Metallica / Yokohama 1993 / 3CD

Metallica / Yokohama 1993 / 3CD / Zodiac

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Live at Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan 18th March 1993


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The DIO of MSG of VAN HALEN “TOKYO’S ON FIRE”, “THE MOVING ELEMENT”, “DRAGON HEAD”, or you probably remember of the JUDAS PRIEST “UNDER DEADLY WHEELS” even? (You have a lot of amazing besides actually, but …) treasured master of Astro taper was whether butyrate Ano miracle recording appeared again! Live this day! Metal monster, is METALLICA has been released in the past prey of now, but using the original master of genuine which was ceded directly from the taper himself this time. It was finished in perfect sound enough say in mastering polite, the master of Uncut digital recorded by DAT “any more? Whether there is improvement Specification” ,. Deserve to be saved permanently recording iron plate, is a big appeared in 3-Disc luxury of press CD! Also for those who do not know the miraculous recording of “DRAGON HEAD” etc …, let’s introduce the weirdness of this work.

Than Japan Tour for the fourth time of METALLICA, ‘re housed in this work, Yokohama Arena concert March 18, 1993. Visit the Japan tour associated with “BLACK ALBUM” in the second time, countdown events since the Tokyo Dome in 1991 New Year’s Eve, it was Japan tour of about one year. METALLICA is a metal band in the world over the course of human history, but super masterpiece “BLACK ALBUM” era heyday of heyday Among these. World Tour to collect tens of thousands? Several hundreds of thousand people in the small of the once over into four-year round, uniquely in the past in metal history, it had a great success without the person who is more than even now that 20 years later. So, let alone the world, what Are Housed here,! ‘s A HEAVY METAL in human history Number 1
Was Recorded in the Audience Sound so wonderful That there Are no more the super-rich Live, IS this Work. The burst suddenly from “The Ecstasy Of Gold ~ Creeping Death “is the miracle recording the first time! Without playing four is transmitted in clear wonderfully crisp, bass also lose weight, ……… Phew as sound board though, let’s stop the other. It was before this sound , writing Harping SUCH a Thing IS, it IS rude to the Recording. Of course, this IS the beauty Have all the Commonplace. Weirdness of this Work, Because I’m a Dimension of Earlier and more!
I want to say That to loud is, that while the ease of listening to the same as the official live album, “space” in the Yokohama Arena is packaged in real. And though not blurred at all to bass from treble, space wide wide why tournament field is known. Of course, the tone IS, but a Sound board class.
You want to tell Towards the Sound source, Especially mania, splendor of cheers. Despite the very Small Compared to the Musical tone, mysterious cheers you know, “Oh, terrible Crowd,” and if there is a spread. It is a feeling like, smooth as a carpet that has been laid in the audience of a large venue, METALLICA is like falling from above. It is amazing the opening from “Creeping Death”. As if feel the top and bottom of the space even listening call …… Earphone of “Die! Die!” Enthusiastic Cayenne Immediately after, and Large Chorus, from the sing! Miracle of DIO of “DRAGON HEAD” IS again exactly.
Then followed “Harvester Of Sorrow” Kamata, ridiculous! It is a song of middle tempo heavy, but tremendous barrel and the weight. Not crap out absolutely noise is likely to occur, thick bass figure dimension stop. “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL “” What was that? You would think “is a mellow weight. Would the rich sound does not get called, such as” metal band in the world “, only in a specific band, but the go-getter of taper that Mise to record beautifully even beg for it … …. This Tapered me Went to See the metal Live in human history number 1, it WAS really good!
Is from Being made ​​aware not only Powerful, even Delicacy “Welcome Home ( Sanitarium) “. Acoustic intro full of millet and sparkling, really …… to the fullest Dramatically shea rhythm and beauty, twin harmony of climax is a recording of leaking sigh.

