリースとなることは間違いありません!

Disc 1 (76:30)
1. Opening 2. Honky Tonk Women 3. Throwaway 4. Bitch 5. Let’s Spend The Night Together
6. Lonely At The Top 7. Beast Of Burden 8. Tumbling Dice 9. Miss You 10. Ruby Tuesday
11. Just Another Night 12. War Baby 13. Harlem Shuffle 14. Lucky In Love
15. Say You Will 16. Party Doll

Disc 2 (72:53)
1. Member Introduction 2. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 3. Radio Control
4. Shoot Off Your Mouth 5. Drum Solo 6. Guitar Solo 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Start Me Up
9. Brown Sugar 10. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 11. Jumping Jack Flash
12. Satisfaction 13. Sympathy For The Devil


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