Metallica / Definitive Eau Claire 1986 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Metallica / Definitive Eau Claire 1986 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac

Live at Old Mill Expo Center, Eau Claire, WI. USA 29th May 1986. Stereo SBD

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The METALLICA of 1986, which has been traversing the world with Cliff Burton on the historic masterpiece “MASTER OF PUPPETS”. The finest sound board is the appearance.
What is included in this work is “May 29, 1986 Eau Claire Performance”. This is the official sound board recording. Although “quasi-official” was a somewhat unfamiliar export, this work is not a so-called “half-official”. In general, “broadcast sound board”. This is a stereo soundboard recording broadcasted by the Internet / satellite radio station “SiriusXM”.
So what is “quasi-official”? That’s because the broadcast itself was completely supervised by the members. In the first place, this program was broadcast on December 8, 2017. One month earlier, a deluxe BOX set of “MASTER OF PUPPETS” was released, and it was a promotion. That huge BOX also contained a huge sound board sound source, but this work should be called its “outtake version”. It is an official sound board that is not included in the BOX but is used for promotion. Moreover, the program also features Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield. At the beginning of this work, Lars himself (in the style of an example: laughs) explains it firmly.
Naturally, such “quasi-official sound board” attracted attention immediately after the broadcast, and became a big hit at our shop as the press CD “EAU CLAIRE 1986”. Sold out or out of print in an instant. Of course, you can’t leave precious Cliff-era soundboards, or even the finest things with official approval, out of print. Anytime, anyone must be able to get it. Therefore, it was a re-appearance once again trying to brush up.
て い る What is infused into this film is the very north of violent thrash metal. In fact, “DAMAGE, INC. TOUR” was not only the death of Cliff, but also the time when James broke and John Marshall supported the guitar. Here, let’s confirm the show position from the schedule at the time.

<< March 3 “MASTER OF PUPPETS” release >>
・ March 27-June 21: North America # 1 (58 performances) ← ★ coco ★
・ July 5 + 6: Europe # 1 (2 performances)
・ July 11-25: North America # 2a (11 performances)
<< July 26: James Injury >>
・ July 27-August 3: North America # 2b (6 performances)
・ September 10-25: Europe # 2 (12 performances)
<< September 26: Return to James >>
・ September 26: Performance in Stockholm
《September 27: Cliff dies》

This is the journey from the release of “MASTER OF PUPPETS” to the death of Cliff. James broke down in late July, and Marshall helped in subsequent North America # 2b and Europe # 2. The performance in Stockholm, where James returned on guitar, was strangely the last show on Cliff’s life. The Eau Claire performance of this work is before such misfortunes occur. It was the 42th concert of “North America # 1”.
作 The quality of this work, which records such a show, is also “quasi-official”. “MASTER OF PUPPETS” also had a raw and direct connection sound board, but this work is very similar. Thrash metal up to the violence is poured into the brain by direct connection. The edges of the riffs are as sharp as ever, and the beat of Lars blasting is also super vivid. Of course, genius Cliff Burton’s “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” is also climbing into his brain on the ground. As a matter of fact, we tried remastering when reappearing, but the official finish was too vivid. It could not be changed significantly from the meaning of the sub-text of the official BOX. At the beginning, Lars’s narrative part has the same feeling as the main story, and only a slight noise treatment that is difficult to understand even with headphones (about 2 and a half minutes of the end of “Seek & Destroy” in the broadcast was left unrecorded, so Tulsa on May 23 Complemented with the official SBD of the performance (formerly the sound source that was previously performed on the 24th Cape Girard) so that it can be enjoyed seamlessly). To be honest, it is hard to recommend it to those who have the last edition of “EAU CLAIRE 1986”, but it is also the ultimate decision board sound.
And what is drawn in that sound is the onslaught slash paradise. The above-mentioned “MASTER OF PUPPETS” BOX featured three types of sound boards during the Cliff era, so let’s organize the sets while comparing them.

・ KILL ‘EM ALL: Seek & Destroy / (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth (★) / Whiplash (★)
・ RIDE THE LIGHTNING: For Whom The Bell Tolls / Fade To Black (★) / Creeping Death
・ MASTER OF PUPPETS: Battery / Master Of Puppets / Welcome Home (Sanitarium) / The Thing That Should Not Be (★) / Damage Inc.
・ Cover: Am I Evil?
*: The “★” mark indicates a song that cannot be listened to in the official box of East Rutherford Performance / Hampton Performance SBD.

