Michael Schenker Group / Sapporo 1984 2nd Night / 2CD

Michael Schenker Group / Sapporo 1984 2nd Night / 2CD / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live at Hokkaido Koseinenkin Kaikan, Sapporo, Japan 18th January 1984

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M. S. G. Popularity caught in 1984. The legendary name recording representing “BUILT TO DESTROY TOUR” upgraded from the original master. It is a permanent preservation press appeared in 2CD.
It is engraved on that name recording “January 18, 1984: Hokkaido Welfare Pension Center” performance. It’s its finest audience album. This recording was released in the world as the debut work “THE WHITE BARON” of a prestigious Bondage label. This work is a superb item that has been digitized again from its former master.
First of all, the position of the show before the contents to worry about. We have archived a lot of masterpiece live albums in our shop only at the heyday arrival. First of all, let’s organize that collection with the tour schedule of the time.

· January 11: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium “DESTROY YOKOHAMA 1984”
· January 12: Hiroshima Postal Savings Hall
· January 13: Fukushima Sun Palace
· January 15th: Miyagi Kenmin Kaikan “DESTROY SENDAI 1984”
· January 17: Hokkaido Welfare Pension Center
· January 18: Hokkaido Welfare Pension Center 【this work】
· January 20: Osakajo Hall “EVE OF DESTRUCTION”
· January 21: Shibuya Kōkyodo “PRINCE DAKKAR”
· January 22: Nagoya City Auditorium
· January 23: Nippon Budokan “THE MOVING ELEMENT”
· January 25: Shizuoka Citizens’ Culture Center
· January 27: Nagoya City Auditorium “SYSTEMS NEVER FAILING”

Over all, 12 performances. Not only is it traversing the archipelago with overwhelming number of performances, and it is not only spinning all over but also two shows in Tokyo, Nagoya and Sapporo. It is a schedule that shows how the popularity of the time was terrible. This work was a concert corresponding to the 2 performances of such Hokkaido.
This work containing such a show is exactly the best live album suitable for the legendary name. That sound is on the brink and on the detail odd. Direct feeling of tremendous bursting, and it has been tremendous for me to be treated as a soundboard since then. That was supposed to be the masterpiece of Sapporo. PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN, CHICAGO, SANTANA …… It is a person who made a number of name recordings in his place.
Besides, this work is the highest record in its history. The episode was extremely muted to the midrange, and the pitch was near 1/4 quarter mad. However, this work which traced back to its former master is a completely different thing with overwhelming freshness. There is no yore due to dubbing deterioration, and the brilliant ringing is extremely fresh. However, this is simply more than a good sound. It increases to the vividness of the stereo to the stereo feeling, and the whole range also spreads and it is the difference which is heard.
The show drawn with the sound which it resurrected also gets fierce sharp prosperous Ms. G. .. The show concentrates and reduces three pieces of “God”, “Myth”, “Unlimited Battle” to one show. “On And On” “Lost Horizons” “Systems Failing” “Still Love That Little Devil” that can not be heard even in official work “ROCK WILL NEVER DIE” is also delicious. Moreover, the playing was wonderful, and the front obscure by the rash. All members are continuing from “ASSAULT ATTACK TOUR” one before and experienced in the previous year as well. The ensemble is hard and firm, and the scene is Japan which loves the world’s most M.S.G. Even at the tempo that I rapped a lot, I do not get disarranged, I attack against the cancer guns. The motivation of everyone has been burned up.
In such circumstances, a bit interesting is the middle stage of the show. Although Gary Burden calls “Entirely new songs of system failing!”, The song does not start and it instantly shits. In fact Kore is Gary’s mistake. I rephrased “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” and it starts finally. The next is really “Systems Failing”. Here Gary is unexpectedly sputtering. Further “?” Is “Armed And Ready”. Even here Gary screams the title, but the song does not start again. Whether there was something in trouble or whether Michael got something misunderstood, it got strangely empty and it became a mood that passed away. Although it is such 3 songs, it is not a mistake of playing, so it is funny, and the state of a relaxed band is transparent. And, it is terrible as the performance begins. I tried to wipe out the smell of smell, but on the contrary it made me celebrate such a crescendious explosion.

