Mick Jagger / Osaka 1988 2nd Night / 2CD

Mick Jagger / Osaka 1988 2nd Night / 2CD / Non Label

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Live At Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka , Japan 16th March 1988


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As it were now again heard, Mick solo Japan tour will be brought home that contained the test elements of Stones concert in Japan as a result. Eitizu arrangements of “Bitch”, is covered in long live there was no “Ruby Tuesday” is like configuration which is sung in the middle of live had to prove it. On the other hand, now the announcement of the opening does not miss to hear scenes that serve the late Bill Graham. Of course his announcement There not only was incorporated in the opening says to have followed the 82-year tour of the pattern from the Stones in 1981, it was a manifestation of that was in charge of the tour subsequent to them.
For However newborn Stones that was revived in ’89 tour rather than Graham, that it was entrusted to Michael Cole became the beginning of a new era in the Stones live history at. But when the Stones is restarted, surely to their is for Graham, which has been thought to be just left has become and be held a big blow. Although he did this damage it was beginning to recover from, the helicopter that got along with Stevie Leybourn in 1990 it will have undergone a violent death by’ve crashed. Do Given it, would not be opening calls than another meaning is felt at this time.

Osaka live of the second day, which opened the curtain from opening the Mick by him will be introduced will also be released by the audience recording of this great sound quality. Here in Japan, as well as the stage of the first day that fans would have focused or probably because finished, Mick of the day you can feel the atmosphere paid calm compared with the day before. But suddenly, “Honky Tonk Women” and because he would mistake the lyrics of, or the thread of tension had expired, Or what it was still nervous. But when Mick compared with the previous day to guess from that seen many situations that speak to the audience, it seems like the former.
Then you it was good until I spoke to the audience, but still English is the presence far, the Japanese can also be stopped by to Wicky’s in the morning of roadside response to that era. Mick you nervous paranoid spoke bluntness, whether this is not the indescribably 80s of Western live seems scene is. of venue that would quiet the “scene” atmosphere, it is interesting what is even Katsuaki catch up to Mick figure you remember the impatience against it I ne. That’s why, in the Stone when you’ll was Mise emits a Japanese on stage Good luck only there.

Even if not skip Mick about the day before, the familiar condition of craftsmen musicians band and Mick to show off high-level performance every night will surely exceed the previous day. In Mick solo work and is in his left arm existence , and Jimmy lip sideburns was a trade-mark, virtuoso Joe Satriani guitar playing are both excellent sharpness. nimble sound hard they had played at the heart we shine here. Mick First solo album “SHE’S THE BOSS” number from especially in their play effective, the sound of a completely different Eitizu locks and Stones is the big attraction. At the time, Mick gave me to Japan inspiring and excitement is too too large that, the sound of this area is assumed to or not a few people that could not be felt.
It is here the sound source, but it is there in the overall flat sound image as compared to the previous day’s record, but still there is no doubt that it is a stunning quality of audience recording. And nothing else, it is clearness to exceed the already issued in the room You look amazing! Although cut in late at this time of the sound source “Just Another Night” and “Radio Control” has been generated, by the adjustment. Again very smooth editing work at its already issued sound source, and compensation point only it was listen to one has become a smooth finish of the more do not know. large book of sound source itself to a fatal cut further there is no good record and finish with Mise was this release to perfect condition, determination of Mick Osaka performances second day edition is born here!

いま改めて聞いてみれば、ミックのソロ来日公演が結果としてストーンズ来日公演のテスト的な要素を含んでいたことを痛感させられます。「Bitch」のエイティーズ・アレンジ、久しくライブで取り上げられていなかった「Ruby Tuesday」がライブ中盤で歌われる構成などがそれを証明していました。一方で、オープニングのアナウンスを今は亡きビル・グレアムが務めるという場面も聞き逃せません。もちろん彼のアナウンスがオープニングに組み込まれたのはストーンズ1981年から82年ツアーのパターンを踏襲したというだけでなく、それらに引き続いてツアーを仕切っていたことの現れでした。

彼によってミックが紹介されるオープニングから幕を開けた二日目の大阪ライブも今回素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音によってリリースされます。ここ日本はもとより、世界中のファンが注目したであろう初日のステージを終えたからでしょうか、この日のミックは前日と比べて落ち着きを払った雰囲気が伝わってきます。それでもいきなり「Honky Tonk Women」の歌詞を間違えてしまうのだから、緊張の糸が切れてしまったのか、それともまだまだ緊張していたのか。しかし前日と比べてミックが観客に語り掛ける場面が多く見受けられることから推測すると、前者のように思えます。

前日ほどミックが飛ばしていないとしても、毎晩ハイレベルな演奏を披露する職人ミュージシャン・バンドとミックのなじみ具合は確実に前日を上回ります。ミックのソロ・ワークにおいては彼の左腕的な存在であり、もみあげがトレード・マークだったジミー・リップと、名手ジョー・サトリアーニのギター・プレイはどちらも切れ味抜群。彼らが中心となって奏でたハードで軽快なサウンドはここでも輝きを放っています。ミックのファースト・ソロ・アルバム「SHE’S THE BOSS」からのナンバーでは特に彼らのプレイが効果的で、ストーンズとはまったく違ったエイティーズ・ロックのサウンドが大きな魅力です。当時はミックが来日してくれたという感激や興奮があまりに大きすぎて、この辺りのサウンドが体感できなかった人も少なくないかと思われます。
こちらの音源ですが、前日の録音と比べて全体的にフラットな音像ではありますが、それでも見事なクオリティのオーディエンス録音であることは間違いありません。それに何といっても、既発を余裕で上回るクリアネスが素晴らしい!今回の音源では「Just Another Night」や「Radio Control」の終盤でカットが発生していましたが、その既発音源にてアジャスト。ここでもまた極めて滑らかな編集作業によって、一聴しただけでは補てん箇所が解らないほどのスムースな仕上がりとなっています。大本の音源自体に致命的なカットがない優良録音をさらに完璧な状態へと仕上げてみせた今回のリリース、ミック大阪公演二日目の決定版がここに誕生です!

Disc 1 (69:10)
1. Opening 2. Honky Tonk Women 3. Throwaway 4. Bitch 5. Let’s Spend The Night Together
6. Lonely At The Top 7. Beast Of Burden 8. Tumbling Dice 9. Miss You 10. Ruby Tuesday
11. Just Another Night 12. War Baby 13. Harlem Shuffle 14. Lucky In Love15. Say You Will

Disc 2 (72:22)
1. Party Doll 2. Member Introduction 3. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 4. Radio Control
5. Shoot Off Your Mouth 6. Drum Solo 7. Guitar Solo 8. Gimme Shelter 9. Start Me Up
10. Brown Sugar 11. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 12. Jumping Jack Flash 13. Satisfaction
14. Sympathy For The Devil

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