… and it looks like this. I can not beat the longest Chicago performance (2 LP) in the BOX, but there are also 4 songs that can not be heard in East Rutherford performance / Hampton performance recorded on 1 CD each. Especially delicious are the cliff-based “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” and the ultimate anthem “Whiplash”. The former is most thrilling when it crashes into “Damage Inc.”, and the latter blasts without repairing an ensemble that is about to collapse. Shit! It is a fierce performance where the initial impulse becomes a gully sound mass and beats the brain.
に は For those who have the official BOX “MASTER OF PUPPETS”, as a complement to complete that masterpiece. For those who do not have it, as a trial board. And as the ultimate violent slash album, regardless of BOX. A “quasi-official” stereo soundboard album that is superb no matter how you listen. Please enjoy thoroughly with permanent preservation press CD!

歴史的大名盤『MASTER OF PUPPETS』を引っさげ、クリフ・バートンと共に世界を蹂躙していた1986年のMETALLICA。その極上サウンドボードが登場です。
では、何が「準オフィシャル」なのか。それは放送自体がメンバーの完全監修だったからです。そもそも、この番組が放送されたのは“2017年12月8日”のこと。その1月前には『MASTER OF PUPPETS』のデラックスBOXセットが発売されており、そのプロモーションだったわけです。あの巨大BOXには膨大なサウンドボード音源も収録されていたわけですが、本作はその「アウトテイク版」とでも言うべきもの。BOXには収録されず、プロモーションに回された公式サウンドボードなのです。しかも、この番組は当のラーズ・ウルリッヒとジェイムズ・ヘットフィールドも出演。本作の冒頭でもラーズ自身が(例の調子で:笑)しっかりと解説しているのです。
当然の事ながら、そんな「準公式サウンドボード」は放送直後から話題を呼び、当店でもプレスCD『EAU CLAIRE 1986』として大ヒット。瞬く間に完売・廃盤となってしまいました。もちろん、貴重なクリフ時代サウンドボード、それもオフィシャルお墨付きの極上モノを廃盤のままにしておくことはできない。いつでも、誰でも手に出来なくてはいけない。そこで、今一度ブラッシュアップを試みての再登場となったのです。
そんな本作に吹き込まれているのは、まさに暴虐スラッシュ・メタルの極北。実のところ、“DAMAGE, INC. TOUR”はクリフの死だけでなく、ジェイムズが骨折してジョン・マーシャルがギターをサポートした時期もある。ここで、当時のスケジュールからショウのポジションを確かめておきましょう。


これが『MASTER OF PUPPETS』リリースからクリフが亡くなるまでの歩み。ジェイムズが骨折したのは7月の後半で、その後の「北米#2b」「欧州#2」ではマーシャルがヘルプ。ジェイムズがギターでも復帰したストックホルム公演が奇しくもクリフ生前最後のショウとなってしまいました。本作のオークレア公演は、そんな数々の不幸が起きる前。「北米#1」の42公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなショウを記録した本作は、クオリティもまさに「準公式」。『MASTER OF PUPPETS』も無加工でワイルドな卓直結サウンドボードが収録されていましたが、本作も酷似。暴虐なまでのスラッシュ・メタルが超ド直結で脳みその流し込まれる。リフのエッジはどこまでも鋭く、爆走するラーズのビートも超ビビッド。もちろん無論、天才クリフ・バートンの「(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth」も土足で脳みそに上がり込んでくる。実のところ、再登場に際してリマスターも試みたのですが、オフィシャルの仕上がりがあまりにもビビッド。公式BOXのサブテキストという意味合いからも大きく変えることはできませんでした。冒頭ラーズの語りパートを本編と感触を揃え、ヘッドフォンでも分かりづらいわずかなノイズのトリートメントのみ(放送では「Seek & Destroy」終盤の約2分半が録音漏れのままでしたので、5月23日タルサ公演の公式SBD〈以前は24日ケープジラード公演とされた音源です〉で補完。シームレスに楽しめるようにいたしました)。正直なところ、前回盤『EAU CLAIRE 1986』をお持ちの方にはお薦めしにくいのですが、それくらい究極の決定盤サウンドでもあるのです。
そして、そのサウンドで描かれるのは猛攻スラッシュ・パラダイス。前述した『MASTER OF PUPPETS』BOXはクリフ時代サウンドボード3種が目玉でしたので、比較しながらセットも整理しておきましょう。

・KILL ‘EM ALL:Seek & Destroy/(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth(★)/Whiplash(★)
・RIDE THE LIGHTNING:For Whom The Bell Tolls/Fade To Black(★)/Creeping Death
・MASTER OF PUPPETS:Battery/Master Of Puppets/Welcome Home(Sanitarium)/The Thing That Should Not Be(★)/Damage Inc.
・カバー:Am I Evil?

