Michael Schenker Group / Arachnophobiac In Trocadero / 1DVDR

Michael Schenker Group / Arachnophobiac In Trocadero / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Trocadero Theatre, Phildelphia, PA, USA 15th September 2004. NTSC


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ARACHNOPHOBIAC IN TROCADERO (Free DVDR) – MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Live at Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA USA 15th September 2004 AMAZING SHOT. period (Tuesday), mail order or over-the-counter at 18 February 14 (Friday) to February, Shades Amity Beano of the general system, Tricone, Uxbridge, TRIAL, Wardour, ZION, MP, LUXOR, etc., of the progressive system, Gravy Train, Virtuoso, Sigma, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill, of metal-based, Power Gate, Rising Arrow, DTB , It is the introduction of the item of gift items to customers who purchased two items in this corner of the “Import Title” Langley, also Calm & Storm,.★ However, it will be considered only for the customers who wish. When you purchase, please tell us phone, over-the-counter, order form, by e-mail. ★ Please refrain from the hope of more than one of the same title.  of 2004 Michael Schenker was greeted Chris Logan from “ARACHNOPHOBIAC” U.S. tour, Philadelphia, PA performance of September 15 comes up in the best audience shot of professional-grade shot! The release determined by the rainy day gift title!  Since 2000, it is parallel to the (solo name and MICHAEL SCHENKER) MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP and UFO, Michael Schenker was pleased to announce the album constantly every year. Chris Logan had served as a singer in the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP that time. Chris teamed up with the combination “BE AWARE OF SCORPIONS” and “ARACHNOPHOBIAC”, reflecting the personality of Chris, in a straight style, Michael has shines even work in Michael.  Michael of this at the time, suffered various problems in terms of both business and private, it was in a situation that is hard to say that the well (and particularly acute “ARACHNOPHOBIAC” At the time, it was as there was trouble also recording). However, as Mania says, “as when it was in trouble, Michael to hear the great guitar solo” from the ’80s, and in live album at the time, Michael has left the impressive play. In Philadelphia performances of 2004 was recorded in this work, about 100 minutes, you can enjoy slowly and carefully Schenker live at that time.  2004 tour due to “ARACHNOPHOBIAC” has been announced as the official live video “WORLD WIDE LIVE 2004” is live in Poland in March. But live, which is the official video of the constraints on that festival appearance, rather than the full set of the time, some music was omitted. In this work, the full version, including the official non-collecting and “Fat City NO” and “Because I Can” and “Fatal Strike” to it. Since the types of items are also limited MSG live in 2004, this work made ​​to grasp the whole picture was the show will delight enthusiasts.  And Another great feature of this work is an excellent image quality and great photography that does not lose to professional shot. Shooting while being a shot of the audience, of make a tripod properly, achieve a sense of stability and impressive like a pro shot almost. From the opening intro, the fans will become glued to the screen unintentionally.  Chris Logan of vocals in a type as powerful a Gary Baden, we blend into the number of Michael from the “Are You Ready To Rock” of UFO number and “Mother Mary” (he “Let It Roll” As well, we became much surprising even “Assault Attack”). Members to support Michael, (also participated in the tour of America in 2014, this rhythm section) is Pete Holmes drum Wayne Findlay familiar, base and rev Jonnzu, to the keyboard. Rev funky, players can feel the charm what in the video, such as in the present work to the sound source or more for both appearance and play. Figure to show off actions and vibrant to swing round and round the hair in many songs, the technique high everywhere is full of attractions to Michael meaning more than some.  Guitar Michael’s great word of any song of course. As well as classic songs, such as “Fat City NO” and “Because I Can”, even in music that is not played by now, I will not listen to play some sharp. Are three volley in the middle of the live “ARACHNOPHOBIAC” number is large attractions. Any catchy to “Rock And Roll Believer” a heavy and “Arachnophobiac” melodious, such as “Fatal Strike” is also unique. You can not help but think the “! Regrettable To be forgotten as it is.”  Highlights of “Into The Arena” live.It would be interesting even when compared to take the tour in the U.S. in 2014 it has been played in the same member. Representative music of Michael is unsparingly volley after this. And “Only You Can Rock Me,” “Too Hot To Handle”, and “On And On” and “Attack Of The Mad Axeman”, masterpieces of MSG and UFO is taken up alternately, promised encore as “Doctor Doctor” “Rock Bottom” will conclude with large enthusiastic performance.  Video quality and excellent point of view different from the official live work, such as the music of official non-collecting, this work is to enjoy with plenty of fun of the live 2004 Michael further. In the U.S. tour in 2014 after 10 years from this live, the fact that co-starred with Michael Chris Logan other than the singer also interesting point. Original menu with only this work of course. Please get the chance please for a limited time, a must-see video of about 100 minutes

