Metallica / Live Metal Up Your Ass / 1CDR

Metallica / Live Metal Up Your Ass / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live Demo recorded at the Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA. USA 29th November 1982


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“Ultimate metal band” also said that Dave Mustaine enrolled at the time of the very early METALLICA. The one to perfect the demo collection is the happy gift-release decision! When you organize a demonstration of initial METALLICA, you will be divided into the following three major.
[Garage demo] such as Roku~tsu was practice and composers rehearsal in the garage (82 March? April)
[Studio Demo] “NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER (82 年 7 March)” and “MegaForce DEMO (March 年 83)”
[Live demo] “LIVE METAL UP YOUR ASS (82 年 11 March)” only

To say that this work is the demonstration, an often overlooked and [Live demo]. To say that live is not a hidden-record boot of customers. As with Kano “NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER”, Art in the work with the cassette is Fan Club release (it was me for a photo on the back jacket), great book of the amateur era that also appeared in “Heavy Metal Revolution” is the official items. “NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE” and to “McGOVNEY’S GARAGE 1982” The addition of this work, it is the first time a complete !!
When it comes to Mustaine era of live, (it is live in the same Old Waldorf with this work, the date about a month difference of October 18) sound board sound source that you can free download is famous, “METALLICA first live album “is a translation was this work.

Not just say a valuable collection, housed obtained music is also very nice. Direct sound but it seems that it is not in line recording, a little difference with sound to image to hear that so-called “audience recording”, caught firmly tone of everyone. Band itself is the live album No wonder there was Roku~tsu for demonstration. The first half will care noise that was Chile Chile is, but gradually settled down, the second half can be immersed in the hot metal. By the way, there is also complemented boot in a different date “Hit The Lights” that is missing at the beginning, but this work has been the motto of “fidelity to the original”.
METALLICA at that time, already “NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER” has been released, live is compelling that even while being motivated to initial impulse dignity as a semi-pro is attached to the body. In particular, how much coolness of “Whiplash” that this day is the fourth time! Ron Makugavu~ani is “every time, was thrilled every time you do that song,” but had been told, just ultimate thrash metal! I do not know the date on which this song was written, was recorded in the sound board “October 18” without that it was played at the time, it is here to listen to the earliest of the extant of a “Whiplash”. It also … it and listen to the sound that is not disturbed at all cheers.
This work has been recorded, “November 29, 1982”, on the occasion just before Ron Makugavu~ani wants to leave, Cliff Burton was the timing that to join the next December. Moreover, EXODUS had served as opening act of the day, led by Kirk Hammett. Makugavu~ani are told to look back on the day.
“I remember well even now. This day I was terrible downpour, in (after the live) rain, I’m Cliff that was solidified with systemic denim stood. So, I’m in the car to” home in Cliff and put it’m multiplied by the voice and Yaro going on? “went. I because I think somehow sorry. maybe …. the next day (November 30) wonder there was a harbinger, I us” Mabuhay, I was playing in the garden, “but it is very decisive, I was at the end of the concert with METALLICA”
Historical masterpiece is going to be increasingly written, still days of heroes anonymous is interlaced. Indeed, it was a series of turning point that will change the fate in the 1st one day. What happened, of what kind of music had sounded in that era. Precious one that will convey such a very early was ringing “raw METALLICA”. Why do not you try to “1982 of experience person”?

“究極のメタルバンド”とも言えるデイヴ・ムステイン在籍時の極初期METALLICA。そのデモ・コレクションをパーフェクトにする1枚が嬉しいギフト・リリース決定です! 初期METALLICAのデモを整理すると、大きく以下の3つに分けられます。
【スタジオ・デモ】「NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER(82年7月)」と「MEGAFORCE DEMO(83年3月)」
【ライヴ・デモ】「LIVE METAL UP YOUR ASS(82年11月)」のみ

 本作はデモと言っても、見逃されがちな【ライヴ・デモ】。ライヴと言っても客の隠し録りブートではありません。かの「NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER」と同じように、アートワーク付きのカセットでファンクラブ・リリースされ(裏ジャケに写真を掲載しました)、名著「ヘヴィ・メタル革命」にも登場するアマチュア時代の公式アイテムです。「NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE」&「McGOVNEY’S GARAGE 1982」に本作を加えることで、初めてコンプリートとなるのです!!

 単に貴重なコレクションというだけでなく、収められた音楽も非常に素晴らしい。ライン録音ではないと思われますが、いわゆる「オーディエンス録音」と聞いてイメージする音ともちょっと違い、全員の楽音をしっかりと捉えたダイレクトサウンド。バンド自身がデモ用に録ったというのも納得のライヴ・アルバムです。前半はチリチリとしたノイズが気になりますが、徐々に落ち着いていき、後半は熱いメタルに没頭できます。ちなみに冒頭が欠けている「Hit The Lights」を別日で補完したブートも存在しますが、本作は“オリジナルに忠実”をモットーにしました。
 当時のMETALLICAは、すでに「NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER」をリリースしており、初期衝動に突き動かされながらもセミプロとしての貫禄が身についたライヴは迫力満点。特に、この日が4回目となる「Whiplash」の格好良さと言ったら! ロン・マクガヴァニーは「毎回、あの曲をやる度にゾクゾクした」と語っていましたが、まさに究極のスラッシュメタル! この曲が書かれた日付は分かりませんが、サウンドボードで録られた「10月18日」時点では演奏されたことがなく、ここで聴けるのが現存する最も初期の「Whiplash」なのです。それも、歓声にまったく邪魔されないサウンドで聴けるとは……。


1. Hit The Lights

2. The Mechanics

3. Phantom Lord 

4. Jump In The Fire

5. Motorbreath

6. No Remorse

7. Seek & Destroy

8. Whiplash

9. Am I Evil ?

10. Metal Militia

James Hetfield – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Dave Mustaine – Lead Guitar Ron McGovney – Bass Lars Ulrich – Drums

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