Michael Schenker Group / Assault Attack Demos / 1CD

Michael Schenker Group / Assault Attack Demos / 1CD / Zodiac

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Demo Tracks From The Original Cassette Tapes Belonged To Cozy Powell.


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Large classic one of the best in the rare recordings of Michael Schenker Group, reborn to give a new life to the here and now! It was a glimpse from the tape of Cozy Powell collection, a rehearsal session and composer of MSG in the “ASSAULT ATTACK” Production at the time of “ASSAULT ATTACK DEMOS”, still now one of the board must listen for Schenker Mania. ’11 From the “2003 version” that. And of recorded music media again in professional use equipment with the latest technology the original cassette master this time! (Do not know) or fan that has not been listening to the past work, not to mention a single enthusiasts that have vans last to miss, is the appearance in the fully qualified press CD from overseas!

Has been a barrage demo rehearsal sound of surprise “Cozy Tapes” series. WHITESNAKE and RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH in, etc., and has continued to historical excavation of many so far.
Among the names that they sound source number, this film super-name record that had a major impact, especially to mania would be “ASSAULT ATTACK DEMOS”. Speaking of work that Schenker and Cozy was Wataria~tsu of 1981 “MSG” and is: (Dai mythology), but the album followed by “But ASSAULT ATTACK”, the combination of this two people had been maintained production beginning. Ryoyu is broke down the album during production as a result, the band Graham Bonnet Schenker, and Cozy to co-star ended in a dream. Reason alone as a “sound source to show the continuation of the dream” Schenker and Cozy to co-star this “ASSAULT ATTACK” session sound source, it’s such a place dear mania long.
Its already Hatsu-ban will count the 11th year this year from the release of 2003. There was a limited re-stock several times between, but it sold out out of print by now, the situation difficult to obtain had followed. Had been followed without request “again if, I want to release in the press this work” and cease from fans of the younger generation the meantime.
In response to the hot request this time, and re-opening the original cassette master of Cozy owned and decided to revive in the equipment and modern technology. Simultaneous release: with a “MSG Tape One Studios Cassette Tape”, I want to clear from the point of view of the studio, co-star of Schenker and Cozy!

Let’s look back again, the status of the summer 1982 that “ASSAULT ATTACK” is produced here. This era, many bands had strayed in human relationships, or confused by the business side was becoming hard rock and metal is “music that sell”. It was there on the edge of the deep confusion remarkably Among them, was this Michael Schenker Group. Had been forced to withdrawal Paul Raymond and Gary Barden in a way that is exploring the super-band due to the acquisition of the player who combines the reputation and ability, they are led by management. Successor singer is approach (at the time WHITESNAKE had been active stop) to David Kavu~aderu by personal connections Cozy, but at the end of March (more that “OK if only to provide a song”, it will fail as a result, confluence of Michael and Ozzy Osbourne lost Randy Rose was also orchestrated). Cozy settles down into a form that meets even hope of the management in that it calls out to friends Graham Bonnet original RAINBOW, greet him eventually.
(Between February-April 1982), shortly before the Graham to participate, three of Chris Glen Schenker, and Cozy, had started the rehearsal towards the next work. We have recorded music media into direct from (Alpha Plus 60 and XL1 C90 Maxell UD) original cassette master Cozy was owned, the one scene in the session in this work.
Play content and Duration, of 11 trucks and about 55 minutes, no different from almost its outstanding of 2003. But its contents are evolving and deepening overwhelmingly. More than anything, the natural sound of the flies out, existential sense of realistic uneven first. More natural, and overwhelm any fan, guitar and drum Schenker Cozy Revived texture direct thick will to taste the stunning surprise. Other nuances of play that could not grasp, even fine sound and treble of the guitar and cymbals, you get to listen in a certain profile in New version of this time in its outstanding. First part of (these songs count of the song that had been shaved van the last also has recorded a longer more might be “subtle difference”, but what level “corner of the nest of boxes” that for Mania it’s a problem that is important!). Revive this work will wow even the mania of veteran that I was used to listen to rare recordings in realism and vividness of the highest level, a valuable take about super is likely marked with three!

Let’s look back again, the content of collection.

1. Unreleased Track # 1
5 minutes Michael increments riffs dark middle tempo, Cozy spree hit. It is a take like is exploring a clue that produce a song from one style jamming session impassioned. Performance has not been organized, but the hands (are full of powerful sharpness and also solo of Michael appearing in the 3-minute block) that you’ll feel a real hot air swirling and listen. Texture of the “Armed And Ready” is used for the ending, are you tighten Bishitto It is also interesting.

