Metallica / Master Of Puppets Demos / 1 CDR

Metallica / Master Of Puppets Demos / 1 CDR / Non Label

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Studio Demos Of ‘ Master Of Puppets’ Album.

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In about two months prior to entering into a full-fledged recording in 1985, Denmark in Copenhagen, New was recorded in San Francisco in the studio “MASTER OF PUPPETS”: recorded demo track of (official release 86 July). July 14 is a take collection are said to be recording, but you have credit also along with it, the sound of the texture and mix, freshness, and furthermore is vary for each track, including pitch,-recording for this time a representative take the initial demonstration is supposed to be a summary for each song. Previously, the same content take of which had been around there was a generation or pitch of the problem, the board is subjected to the exact pitch correction to take to be the best, recorded current, a version that can be declared the best in the perfect sound image you have. “Battery # 1” Rashiku one shot-recording in the studio, and Tsu mistake over the intro to 2 times, each time, how intense base of Cliff sounds in the studio to loud is a masterpiece. Vocal in the instrumental version of the off, although the corresponding rough stuffed of details led the drum, the gist of the song has been almost completed. Were higher pitch is accurately corrected. “Battery # 2” is vocal-filled version. Here it Yes exactly established a lower pitch. Solid sound and performance is the best in the fairly straight. “Disposable Heroes # 1” stumble twice in the intro in the same way, “Battery # 1”, and interlude in the third. Guitar lap riff is a great force, but it received an overall straight impression. Here in installation version, it has become a highlight of the take of up to 9 minutes. “Disposable Heroes # 2” is filled vocals. Lyrics are quite different from the final. This is slightly compared to the other take, but I feel the problem of tape degradation, because out firmly also high-frequency, such as cymbals it seems whether because of the tape condition rather than a generator. Was low pitch is accurately corrected. “Master Of Puppets” is installation number that is not covered with a vocal. Duration 8 minutes and 40 seconds. This Early take to receive a simple impression in a more straight compared to the official final. Including the break, but everything is developing take, it has been the gist is almost finished the other take similarly music, you will hear the most interesting throughout the whole it can be said that the “take the fun-packed demo unique”. It was lower pitch also gives the exact correction. “Welcome Home / Orion # 1” is a take-rich sound mix and direct feel of charm in the large-boned in the installation. Welcome Home was completed in 5 minutes and 30 seconds, you can enjoy a very attractive initial arrangement that directly Orion in the medley is played, such as about 4 minutes less than Long coder. Not limited to this song, because Kirk of solo play is quite different from the final, also hear interesting that part. Outline of the arrangement of the second half of the guitar of the twin lead and the base of the entanglement is, you can see what is almost completed at this stage. I feel the ending is or was like Welcome Home. “Welcome Home / Orion # 2” is filled vocals. Lyrics on completely different, version of not to rust called “Sanitarium”. View of the world of the lyrics even, but do not be at all at this stage, you can see that the essence of the music has been completed. Here enters the Orion part from 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Guitar, drums, bass is clearly more than “Take # 1”, is to listen Gotae perfect score Harmony also beautifully dramatic. The take was low pitch is accurately corrected. 8 track onward, it has recorded five songs a Demoteiku that appeared to have been recorded at the same time. “Battery # 3” is the installation, but separate from the “Battery # 1” take. This is also very fresh texture. “Welcome Home # 1” is also in the installation, here has been cut out before leading to Orion. “Welcome Home # 2” is the short version of 3 minutes and 40 seconds in the song-filled. “Disposable Heroes # 3” is “# 1” and “# 2” good take sound quality than in the installation version. However, it is cut out in the vicinity of 5 minutes and 40 seconds. Last is about 3 minutes a little less than independent takes of “Orion”. I feel a little problem on the tape condition, but the freshness itself of sound you can hear firmly good. “# 1” will be fade halfway not been recorded until the ending such as “# 2”. It should be noted that the last of the four tracks (Outtakes) is Yes to successfully coordinate the pitch was low. While this as the sound of quality in is mixed, is not allowed to pass through to avoid if fan, is a big must-listen sound source. The 80s heavy metal to restore a group of initial demo track of the name board in the name board to represent “Master Of Puppets”, Ketteiban take collection of titles that can be heard in the best condition. It is one piece of fan must-have, must listen. (Total Duration: 78 minutes)

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.157 (August 2013). In case you’re wondering.