.. Though it is only three songs, it was too much to take the space Let’s hurry ahead (laughs) Among the more far from listening, topic in a small mid-or would be “Justice Medley” Official:. This is a medley that can be listened even “LIVE SHIT BINGE & PURGE”, but you know what real audience until whether in response to Medley in this work. There was also the voice of “…… Nante Medley” at the time, but the audience you Utaimakuru in response to songs that you will change from one minute to the next and (Again, it’s come from this work, one person yelling loud it is not a record of being!). Melody and flop is going to change originally only “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”, towards the sense of “box toys” do not know than discomfort, what pops out seem precede even the medley (in later years the “Kill / Ride Medley” I did overkill indeed: laughs ).
Tremendous Upsurge of “Battery” and beauty of “Fade To Black”, etc., SUCH as Play time jumping out and “(Theme of Hitchcock Theater) Funeral march of the puppet,” “Burn” and “Welcome To The Jungle “in the second half, There are a lot of songs you want to talk about this, but the three-dimensional effect of the sound still speaking of weirdness of” this work unique. “Can enjoy it it would be” One “. Wow you have from the firefight SE familiar. Gunfire sounds powerful does not fall is clear the bass is also spreading. Reproduce the sound of a stream in the middle of the venue, Pink Floyd is the total was Tobikawa the birdsong overhead of customers past, reminiscent even such Story, is a stunning recording space. And it is audience-take of gems, such as aggregated into one song delicate sound of flowing arpeggios, the beauty of the chorus …… this work spread in the part you have deployed to Heavy.
However! Please note the volume When it comes to listening to your Take this. Otherwise, even a heart paralysis Pyro to burst through the middle to “one shot” CAN not Have Responsibility (Laughs). Climax to explode fueled by Pyro is enjoy also, can not be expected in severe Tokyo performance of the Fire Service Act. Yokohama show I do not miss hearing it ‘s because of this. Even so, this Pyro, in spite of the huge explosion sound occur suddenly, there IS no noise it WAS still scared. Even in a place like this, the first time transcendence Recording of this Work IS not Been Proven.
Other, did not listen in 1991, “Wherever I May Roam,” “Of Wolf And Man”, “Nothing Else Matters”, “Stone Cold Crazy” and also enjoy, 34 seconds for 2 hours and 40 minutes complete recording that does not run out of the listening place. It is the one that also taste plenty “What is the audience recording of the ideal “” what music or the metal of the highest human history “. 3-Disc Deluxe press send metal fans of all, the recording lovers of heavy music of all. It is a large appeared in limited release!

“TOKYO’S ON FIRE” of VAN HALEN, of MSG “THE MOVING ELEMENT”, “DRAGON HEAD” of DIO, or would even Irassharu remember the “UNDER DEADLY WHEELS” of JUDAS PRIEST? (Actually in great also for others it has a lot, but …) that miracle record of Astro taper was whether butyrate treasured master appeared again! This time of prey metal monster, is !! live this day METALLICA has been in the past releases, but this time using the directly ceded the genuine original master from taper himself. Uncut full digital recording of the master by DAT, polite and mastering to “any more, whether? There is improvement in use” and finished to perfection sound enough to say. And appropriate to save the iron plate recording permanently, is a big appeared in luxury three sets of press CD! “DRAGON HEAD” etc … also for who do not know the miraculously recording of, let’s introduce the dreadfulness of this work.

 The are contained in this work, from the Japan tour that becomes the fourth time of METALLICA, Yokohama Arena show March 18, 1993. In the second time to visit Japan on a tour associated with the “BLACK ALBUM”, since the countdown event in Tokyo Dome of the 1991 New Year’s Eve, it was about one year of the Japan tour. METALLICA at any time of the era is the world’s best metal band, but, among them ultra-masterpiece “BLACK ALBUM” era heyday during the heyday. World Tour to collect tens of thousands? Several hundreds of thousand people in a single show is Oyobi also in round four years, without unparalleled in the past in metal history, it had been a huge success without the person who is more than even 20 years-old now. So, here’s are housed is, let alone the world, HEAVY METAL of I !! of human history number one
 the super rich live, is this work was recorded in great audience sound not be more. The miracle recorded the first time is “The Ecstasy Of Gold ~ Creeping Death” suddenly from the explosion! Wonderfully 4 people playing is clearly transmitted in the clear, the bass also lose weight can not, ……… Phew like a sound board, let’s stop anymore. With this sound before, and to write harping such a thing, it is rude to the recording. Of course, the obvious of these virtues are all aligned. Dreadfulness of this work, because I’m a more previous dimension!
 I want to say with a voice to die is that while official live album and to listen ease equivalent, the “space” of Yokohama Arena are packaged realistic. I did not at all a blur from treble to bass, it is understood space of why broad wide tournament field. Of course, even though the tone is a sound board class, it is.
 In particular I would like to tell towards the sound source Mania, cheers splendor. Despite very small compared to the musical tone, there is a spread “Oh, wow big crowd” strange cheers can be seen as. Like, smooth as a carpet that has been spread all over the audience of a large venue, it is feeling like METALLICA pours from above. It is great from the “Creeping Death” in the opening. Cayenne immediately after the frenzy, large chorus from out singing, and “Die! Die!” Call …… and as if listening in earphone is the top and bottom of the space feel too! Miracle of “DRAGON HEAD” of DIO, it is again.
 And the subsequent “Harvester Of Sorrow” Kamata, ridiculous! It is a song of heavy middleweight tempo, but its weight barrel and is tremendous. Noise is not crap out absolutely likely to occur,’s thick bass of dimensions stop. “Or” … AND JUSTICE FOR ALL “of was what the heck? “And would think, it is a mellow weight. Referred to as” the world of the metal band “, will the rich sound that you do not put out only a specific band, but of taper it was Mise was also recorded admirably to do this go-getter … …. This taper me went to see the metal live in human history number one, it was really good!
 Not only powerful, that is also reminded delicacy “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)”. Acoustic intro full of shining subtleties brilliantly, the climax of the twin harmony really …… you regret not demonstrate the beauty and drama tee sheet prism is a recording that leaks of sigh.