……と、このようになっています。BOXで最長だったシカゴ公演(2LP)には敵いませんが、1CDずつで収録されたイースト・ラザフォード公演/ハンプトン公演では聴けないナンバーもしっかり4曲。特に美味しいのはクリフのベースが唸る「(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth」と究極アンセム「Whiplash」でしょう。前者は「Damage Inc.」へと雪崩れ込むのが最高にスリリングですし、後者は破綻寸前のアンサンブルを取り繕うそぶりもなく大爆走。糞ったれ!な初期衝動がギャリギャリとした音塊になって脳みそをブン殴ってくる激烈パフォーマンスなのです。
オフィシャルBOX『MASTER OF PUPPETS』をお持ちの方には、あの超大作を完璧にする補完盤として。お持ちでない方には、お試し盤として。そして、BOXとは無関係でも究極の暴虐スラッシュ・アルバムとして。いかにように聴いても超絶なる「準オフィシャル」なステレオサウンドボード・アルバム。永久保存プレスCDで徹底的にお楽しみください!

1. Introduction
2. Battery
3. Master of Puppets
4. For Whom The Bell Tolls
5. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
6. The Thing That Should Not Be
7. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
8. Damage Inc.
9. Fade to Black
10. Seek & Destroy
11. Creeping Death
12. Am I Evil?
13. Whiplash


James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Cliff Burton – Bass
Kirk Hammett – Guitar


Metallica / Davenport 1986 / 1Bonus CDR
Live at Coliseum Ballroom, Davenport, IA. USA 30th May 1986 STEREO SBD


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The main press CD is a masterpiece of a superb sound board that complements the official blockbuster BOX. However, there are several other sound boards from the Cliff era. Among them, “May 30, 1986 Davenport Performance” has a close relationship with the main press CD. Yes, a special bonus will be added to the sound board album that contains the show the day after the Eau Claire performance of the main press CD.
が As mentioned in the explanation of the main volume press CD, the timing of “DAMAGE, INC. TOUR” is extremely important. Here, let’s organize the soundboard collection, including a lot of official materials.

・ April 21: East Rutherford Performance ※ Official BOX
・ May 12: El Paso Performance
・ May 23: Tulsa performance ※ Official livemetallica
・ May 25: Chicago performance ※ Official BOX
・ May 26: Des Moines performance
・ May 29: Eau Claire Performance ← ★ Main Press CD ★
・ May 30: Davenport Performance ← ★ Bonus CDR ★
・ July 6: Roskilde Festival Performance ※ Official BOX
<< July 26: James Injury >>
・ July 29: Chattanooga Performance ※ Official livemetallica
・ August 1: Charleston Performance ※ Official livemetallica
・ August 3: Hampton Performance ※ Official BOX
・ September 21: Performance in London ※ Official livemetallica
・ September 24: Lund performance
《September 27: Cliff dies》

