Michael Schenker Group / Clermont Ferrand 1983 / 1CD

Michael Schenker Group / Clermont Ferrand 1983 / 1CD / Zodiac

Translated text:
Live at Maison Des Sports, Clermont-Ferrand, France 19th November 1983


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Send to one and only Flying V sound everyone that was derailed life to, is appeared Kuradashi sound source of golden age! This work due to the “Without fight only”, first appearance tape when it is around the Europe as opening act of IRON MAIDEN. Most recently, it is a new excavation audience recording in buzz and appeared on the net.
Say MSG in most new excavation there is no band, it’s a surprise just came out the previous record more than 30 years, but the sound quality is also amazing. The tape, which has been for many years concealment is what aging is noticeable, but it also does not, the separation of the instrument group, clear, strength of the core of the sound, both perfect score. Moreover, (as unusual by overseas performances) As the cheers of the audience well, it does not interfere at all to play. The guy is so-called “sound board class”. From a breakthrough I tapes it exceeds the century without degradation, of course, it will deliver without deterioration press CD!
Is what is recorded on the tape that has jumped over 30 years of time, Michael Schenker appearance of prime that brilliant begins to spill. When say Schenker, UFO and 1981 of the tour you collected especially the attention, but in 1983 respectable Best candidate. Here, Phil Mogg and star such as Cozy Powell does not have, rather “Michael overconcentration” next, I popular and fully enjoy the Flying V is high.
Its taste is exploding from “Captain Nemo” in the opening! Then different even with the rock ‘n’ roll is based UFO, building a sense of was tightly will continue to be barrage pounding. This tour is a short set of about 50 minutes because of the undercard of IRON MAIDEN, what UFO repertoire also without any. “God,” “myth” and “only defunct battle” only three “Schenker purity of 100%” of the best music selection, and I will thoroughly Tatamikake masterpieces without also put almost MC. Tension and this sense of speed is really great. It is a story that is not limited to MSG, but the undercard of short live is lightly seen often from the number of songs lack. However, concentration of condensing the charm of the band in the passion and short time that “I’ll eat a bird”, the intense better undercard. And especially if a period of band you are aiming to break, I enjoy it to overflowing its Tagiru ambition. Much less, MSG is long rather than improvisation or loose type you to listen in groove, the band that cry to cry guitar in building a sense. Stage one after another to Tatamikakeru the melody, I a pleasure, such as dazzling.
Also, best performance for the present work is Gary Baden. Of course, I do not mean to overwhelm with a different person of such transcendence singing, “Desert Song” and “Rock You to the Ground” unreasonable song without like, and rip up the last remains knowing of tired a short set. Official In live Although it is a lot of people of replacement, let alone be inferior to hear even with 100% real audience recording, stable and not powerful. The official video Derek St. Holmes was singing “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” also would be without difficulty doing, and such as “I was so sing people ……”, enough to become thought to be rude. “Still Love That Little Devil” is also close to the original mix, Gary has sung in the main (but, tempo is super fast!). That said Derek has left just before the England tour, no shortage in the big success Andy Nye chorus of duet beams. Only at that time that Gary was also the song of dissatisfaction voice is what good of Derek was noted, but listen now ear that knows actually Schenker that teamed up with song of good singer Become a 2000s, again what voice Gary MSG. Although thin voice of Derek I the chorus was good, when it is stand on the whole surface incongruity is not wiped, I think than those who eventually to the there are no Derek is in good show.

Exhilarating anyway are snappy, and is a great live the real passion of audience recording is blown. While playing this much music, unfortunately MSG does not say that and has received worldwide legitimate evaluation. This time a even stopped on the undercard of junior IRON MAIDEN, the following year I would met with hardship of disintegrated. In modern times that try to enter also let alone the 21st century to 15th year, the chance to see a variety of “great guitarist Ranking” Even the name of Michael in the West was I have almost gone. So, love his music the most in the world, not to forget over the years is our Japanese. “I though official also a time when it is also sound board, audience needs kana?” Who you think, it is also the most. However, here to there is, while plenty of fat ride, Michael Schenker to bare the ambition than margin. Nozomi genius had kind is the sprinting of age who had the most shining. It is to the audience of the site, or did not reach any sound. It was left in the form of a superlative, it’s the historical evidence. This more than just the music was found thickly To jammed name recording, not delivered to the people who can best understand this shine in the world. Large excavation memorable, it is the release determined by the press CD harboring forever shine!

