Metallica & Megadeth / Bullshit Is Over / 3CD

Metallica & Megadeth / Bullshit Is Over / 3CD / Zodiac

Translated text:
Milton Keynes National Bowl, UK 5th June 1993. Stereo

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2 large band that was connected by a defunct deep fate unparalleled even in heavy metal history, METALLICA & MEGADETH. Its historic “reconciliation live” is a large appeared in best sound board album! Also sound quality not only significant in historical super sound, 3-Disc CD of press that both bands of Chow heyday can enjoy plenty. “This is ze he massaged the Earth of heavy metal!” Is a super Ketteiban you want with it with a note Yari be launched by rocket !!

[Historic reconciliation Live ] “Milton Keynes performances June 5, 1993” of the UK has been recorded in this work. At the time, “MEGADETH chaired the opening of METALLICA!?” And in great live became a hot topic, MEGADETH to disk 1, I have recorded stage of METALLICA on disk 2, 3. 10 years from METALLICA and Dave Mustaine that was pioneered thrash metal was found a sleeve 1983, while the evolution of HEAVY METAL while affect each other, it is both who had waged a war of words on the media that a live that appeal to reconciliation .
Of course, but the fact is not that also appear in the fighting spirit of play, all that most iconic of Mustaine MC. Before the “Liar” “Do not because today I’m such end also Pig not turn of events of it was between ze become historic day .MEGADETH and METALLICA 10 years! And (10 years of bullshit is over between Megadeth & Metallica !!)” loudly declare scene and pat recorded in sound board. Of course, this work’s title, we are named after this MC.
※ Note: both bands strictly speaking, the 1985 year-end event is already contest. However, MEGADETH was immediately after the debut at that time, underdogs handle than METAL CHURCH and EXODUS of other performers. I went to live as two signs that second only to METALLICA, this “Milton Keynes 1993” was the first time.

[Heyday of Seizetsu Live ] The contents of live also great. That should be it, in 1993 this live has been performed, both large masterpiece “BLACK ALBUM” “COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION” era that was raised to create a. If band potential career high, is a popular-enthusiasm also career high of audience to listen for it, even the long both bands history, any more’s the heyday live in heyday not fulfilling the era.
On it, because I fired up the historical events have been plenty of injection, can not have it intends nasty. While founding the thrash metal, but is both bands that come a “de-slash” “Authentic metalation” as if it were like collusion, violence version slash numbers are to make once the recall of this day! Moreover, sharpness of riff-laden discipline of 10 years gouge the five viscera beyond the once, sounds even heavier drop to where Heavy numbers. Especially METALLICA the roar and of Jason Newsted, coupled also tremendous sound quality, which will be described later, really …… are supposed to be ridiculous, is a strong force live and I want to let also listen to aliens !!

[Longest-best quality! ] Sound was recorded such a historic day is also, a great over the wheel. Broadcasting sound source Both band has become a base, completely free from common “Shirajirashi of no cheers” or “unnatural mix of Shoku-rokuri”. Exactly “rival Official only” I a.
On it, whether such as vivid Nejifuseru the official, also amazing. Violence the first time in the musical tone also I intense, but I great even looked like fresh cheers to have been covered by the broadcaster. Normally, to cheer is much mix to about Sorry, you or was repeat of pseudo SE comes to terrible things, in the case of this work (quite, enough adventure) and are plenty of mix. Moreover, the cheers is fully integrated with the band, let alone get in the way, are not also brighten many times the performance. While incision point of a sword sharp sound board, … to fully enjoy until the real sense of reality, such as happened to like historic day. Sound quality, let alone up to the musical sound and complete, live album drawn live of charm, a relief to the fullest. Only heyday both bands (including official) There are also a number of sound board but, of this work is top quality to compete the 1 and 2 there is no doubt!

In fact, “Milton Keynes performances”, only high-quality missing Zuba to is also a famous classic sound source, but it is the longest-best version of this work among a certain number of titles. For example, already issued of MEGADETH fraction, most of them umbrella increasing the board to mix with other performances and a single copy of such. In contrast, those extra sound source in this work will have to add recorded “Peace Sells”, “Anarchy In The UK” from another broadcast of “Milton Keynes performance” without any. The two songs only but because the sound quality is different is a bonus treat, this is not cover the entire line sources to exist in (remaining four songs “Countdown To Extinction” of the day “Lucretia” “Sweating Bullets”, “Holy Wars” it has not been discovered).
Two songs “Enter Sandman,” “So What” what Although a unreleased of 2nd encore that METALLICA worth also not been found, it is full inclusion otherwise. Or was already issued title one product, or there is a cut or fade-out between songs, but there was also a title such as or have suffered is irrelevant music in the “Battery” (!) Some, such drawbacks to this work but it does not exist at all.
Thus, the present work is the historical significance, performance, enthusiasm, I sound …… of the live album that all uniform. Following became a big hit “NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE” “LEGENDARY QUARTET”, which is also countable name board match for a “HEAVY METAL masterpiece of music called” no doubt. In Ketteiban specification of name board birth to appropriate press 3CD, and we deliver a live album to be this Memorial. Again and METALLICA and Mustaine is Iawaseru, what would happen is amazing thing ……….


ヘヴィメタル史上でも比類なき深い因縁で繋がれた2大バンド、METALLICA & MEGADETH。その歴史的な“和解ライヴ”が最高のサウンドボード・アルバムで大登場です! 意義だけでなく音質も歴史的なスーパー・サウンドで、超・絶頂期の両バンドがたっぷりと楽しめるプレスCDの3枚組。「これが地球のヘヴィメタルってもんだぜ!」とメモを付けてロケットで打ち上げてやりたい超決定盤です!!