 Even though only three songs, I have too much to take the space. Let’s hurry ahead (laughs). Among Kiki far from continued, the topic in the middle show What “Justice Medley”. Official “LIVE SHIT: BINGE & PURGE” It is medley to listen any time, in this film you will see realistic until either the audience is how reaction to the medley. At the time, but there was also the voice of “medley Nante ……”, and come hear from this work, but next from you and Utaimakuru audience (repeatedly in response to songs you will change to the next, making noise 1 person annoyingly It is not a record, such as are!). To just go Colo and melody changes originally “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”, from discomfort even if the medley, is what is not know jump out as those of “toy box” feeling prior (of later years the “Kill / Ride Medley “it was too much to truly: laughs).
 Tremendous upsurge of “Fade To Black” beauty and “Battery” in the second half, “puppet funeral march (Alfred Hitchcock Presents theme) of the doll” and “Burn,” “Welcome To The Jungle” also pop and etc. play time, There are a lot of songs you want to talk about, but “this work unique” three-dimensional feeling still of sound Speaking dreadfulness of. You can enjoy it it would be “One”. Wow in from familiar firefight SE. Powerful shooting sound spreading bass is also not fall clear of. Former Pink Floyd is to reproduce the babbling brook in the middle of the live venue, I heard was Tobikawa the birdsong overhead of customers, such Story even remind, it is a wonderful space recording. And flowing delicate sound of the arpeggio, gem of it is audience-take, such as aggregated into one song the virtues of large chorus …… this work spread in part that was developed in the heavy.
 However! Please note the volume when it comes to your listening to this take. Otherwise, you can not have responsibility even cause a heart attack to “one shot” Pyro to burst down the middle (laughs). Also raised is to enjoy an explosion is fueled by Pyro, it can not be expected in the severe Tokyo performance of the Fire Services Act. Yokohama performances Do not miss listening to This is why. Even so this Pyro, despite the sudden occur big explosion sound, there is no still is scared was noise. Even in a place like this, it is not transcendence recording the first time of this work has been demonstrated.
 Other, “Wherever I May Roam” did not listen in 1991 “Of Wolf And Man,” “Nothing Else Matters,” “Stone Cold Crazy” can enjoy, such as not exhausted of listening stations complete recording of 2 hours 40 minutes 34 seconds. “Human history the best of any music or to the metal”, “the ideal of the audience recording something” and this one also enjoy plenty. All of the metal fan, luxury press 3 Disc to send to recording enthusiasts of all the heavy music. It is a large appeared in limited release!

Disc 1 (58:47)
1. The Ecstasy Of Gold 2. Creeping Death 3. Harvester Of Sorrow 4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5. Sad But True 6. Wherever I May Roam 7. Of Wolf And Man 8. Guitar Solo 
9. The Unforgiven 10. Justice Medley 

Disc 2 (64:05)
1. Bass & Guitar Solo 2. Through The Never 3. For Whom The Bell Tolls 4. Fade To Black 
5. Master Of Puppets 6. Seek & Destroy 7. Battery 

Disc 3 (37:48)
1. Nothing Else Matters 2. Am I Evil 3. Last Caress 4. One 5. Enter Sandman?
6. Stone Cold Crazy

James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Kirk Hammett – Guitar Jason Newsted – Bass, Vocal 


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