2月14日(金)~2月18日(火)の期間、店頭または通販にて、ジェネラル系のBeano, Tricone, Uxbridge, TRIAL, Wardour, ZION, MP, LUXOR等、プログレ系のAmity, Gravy Train, Virtuoso, Sigma, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill、メタル系のShades, Power Gate, Rising Arrow, DTB, Langley、Calm & Storm, またこのコーナーの「Import Title」のアイテムを2枚ご購入頂いたお客様へのプレゼント・アイテムのアイテムのご紹介です。


マイケル・シェンカーがクリス・ローガンを迎えた2004年の「ARACHNOPHOBIAC」アメリカツアーより、9月15日のペンシルバニア州フィラデルフィア公演が、プロショット級の極上オーディエンス・ショットで登場! まさかのギフト・タイトルでリリース決定です!

マイケル・シェンカーは2000年以降、UFOとMICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP(およびMICHAEL SCHENKER名義のソロ活動)を平行させ、毎年コンスタントにアルバムを発表していました。その当時MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUPにおいてシンガーを務めていたのがクリス・ローガン。マイケルはクリスがコンビを組んだ「BE AWARE OF SCORPIONS」と「ARACHNOPHOBIAC」は、クリスの個性を反映した、ストレートな作風で、マイケルの作品中でも異彩を放っています。

「ARACHNOPHOBIAC」に伴う2004年ツアーは、3月のポーランドにおけるライヴが公式ライヴ映像「WORLD WIDE LIVE 2004」として発表されています。しかし公式映像化されたライヴは、フェスティバル出演という制約上、当時のフルセットではなく、幾つかの楽曲が省略されていました。それに対し本作では、公式未収録の「Fat City N.O.」や「Because I Can」、そして「Fatal Strike」を含む完全版。2004年のM.S.G.ライヴはアイテムの種類も限られているため、ライヴの全容を掴ませる本作はマニアを喜ばせるでしょう。
ヴォーカルのクリス・ローガンはゲイリー・バーデンをパワフルにしたようなタイプで、「Are You Ready To Rock」からマイケルのナンバーに溶け込んでいます(彼はUFOナンバーの「Mother Mary」や「Let It Roll」だけでなく、「Assault Attack」でも意外なくらい似合っています)。マイケルを支えるメンバーは、キーボードにお馴染みのウェイン・フィンドレイ、ベースはレブ・ジョンーンズ、そしてドラムはピート・ホルムズです(このリズムセクションは2014年のアメリカツアーにも参加)。外見・プレイともにファンキーなレブは、音源以上に本作のような映像でこそ魅力を実感できるプレイヤー。多くの曲で髪をグルグルと振り回し躍動するアクションや、随所に高いテクニックを披露する姿は、ある意味マイケル以上に見所いっぱいです。
もちろんマイケルのギターはどの曲でも素晴らしいの一言。定番曲だけでなく、「Fat City N.O.」や「Because I Can」など、今では演奏されていない楽曲でも、キレのあるプレイを聴かせます。ライヴの中盤で3連発される「ARACHNOPHOBIAC」ナンバーは大きな見所。キャッチーな「Rock And Roll Believer」にヘヴィな「Arachnophobiac」そしてメロディアスな「Fatal Strike」などいずれも個性的です。「このまま忘れ去られるには惜しい!」と思わずにはいられません。
「Into The Arena」ライヴのハイライト。同一メンバーで演奏されている2014年アメリカツアーでのテイクと比較しても面白いでしょう。これ以降はマイケルの代表曲が惜しげもなく連発されます。「Only You Can Rock Me」や「Too Hot To Handle」、「On And On」そして「Attack Of The Mad Axeman」と、UFOそしてM.S.G.の名曲が交互に取り上げられ、アンコールはお約束の「Doctor Doctor」と「Rock Bottom」が大熱演で締めくくります。


1. Introduction 2. Are You Ready To Rock 3. Mother Mary 4. Assault Attack 5. Let It Roll
6. Fat City N.O. 7. Lights Out 8. Because I Can 9. Rock And Roll Believer 10. Arachnophobiac
11. Fatal Strike 12. Into The Arena 13. Only You Can Rock Me 14. On And On 15. Too Hot To Handle
16. Attack Of The Mad Axeman 17. Armed And Ready 18. Doctor Doctor 19. Rock Bottom

Michael Schenker – Guitar Chris Logan – Vocals Rev Jones – Bass, Backing Vocals
Wayne Findley – Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals Pete Holmes – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 99min.

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