Bonus CDR that comes with the first delivery worth of “MASTER OF CHICAGO (ZODIAC-019)”. It gem of demo track that was recorded in San Francisco in the studio towards the production of “MASTER OP PUPPETS” in 1985. Although it was so far that is noticeable variation and roughness in sound quality and pitch in a number floating around have been already issued board, in this film them of the problem is carefully correction and improvement in every song, recorded in a very listening easy best sound image the biggest feature that has been. Takumi of Although the demo performance also stands out, it will be worth noting’re full of fresh live feeling.
By the way in some of the songs have lyrics is still unstable (unfinished?) Places, among them track (4) (7) (10) is interesting to have a great deal different from the final take of the album lyrics . First of all, “Welcome Home / Orion # 1” But, initially these two songs would itself originally surprise it was the music that led by such a medley. Finale of the “Orion” are also very slapstick at this time, it has left heavily unfinished appearance. There is a change in the take # 2 in performance expression lyrics with, lyrics are quite different as well as the final form. In particular, in this take you will be surprised by the unusual approach that there is absolutely no lyrics of “♪ Sanitarium” of rust parts. There is a tie also expressive smooth than take # 1 to the “Orion”, finale just before the slapstick begins even a little longer than take # 1, I feel it is that apparently there has been speculation for which there is another expansion while fumbling It is.
Track (8) or later, date unknown demonstration that appeared to have been recorded at the same time followed by five songs. “Welcome Home # 1” is a installation, but the take of a single unit of the above-mentioned “Orion” has been disconnected. But still the actual performance from the fact that cut-out “Orion” are believed to have been followed Thereafter, track (6) (7) to that of the same period such wonder. “Welcome Home # 2” is after is absolutely no lyrics of rust even but track with a song here, finale portion is finished tethered by editing in the vicinity of 3 minutes 31 seconds. Maybe this is I think the are or paste was cut and pasted by omitting unnecessary portions of the same take, or another performance take, the time began to explore the possibility of establishing the respective anyway as a single song Remains of wonder.
It means that, all of the demo was recorded here, but he said that the key to solving the secret of that name record, it is and there is also a thing be glimpse of some of the suffering when Oh the name melody and classics will be born at the same time think. Only normally have to face the music here is music born of a secret that can not be experienced.

1985年デンマークのコペンハーゲンにて本格的な録音に入る約2か月前に、サンフランシスコのスタジオで録音された新作「MASTER OF PUPPETS」(公式リリース: 86年7月)のデモトラックを収録。7月14日録音と言われているテイク集であり、クレジットもそれに沿っていますが、音の質感やミックス、鮮度、更にはピッチも含め各トラック毎にまちまちですので、この時期に録りためた初期デモの代表テイクを楽曲毎にまとめたものであると推測されます。これまで出回っていた同内容のテイクはジェネレーションやピッチの問題がありましたが、本盤は最良とされるテイクに正確なピッチ補正を施し、現行、ベストと断言できるヴァージョンを完璧な音像で収録しています。「Battery #1」はスタジオでの一発録りらしく、イントロを2回に渡ってミスっており、その都度、クリフの強烈なベースがラウドにスタジオに響く様子は圧巻です。ボーカルがオフのインスト・ヴァージョンで、ドラムを筆頭に細部の詰めは相当荒いものの、楽曲の骨子はほぼ完成されています。高かったピッチは正確に補正。「Battery #2」はボーカル入りヴァージョン。こちらは低かったピッチを正確に整えてあります。かなりストレートでソリッドな音像と演奏が最高です。「Disposable Heroes #1」は「Battery #1」同様にイントロで2回つまずき、3回目で間奏します。ギターの重ねリフは凄い迫力ですが、全体的にストレートな印象を受けます。こちらもインストヴァージョンで、9分間に及ぶ圧巻のテイクになっています。「Disposable Heroes #2」はボーカル入り。歌詞はファイナルとは全く違います。こちらは他テイクに比べ若干、テープ劣化の問題感じさせますが、シンバル等の高域もしっかりと出ているのでジェネというよりテープコンディションのせいかと思われます。低かったピッチは正確に補正済み。「Master Of Puppets」はボーカルを被せていないインストナンバー。収録時間8分40秒。公式ファイナルに比べるとよりストレートでシンプルな印象を受けるアーリーテイクです。ブレイクも含め、全てが発展途上のテイクですが、他のテイク同様に楽曲の骨子はほぼ完成されており、全体を通して最も興味深く聴ける「デモならではの楽しさ満載のテイク」と言えるでしょう。低かったピッチも正確に補正してあります。「Welcome Home/Orion #1」はインストで骨太でリッチなサウンドミックスとダイレクトな感触が魅力のテイクです。Welcome Homeは5分30秒で終了し、そのままメドレーでOrionが約4分弱ロングコーダのように演奏されるという非常に魅力的な初期アレンジを楽しむことができます。この曲に限らず、カークのソロプレイがファイナルと全く違うので、その部分も面白く聴けます。後半のギターのツインリードとベースの絡みの大筋のアレンジは、この段階でほぼ完成されているのが分かります。エンディングの感じはWelcome Homeみたいだったりします。「Welcome Home/Orion #2」はボーカル入り。歌詞は全く違う上、「Sanitarium」というサビまで無いというヴァージョン。歌詞の世界観すら、この段階では全く出来ていないのに、楽曲の骨子が完成していることが分かります。こちらは4分40秒からOrionパートに入ります。ギター、ドラム、ベースが「Take #1」以上に明瞭で、ハーモニーも美しくドラマチックで聴きごたえ満点です。このテイクは低かったピッチは正確に補正済みです。8トラック目以降は、同時期に録音されたと思われるデモテイクを5曲収録しています。「Battery #3」はインストですが、「Battery #1」とは別テイク。こちらも非常に生々しい質感です。「Welcome Home #1」もインストで、こちらはOrionに繋がる前にカットアウトされています。「Welcome Home #2」は歌入りで3分40秒のショートヴァージョン。「Disposable Heroes #3」はインストヴァージョンで「#1」「#2」よりも音質の良いテイクです。ただし、5分40秒付近でカットアウトされます。ラストは「Orion」の約3分弱の独立テイク。テープコンディションにやや問題を感じますが、音の鮮度自体は良好でしっかりと聞けます。「#1」「#2」のようにエンディングまで収録されておらず途中でフェイドしてしまいます。なお、ラストの4トラック(Outtakes)は、ピッチが低かったのを正常に調整してあります。このように音のクオリティはまちまちながら、ファンならば避けて通ることは許されない、大必聴音源です。80年代ヘヴィ・メタルを代表する名盤中の名盤「Master Of Puppets」の初期デモトラックの一群をリストアし、最良の状態で聴くことができる決定盤テイク集タイトル。ファン必携・必聴の1枚です。(合計収録時間:78分)

