Michael Schenker / Horizons In Warrington / 2CDR

Michael Schenker / Horizons In Warrington / 2CDR / Shades

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Live at Parr Hall, Warrington, UK 14th April 2013


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2013 latest live Michael Schenker is the appearance here at the best of audience Master! In this work than the UK tour of greeted by vocal the Doogie White, the Warrington performances of April 14, complete recording at the highest quality of sound board class. In the most excellent source of about no wonder be pressed on CD, you can enjoy plenty of the Schenker Live of current progressive form!

Michael Schenker, this spring also and Doogie White, former SCORPIONS Herman Rareberu, welcomed the Francis Buhhorutsu et al., (In honor of the album, is so this lineup has been positioned as a “TEMPLE OF ROCK” project) , we are planning an aggressive live activities. From April hailed the “TEMPLE Of ROCK & LOVEDRIVE REUNION TOUR”, start the tour from Russia St. Petersburg concert of April 4. It is scheduled to circuit around Europe until the beginning of June at the moment. The live of Central to the tour the first half in the UK. This time from Stockton performances of April 9 to Norwich performances of April 21 is carried out 12 performances, was not greatly please the fans of Schenker in various locations.
Than this time the United Kingdom tour, Warrington performances of 6 performances th, appeared in a whopping ultra-high quality audience and the source of much also escape the sound board (of course complete recording)! The latest live anxious for the fans, the finest digital master, you can enjoy the very best!

Live the start from “Lovedrive”. Sound In addition to the outstanding brightness and clearness combines a well-proportioned sound image around the guitars and vocals (the base of Francis also floating in realistic). Also venue of the echo and the feeling of air, such as the cheers of the hall can also be felt at a moderate level, you should just say the ideal audience recording.
Attractive in the whole volume of the live vocal of Deguy echoing in ultra-clear. Good tone than when of who participated in the live “Voices Of Rainbow” in Japan, and to hear him seems skillful singing. In particular, such as flowing “Armed And Ready” is exquisite. It is further my songs “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead” is a majestic singing sore. Of course Michael is to explode a great guitar. A sharpness “Another Piece Of Meat” and hard “Assault Attack”, such as the sensational “Into The Arena”, the fan will unbearable.
In close content to the song is the official live work “LIVE IN EUROPE”, M.S.G. in the first half, the UFO of masterpieces in the second half Zurari. Harman and Francis rhythm section of the SCORPIONS number solidify the key point is to hear a great play. But “Rock My Nights Away” was unreleased in the official work of the above-mentioned listening stations. Was addicted nicely in more than one sense of the original Gary Baden, you will enjoy a spectacular performance.
And the biggest point of is the “Horizons”, which was featured in the pair away from the new “BRIDGE THE GAP” which is scheduled to be released in November! Aktiv guitar and melodious vocals of the combination is to listen to meet full marks (we also live shines). Expectations for the new work would be increased at once is 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
Second half sandwiching the “Coast To Coast” of the installation is, UFO classics is volley with five songs continuous. You knock out the hand to hear “Lights Out” is a stretch where the venue of the joy and excitement to the catchy “Shoot Shoot” in such as “Only You Can Rock Me” led to the peak! Finally climax also live after you introduce the band members. SCORPIONS2 barrage of continued “Rock You Like A Hurricane” to mellow “Holiday”. Set the main part of the tightening will pop out thing for 12 minutes, “Rock Bottom” (of course Michael of Rongusoro best condition)! In the encore, “Doctor Doctor” and “Blackout”, and then closing the live in the best climax!

103 minutes at this work until the ending from the opening, it will be greatly satisfy the listeners. From familiar songs, classics revived with excellent performance of this line-up unique, and until the new song, is everywhere of live is listening stations. The latest live of Michael that packages with superlative sound, fans are so that you do not miss it please!


マイケル・シェンカーの2013年最新ライヴが、極上のオーディエンス・マスターでここに登場です! 本作ではドゥギー・ホワイトをヴォーカルに迎えてのイギリスツアーより、4月14日のワーリントン公演を、サウンドボード・クラスの最高音質で完全収録。プレスCD化されても不思議はないほどの最優良ソースで、現在進行形のシェンカー・ライヴをたっぷりと満喫できます!

