Michael Schenkers / Temple Of Rock Bridge The Gap Japan In Tokyo 2nd Night / 2CD

Michael Schenkers / Temple Of Rock Bridge The Gap Japan In Tokyo 2nd Night / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live At Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 13th March 2014.


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Japan tour in March 2014 by Michael Schenker played a visit to Japan for the first time in two years . Guitar Michael Saewatari more and more in recent years , it has been acclaimed ” visit to Japan this time the most wonderful in the last few years ,” and also from the avid enthusiast . Best audience recording of the performance in Tokyo and Osaka performance from the Japan tour is determined by the release Limited CD pressing of two pieces each time!
This work is ” Tokyo Edition ” : The ” BRIDGE THE GAP IN TOKYO 2nd NIGHT ” , March 13 , complete recording from the original master recording by the person provides , the pattern of the ( second day ) Nakano Sun Plaza performance . Sound of superlative last day of the special tour , I let simulated experience in real to listeners of all !

Line-up of 2011 ” TEMPLE OF ROCK ” after the announcement , Michael teamed up with European Tour mainly , went charged with the character of a band gradually by the height of the power and performance that a sense of stability . Organization that boasts such original RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW on vocals , the Deguy White is known for many activities , greeted Francis Buhhorutsu and Herman Rareberu original SCORPIONS to the rhythm section , new project “MICHEAL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF in 2013 live activities interspersed ROCK ” next , a new song was also actively carried out .
The band ‘s activities became clear , it was announced last fall album of ” BRIDGE THE GAP ” . In addition to the guitar of Michael with a backwash of the sharpness , Herman and singing of Deguy , rhythm of Francis , exert a damp and melodic sense that different with Michael traditional work . I have to please a lot of fans who love melodic rock .

After showing off live in Fukuoka and Hiroshima , began Kagoshima performances March 6 Japan tour of “MICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK” is , simultaneous release that ( appears to have been engaged in a great enthusiastic performance in Osaka on the 10th I can confirm press CD title in the ” BRIDGE THE GAP IN OSAKA “) . Nagoya performances next day all seats sold out . Remains of success , the tour is welcomed its climax in the Tokyo performances of the 13th and the 12th .
Live source in this Tokyo performances , four pieces that were released in 50 sets limited the other day : I enjoyed the recordings reflecting excellent ” BRIDGE THE GAP JAPAN TOUR TOKYO 2 NIGHTS ” . This work (do not have to say but ) the direct use of another master completely new appearance . Recording the 13th which has been housed in the its outstanding title also had a great material , this film surpasses even bother to Yu . Similar performance in Osaka as ” BRIDGE THE GAP IN OSAKA ” , easily jumped over the ” wall ” in the press between the CD title and CD-R board, it is the definitive source of literally !