It was too wonderful, even earlier that God was early Ms. G. .. It is a masterpiece that cheers up a set that summarizes its masterpieces with a proficient ensemble. The highest peak record of the legendary name recording which historical name recording which continued to convey the fullness of how magnificent Mr. S. G. was excellent. Just a piece of extreme spirit, please enjoy it to yourself.

M.S.G.人気が絶頂を迎えていた1984年。“BUILT TO DESTROY TOUR”を代表してきた伝説の名録音が元マスターからアップグレード。永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。
その名録音に刻まれているのは「1984年1月18日:北海道厚生年金会館」公演。その極上オーディエンス・アルバムです。この録音は、かつて名門BONDAGEレーベルのデビュー作『THE WHITE BARON』として世に出たもの。本作は、その元マスターから改めてデジタル化し直した極上品なのです。

・1月11日:横浜文化体育館 『DESTROY YOKOHAMA 1984』
・1月15日:宮城県民会館 『DESTROY SENDAI 1984』
・1月18日:北海道厚生年金会館 【本作】
・1月20日:大阪城ホール 『EVE OF DESTRUCTION』
・1月21日:渋谷公会堂 『PRINCE DAKKAR』
・1月23日:日本武道館 『THE MOVING ELEMENT』
・1月27日:名古屋市公会堂 『SYSTEMS NEVER FAILING』

そんなショウを封じ込めた本作は、まさに伝説の名に相応しい極上のライヴアルバム。そのサウンドは猛烈にオンで、異様なまでに詳細。凄まじいまでのダイレクト感が炸裂し、当時からサウンドボード扱いもされてきたのも頷ける極上ぶりなのです。それもそのはず、本作を手がけたのは札幌の名手。PINK FLOYDやLED ZEPPELIN、CHICAGO、SANTANA……彼の地で名録音の数々をモノにしてきた人物なのです。
そうして甦ったサウンドで描かれるショウもまた、猛烈にシャープな全盛のM.S.G.。ショウは『神』『神話』『限りなき戦い』の3枚を1回のショウに濃縮還元。公式作品『ROCK WILL NEVER DIE』でも聴けない「On And On」「Lost Horizons」「Systems Failing」「Still Love That Little Devil」も美味しい。しかも演奏ぶりが素晴らしく、苛烈なまでに前のめり。メンバー全員が1つ前の“ASSAULT ATTACK TOUR”から続投しており、前年の来日も経験。アンサンブルはガッチリと固まっており、しかも現場は世界で最もM.S.G.を愛する日本。グッと上げたテンポでも乱れなく、ガンガンに攻め立てまくる。全員のやる気が燃え上がったショウなのです。
そんな中で、ちょっと面白いのがショウ中盤。ゲイリー・バーデンが景気よく「次は新曲のSystems Failingだ!」とコールするものの、曲が始まらず一瞬シラーッとする。実はコレはゲイリーのミス。「I’m Gonna Make You Mineだった」と言い直し、ようやく始まるのです。その次が本当に「Systems Failing」。ここではゲイリーが思わず吹き出しています。さらに「?」となるのが「Armed And Ready」。ここでもゲイリーがタイトルを絶叫するも、やはり曲が始まらない。何かトラブルがあったのか、マイケルが何か勘違いしたのか、妙に間が空いて間の抜けたムードになってしまうのです。そんな3曲ではありますが、演奏のミスではないので微笑ましく、逆に和やかなバンドの状態が透ける。そして、いざ演奏が始まると苛烈だから凄い。照れ臭さを払拭しようとしたのか、逆にいつも以上にキレッキレで爆発するような名演を轟かせるのです。



Disc 1 (45:25)
1. Captain Nemo 2. Rock My Nights Away 3. Are You Ready To Rock 4. Cry For The Nations
5. On And On 6. Attack Of The Mad Axeman 7. Into The Arena 8. Courvoisier Concerto
9. Lost Horizons 10. Rock Will Never Die

Disc 2 (36:10)
1. I’m Gonna Make You Mine 2. Systems Failing 3. Still Love That Little Devil 4. Armed And Ready
5. Rock Bottom 6. Doctor Doctor

Michael Schenker – Guitar Gary Barden – Vocals Andy Nye – Keyboards Chris Glen – Bass
Ted McKenna – Drums


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