Metallica / And Justice For Dallas / 2CD

Metallica / And Justice For Dallas / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, USA 5th February 1989.


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Metal sense of what. What that dynamics. What that beauty. Live album closest sound to the meaning of the word “HEAVY METAL” has become Gyuu justified is I have completed. This is amazing …!

This panel of leading role is the largest ever of the metal band, METALLICA. Speaking of “the most metal of live” in their careers at the “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR” There is no other. Since its formation in 1981, they began to increase the kneading degree as a live band while came up the stairs of success, noticed a certain time “Groove”, it will fall to the dark side of the “loose”. Just before, it was the highest in “nothing more thoroughly than the metal” even while fat ride live is’s the “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”. Both rough and wild of the Cliff Burton era, also different from the 1990s to liven up the stadium to Daiaji, metal, such as narrow and barely. Like vise in as fully squeezing the rag, tight not is dry but hard stiff of. I can say that it is not help loving the mania that has been committed to this guy “of METALLICA sound source pot”.
Its tightness, in order to pursue the sharpness to the limit is, absolutely essential sound board sound of Goriggori. Until now, but Seattle performances in the “LIVE SHIT” has been undertaken in one hand, surely, it is trying to appear even more tight sound source than the image of the legendary! May 2, Dallas performances of 1989’s are contained in this work is “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”. Also from the official is a shortened version as “FAN CAN # 4” was released “the official endorsement name sound source”.
Last year, (but do not have the second half of the “Whiplash” of “Am I Evil?”, This seems to have not been recorded) the full size of the recording became a hot topic been excavated, a bonus of name recording of AUD “DAMAGED BRITISH” It has also been released as a CDR. Excavation from those days, “more of the sound would be impossible,” was thought to, but may be possible “further on the ultimate” maybe, and went into the remastering work. As a result, more than rainy day ultimate. Charge of the engineers I sound to be proud of “satisfaction can of” was realized! Original sound source did not hear only full integrity is also a settlement that if this work would listen once Shobo of the table directly would be attached to the nose.

Theme of the coming flow by pressing the play button is the movie “gunman of Sequel sunset”. While also increasing the abbreviated tend SE atmosphere at the official source of, to the intro of “Blackend”. Change from guitar harmony to be washed away by tape, to the raw guitar riff the texture of the drum to signal! Delicious James silhouette floating in the spotlight of the last sound as if imminent! That said, “tight”, comes with a heavily to belly like a difference, the base is also a rich and album “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”. 2 intro and bass solo of the song of the “FOR WHOMS BELL TOLLS” of course, is very reliable base presence of which was Gorigori in other songs. Of the original songs that shine in metallic luster charm is dazzling, with “Eye Of The Beholder” intro in’ve listened to the drum and the synchro to-based, you do not go back to another studio board! “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” announcement at that time, in what senior mania became subtle mood, Tsu I would like you to listen to this work !!
“… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” is not the only. This work is “KILL ‘EM ALL” – “MASTER OF PUPPETS” classic group also Zurarito uniform metal bottom line live in. And “Master Of Puppets” “Seek & Destroy” “Fade To Black” “Battery”, where delicious of each album is jammed with plenty. Hakubi is “Creeping Death”. Kirk Hammett of the tone is good, intense but let me hear the beautiful solo and freely guitar riff Trombone, say the twin vocals of Jason Newsted also is cool! Also not good at death voice, which only would be many people that different. Is’ve been looking well texture to this, we do not want to not convinced also still the unending fan to seek his voice.
And, this recording will then fade in the middle of the (unfortunately) “Am I Evil?”. Too regrettable, in order to ease the lonely end feeling, in this work was bonus recorded “Whiplash” of Angkor that could not be recorded. The sound source, use the large classic sound board to 2 days before Austin performances. Here you will learn a surprise. What, more of the story is a good sound! Of course, we do not have, such as purposely dropped the sound quality. If you have an Austin performance, you can see if it is possible to compare the sound. So, this sound source is to have exceeded even the large classic enough to be also used in the official download!

Repeat any number of times. Far from the official class, we have the birth of the super-name board that would even exceed official! METALLICA that will proceed to “de-metal” in the history of the later. Lars Ulrich is liked and return pretend this tour “was too much”, in this work we are full of “metal feeling about too spear”. Limit point of repeated evolution from the starting point of “DIAMOND play the riff of HEAD as MOTORHEAD” is, that is not an exaggeration to say that the arrival point of the “HEAVY METAL”. If it were contained in this board is,’s the far north, which is one of the music genres ended up. “Is the best band name. Because I because I’m that contains the five characters” M · E · T · A · L “of magic!”. Live album that words of this Lars come sounded at the soul level. Of course is a limited release determined by the course of the press CD specification!

なんという金属感。なんというダイナミクス。なんという美しさ。「HEAVY METAL」という言葉の意味に最も近い音がギュウ詰めになったライヴアルバムが完成してしまいました。これは……凄い!