More than 13 performances. To the last, “DAMAGE, INC. TOUR” is only in the life of Cliff, but it will be a considerable collection of old classic sound boards, official BOX, and even those published on the official website This is one of the unofficial sound boards.
And if the main part press CD is a quasi-official sound, this work is a radical sound board boasting underground excavation. The squeaky guitar is also an ultra-direct, direct-connection system, and the noise that the PA on the spot spits out is super-real. Despite the explosion and roaring sound, the power to stop without crossing the line is terrible. Moreover, it is violently clear. The turbidity and distortion are the ones played by the band, and are not cloudy. The edges are terribly sharp, each riff approaches like a sharp hatchet, and the wavy attack does not know how to stay like an electric saw.
This sound is already insanely suitable for violent METALLICA. Lives that run at a tremendous speed on songs that are far more complicated than existing metal, the danger on the verge of collapse is terrible. The sound of this work, which is powerful but does not become a barely explosive sound, combines the thrill and the limit of power that can not be said. At “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)”, James blows out and the song is interrupted, but Kirk’s guitar squeaks into it and screams. This youthfulness. This is a gunless shot. Just the sound of recording 80’s METALLICA. Once you get acquainted with this work, you can’t return to a clean studio board anymore. It’s such noise and violence art.
Furthermore, I am glad that the set is different from the main press CD. As a matter of fact, the opening “Battery” may be an incomplete version that has not been recorded yet, but otherwise the entire volume is recorded. The last show will also include “The Four Horsemen” and “Motorbreath,” which were not performed during the previous Eau Claire show. What’s more, the destructive power of these two songs is so great! Especially, “Motorbreath” is the only fast-moving number that represents the early METALLICA, but only plays on “DAMAGE, INC. TOUR” on this day. This is also Cliff Burton’s last “Motorbreath”. This work that closes the curtain with such a radical run “Motorbreath” is a special sound board.

準 A semi-official sound board left for two consecutive days and a radical underground sound board. Originally, the main part press CD is a super masterpiece that does not require bonuses etc., but the masterpiece had a sister sound board that I wanted you to listen to in pairs. A fantastic one that doesn’t take a step back as the freaks of the world, including the invaluable “Motorbreath”, turn around for a buzzing Eau Claire performance. Please enjoy with plenty!

本編プレスCDの解説でも触れましたが、“DAMAGE, INC. TOUR”は時期が極めて重要。ここでは大量に発掘された公式物も含めてサウンドボード・コレクションを整理してみましょう。

・4月21日:イースト・ラザフォード公演 ※公式BOX
・5月23日:タルサ公演 ※公式livemetallica
・5月25日:シカゴ公演 ※公式BOX
・5月29日:オー・クレア公演 ←★本編プレスCD★
・5月30日:ダベンポート公演 ←★ボーナスCDR★
・7月6日:ロスキレ・フェスティバル公演 ※公式BOX
・7月29日:チャタヌーガ公演 ※公式livemetallica
・8月1日:チャールストン公演 ※公式livemetallica
・8月3日:ハンプトン公演 ※公式BOX
・9月21日:ロンドン公演 ※公式livemetallica

以上、13公演分。あくまで“DAMAGE, INC. TOUR”でもクリフ存命時代のみですが、昔ながらの定番サウンドボードや公式BOX、さらには公式サイトlivemetallica.comで公開されたものまで、かなりのコレクションになります。本作は、その中でも公式化されていないサウンドボードの1つなのです。
このサウンドがもう、暴虐METALLICAにめちゃくちゃ似合う。既存のメタルよりも遙かに複雑な楽曲を猛烈なスピードで突っ走るライヴは、破綻寸前の危うさが凄まじい。そこにド迫力ながらギリギリ爆音にはならない本作のサウンドが相まって、得も言われぬスリルと限界の迫力を描き出している。「Welcome Home (Sanitarium)」ではジェイムズが吹き出して歌が途切れたりもしますが、そこにカークのギターが軋みながら乱入し、悲鳴を上げる。この若々しさ。この無鉄砲ぶり。まさに80年代METALLICAを録音するためのサウンド。本作を知ってしまったら、もう小綺麗なスタジオ盤には戻れない……そんなノイズと暴虐のアートなのです。
さらに、本編プレスCDとはセットが異なるのも嬉しい。実のところ、オープニングの「Battery」が未収録の不完全版だったりもするのですが、それ以外は全編収録。ラストには、前日のオークレア公演では演奏しなかった「The Four Horsemen」「Motorbreath」も披露してくれるのです。しかも、この2曲の破壊力の凄まじさと言ったら! 特に「Motorbreath」は初期METALLICAを代表する激走ナンバーながら“DAMAGE, INC. TOUR”ではこの日にしか演奏していない。これは即ち、クリフ・バートン最後の「Motorbreath」でもある。そんな激走過激な「Motorbreath」で幕を閉じる本作は、特別なサウンドボードなのです。


1. Master Of Puppets
2. For Whom The Bell Tolls
3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
4. The Thing That Should Not Be
5. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
6. Damage, Inc.
7. Seek & Destroy
8. Creeping Death
9. Am I Evil?
10. Whiplash
11. The Four Horsemen
12. Motorbreath


James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Cliff Burton – Bass
Kirk Hammett – Guitar


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