Metallica / Definitive Master Of Chicago / 1CD+Program Replica

Metallica / Definitive Master Of Chicago / 1CD+Program Replica / Zodiac

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Poplar Creek Amphitheater, Hoffman Estates, Il. USA 13th July 1986 .

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Miraculous recording of violence revived with the new master! It is an upgrade board of that daimyo board “MASTER OF CHICAGO”. Moreover, it is not just a remaster recurrence. While the recording itself is the same, an upgrade by a completely new excavation master. No way, that miraculous recording will be more amazing … ….
Suddenly “miraculous recording” · “Daimyo board” has been rebuilt, but this also champagne starved unless you know “MASTER OF CHICAGO”. Let’s begin with the basics. “MASTER OF CHICAGO” is a live album of “July 13, 1986”. It is a superb audience recording of Hoffman Estates performances outside of Chicago. When saying “1986” “Chicago”, there may be people recalling the box set of “MASTER OF PUPPETS” which was released the other day and CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG (Zodiac 052) of the name board audience the other day. This work completely different performances from them. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from “DAMAGE, INC. TOUR” in full.

“March 3 Release of” MASTER OF PUPPETS ”
· March 27 – June 21: North America # 1 (58 shows) ← ※ Official box
· July 5th + 6th: Europe # 1 (2 shows)
· July 11 – August 3: North America # 2 (17 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· September 10 – 26: European # 2 (13 performances)
“September 27: Cliff Burton died”
· November 8th + 9th: North America # 3 (2 performances)
· November 15th – 20th: Japan (5 shows)
· November 26 – December 22: North America # 4 (22 performances)
· January 2: San Francisco performance
· January 8 – February 13: Europe # 3 (26 performances)

This changed the world “DAMAGE, INC. TOUR”. The Chicago show in the official box and “CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG” was “North America # 1”, but this work is “North America # 2”. It is a concert that is the third performance of that. And I recorded this show in Chicago and it is world famous taper. Not only this work and “CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG”, but also the famous board “THE ECSTASY OF ARAGON (Zodiac 004)” which put “RIDE THE LIGHTNING TOUR” in the ultimate sound is also a skill arm.
That sound far surpasses the previous work “MASTER OF CHICAGO”. Even at the intro and tape change places, it has been recorded for a few seconds longer than the previous episode, but that is just evidence of the new master. It is the sound that is important, this work is more violent direct sound clear several steps than the previous work! Although I thought that it was “a wonderful audience” in the previous work, the sunny crystal clear sound world of this work is something that can be called “a sound board” as it is. Actually, I did not feel the response from the halls as if it were close, as if I am in the same room as young METALLICA. The sound of the previous work improved as heading towards the latter half, but this work is furious from the beginning (the contact sound of the microphone at the beginning of “Battery” is the same as the previous work). Even the previous work, the same taper collection “THE ECSTASY OF ARAGON” “CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG” is overwhelming. “DAMAGE, INC. TOUR” is also unprecedented furious recording.
The tremendous thing of the show which is whispered by that sound! According to the above schedule, Cliff Barton late in the age of life, the ensemble which “golden four people” has reached is ferocious. Growing with a lot of tours engraved, thoroughly wild athletes do not blur them. Although it is not as consistent as after joining Jason Newstead, it does not collapse even if it pierces rapidly, Mid has tremendous sense of heaviness that rocks the sense of five organs. Although it is a short set only for Ozzy Osbourne’s undercard, five of the 8 songs of the new work “MASTER OF PUPPETS” were brought to a large-scale, and there was the previous work “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, “Creeping Death” “Fade To Black “Dig into it. It is just a live album that concentratedly reduced “RIDE THE LIGHTNING + MASTER OF PUPPETS” with violent live performances.

Even so, it is terrible. Whether it is the official box, “CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG”, this work, why “1986 Chicago” is too too great … …. If you can hit such a fierce metal, then the music scene of the earth will change.
An audience album telling the truth of “DAMAGE, INC. TOUR” that promised the great success afterwards and replaced the world. It is its highest peak sound board. Excellent quality that passed through, both performance and sound. It’s regrettable that I can write only “amazing” and “terrible” from a little while ago. Just like “DAMAGE, INC. TOUR” if it is! Large upgrade album, please do not be shabby please!

★ For the first delivery, miniature replica of the 1986 tour program (Damage Inc. Tour 1986, 24 pages in all) will be attached.

