Michael Schenker / Landing Romana 2012 / 1DVDR

Michael Schenker / Landing Romana 2012 / 1DVDR / Non Label
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Live at Romana Mainstage, Romana, CA. USA 7th October 2012


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Than “TEMPLE OF ROCK” world tour of Michael Schenker, is the emergence in the latest of the video is nice gift title. California Romana performances corresponding to the 5 performances eyes than the 2nd leg of the American tour, which started from October 3, was completely recorded in the best of force from the audience in the front row, a fan must-see one.

Live in the “TEMPLE OF ROCK,” which became a different solo work and M.S.G., as well as albums by various guests participated, it was as colorful also selection of music in the participating members and live. In the 1st leg of the place the US tour in February participated Robin McAuley on vocals, if you whether was recalled to take up the “Macquarie Schenker Group” era “Save Yourself”, visit to Japan of the March performance in and Michael Voss was the main vocals on the album, Herman Rareberu former SCORPIONS were greeted to members. In the European Tour since April Doogie White has served as a front, here also participated Francis Buhhorutsu former SCORPIONS on the base, formed a rhythm to Herman and about 20 years, “Lovedrive” and “Blackout” we were thrilled fans with SCORPIONS number of such.
Michael live from these efforts are in response to the support of the fans, it will determine the second time of the tour in the United States in the summer. But also vocal has been advanced adjustment in the original Robin this time, Robin has become impossible to participate due to illness. So was erected as a stand-in is, “WRITTEN IN THE SAND” announcement at the time, was “Story Live” David Van Landing, who served as one of the singer in Michael.
This work from the fall of the American tour, which began from October 3, the live in Romana “Romana main stage” of seven days, recorded in digital video, which boasts a great clearness. Robin sudden illness of is a pity, but the performance of was accidentally realized “TEMPLE OF ROCK” tour “the fourth of the singer”, you can enjoy the powerful plenty.

Only in the immediate vicinity of the digital video, the clearness not to mention outstanding. Furthermore, in shooting from the most seats in the front row in this live, Michael and David, still based Elliott Rubinson and play side guitar of Wayne Findlay also, it has been captured by the great force each (composition of its closeness and video , and comparable to a classic video “TEMPLE oF ROCK iN CALIFORNIA”).
Also features of this video to grasp the play of Michael in detail. Including “Lovedrive” the opening, in the solo of each song at hand of Michael is a close-up, it will feel like if I were looking at the part of the official video. Voice although the low-pass feel a little distortion at the peak over Pounds, which is also due to the closeness of the stage and the photographer. It will also say rather to enhance the force of live.
Live (including the new song “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”) SCORPIONS number of “Lovedrive”, “Another Piece Of Meat” in the beginning, “Rock My Nights Away” MSG part leading to the “Save Yourself”, and UFO part, such as the middle and later of angry waves, such as playing music has been divided into each scene configuration. Condensed Michael charm with each scene, you can enjoy the excellent music and music. Michael has many scenes that put a smiling smile even while playing, good humor of state from opening. Let me listen to the guitar with a sharp even “Into The Arena” and “Rock My Nights Away”. Weaving a sensual tone in the melodious “Love To Love”, catchy “Natural Thing”, and “Rock Bottom” of the questions asked, even UFO number, freeze guitar does not know the place to stay! David also to hear the vocals with power a relaxed, M.S.G. Of the song, you have doing singing firmly with UFO number. This dexterity, I think in many people remember the performance of the “STORY LIVE”.

“TEMPLE OF ROCK” as described above from the tour, matches the pattern of the United States Tour 1st leg “TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA” and large classic video is present, such as “SAVE THEMSELVES”, the Japan tour is also in the sound source “TEMPLE oF tHE GOD “or, is known as” BEFORE tHE DEVIL KNOWS “European tour. Alongside this work with them, it is the one that captures the 2012 live of Michael to Katsuaki. Full-fledged along with David Van Landing was the first time in 15 years performance at the tour co-star, the fans do not miss absolutely live. With the original menu, the same day the video definitive edition of 91 minutes, please come and get the chance of this limited time!