唯一無二のフライングVサウンドに人生を狂わされた皆さまにおくる、黄金期の蔵出し音源が登場です! 本作は「限りなき戦い」に伴い、IRON MAIDENの前座としてヨーロッパを回った際の初登場テープ。ごく最近、ネットに登場して話題沸騰中の新発掘オーディエンス録音です。
その旨みはオープニングの「Captain Nemo」から炸裂! その後もロックン・ロールがベースのUFOとは違う、キッチリとした構築感ががんがん連発されていきます。このツアーはIRON MAIDENの前座ゆえに50分ほどの短いセットで、なんとUFOのレパートリーも一切なし。「神」「神話」「限りなき戦い」3枚だけの“シェンカー純度100%”なベスト選曲で、MCもほとんど入れずに徹底的に名曲を畳み掛けていくのです。このスピード感と緊張感が本当に素晴らしい。M.S.G.に限らない話ですが、前座の短いライヴは曲数の少なさから軽く見られがちです。しかし、“トリを食ってやろう”という情熱や短い時間内でバンドの魅力を凝縮させる集中力は、前座の方が強烈。特にブレイクを目指している時期のバンドであれば、そのたぎる野心が溢れんばかりに味わえるのです。まして、M.S.G.は長いインプロやゆったりグルーヴで聴かせるタイプではなく、構築感の中でギターが泣きに泣くバンド。次々とメロディを畳み掛けるステージは、めくるめくような快感なのです。
また、本作はゲイリー・バーデンにとってもベスト・パフォーマンス。もちろん、別人のような超絶歌唱で圧倒するわけではありませんが、「Desert Song」や「Rock You to the Ground」のような無茶な曲もなく、短いセットを疲れ知らずのまま最後まで突っ走る。オフィシャル・ライヴでは差し替えの多い人ですが、100%リアルのオーディエンス録音でも聴き劣りするどころか、安定していてパワフル。公式ビデオではデレク・セント・ホルムズが歌っていた「I’m Gonna Make You Mine」も難なくこなしてしまい、「こんなに歌える人だったんだ……」などと、失礼なことまで思ってしまうほど。「Still Love That Little Devil」もオリジナル・ミックスに近く、ゲイリーがメインで歌っています(ただし、テンポは超速!)。直前のイギリス・ツアーでデレクが脱退したとは言え、アンディ・ナイのコーラスがデュエットばりの大活躍で不足感なし。ゲイリーの歌に不満の声もあった当時こそデレクの上手さが注目されたものですが、2000年代になって実際に歌の上手いシンガーと組んだシェンカーを知っている今の耳で聴くと、やはりゲイリーの声こそがM.S.G.。デレクの細い声質はコーラスには良かったのですが、全面に立たれると違和感は拭えず、結果的にはデレクがいない方が良いショウになっているのではないでしょうか。

とにかくキビキビとしていて爽快、そしてオーディエンス録音のリアルなパッションが吹き出す素晴らしいライヴです。これだけの音楽を奏でながら、残念ながらMSGは世界的に正統な評価を受けてきたとは言えません。この時期ですら後輩IRON MAIDENの前座に止まり、翌年には空中分解の憂き目に遭ってしまう。まして21世紀も15年目に入ろうという現代では、欧米のさまざまな“偉大なギタリスト・ランキング”でもマイケルの名を見る機会はほとんどなくなってしまいました。そう、世界でもっとも彼の音楽を愛し、長年にわたって忘れないのは私たち日本人なのです。「オフィシャルもサウンドボードもある時期なのに、オーディエンスが必要かな?」と思われた方、それももっともです。しかし、ここにいるのは、たっぷりと脂が乗りながら、余裕よりも野心をむき出しにするマイケル・シェンカー。類い希なる天才がもっとも輝いていた時代の全力疾走です。それが現場の観客に、どんな音で届いていたのか。それが最上級の形で残された、歴史的証拠なのです。これだけの音楽がびっしりと詰まった名録音が見つかった以上、この輝きを世界で一番理解できる方々に届けなくては。記念すべき大発掘、輝きを永遠に宿したプレスCDでリリース決定です!

1. Captain Nemo 2. Rock My Nights Away 3. Are You Ready To Rock 4. Cry For The Nations 5. On And On
6. Attack Of The Mad Axeman 7. Into The Arena 8. Courvoisier Concerto 9. Rock Will Never Die
10. I’m Gonna Make You Mine 11. Still Love That Little Devil 12. Armed And Ready

Michael Schenker – Guitar Gary Barden – Vocal Chris Glen – Bass
Ted McKenna – Drums Andy Nye – Keyboard


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