暴虐の奇跡録音が新マスターで蘇りました! あの大名盤『MASTER OF CHICAGO』のアップグレード盤なのです。しかも、単なるリマスター再発ではありません。録音自体は同じながら、まったく別の新発掘マスターによるアップグレード。まさか、あの奇跡録音がもっと凄くなろうとは……。
いきなり“奇跡録音”・“大名盤”とまくし立ててしまいましたが、それもこれも『MASTER OF CHICAGO』をご存じなければチンプンカンプン。まずは、基本から始めましょう。『MASTER OF CHICAGO』とは「1986年7月13日」のライヴアルバム。シカゴ校外のホフマンエステーツ公演の極上オーディエンス録音です。「1986年」「シカゴ」と言うと、先日オフィシャル・リリースされた『MASTER OF PUPPETS』のボックスセットや名盤オーディエンス『CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG(Zodiac 052)』を思い出す方もいらっしゃるかも知れません。本作は、それらとは完全に別公演。まずは、“DAMAGE, INC. TOUR”全容の中からショウのポジションを確認しておきましょう。


これが世界を変えた“DAMAGE, INC. TOUR”。公式ボックスのシカゴ公演や『CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG』は「北米#1」でしたが、本作は「北米#2」。その3公演目にあたるコンサートです。そして、このショウを録音したのはシカゴ在住で世界的にも有名なテーパー。本作や『CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG』だけでなく、“RIDE THE LIGHTNING TOUR”を究極サウンドで収めた大名盤『THE ECSTASY OF ARAGON(Zodiac 004)』も手がけたスゴ腕なのです。
そのサウンドは、前作『MASTER OF CHICAGO』を遙かに凌駕している。イントロやテープチェンジのカ所でも既発より数秒ずつ長く収録されていますが、そんなことは新マスターの証拠に過ぎない。肝心なのはサウンドでして、本作は前作よりも数段クリアで暴虐なダイレクト・サウンドなのです! 前作でも「素晴らしいオーディエンス」とは思いましたが、本作のサッと晴れ渡ったクリスタル・クリアな音世界は「まるでサウンドボード」と呼べるもの。実際、会場反響をまるで感じさせず、若きMETALLICAと同じ部屋にいるかのように間近。前作は後半に向かうほどサウンドが向上しましたが、本作は冒頭から激烈(「Battery」冒頭にあるマイクの接触音は前作と同じです)。前作どころか、同テーパー・コレクションの『THE ECSTASY OF ARAGON』『CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG』さえも圧倒している。“DAMAGE, INC. TOUR”でも類を見ない猛烈録音なのです。
そのサウンドでブチかまされるショウの凄まじい事! 上記のスケジュールの通り、クリフ・バートン存命時代の後期にあたり、“黄金の4人”がたどり着いたアンサンブルが凶暴。ツアーを重ねた成長が刻まれつつ、徹底的にワイルドなアティテュードは微塵もブレていない。ジェイソン・ニューステッド加入後ほどの整合感ではありませんが、激速で突っ走っても破綻せず、ミッドは五臓六腑を揺るがす重量感が凄まじい。オジー・オズボーンの前座だけにショートセットではありますが、新作『MASTER OF PUPPETS』の全8曲中5曲が大盤振る舞いされ、そこに前作の「For Whom The Bell Tolls」「Creeping Death」「Fade To Black」が食い込む。まさしく「RIDE THE LIGHTNING+MASTER OF PUPPETS」を暴虐生演奏で濃縮還元したライヴアルバムなのです。

それにしても、それにしても凄まじい。公式ボックスにしろ、『CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG』にしろ、本作にしろ、なぜ“1986年のシカゴ”はこうも凄すぎるのか……。こんな激烈メタルを叩きつけられたら、そりゃあ地球の音楽シーンだって変わっちまうわけですよ。
後の大成功を約束し、世界を塗り替えた“DAMAGE, INC. TOUR”の真実を伝えるオーディエンス・アルバム。その最高峰サウンド盤です。演奏も、サウンドも、突き抜けた格別クオリティ。さっきから「凄い」「凄まじい」しか書けないのが悔しくて仕方ないほどのド迫力盤! まさしく“DAMAGE, INC. TOUR”ならコレ!の大アップグレード・アルバム、どうぞ思いっきりブチのめされてくださいっ!!

★初回納品分に、1986年ツアー・プログラム(Damage Inc. Tour 1986, 全24ページ)のミニチュア・レプリカが付きます。

1. Intro: The Ecstacy of Gold 2. Battery 3. Master of Puppets 4. For Whom the Bell Tolls
5. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 6. The Thing That Should Not Be 7. Seek & Destroy
8. Creeping Death 9. Fade to Black 10 Damage Inc.

James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Cliff Burton – Bass, Vocal
Kirk Hammett – Guitar

Zodiac 273

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