Michael Schenker Group / Rockpalast 1981 / 1DVDR

Michael Schenker Group / Rockpalast 1981 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Markthalle, Namburg, Germany 24th January 1981. Pro-SHOT


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★ and to meet the request hot fan, large classic live video of heyday Michael Schenker Group re-emerged for a limited time! Than 1981 Michael celebrated the Cozy Powell, was recorded in multi-camera pro shot a Hamburg, Germany concert “ROCKPALAST 1981” is the gift release decisions again here!

Career of Michael Schenker has reached 40 years in this 2014. In recent years to “MICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK”, each of which comes with baked strongly in the memory of fans in MSG and UFO era, eventful from full-scale debut in the SCORPIONS.
Speaking of age to collect the cheers from fans, especially in the, he had hit a strong impression, MSG initial is raised again. It also would be the time that between 1980 to 1981, it was played with Cozy Powell. By that won the Cozy that immediately after left the RAINBOW, Kyoshu the next has been noted, the carrier of Michael I was one stage certainly improved.
The live of the two co-stars, the United States and United Kingdom tour tour in the late ’80 is known multiple, high-quality audience recording of many exist in the Japan tour of ’81 years. But if you’re a fan, what you want to watch the video the appearance that they compete. Pro shot excellent, this work “ROCKPALAST 1981” meets the wishes of the fans called “! Want to watch.”

The thing that was recorded from the music program “Rock Palast” local, the Hamburg, Germany concert January 24, 1981 in this work. Feature based on material that say this video has been formulated in these days, with the best quality in the on-air master in this work, and enjoy a different texture is also the official. It is an image of the familiar from VTR era mania, but a clear distinction with the video material of the video era of course, the master voice “Armed And Ready” of (3:14), which was confirmed by its outstanding title in Langley Label (state of sound and voice is also superlative of course) that trouble has also been cleared. Person or fan of “just beginning to collect the collectible item of Michael”, usually there is no interest in Schenker too will also feel free to enjoy it and “Do Let’s watch a little.”

The contents of the live word of sublime course. Contest of Cozy lineup 1981 Hard Rock Mania veteran reflexively think of the word “live for the MSG”, and Michael is a very thrilling from the beginning. Flow to the “Armed And Ready” will let numbness to questions asked the fans from the “Ride of the Valkyries” flowing in the opening! The camera work was intensive close-up, it accurately captures the guitar playing of Michael, an effective switching of multiple cameras, entertain closely also the figure of members such as Gary Barden and Cozy. I am portrays ideally not be more, the appeal of the band vibrant energetic. Not only guitar razor sharp, short hair looks also good looking Michael. And wearing a shirt featuring the logo of MSG on the back, Cozy will waging drum play compelling.
In addition to the classic and “Cry For The Nations” and “Into The Arena”, “Lost Horizons”, is great, the music of the initial unique “Victim Of Illusion,” “Feels Like a Good Thing”, and “Looking Out From Nowhere” you can enjoy a quality it happy!
Number of UFO “Natural Thing” In addition, it is different in from convincing promise and “Rock Bottom” and “Doctor Doctor”, Cozy is hit further. The climax to “Lights Out”, it will entertain at a stretch playing about 65 minutes!

Sound source has been enhanced, as described above, but now also The live of this at the time, the material of the quality that can be satisfied with the professional shot video, typical this work. Please enjoy this work with the original menu, superlative image quality, performance and say the best even in the initial lineup. Do not miss a chance for a limited time!

★ファンの熱いリクエストにお応えして、絶頂期マイケル・シェンカー・グループの大定番ライヴ映像が期間限定で再登場! マイケルがコージー・パウエルを迎えた1981年当時より、ドイツ・ハンブルク公演をマルチカメラ・プロショットで収録した「ROCKPALAST 1981」が、ここに再度のギフト・リリース決定です!

 マイケル・シェンカーのキャリアは、この2014年で40年に達しました。SCORPIONSでの本格デビューから波乱のUFO時代、そしてM.S.G.に近年の”MICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK”まで、それぞれがファンの記憶に強く焼きついています。
 両者共演のライヴは、’80年後半のイギリスツアーやアメリカツアーが複数知られ、’81年のジャパンツアーでは多くの優良オーディエンス録音が存在します。しかしファンならば、彼らが競う姿を映像で観たいもの。本作「ROCKPALAST 1981」は、優れたプロショットで、ファンの「観たい!」という願いを満たします。

 本作では1981年1月24日のドイツ・ハンブルグ公演を、現地の音楽番組”ロックパラスト”より収録したもの。この映像は最近になって公式化されていますが、本作ではオンエア・マスターで最も良質といえる素材を元に、公式とも違った質感で楽しめるのが特徴。マニアにはVTR時代からお馴染みの映像ですが、マスターはもちろんビデオ時代の映像素材とは一線を画し、Langleyレーベルの既発タイトルで確認された「Armed And Ready」(3:14)の音声トラブルもクリアされています(もちろん音声やサウンドの状態も最上級です)。「マイケルのコレクターズ・アイテムを収集し始めたばかり」というファンや、普段は余りシェンカーに興味がないという人も「ちょっと観てみようか」と気軽に楽しめるでしょう。

 もちろんライヴの中身は壮絶の一言。ベテランのハードロック・マニアが「M.S.G.のライヴ」という言葉で反射的に思い浮かべる1981年ラインナップ、マイケルとコージーの競演は、序盤から非常にスリリングです。オープニングで流れる「ワルキューレの騎行」から「Armed And Ready」への流れは、ファンを問答無用に痺れさせます! クローズアップを多用したカメラワークは、マイケルのギター・プレイを的確に捉え、複数カメラの効果的なスイッチングは、コージーやゲイリー・バーデンといったメンバーの姿もきっちりと楽しませる。エネルギッシュに躍動するバンドの魅力を、これ以上ないほど理想的に描き出しています。マイケルは切れ味鋭いギターのみならず、短髪のルックスも格好良い。コージーは背中にM.S.G.のロゴをあしらったシャツを身につけ、迫力満点のドラムプレイを繰り広げます。
 「Cry For The Nations」や「Into The Arena」・「Lost Horizons」といった定番のほか、初期ならではの「Victim Of Illusion」・「Feels Like a Good Thing」,「Looking Out From Nowhere」といった楽曲を、素晴らしいクオリティで満喫できるのは嬉しい! 
さらにUFOナンバーの「Natural Thing」ほか、お約束の「Rock Bottom」や「Doctor Doctor」も、コージーが叩くと説得力からして違う。クライマックスの「Lights Out」まで、約65分の演奏を一気に楽しませてしまいます!


1. Rockpalast Intro. 2. Ride Of The Valkyries 3. Armed And Ready 4. Cry For The Nations
5. Victim Of Illusion 6. Natural Thing 7. Feels Like a Good Thing 8. Into The Arena
9. Rock Bottom 10. Looking Out From Nowhere 11. Lost Horizons 12. Doctor Doctor 13. Lights Out

Michael Schenker – Guitar Gary Barden – Vocal Chris Glen – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums 
Paul Raymond – Keyboards, Guitar 


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