According to the taper , this sound is that of the was recorded the front row of the center block from ( Michael approaches) . Direct sense of the tone and clearness ‘s excellence as a major premise , it is stable and ease of listening balanced sense of separation and balance , of symmetry of each part , all at the level is high. Spread of sound natural , pleasant feeling of air , let us taste plenty of flavor that only an excellent audience recording has further .
Set list was the show is similar to the performance in Osaka . There is no surprise element that I want to look forward to the last day , but the performance and of the band increased through the seven performances , ensemble ripe further , perfect score responded to listen live through the whole book . Beginning new song that shows the standing position as the ” active ” band in the ” Neptune Rising “, ” Where The Wild Wind Blows ” , hard the SCORPIONS number as ” Lovedrive ” and ” Another Piece Of Meat ” is at once the hand after hearing I am crowded attract to live .
MSG still number and ” Assault Attack ” and ” Armed And Ready ” is played , gear is one step higher is the enthusiasm of the hall . Guitar of Michael is finally honed in ” Into The Arena ” , live reaches the peak of the first half . You can enjoy sound sound board also like escape the scenes of the word happy ! The midfield three songs of ” Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead “, ” Horizons “, ” Lord Of The Lost And Lonely ” continues , I will present the figure of “MICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK”. Back to the guitar of Michael , these songs that Deguy is loudly sings the melody RAINBOW basis , has won a reaction Pojitivu from the fan .
The relaxed rather than the impression that there is room in any song , Michael is a ” ghastly ” solo . You groan hands after hearing harmonious and techniques of emotional expression like Michael , in a stunning building . UFO number of live of the second half to realize it . Even sandwiched between the member introduction on the way , is unwound masterpieces in five consecutive songs ” Only You Can Rock Me ” to ” Too Hot To Handle ” , and invite you to the peak of an upsurge venue . There is also a sense of ” overkill ” and barrage of UFO number these , followed by such as ” Blackout “, ” Rock You Like A Hurricane “, but I think the fact that the SCORPIONS and UFO have not even visited Japan in recent years , Michael ” fan service ” is also happy .
The climax was the show ” Rock Bottom ” , a fan of ” I heard many times ,” even , will overwhelm the solo this time Michael unfolds until now . Rhythm of Francis Wayne Findlay to be supported by the success of versatile , solid and Herman even a certain unity , I direct the peak of live . Migration beautiful ” Holiday ” ( delicate play also can be found in one sound unit in a quiet part ) from Kanpatsu without intervening to ” Doctor Doctor ” in the encore . Impressive arrange it like this breathtaking scenes is definitely . We are very interested in Enjoy Michael fan of all ! BGM and announcement of the venue after the show as well , vividly recorded and very clear in this work . I will draw outright in vividness as it is the primary color , a document of 117 minutes .

This work : the ” BRIDGE THE GAP IN TOKYO 2nd NIGHT ” of Osaka performances ” BRIDGE THE GAP IN OSAKA ” , in the form of the best , the Japan tour of this time is said to be ” was the best in Japan in recent years ” lets enjoy . Japan of great artists / bands one after another , a collectible item of spring 2014 to show a surge of more than usual . This work is one of hard rock fans must listen must-have in them!

 ”東京版”となる本作「BRIDGE THE GAP IN TOKYO: 2nd NIGHT」では、3月13日,中野サンプラザ公演(2日目)の模様を、録音者提供によるオリジナル・マスターから完全収録。特別なツアーの最終日を最上級のサウンドで、全ての聴き手へリアルに疑似体験させます!

 マイケルが2011年の「TEMPLE OF ROCK」発表後、主にヨーロッパツアーで組んだラインナップは、その安定感と演奏力の高さによって次第にバンドとしての性格を帯びていきました。ヴォーカルに元RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOWなど、多くの活動で知られるドゥギー・ホワイトを擁し、リズムセクションへ元SCORPIONSのハーマン・ラレベルとフランシス・ブッホルツを迎えた編成は、2013年には新プロジェクト”MICHEAL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK”となり、新曲を交えたライヴ活動も積極的に行われました。
 そのバンド活動が明確になったのが、昨年秋のアルバム「BRIDGE THE GAP」の発表でした。切れ味と煽情性を備えたマイケルのギターに加え、ドゥギーの歌唱やハーマン,フランシスのリズムは、従来のマイケル作品とも違ったメロディ・センスと湿り気を発揮。メロディアスなロックを愛する多くのファンを喜ばせました。

 3月6日の鹿児島公演から始まった”MICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK”のジャパンツアーは、福岡と広島でライヴを披露したのち、10日には大阪で素晴らしい熱演を繰り広げました(その模様は同時リリースのプレスCDタイトル「BRIDGE THE GAP IN OSAKA」で確認できます)。翌日の名古屋公演も全席ソールドアウト。ツアーは盛況のまま、12日と13日の東京公演でクライマックスを迎えたのです。
 この東京公演におけるライヴ・ソースは、先日50セット限定でリリースされた4枚組「BRIDGE THE GAP JAPAN TOUR: TOKYO 2 NIGHTS」でも優れた録音を楽しめました。本作は(言うまでもありませんが)完全新登場の別マスターをダイレクト使用。上記既発タイトルに収められた13日録音も素晴らしい素材ではありましたが、本作はそれすら優に上回ります。大阪公演の「BRIDGE THE GAP IN OSAKA」と同様、CD-R盤とプレスCDタイトルの間にある”壁”を楽々飛び越えた、文字どおりの決定的音源です!