★beatleg誌 vol.157(2013年8月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

『MASTER OF CHICAGO (ZODIAC-019)』の初回納品分に付属しているボーナスCDR。1985年に『MASTER OP PUPPETS』の製作に向けてサンフランシスコのスタジオで録音された珠玉のデモトラックだ。これまで数多く出回っていた既発盤では音質やピッチにバラつきと粗さが目立つものだったが、本作ではそれらの問題が曲毎に丁寧に補正・改善され、大変聴き易いベストな音像で収録されているのが最大の特徴だ。デモとはいえ演奏の巧さも際立っており、生々しいライヴ感に溢れているのも注目に値するだろう。
ところで幾つかの曲では歌詞がまだ不安定(未完成?)な箇所があり、中でもトラック(4)(7)(10)は歌詞がアルバムに収録されたファイナルテイクとは随分と違っていて興味深い。まず「Welcome Home/Orion #1」だが、当初この2つの曲がこの様なメドレーで繋がった楽曲であった事自体がそもそも驚きだろう。「Orion」の終曲部もこの時点では非常にドタバタしており、未完成な様子を色濃く残している。歌詞が付いたそのテイク#2では演奏表現に変化があり、歌詞も最終形とは全く違っている。特にこのテイクではサビの部分の「♪Sanitarium」という歌詞が全く無いという異例のアプローチに驚かされるだろう。「Orion」への繋ぎもテイク#1よりスムーズで豊かな表現があり、ドタバタが始まる終曲手前もテイク#1より若干長めで、そこに手探りながらもう一展開させる為の思惑があったらしい事が感じられる。
トラック(8)以降は、同時期に録音されたと思われる日付不明のデモが5曲続く。「Welcome Home #1」はインストだが、上記した「Orion」が切り離された単体でのテイク。ただカットアウトしている事から実際の演奏ではまだ「Orion」がこの後に続いていたものと思われ、トラック(6)(7)と同時期のものなのだろう。「Welcome Home #2」は歌付きのトラックだがここでもサビの歌詞が全く無いうえ、終曲部は3分31秒付近で編集によって繋がれて終わっている。たぶんこれは同テイクの不要な部分を省いて切り貼りしたか、もしくは別の演奏テイクを貼り付けているのだと思うが、いずれにしろそれぞれを単体曲として成立させる可能性を探り始めた頃の名残りなのだろう。

Studio Demos & Rehearsals recorded in San Francisco July 1985

1. Battery #1 2. Battery #2 3. Disposable Heroes #1 4. Disposable Heroes #2
5. Master Of Puppets 6. Welcome Home/Orion #1 7. Welcome Home/Orion #2

Studio Demos & Rehearsals Outtakes

8. Battery #3 9. Welcome Home #1 10. Welcome Home #2 11. Disposable Heroes #3
12. Orion

James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Cliff Burton – Bass
Kirk Hammett – Guitar

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