本作に収録されているのは英国の「1993年6月5日ミルトン・キーンズ公演」。当時、“MEGADETHがMETALLICAのオープニングを務める!?”と大いに話題になったライヴで、ディスク1にMEGADETH、ディスク2・3にMETALLICAのステージを収録しています。スラッシュメタルを創始したMETALLICAとデイヴ・ムステインが袂を分かった1983年から10年、互いに影響し合いながらHEAVY METALを進化させつつ、メディア上で舌戦を繰り広げていた両者が和解をアピールしたライヴなのです。
もちろん、その事実は演奏の気合いにも現れているわけですが、一番象徴的なのがムステインのMC。「Liar」の前に「今日は歴史的な日になるぜ。MEGADETHとMETALLICAの間にあった10年間のくだらねぇイザコザも終わりなんだからな!(10 years of bullshit is over between Megadeth & Metallica!!)」と高らかに宣言するシーンもサウンドボードでばっちり収録。もちろん、本作のタイトルは、このMCにちなんでいます。
※注:厳密に言うと1985年の年末イベントで両バンドはすでに競演しています。ただし、その時点でデビュー直後だったMEGADETHは、他出演者のMETAL CHURCHやEXODUSよりも格下扱い。METALLICAに次ぐ二枚看板としてライヴを行ったのは、この「ミルトン・キーンズ1993」が初めてでした。

ライヴの内容も素晴らしい。それもそのはず、このライヴが行われた1993年は、両者とも大代表作「BLACK ALBUM」「COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION」を創り上げた時代。バンド・ポテンシャルがキャリア・ハイなら、それを待ち受ける観客の人気・熱狂もキャリア・ハイであり、歴史の長い両バンドといえども、これ以上に充実した時代はない絶頂期中の絶頂期ライヴなのです。
その上、歴史的イベントの気合いがたっぷり注入されているのですから、悪かろうはずがない。スラッシュメタルを創始しながら、まるで示し合わせたかのように“脱スラッシュ”“オーセンティック・メタル化”を歩んだ両バンドですが、この日のスラッシュ・ナンバーはかつてを思い起こさせる暴虐バージョン! しかも、10年間の鍛錬を積んだリフの切れ味はかつてを超えて五臓をえぐり、ヘヴィ・ナンバーはどこまでも重く六腑に響く。特にMETALLICAはジェイソン・ニューステッドの咆哮や、後述する凄まじい音質も相まって、とんでもないことになってる……本当に、異星人にも聴かせてやりたいド迫力ライヴです!!


実のところ「ミルトン・キーンズ公演」は、ズバ抜けた高品質だけに有名な定番音源でもあるのですが、数あるタイトルの中でも本作が最長・最良バージョンです。例えば、MEGADETH分の既発は、他公演やシングルのコピー等と混ぜてかさ増しした盤がほとんど。それに対して、本作ではそうした余分な音源は一切なく「ミルトン・キーンズ公演」の別放送から「Peace Sells」「Anarchy In The U.K.」を追加収録しています。この2曲のみ音質が異なるのでボーナス扱いですが、これで現存する全ライン音源を網羅しているわけです(この日の残り4曲「Countdown To Extinction」「Lucretia」「Sweating Bullets」「Holy Wars」は発見されていません)。
METALLICA分も発見されていない2ndアンコールの2曲「Enter Sandman」「So What」こそ未収録なものの、それ以外は完全収録。既発タイトルは1枚物だったり、曲間のカットやフェイドアウトがあったり、中には「Battery」で無関係の音楽が被っていたり(!)といったタイトルもありましたが、本作にはそうした欠点が一切存在しません。
このように、本作は歴史的な意義、演奏、熱狂、サウンド……そのすべてがそろったライヴ・アルバムなのです。大ヒットとなった「NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE」「LEGENDARY QUARTET」に続き、これもまた「HEAVY METALという音楽の最高傑作」に数えられる名盤なのは間違いない。名盤誕生に相応しいプレス3CDの決定盤仕様で、この記念すべきライヴ・アルバムをお届けまします。やはりMETALLICAとムステインが居合わせると、凄いことが起きてしまうのか………。

Disc 1 / MEGADETH (43:24)
1. Symphony Of Destruction 2. Skin On My Teeth 3. Wake Up Dead
4. “10 years of bullshit is over between Megadeth & Metallica”
5. Liar 6. In My Darkest Hour 7. The Conjuring
8. Hook In Mouth 9. Angry Again

10. Peace Sells 11. Anarchy In The U.K.

Disc 2 / METALLICA (79:28)
1. The Ecstasy Of Gold 2. Creeping Death 3. Harvester Of Sorrow
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 5. Of Wolf And Man
6. Wherever I May Roam 7. The Thing That Should Not Be
8. The Unforgiven 9. Disposable Heroes 10. Bass Solo
11. Orion/To Live To Die/The Call Of Ktulu 12. The Four Horsemen

Disc 3 / METALLICA (64:55)
1. For Whom The Bell Tolls 2. Fade To Black 3. Master Of Puppets
4. Seek & Destroy 5. Battery
6. Nothing Else Matters 7. Sad But True 8. Last Caress 9. One


Dave Mustaine – Vocals, Guitar David Ellefson – Bass
Marty Friedman – Guitar Nick Menza – Drums

James Hetfield – Vocals, Guitar Lars Ulrich – Drums
Kirk Hammett – Guitar Jason Newsted – Bass, Vocals


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