Metallica / Still Drunk In Long Island / 1DVDR

Metallica / Still Drunk In Long Island / 1 DVDR / Non Label

Translated text:

Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USA 28th April 1986. NTSC


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Representative image of the Cliff Burton era is the revival release gift. This work is audience shot of “, 1986 April 28 Uniondale performances”. And was that “CLIFF ‘EM ALL” or “Master Of Puppets” was watching the video, this work is of a the full version.
As can be seen from the fact that has been adopted in the official video, the quality of this work is preeminent. Shooting from the stage right arena, anyway delicious zoom the member is displayed on the full screen. Moreover, despite the enthusiasm of the arena shooting, a sense of stability is amazing that hardly cause a camera shake. Apparently Although tripod does not seem to use, … or how this only had been allowed to settle in a huge video camera at the time. Master freshness also wonderfully, “Ride The Lightning,” but also there will slightly “Jiji'” that the voice noise is mixed that the like, line noise even does not occur on the screen, vivid color development. ‘s The one that you can witness a valuable record of the time at the highest quality.
Show to be displayed in its quality is, furious slash covered by young METALLICA. Is there in 52 minutes and a short video, but in fact this day is the undercard of Ozzy Osbourne, this in full show. Each Kore trilogy of slash golden even “KILL ‘EM ALL,” “RIDE THE LIGHTNING” “MASTER OF PUPPETS” in the short turn! The only ultra-classic is in Gyuu justified, you pounding the Takeshisoku-violent, ultra-dramatic. Moreover, this video is especially wild, it is a secret is in the schedule. Let’s a little organized.

– March 1986 – June: North America # 1 (56 performances) ← ★ here ★
– 1986 July: European # 1 (2 performances)
– July 1986 – August: North America # 2 (17 performances)
– September 1986: European # 2 (13 performances)
“September 27, Cliff died / October 28, Jason join”
– November 1986: North America # 3 (warm-up two shows)
– November 1986: Japan tour (5 performances)
– November 1986 – January 1987: North America # 4 (23 performances)
1987 January – February: European # 3 (26 performances)

This is “DAMAGE, INC. TOUR 1986-1987” all 77 performances. As can be seen watching this, this work is not only in the Cliff alive, corresponds to the initial even the entire tour. Soredakeni only youth is sorry momentum plenty. “Now Europe also, Japan, Earth whole conquered’ll!” Is not paid out the spirit as it is of the onslaught of. And, again, a maximum of attention of Cliff brave figure. Dressed in bell-bottom pants and a black tank top denim, intently to Hedoban while playing a complicated line in the detonation velocity …. “CLIFF ‘EM ALL” Noah of the spectacle, the legendary hero is seen in the full show. In heavy metal history, ……’s the Bubbly Tokuno video to such feelings wonder there was a dense 52 minutes so far.

This week, but will be tour the last day shot “GOTHENBURG 1987” gift release after joining Jason Newsted, if there is a consistent sense of metal that stepped on the Bakazu, this work is leaking from the burning Tagiru passion DVD wild, burning video. Cliff Burton we were not able to finally meet. His brave figure also vivid, historical video works that can be the raw experience the ultimate show of furious slash, will deliver this weekend to your handy.

クリフ・バートン時代の代表映像がギフトで復活リリースです。本作は「1986年4月28日ユニオンデール公演」のオーディエンス・ショット。あの『CLIFF ‘EM ALL』でも「Master Of Puppets」が観られた映像でして、本作はそのフルバージョンなのです。
オフィシャル映像に採用されたことからも分かるように、本作のクオリティはバツグン。ステージ右側アリーナからの撮影で、画面いっぱいにメンバーが映し出されるズームがとにかく美味しい。しかも、熱狂のアリーナ撮影にも関わらず、ほとんど手ブレを起こさない安定感が凄い。どうやら三脚は使っていないようですが、当時の巨大なビデオカメラでどうやってこれだけ安定させられたのか……。マスター鮮度も素晴らしく、「Ride The Lightning」等でわずかに「ジジッ」という音声ノイズが混じることもありますが、画面には線ノイズすら起こらず、発色も鮮やか。当時の貴重な記録を最高品質で目撃できる1枚なのです。
そのクオリティで映し出されるショウは、若きMETALLICAによる激烈スラッシュまみれ。52分と短めの映像ではあるのですが、実はこの日はオジー・オズボーンの前座であり、これでフルショウ。その短い出番にスラッシュ黄金の三部作『KILL ‘EM ALL』『RIDE THE LIGHTNING』『MASTER OF PUPPETS』でもコレぞ!の超名曲だけがギュウ詰めで、猛速・激烈・超劇的に叩きつけるのです。しかも、この映像は特にワイルドなのですが、それは秘密は日程にあります。ちょっと整理してみましょう。

・1986年3月-6月:北米#1(56公演) ←★ココ★

これが“DAMAGE, INC. TOUR 1986-1987”の全77公演。これを観ても分かる通り、本作はクリフ存命中なだけでなく、ツアー全体でも初期にあたる。それだけに若さだけでは済まない勢いタップリ。「これからヨーロッパも、日本も、地球丸ごと征服してやる!」の気迫そのままの猛攻が繰り出されるわけです。そして、やはり、最大の注目はクリフの勇姿。デニムのベルボトムと黒のタンクトップで身を包み、一心不乱にヘドバンしながら複雑なラインを爆速で奏でる……。『CLIFF ‘EM ALL』のあの光景、伝説の英雄がフルショウで観られる。ヘヴィメタル史上に、ここまで濃密な52分間があっただろうか……そんな想いまで沸き立つ特濃映像なのです。

今週はジェイソン・ニューステッド加入後のツアー最終日ショット『GOTHENBURG 1987』もギフト・リリースされますが、そちらが場数を踏んだメタルの整合感であるなら、本作は燃えたぎる情熱がDVDから漏れ出すワイルドな灼熱映像。私たちは遂に逢うことができなかったクリフ・バートン。彼の勇姿も鮮やかに、激烈スラッシュの究極ショウを本生体験できる歴史的映像作品、今週末あなたのお手元へお届けします。

1. Ecstasy Of Gold 2. Battery 3. Master Of Puppets 4. For Whom The Bell Tolls
5. Ride The Lightning 6. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 7. Seek And Destroy 8. Creeping Death
9. Am I Evil 10. Damage Inc.

James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Cliff Burton – Bass, Vocal
Kirk Hammett – Guitar

COLOUR NTSC Approx.52min.

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