 ライヴのセットリストは大阪公演と同様です。最終日に期待したくなるサプライズ的要素はありませんが、7公演を経て高まったバンドのパフォーマンスや、さらに熟れたアンサンブルは、ライヴ全編を通して聴き応え満点。このバンドが”現役”としての立ち位置を示す新曲「Neptune Rising」・「Where The Wild Wind Blows」での幕開け、SCORPIONSナンバー「Lovedrive」と「Another Piece Of Meat」のハードさは、聴き手を一気にライヴへ惹き込みます。
 それでも「Assault Attack」や「Armed And Ready」といったM.S.G.ナンバーが演奏されると、会場の熱気はギアが一段高くなる。「Into The Arena」でマイケルのギターはいよいよ研ぎ澄まされ、ライヴは前半のピークに達します。この名場面をサウンドボードも逃げ出すようなサウンドで楽しめるのは嬉しいの一言! 「Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead」・「Horizons」・「Lord Of The Lost And Lonely」の3曲が続く中盤は、”MICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK”の姿を提示します。マイケルのギターをバックに、ドゥギーがRAINBOW的なメロディを高らかに歌い上げるこれらの曲は、ファンからもポジティヴな反応を勝ち取っています。
 マイケルはいずれの曲でも余裕がある印象で、ソロも”鬼気迫る”というよりは伸びやか。マイケルらしい感情表現とテクニックの調和が取れた、見事な構築で聴き手を唸らせます。それを実感させるのがライヴ後半のUFOナンバー。途中でメンバー紹介を挟みながらも、「Only You Can Rock Me」から「Too Hot To Handle」まで5曲連続で名曲を繰り出し、会場の盛り上がりをピークへと誘います。これらUFOナンバーの連発や、続く「Blackout」・「Rock You Like A Hurricane」などは「やり過ぎ」の感もありますが、UFOやSCORPIONSもここ数年来日していない事実を思うと、マイケルの”ファンサービス”は嬉しくもあります。
 ライヴのクライマックス「Rock Bottom」は、今まで「何度も聴いた」というファンですら、 今回マイケルが繰り広げるソロには圧倒されてしまうでしょう。八面六臂の活躍でサポートするウェイン・フィンドレイ、堅実なハーマンとフランシスのリズムも確かなまとまりで、ライヴのピークを演出します。アンコールでは美しい「Holiday」(静かなパートでは繊細なプレイも一音単位で確認できます)から間髪いれず「Doctor Doctor」へと移行。この息を飲むような感動的アレンジは間違いなく名場面。全てのマイケル・ファンにお楽しみ頂きたいと思います! 本作では終演後の会場アナウンスとBGMも、クリアかつ非常に生々しく収録。117分間のドキュメントを、原色そのままの鮮やかさで描き切ります。

 本作「BRIDGE THE GAP IN TOKYO: 2nd NIGHT」と大阪公演の「BRIDGE THE GAP IN OSAKA」は、「ここ数年の来日でもベストだった」と言われる今回のジャパンツアーを、最良の形で満喫させます。大物アーティスト/バンドの来日が相次ぎ、例年以上の盛り上がりを見せる2014年春のコレクターズ・アイテム。それらの中で本作は、ハードロック・ファン必携必聴の一本です! 

Disc 1(59:17)
1. Introduction 2. Neptune Rising 3. Where The Wild Wind Blows 4. Lovedrive 
5. Another Piece Of Meat 6. Assault Attack 7. Armed And Ready 8. Into The Arena
9. Attack Of The Mad Axeman 10. Rock My Nights Away 11. Coast To Coast 
12. Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead 13. Horizons 14. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely 
15. Only You Can Rock Me 

Disc 2(57:16)
1. Band Introductions 2. Shoot Shoot 3. Let It Roll 4, Lights Out 5. Too Hot To Handle 
6. Blackout 7. Rock You Like A Hurricane 8. Rock Bottom 9. Holiday 10. Doctor Doctor 

Michael Schenker – Guitar Doogie White – Vocal Wayne Findlay – Guitar, Keyboards
Francis Buchholz – Bass, Vocals Herman Rarebell – Drums 

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