Michael Schenker / Save Themselves / 1 DVDR

Michael Schenker / Save Themselves / 1 DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Austin’s Fuel Room, Libertyville, IL. USA 1st March 2012. NTSC

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In the “TEMPLE OF ROCK” US tour, Michael is about 20 years to Robin McAuley and a full-fledged co-star is realized. Now big topic with the “McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP of return” between mania around the world. This work is such a tour full inclusion midfield the “March 1 Liberty building performance” in audience the video of the highest quality! The band playing with an increased more a sense of unity and a sense of stability to overlap the number of live, is a gem where you can enjoy plenty of over 106 minutes.

From this “TEMPLE OF ROCK” America tour, of February 24, the Corona, CA performance was recorded in the “best of the powerful and clear of the audience in the front row” “TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA” has been loved as a standard . However, this work also, as much of the masterpiece and its large masterpiece. Powerful clear is also the sound of the screen also, splendor fully open modern digital video unique. Lighting in spectacular preeminent such as entering the effective “Another Piece Of Meat”, you can experience a close sense of realism seems Kurabugigu. Although you might not so far different impression as if only “TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA” This, in contrast to that it was based Elliott Rubinson closer “TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA”, to Michael nearby (stage in this work delicious is that shot from the right side). Guitar handling of Michael that was difficult to be seen with the former also, we have perfectly captured by the composition of interwoven accurate zoom.
Such as the shooting position is determined “Armed And Ready” and later guitar playing is in close-up, scene barrage unbearable to the fan. Michael has shown a play riding a Nori even SCORPIONS number “Lovedrive” and “Another Piece Of Meat”, a guitar with a sharp is the ’80s Beams heyday. In addition, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” and “Love To Love” in Elliott to Michael, such as side guitar of Wayne Findlay is show the exquisite combination, is full also include the video unique.
Robin is a usual professional performance to support Michael, “Lover’s Sinfony” from the new work, and let me hear the stable vocal even “Save Yourself”, which delighted the fans. UFO number also catchy In “Shoot Shoot” and “Too Hot To Handle” and “Love To Love” in lyrically, to show off singing with the inclusion of his seems to personality. Live the second half of the “Lights Out,” “Rock Bottom,” “Doctor Doctor” and the UFO classic group of the barrage, also very exciting venue. It concluded splendidly the show was covered in large representative song rush of Michael.

As comes with “TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA” to “THE LAST TEMPLE IN TOKYO” released Tokyo performances of the other day, this work was bonus will be attached to the “DEFINITIVE TEMPLE OF OSAKA” Osaka performances. Michael Schenker the resurrected was Michael Voss, teamed up to about 20 years, Robin McAuley to resound the name singing more than even the 80’s. After a stunning show by two people hazy even Doogie White, too regrettable live is to be forgotten, we’d like to taste all means. This work, which boasts a high-quality video and sound quality with the original menu is representative of the 2012 US tour of Michael definitely title. Official work in a non-realized “audience unique charm”, please enjoy to heart’s content!

「TEMPLE OF ROCK」アメリカツアーでは、マイケルが約20年ぶりにロビン・マッコーリーと本格的な共演が実現。世界中のマニアの間で“McAULEY SCHENKER GROUPの再来”と大きな話題になりました。本作はそんなツアー中盤「3月1日リバティビル公演」を最上級クオリティのオーディエンス映像で完全収録! ライヴの回数を重ねてより一体感と安定感を増したバンドの演奏を、106分間に渡りたっぷりと楽しめる逸品です。

この「TEMPLE OF ROCK」アメリカツアーからは、2月24日のカリフォルニア州コロナ公演を“客席最前列から最高の迫力とクリアさ”で収録した「TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA」が定番として愛されています。しかし、本作もまた、その大傑作と同じくらいの傑作。画面のクリアさもサウンドの迫力も、現代デジタル映像ならではの素晴らしさ全開。照明が効果的に入る「Another Piece Of Meat」など見応えバツグンで、クラブギグらしい密接な臨場感が体感できます。これだけならば「TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA」とさほど変わらない印象かもしれませんが、ベースのエリオット・ルビンソン寄りだった「TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA」と対照的に、本作ではマイケルの近く(ステージに向かって右側)からのショットというのがオイシイ。前者では見えにくかったマイケルのギター捌きも、的確なズームを織り交ぜた構図でばっちり捉えています。
撮影ポジションが定まる「Armed And Ready」以降はギター・プレイが大写しになるなど、ファンには堪らない場面が連発。マイケルはSCORPIONSナンバー「Lovedrive」や「Another Piece Of Meat」でもノリに乗ったプレイを見せており、キレのあるギターは全盛期の’80年代ばり。さらに「Let Sleeping Dogs Lie」や「Love To Love」ではマイケルにエリオット、サイドギターのウェイン・ファインドレイが絶妙なコンビネーションを見せるなど、映像ならではの見所もいっぱいです。
マイケルを支えるロビンは相変わらずプロフェッショナルなパフォーマンスで、新作からの「Lover’s Sinfony」、ファンを喜ばせた「Save Yourself」でも安定したヴォーカルを聴かせてくれます。UFOナンバーも「Shoot Shoot」や「Too Hot To Handle」ではキャッチーに、「Love To Love」では叙情的にと、彼らしい個性を交えた歌唱を披露します。ライヴ後半は「Lights Out」「Rock Bottom」「Doctor Doctor」とUFOの名曲群が連発で、会場も大変な盛り上がり。マイケルの大代表曲ラッシュにまみれたショウを見事に締めくくっています。

先日リリースされた東京公演の「THE LAST TEMPLE IN TOKYO」に「TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA」が付属したように、大阪公演の「DEFINITIVE TEMPLE OF OSAKA」には本作をボーナス付属いたしました。マイケル・シェンカーを復活させたマイケル・ヴォス、約20年ぶりにタッグを組み、80年代さえ超える名歌唱を轟かせたロビン・マッコーリー。後のドゥギー・ホワイトでさえ霞む2人による見事なショウ、忘れられてしまうには余りに惜しいライヴを、ぜひ味わっていただきたいのです。オリジナル・メニュー付き・ハイクオリティな映像と音質を誇る本作は、間違いなくマイケルの2012年アメリカツアーを代表するタイトル。公式作品では実現不可能な“オーディエンスならではの魅力”、思う存分にお楽しみください!

1. Intro. 2. Into The Arena 3. Armed And Ready 4. Lovedrive 5. Another Piece Of Meat
6. Lover’s Sinfony 7. Save Yourself 8. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 9. Rock My Nights Away
10. Shoot Shoot 11. Love To Love 12. Too Hot To Handle 13. Let It Roll 14. Natural Thing
15. Lights Out 16. On And On 17. Rock Bottom 18. Attack Of The Mad Axeman 19. Doctor Doctor

Michael Schenker – Guitar Robin McAuley – Lead Vocals Elliot Rubinson – Bass
Wayne Findlay – Keyboards, Guitar Pete Holmes – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 106min.

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