マイケル・シェンカーの「TEMPLE OF ROCK」ワールドツアーより、最新の映像が嬉しいギフト・タイトルで登場です。10月3日からスタートしたアメリカツアーの2ndレグより5公演目に当たるカリフォルニア州ロマーナ公演を、客席最前列から最高の迫力で完全収録した、ファン必見の一本です。

M.S.G.とは異なるソロ作品となった「TEMPLE OF ROCK」でのライヴは、様々なゲストが参加したアルバム同様に、参加メンバーやライヴでの選曲も多彩なものとなりました。2月に行われたアメリカツアーの1stレグではヴォーカルにロビン・マッコーリーが参加し、「Save Yourself」を取り上げて”マッコーリー・シェンカー・グループ”時代を想起させたかと思えば、3月の来日公演ではアルバムでメイン・ヴォーカルだったマイケル・ヴォスや、元SCORPIONSのハーマン・ラレベルがメンバーに迎えられました。またドゥギー・ホワイトがフロントを務めた4月以降のヨーロッパツアーでは、ベースにこちらも元SCORPIONSのフランシス・ブッホルツが参加し、ハーマンと約20年ぶりにリズムを組んで、「Lovedrive」や「Blackout」などのSCORPIONSナンバーでファンを感激させました。
こうした工夫からマイケルのライヴはファンの支持を受けて、夏にはアメリカで2度目のツアーが決定します。今回もヴォーカルは当初ロビンで調整が進められましたが、ロビンは病気のため参加が不可能となってしまいました。そこで代役として立てられたのが、「WRITTEN IN THE SAND」発表当時、マイケルの”ストーリー・ライヴ”でシンガーの一人を務めたデイヴィッド・ヴァン・ランディングでした。
本作は10月3日から始まった秋のアメリカツアーから、7日のロマーナ”ロマーナ・メインステージ”でのライヴを、素晴らしいクリアネスを誇るデジタル映像で収録。ロビンの急病は残念ですが、図らずも実現した「TEMPLE OF ROCK」ツアー”第4のシンガー”のパフォーマンスを、迫力たっぷりに満喫できます。

直近のデジタル映像だけに、そのクリアネスは言うまでもなく抜群。さらに本ライヴではほとんど客席最前列からの撮影で、マイケルやデイヴィッド、さらにベースのエリオット・ルビンソンやサイドギターのウェイン・フィンドレイのプレイも、それぞれ素晴らしい迫力で捉えられています(その近さや映像の構図は、定番映像である「TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA」にも匹敵します)。
ライヴは序盤の「Lovedrive」・「Another Piece Of Meat」のSCORPIONSナンバー、「Save Yourself」から「Rock My Nights Away」に至るM.S.G.パート(新曲の「Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead」を含む)、中盤以降の怒涛のようなUFOパートと、演奏曲が場面ごとに区切られたような構成。それぞれの場面でマイケルの魅力を凝縮した、優れた演奏と楽曲を楽しめます。マイケルは演奏中もにこやかな笑みを浮かべる場面が多く、オープニングから上機嫌な様子。「Into The Arena」や「Rock My Nights Away」でもキレのあるギターを聴かせてくれます。メロディアスで官能的なトーンを紡ぐ「Love To Love」、キャッチーな「Natural Thing」、問答無用の「Rock Bottom」と、UFOナンバーでも、冴え渡るギターは留まるところを知りません! デイヴィッドも伸びやかでパワーのあるヴォーカルを聴かせ、M.S.G.の曲、UFOナンバーともしっかり歌いこなしています。この器用さに、「STORY LIVE」でのパフォーマンスを思い出す人も多いのではないでしょうか。

「TEMPLE OF ROCK」ツアーからは前述したように、アメリカツアー1stレッグの模様を収めた「TEMPLE OF ROCK IN CALIFORNIA」・「SAVE THEMSELVES」といった大定番映像が存在し、音源でも来日公演の「TEMPLE OF THE GOD」や、ヨーロッパツアーの「BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS」などが知られます。本作はそれらと並んで、マイケルの2012年ライヴを克明に捉えた一本です。本格的なツアー共演では15年ぶりとなったデイヴィッド・ヴァン・ランディングのパフォーマンスと共に、ファンは絶対に見逃せないライヴ。オリジナル・メニュー付き,91分間の同日映像決定版を、この期間限定のチャンスに是非ゲットしてください!

1. Lovedrive 2. Another Piece Of Meat 3. Save Yourself 4. Assault Attack 5. Into The Arena
6. Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead 7. Rock My Nights Away 8. Shoot Shoot 9. Let It Roll
10. Love To Love 11. Band Introduction 12. Natural Thing 13. Lights Out 14. Armed And Ready
15. Rock Bottom 16. Doctor Doctor

Michael Schenker – Guitar David Van Landing – Vocal Elliot Rubinson – Bass
Wayne Findlay – Keyboards, Guitar Pete Holmes – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.91min.

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