Michael Schenker Group / Assault To Destroy / 4CDR

Michael Schenker Group / Assault To Destroy / 4CDR / Non Label
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Koseinenken Hall, Osaka, Japan 19th January 1983 & Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan 20th January 1984.


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By MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP is the most stable, also from ’83 – ’84 years of live support also was greater from the fan, Langley label masterpiece audience recording two titles surprised fans era, tape recorded in intact natural sound revived you!

Speaking of MSG Japan tour sound source of, first, but first visit to Japan of ’81 years is a big presence, led by Michael, Gary Barden, Chris Glen, five of Ted McKenna and Andy Nye of unity also sound source of ’83 and ’84 that showed off the play with some teamwork, not lose when Cozy enrolled there is the popular “the experienced”.
Of these, was met with playing January 19th year ’83 “ULCER” was recorded live in the (Langley-61) and January 20-year ’84 “LEGENDARY CAPTAIN NEMO” (Langley-62) is a small in live date is just “one year and after one day”, which had become a hot topic among fans from immediately after appeared from Langley label. In addition, whereas, Both of these items in Osaka performance, not further also changed band members of MSG, also to taper you have made a recording with Tari was the same person, until such too can little to say by chance sign of was seen.
Like in addition to the content which can also be said to be the “fixed-point observation after one year”, full of excellent sound realism becomes a great reputation at that time, until these works ranging from immediately after sold out, out of print now, from fans it has been strongly asked to re-release.

In response to hot expectations of everyone of such fan, this time it was decided to revive the release of these names recorded as 4 Disc Collector’s specifications and full Limited Edition! In this film was recorded live in ’83 January 19, Osaka Welfare Pension Hall that became the “ULCER” in Langley board to disk 1 and 2, the disk 3 and 4 of “LEGENDARY CAPTAIN NEMO” in ’84 January 20th year, Osaka Castle Hall and has enjoyed performances, will enjoy this two performances sound source, such as the so to speak “brother” in one set!
Both sound source has also been carried out already elaborate remastered work at the stage of the last release, and excellent sound to escape and to hear response of sound as never favorably even listening in the current ear, Sunde-hatsu-ban is more than sufficient I was proud of the high level. Therefore When production of this work, dare we recorded music media of it without the addition of any of the equalizing when cause sound than the master tape of Omoto. These sounds have a ease and superior sound quality to listen surpass the live recordings of Bonpyaku from the material stage, texture there warmth of the sound that had been sealed to tape as is “unzipped” the natural sound, and analog unique to do this, you have full of fun of documents with only high-quality live recording. This work not only avid Schenker Mania you want as it is taste the excitement of the venue, will be also to groan a true collector who loves the audience sound source as a recording. Of course as best live source of that does not feel like the “enthusiasts because not processing the sound” even for fans that listen for the first time these live, we recommend with confidence!

All disks from the time you play the sound source, we will spread out in such a manner as to wrap a pleasant sense of realism is listening hand tinged a good rounded enough. ’83 Years of live is also catching clapping and cheers of the audience in the outstanding texture, sound and pushiness that unrelated elegance all you to enjoy the live at a depth of excellent mellow and bosom. The ’84 years of sound source On the other hand, the sound image to feel closer to play the band is as close to front of the best listening ease and sense of balance, Michael of guitar that has been housed in a high-quality recording sound board it is reproduced in realism, such as the sound source.
Compared handed playing a set list that unfolds in both live again, we found some very interesting. As ’83 tour of “ASSAULT ATTACK”, showing the deployment to go from “Ulcer” in the opening to “Cry For The Nations” the royal road of hard rock, and this, such as “Rock You To The Ground,” “Desert Song” number of time only, or you can listen in the unique singing of Gary Baden. These are only the number of Graham Bonnet had Zessho in the album, certainly painful in the narrow Gary of range, we are interwoven in everywhere the falsetto or fake, but this is also live the truth.
And ’84 years from generous “Captain Nemo” to catchy “Rock My Nights Away” In contrast, you can not listen to the style as it is of melodic structure of “BUILT TO DESTROY”. In playing listen “Rock Will Never Die,” “Still Love That Little Devil” to four songs consecutive new song part from you was lively both in the second half live, Gary has throb like a fish you got water.
These are not only a song that becomes the “tour of features”, of “Attack Of The Mad Axe Man” and “Armed And Ready,” “Are You Ready To Rock,” such as in the classic song “Doctor Doctor”, “Rock Bottom” and UFO even number, the difference in performance that gave the time of one year there is greater. And ’83 feel still fumbling a contrary thrilling is, in the take of improved sense of unity and stability of the band keyboard ’84 year allocation also increased of, also I feel different impression band sound give. Each of the era and live of contents that reflects the contents of the album, the compared handed “fixed-point observation”, such as in the present work, for us to emphasize more interesting.
But if you listen to be limited to the play of Michael himself, and has played a sensational guitar sound with the sharpness that will not change in all of music, everyone will feel rather strongly aloof a presence of Michael.