2. Samurai
Prototype impressive finished version even “ASSAULT ATTACK” and “Samurai”. Form that can be listened on the album is becoming can already through midfield from the first half, but the coder by touch still, Michael has put a solo endlessly. It is a take Cozy also hammering Bashibashi also Okaz roles and specialty to only as “not negative”, can enjoy the fun of the jam session. It does not miss hear also chatted of members (while momentarily) has entered After playing.

3. Dancer
Cozy does not play, Chris and Michael will not play and progression riffs of “Dancer” in this case. It is the impression that the song structure is different from the album in only the initial still, guitar riff of Michael is up coming almost at this stage. Fact that this song has been thought to be “made ​​Graham because entered” for pop number of different color even MSG, but there was whilst being able prior to Graham participation is important.

4. Desert Song
Introductory part of the guitar is not able Unlike album, Start (voice happily here you will hear faint) songs from the drum of Cozy. But melody of guitar solo has become a form at this stage, it can be said that the song itself is close to almost complete except for the “quiet part” of the intermediate portion and the intro. And (with and became adopted for Graham would put a song demo that has been sent, it was good) in about there is also a theory that assumes the installation originally, this number is completed in installation while this you listen while imagining the same song was also it would be interesting.

5. Unreleased Track # 2
You can knock out your hand suddenly hear the guitar solo sharp sharpness of Michael specialty to burst at the beginning. Riff mid-tempo in which you might want to say “Michael! Indeed” has led the whole strong, full marks meet to listen to the drum of Cozy good glue. Base of Chris’s sonorous comfortably It is also impressive.

6. Rock You To The Ground
As riff and “Desert Song” and “Dancer”, this song also is becoming nearly finished at this point. It is together quite to the structure and arrange both, you can see the melody listen in the finished version is also in the guitar solo. Graham also Would not went the song put while listening to backing similar to this? It should be noted that, since the Cozy has carved a rhythm such as “Feels Like A Good Thing” after the ending, there is also a possibility that has flowed into another jam in this state during recording.

7. Broken Promises
Songs and deployment Meinrifu impression is that almost solidified, but a fumble clearly play Cozy is unlike ever feature. I do not know it is also a habit of take he appeared well, it’d kept hitting it to explore the rhythm pattern of the best. Another feature of this take the keyboard, which is featured in two minutes later stand. Cozy enrolled at the time because before joining Tommy Ayer, it is possible that Paul Raymond of withdrawal before are playing here. Serious play solo of Michael does not seem to be carefree session. It is the climax of this work up to more than 8 minutes.

8. Unreleased Track # 3 (Feat. Samurai mid-part riff)
This number has been used as a riff phrase of “Samurai” middle part. Session came out ahead of the “Samurai” Given that the configuration of the intermediate portion and the final version was different, these two in order to put a hook in (developing it might be was supposed to be another song originally it is thought But it also has been mixed). Also I find the guitar exist two clearly, this is the track is playing at the same time. Is called the keyboard in “Broken Promises”, there is a possibility that there was a Paul Raymond still in this session.

9. Unreleased Track # 4
Play by three Michael, Cozy, Chris is the same as ever, but overdubbing by guitar by Michael himself seems to have been done in the part of the solo only this song. Texture and ending chitin is also determined, will be to become interesting number if it is completed as a song. You can see in the riff tune and say heterogeneous “Dancer” as well as MSG, it has had to trial and error to try to advance further than the music of the past.

10. Band Meeting
“It’s. Catchy Like” Dari hummed the melody (Cozy probably) are talking about, seems like a fun conversation in a studio. Although it is about 15 seconds in total, but the mood of Pojitivu session is transmitted.

11. April Fool (Girl From Uptown)
This song in the number, which was used as the B-side song of the single “Dancer”, which is included as a bonus track of “ASSAULT ATTACK” now. In take close to perfection, it is the impression of the song put much is likely to be as it is in song structure and arrangement both.
Thing that has been on the same song only written as “APRIL FOOL” to “Alpha Plus 60” tape. It seems there is no conclusive evidence, but that it might be became this title since it was recorded on April 1.

As you can see and listen to here, the title track and “Assault Attack” and “Ulcer” are not included here. It is not known already exists although I did not even made ​​it, or whether was not contained in this tape, but this is also likely to say an important point in considering the origin of “ASSAULT ATTACK”.