マイケル・シェンカーは、この春もドゥギー・ホワイトや、元SCORPIONSのハーマン・ラレベル,フランシス・ブッホルツらを迎えて(アルバムにちなんで、このラインナップは”TEMPLE OF ROCK”プロジェクトと位置づけられているそうです)、積極的なライヴ活動を計画しています。4月からは”TEMPLE Of ROCK & LOVEDRIVE REUNION TOUR”と銘打って、4月4日のロシア・サンクトペテルブルク公演よりツアーを開始。現時点で6月初頭までヨーロッパ各地をサーキットする予定です。そのツアー前半で中心となるのがイギリスでのライヴ。4月9日のストックトン公演から4月21日のノーウィッチ公演まで今回は12公演が行われ、各地でシェンカーのファンを大いに喜ばせました。
今回はそのイギリスツアーより、6公演目のワーリントン公演が、なんとサウンドボードも逃げ出すくらいの超高音質オーディエンス・ソース(もちろん完全収録)で登場! ファンにとって気になる最新ライヴを、最高級のデジタル・マスターで、余す所なく楽しめます!

ウルトラ・クリアに響き渡るドゥギーのヴォーカルはライヴの全編で魅力的。日本でライヴに参加した”Voices Of Rainbow”の時以上に調子は良く、彼らしい巧みな歌唱を聴かせます。特に流れるような「Armed And Ready」は絶妙。さらに自分の曲である「Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead」は、堂々とした歌いっぷりです。もちろんマイケルは素晴らしいギターを炸裂させます。切れ味のある「Another Piece Of Meat」やハードな「Assault Attack」、扇情的な「Into The Arena」など、ファンには堪らないでしょう。
選曲は公式ライヴ作品「LIVE IN EUROPE」に近い内容で、前半にM.S.G.が、後半にUFOの名曲がズラリ。要所を固めるSCORPIONSナンバーではハーマンとフランシスのリズムセクションが素晴らしいプレイを聴かせます。しかし前述の公式作品では未収録だった「Rock My Nights Away」は聴き所。ある意味オリジナルのゲイリー・バーデン以上にしっくりはまった、見事なパフォーマンスを楽しめるでしょう。
そして最大のポイントは、11月にリリースが予定されている新作「BRIDGE THE GAP」から一足先に取り上げられた「Horizons」です! アクティヴなギターとメロディアスなヴォーカルの組み合わせは聴き応え満点(ライヴ映えもしています)。新作への期待が一気に高まってしまう3分30秒です。
インストの「Coast To Coast」を挟んだ後半は、5曲連続でUFOの名曲が連発。キャッチーな「Shoot Shoot」に「Only You Can Rock Me」などで会場の喜びや盛り上がりをピークに導いたところで「Lights Out」が一気に聴き手をノックアウトします! バンドメンバーを紹介した後はライヴもいよいよクライマックス。メロウな「Holiday」に続き「Rock You Like A Hurricane」のSCORPIONS2連発。セット本編の締めは12分間もの「Rock Bottom」が飛び出します(もちろんマイケルのロングソロも絶好調)! アンコールでは「Blackout」と「Doctor Doctor」が、最高の盛り上がりの中でライヴをクロージングします!


Disc 1(49:28)
1. Intro 2. Lovedrive 3. Another Piece Of Meat 4. Assault Attack 5. Armed And Ready
6. Into The Arena 7. Rock My Nights Away 8. Attack Of The Mad Axeman 9. Horizons
10. Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead 11. Coast To Coast 12. Shoot Shoot

Disc 2(53:28)
1. Only You Can Rock Me 2. Let It Roll 3. Too Hot To Handle 4. Lights Out
5. Band Introductions 6. Holiday 7. Rock You Like A Hurricane 8. Rock Bottom 9. Blackout
10. Doctor Doctor

Michael Schenker – Guitar Doogie White – Vocal Wayne Findlay – Guitar, Keyboards
Francis Buchholz – Bass, Vocals Herman Rarebell – Drums

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