Master Direct source inborn “neutral” book sound source in the “colorless and transparent”, the listeners each of fondness and listen how, even by absorbing various essence such as how fun such as comparison with the already issued, each person then you’ll be to go off a different color and charm to. Exactly fans give for the fans special 4 Disc! Do not miss finally wake up the superb sound of the master source from a long sleep, Please enjoy this opportunity!


MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUPが最も安定し、またファンからの支持も大きかった’83年~’84年のライヴより、Langleyレーベル時代にファンを驚かせた傑作オーディエンス録音2タイトルが、テープ収録そのままのナチュラル・サウンドで蘇ります!

これらの内、’83年1月19日の演奏を収めた「ULCER」(Langley-61)と’84年1月20日のライヴを収録した「LEGENDARY CAPTAIN NEMO」(Langley-62)は、ショウの日付がちょうど”一年と一日後”のライヴで、これはLangleyレーベルより登場した直後からファンの間では話題となっていました。付け加えれば、これらのアイテムはどちらも大阪公演で、さらにM.S.G.のバンドメンバーも変わっておらず、また録音を行ったテーパーまでもが同一人物であったりと、偶然と言うにはちょっと出来過ぎなまでの符合が見られました。

このようなファンの皆さんの熱いご期待を受け、今回はこれら名録音を4枚組のコレクターズ仕様・完全限定盤としての復活リリースを決定しました! 本作ではLangley盤で「ULCER」となった’83年1月19日・大阪厚生年金会館でのライヴをディスク1と2へ収録し、ディスク3そして4には「LEGENDARY CAPTAIN NEMO」の’84年1月20日・大阪城ホール公演を収めており、いわば”兄弟”のようなこの2公演音源をワンセットでお楽しみいただけます!

双方のライヴで繰り広げられるセットリストと演奏の聴き比べは大変に興味深いものがあります。’83年は「ASSAULT ATTACK」のツアーとして、オープニングの「Ulcer」から「Cry For The Nations」へとハードロックの王道を行く展開を見せ、「Rock You To The Ground」・「Desert Song」といったこの時期のみのナンバーも、ゲイリー・バーデンの個性的な歌唱で聴く事ができます。これらはアルバムにおいてグラハム・ボネットが絶唱していたナンバーだけに、レンジの狭いゲイリーでは確かに苦しく、ファルセットやフェイクを随所で織り交ぜていますが、これもまたライヴの真実です。
対して’84年はおおらかな「Captain Nemo」からキャッチーな「Rock My Nights Away」へと、「BUILT TO DESTROY」の作風そのままのメロディアスな構成を聴かせます。ライヴ後半において聴ける「Rock Will Never Die」から「Still Love That Little Devil」まで4曲連続の新曲パートはいずれも生き生きとした演奏で、ゲイリーは水を得た魚のように躍動しています。
これら”ツアーの特色”となる曲だけでなく、「Attack Of The Mad Axe Man」や「Armed And Ready」・「Are You Ready To Rock」といった定番曲に「Doctor Doctor」・「Rock Bottom」のUFOナンバーでも、一年間という時間が与えた演奏の違いは大きいものがあります。まだ手探りな反面スリリングさも感じる’83年と、バンドの一体感や安定感が向上してキーボードの配分も増した’84年のテイクでは、バンドサウンドが与える印象も異なって感じます。それぞれの時代やアルバムの内容を反映したライヴの中味は、本作のような”定点観測”の聴き比べを、より面白く強調してくれます。


Live at Koseinenken Hall, Osaka, Japan 19th January 1983

Disc 1
1. Opening S.E. 2. Ulcer 3. Cry For The Nations 4. Attack Of The Mad Axe Man
5. Rock You To The Ground 6. Bijou Preasurette 7. Victim Of Illusion 8. Member Introduction
9. Into The Arena 10. Desert Song 11. Courvoisier Concert 12. Lost Horizons
13. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Disc 2
1. MC 2. Looking For Love 3. Armed And Ready 4. Doctor Doctor 5. Are You Ready To Rock
6. Rock Bottom

Michael Schenker – Guitar Gary Barden – Vocals Andy Nye – Keyboards Chris Glenn – Bass
Ted McKenna – Drums

Live at Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan 20th January 1984

Disc 3
1. Intro. 2. Captain Nemo 3. Rock My Nights Away 4. Are You Ready To Rock
5. Cry For The Nations 6. On And On 7. Attack Of The Mad Axeman 8. Member Introduction
9. Into The Arena 10. Courvoisier Concerto 11. Lost Horizons

Disc 4
1. Rock Will Never Die 2. I’m Gonna Make You Mine 3. Systems Failing
4. Still Love That Little Devil 5. Armed And Ready 6. Rock Bottom 7. Doctor Doctor/Thank You Jam

Michael Schenker – Guitar Gary Barden – Vocal Chris Glen – Bass Ted McKenna – Drums
Andy Nye – Keyboards


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