Graham joined the band in this session around lineup of Cozy and Graham, and Michael will be, but Cozy will leave the MSG in April during the Graham participation immediately after. What album was completed, but the motivation is reduced in Cozy Leave Similarly RAINBOW era, personality conflict with Michael also help, “withdrawal” had flickered as early as Graham. As a result of confusion MSG is, I was supposed to be the Reading Festival in 1982 to continue.
Knitting you Yosuru Ted McKenna that Gary Barden is restored at Reading Festival then, participated in the “ASSAULT ATTACK” as the successor of Cozy, Andy Nye who participated from the tour, the lineup to solidify barely MSG. If you think the chaotic period of Graham before and after the Japan tour of 1983, it might was a miraculous alone was realized.

“The dreams of the fans” exactly what this film to experience Nonetheless demo session, the co-star of Michael and Cozy wished everyone would want to hear if the fan in the “ASSAULT ATTACK” is 55 minutes! Jacket binding that has been redesigned sound and give a new life with the latest technology, I will captivate you with hard rock fans of all again now! Simultaneous release this work: together with the “MSG Tape One Studios Cassette Tape”, I will reveal in vivid colors and realistic sound, the co-star of Schenker and Cozy unfolded in the studio. Until Schenker freaks core from beginners do not know already issued, so that you do not miss absolutely a fully qualified press CD of this time!

 マイケル・シェンカー・グループのレア音源でも屈指の大定番が、今ここに新たな生命を得て生まれ変わります! M.S.G.の『ASSAULT ATTACK』製作時における作曲セッションとリハーサル風景を、コージー・パウエル所蔵のテープから垣間見た『ASSAULT ATTACK DEMOS』は、今もなおシェンカー・マニアにとって必聴盤のひとつ。その”2003年バージョン”から11年。今回はオリジナル・カセット・マスターを最新技術とプロユース機材で再度音盤化! 過去作を聴いた事がない(あるいは知らない)ファンは言うに及ばず、前回の盤を持っているマニアまで見逃せない一本が、海外より完全限定プレスCDで登場です!

 驚きのデモ・リハーサル音源を連発してきた”コージー・テープス”シリーズ。これまでRAINBOWやWHITESNAKE,BLACK SABBATH等において、多くの歴史的発掘を続けてきました。
 それら数ある名音源のなかでも、マニアへ特に大きな衝撃を与えた超名盤が本作『ASSAULT ATTACK DEMOS』でしょう。コージーとシェンカーが渡り合った作品といえば1981年の『MSG』(邦題:神話)ですが、続くアルバムの『ASSAULT ATTACK』でも、製作開始当初はこの二人によるコンビネーションが維持されていた。結果的に両雄はアルバム制作中に決裂し、シェンカー,コージーそしてグラハム・ボネットが共演するバンドは夢に終わりました。それだけにコージーとシェンカーが共演するこの『ASSAULT ATTACK』セッション音源は”夢の続きを見せる音源”として、長らくマニアの愛するところなのです。
 今回はその熱いご要望に応え、コージー所有のオリジナル・カセット・マスターを再度開封し、現代の技術と機材で蘇らせる事を決定。同時リリースの『MSG: Tape One Studios Cassette Tape』と共に、コージーとシェンカーの共演を、スタジオの視点から明らかにします!

 ここで『ASSAULT ATTACK』が製作された1982年夏の状況を、もう一度振り返ってみましょう。メタルやハードロックが”売れる音楽”になりつつあったこの時代、多くのバンドがビジネス面で混乱し、あるいは人間関係で迷走していました。その中でも一際深い混迷の淵にあったのが、このマイケル・シェンカー・グループでした。マネージメントは実力と声望を併せ持ったプレイヤーの獲得によるスーパー・バンド化を模索し、彼らが主導する形でゲイリー・バーデンやポール・レイモンドが離脱を余儀なくされていました。後任シンガーはコージーの人脈により(当時WHITESNAKEが活動停止していた)デイヴィッド・カヴァデールにアプローチされますが、「曲を提供するだけならOK」と、結果として失敗に終わります(さらに3月末には、ランディ・ローズを失ったオジー・オズボーンとマイケルの合流も画策されました)。最終的にコージーは元RAINBOWの友人グラハム・ボネットに声を掛け、彼を迎える事でマネージメントの希望も満たす形に落ち着きます。
 そのグラハムが参加する少し前(’82年2月から4月にかけて)、シェンカー,コージーそしてクリス・グレンの3名は、次回作に向けてリハーサルを始めていました。本作ではそのセッションにおける一場面を、コージーが所有していたオリジナル・カセット・マスター(Maxell UD XL1 C90およびAlpha Plus 60)からダイレクトに音盤化しています。