本盤の主役は史上最大のメタルバンド、METALLICA。彼らのキャリアで“最もメタルなライヴ”といえば“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”をおいて他ありません。1981年の結成以来、成功の階段を駆け上がりながらライヴバンドとしての練度を高めていった彼らは、ある時期“グルーヴ”に気づき、“ルーズ”の暗黒面へと落ちてしまいます。その直前、最高に脂が乗りつつも“徹頭徹尾メタル以外の何物でもない”ライヴだったのが“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”なのです。クリフ・バートン時代のラフ&ワイルドとも、スタジアムを大味に盛り上げる90年代とも異なる、ギリギリと絞り込むようなメタル。まるで万力で雑巾を絞りきったような、コチコチの堅いけど乾いてはいないタイトさ。こいつに犯されたマニアが愛してやまない“METALLICA音源のツボ”とも言えます。
そのタイトさ、鋭さを極限まで追究するには、ごりっごりのサウンドボード・サウンドがどうしても不可欠。今までは「LIVE SHIT」の中のシアトル公演が一手に引き受けてきましたが、まさか、あの伝説の映像よりもさらにタイトな音源が登場しようとは! 本作に収められているのは“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”の1989年5月2日ダラス公演。オフィシャルからも「FAN CAN#4」として短縮版がリリースされた“公式のお墨付き名音源”です。
昨年、録音のフルサイズ(“Am I Evil?”の後半と“Whiplash”がありませんが、これは録音されていなかったようです)が発掘されて話題となり、AUDの名録音「DAMAGED BRITISH」のボーナスCDRとしてもリリースされました。発掘当時から「これ以上のサウンドは無理だろう」と思われていましたが、もしかしたら“究極のさらに上”が可能かもしれない、とリマスタリング作業に入りました。その結果、まさかの究極超え。担当したエンジニアも「会心の出来」と自負するサウンドが実現したのです! 完全無欠にしか聞こえなかったオリジナル音源も、本作を一度聴いてしまうと卓直結のショボさが鼻についてしまう始末です。

プレイボタンを押して流れてくるのは映画「続・夕日のガンマン」のテーマ。LiveMetallica.comの公式音源でも省略されがちなSEが雰囲気を高めつつ、“Blackend”のイントロへ。テープで流されるギターハーモニーから、ドラムのキメを合図に生のギターリフにチェンジ! スポットライトに浮かぶジェイムズのシルエットが目前に迫るかのような直近サウンドの美味いこと! 「タイト」とは言っても、アルバム「…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL」とはまるで違い、ベースも豊かで腹にズッシリと来る。2曲目の“FOR WHOMS BELL TOLLS”のイントロやベースソロは勿論、他の曲でもゴリゴリとしたベースの存在感が実に頼もしい。金属光沢に輝く曲本来の魅力が眩しく、“Eye Of The Beholder ”のイントロでドラムとシンクロするベースを聴いてしまっては、もうスタジオ盤には戻れません! 「…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL」発表当時、微妙な気分になった古参マニアにこそ、本作を聴いていただきたいっ!!
「…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL」だけではありません。本作は「KILL ‘EM ALL」~「MASTER OF PUPPETS」のクラシック群もずらりと揃ったメタル総決算ライヴ。“Master Of Puppets”“Seek & Destroy”“Fade To Black”“Battery”と、各アルバムの美味しいところがたっぷりと詰まってます。白眉は“Creeping Death”。カーク・ハメットの調子も良く、激しいリフ攻めに美しいソロと縦横無尽のギターを聴かせてくれますが、なんと言ってもジェイソン・ニューステッドとのツインヴォーカルがカッコイイ! デス声が苦手でも、これだけは別という方も多いでしょう。こうまで格好良くキメられてしまっては、未だに彼の声を求めるファンが後を絶たないのも納得しないわけにはいきません。
そして、本録音は(残念ながら)“Am I Evil?”の途中でフェイドアウトしてしまいます。あまりにも惜しく、寂しい終了感を緩和すべく、本作では録音しきれなかったアンコールの“Whiplash”をボーナス収録しました。音源には、2日前オースティン公演の大定番サウンドボードを使用。ここで貴方は、驚きを覚えるでしょう。なんと、本編の方が音が良い! 無論、わざと音質を落としてなどいません。もしオースティン公演をお持ちなら、聴き比べていただければ分かります。そう、この音源はオフィシャルダウンロードにも使われるほどの大定番すら超えているのです!

何度でも繰り返します。公式級どころか、公式超えさえしてしまう超名盤の誕生してしまいました! のちの歴史で“脱メタル”へ進んでしまうMETALLICA。ラーズ・ウルリッヒは、このツアーをふり返り「やり過ぎた」と言っていますが、本作には“やり過ぎるほどのメタル感”が溢れているのです。「DIAMOND HEADのリフをMOTORHEADのように演奏する」という出発点から進化を重ねた限界点は、すなわち“HEAVY METAL”の到達点と言っても過言ではありません。本盤に収められているのは、1つの音楽ジャンルが行き着いた極北なのです。「最高のバンド名さ。だって魔法の5文字“M・E・T・A・L”が入ってるんだからな!」。このラーズの言葉が魂レベルで響いてくるライヴアルバム。当然無論のプレスCD仕様で限定リリース決定です!

Disc 1(57:45)
1. The Ecstasy Of Gold 2. Blackened 3. For Whom The Bell Tolls 4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5. Leper Messiah 6. Harvester Of Sorrow 7. Eye Of The Beholder
8. Bass Solo incl. To Live Is To Die 9. Master Of Puppets 10. One

Disc 2(57:35)
1. Seek And Destroy 2. …And Justice For All 3. How Many More Times 4. Creeping Death
5. Fade To Black 6. Guitar Solo 7. Battery 8. La Bamba/Prowler/Run To The Hills
9. Last Caress 10. Am I Evil?

Live at Erwin Events Center, Austin, TX. USA 3rd February 1989
11. Whiplash


James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Kirk Hammett – Guitar
Jason Newsted – Bass, Vocal



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