1. Unreleased Track #1
 マイケルがミドルテンポのダークなリフを刻み、コージーが叩きまくる5分間。熱の篭ったジャミング風セッションからひとつの曲を生み出す手がかりを探っているようなテイクです。演奏は整理されていませんが、聴き手は渦巻く熱気をリアルに感じられるでしょう(3分台に出現するマイケルのソロも切れ味と迫力に満ちています)。エンディングでは「Armed And Ready」のキメが用いられ、びしっと締めているのも面白いです。

2. Samurai
 完成版『ASSAULT ATTACK』でも印象深い「Samurai」の原型。前半から中盤にかけてはアルバムで聴ける形がすでに出来つつありますが、コーダはまだ手さぐりで、マイケルは延々とソロを入れています。コージーも「負けられない」とばかりにお得意のロールやオカズもバシバシ叩き込み、ジャムセッションの面白さを満喫できるテイクです。演奏後(一瞬ながら)入っているメンバーの談笑も聞き逃せません。

3. Dancer

4. Desert Song

5. Unreleased Track #2

6. Rock You To The Ground
 この曲も「Desert Song」や「Dancer」のリフのように、この時点でほぼ仕上がりつつあります。構成・アレンジ共にかなりまとまっており、ギターソロでも完成版で聴けるメロディを確認できます。グラハムもこれと同様のバッキングを聴きながら歌入れを行ったのではないでしょうか? なお、エンディングの後でコージーが「Feels Like A Good Thing」のようなリズムを刻んでいる事から、録音時はこのまま別のジャムへと流れ込んだ可能性もあります。

7. Broken Promises 

8. Unreleased Track #3 (Feat. Samurai mid-part riff)
 このナンバーは「Samurai」中間部分のフレーズをリフとして用いています。先に出た「Samurai」のセッションは完成版と中間部の構成が違っていた事を考えると、これらは元々別の曲になるはずだったのかもしれません(展開にフックをつけるために両者が混合された、とも考えられます)。またこのトラックは明らかにギターが2本存在し、同時に弾いているのが判ります。「Broken Promises」でのキーボードといい、このセッションにはやはりポール・レイモンドがいた可能性があります。

9. Unreleased Track #4

10. Band Meeting

11. April Fool (Girl From Uptown)
 この曲はシングル「Dancer」のB面曲として使用されたナンバーで、現在は『ASSAULT ATTACK』のボーナス・トラックとして収録されています。曲構成・アレンジ共に完成の域に近いテイクで、そのまま歌入れが出来そうなくらいの印象です。
 同曲のみ「APRIL FOOL」と書かれた”Alpha Plus 60″テープに入っていたもの。確証はありませんが、4月1日にレコーディングされたのでこのタイトルになったのではないかと思われます。

 ここまで聴いてお判りの通り、ここにはタイトル曲の「Assault Attack」や「Ulcer」などが含まれていません。すでに存在していたもののこのテープには収められなかったのか、それとも出来てすらいなかったのかは不明ですが、この点も『ASSAULT ATTACK』の成り立ちを考える上で重要なポイントと言えそうです。

 その後レディング・フェスティバルでゲイリー・バーデンが復帰し、コージーの後任として『ASSAULT ATTACK』に参加したテッド・マッケンナ、ツアーから参加したアンディ・ナイを擁する編成で、M.S.G.はやっとラインナップが固まります。グラハム前後の大混乱期を思うと、1983年の来日公演は、実現しただけでも奇跡的だったのかも知れません。

 ファンならば誰もが聴きたいと願った『ASSAULT ATTACK』におけるコージーとマイケルの共演を、デモ・セッションとはいえ体験させる本作は、まさに”ファンの夢を叶える”55分間! 最新技術で新たな息吹を得たサウンドと一新されたジャケット装丁で、今再び全てのハードロック・ファンを魅了します! 本作は同時リリースの『MSG: Tape One Studios Cassette Tape』と併せ、スタジオで繰り広げられたコージーとシェンカーの共演を、リアルなサウンドと鮮やかな色彩で明らかにします。既発を知らないビギナーからコアなシェンカー・フリークまで、今回の完全限定プレスCDを絶対にお見逃しありませんように!

Taken from the original cassette tape (Maxell UD XL1 C90)

1. Unreleased Track #1 2. Samurai 3. Dancer 4. Desert Song 5. Unreleased Track #2
6. Rock You To The Ground 7. Broken Promises 8. Unreleased Track #3 9. Unreleased Track #4 
10. Band Meeting 

Taken from the original cassette tape (Alpha Plus 60)

11. April Fool (Girl From Uptown)

Zodiac 075

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