Metallica / Chicago 1988 / 2CD

Metallica / Chicago 1988 / 2CD / Zodiac

Live At UIC Pavilion , Chicago, IL USA 17th November 1988

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1988 MET ALLICA won the whole world with “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” that evolved magnificently and precisely while being radical. Introducing the original master that conveys the scene of the scorching heat.
The title “Chicago Performance on November 17, 1988” is engraved in this work. It is a gekitetsu audience recording that was made into a CD directly from the master cassette that recorded the whole story. Speaking of 1988, “MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1988” with VAN HALEN and DOKKEN is also famous, but this work is “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR” after that. First, let’s look back at the show’s position from the schedule of those days.

● 1988
・ May 23-July 30: MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR (30 performances)
<< August 25 “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” release >>
・ September 11-November 5: Europe (41 performances)
・ November 15th-December 18th: North America # 1 (23 performances) ← ★ here ★
● 1989
・ January 11th-April 21st: North America # 2 (63 performances)
・ May 1-18: Oceania / Japan (10 performances)
・ May 24-September 23: North America # 3 (79 performances) ← * Official video
・ October 4-7: South America (3 performances)

This is 1988/1989 METALLICA. “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” was released in the summer, and it was a big hit to run up to 6th place in the United States. Extreme slash metal shook the world with an “incident” that would cut into the top 10 of each country. The “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR” started in autumn with the momentum. The Chicago performance of this work was the second concert in which the original edition “North America # 1” had just begun.
This work recorded at such a show is just the finest audience recording. Even if it is said to be “excellent”, it is not a type that is mistaken for a sound board, and the real audience with intense heat in the field. In fact, the enthusiasm is not a humper, but when the reverse rotation of the guitar that signals the start of “Blackened” is swept, the extraordinary delight blows out as a madness that neither screams nor riot. Then, James’s raw riff cuts through the intro, and I was surprised here. Although it is audibly timbre, the sharpness of its edges and the thick bones of its core! Furthermore, with the Pyro’s “Ban!”, The band as a whole makes a big run, but the explosive sound of the explosion and the explosive power of the broken audience are amazing. It is a famous scene that symbolizes “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”, but it is still a riff attack and shout that overruns and suppresses everything. It is a brand name that accurately conveys the scene where the cult atmosphere that is different from the major feeling after “BLACK ALBUM” has been severely compressed, and at the same time tastes a more powerful and organized heavy metal ensemble.
That should be so, the taper recorded in this work is not just a person. A person who struck a masterpiece around Chicago in the 80’s, IRON MAIDEN’s “SLAVERY MASTER (Zodiac 002)”, MOTLEY CRUE’s “THEATER OF ROSEMONT (Zodiac 018)”, and Ozzy Osbourne’s “ULTIMATE SIN IN CHICAGO ( Zodiac 025) ”is well known. To put it even further, with the same taper as METALLICA’s super masterpieces “THE ECSTASY OF ARAGON (Zodiac 004)”, “CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG (Zodiac 052)” and “DEFINITIVE MASTER OF CHICAGO (Zodiac 273)” It is also said that … If you experience even one of these, I think that you will feel a sense of stability with a powerful force, but this work is the “DAMAGED JUSTICE version” of that brand collection. Actually, there were two cuts due to tape changes (32 seconds in the middle of “Master Of Puppets” and 9 seconds in the “Fade To Black” intro), but they were supplemented with another sound source. You can enjoy the whole story seamlessly. The official SBD for the upcoming Long Beach Arena performance was used for compensation. The sound of this story is so clear that it is possible.
The sound is drawn in the full show where the heavy metal feeling peaked in the entire history of METALLICA. Speaking of “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR,” the Seattle performance’s professional shot of “LIVE SHIT: BINGE & PURGE” is a symbol, and the famous Japanese press “DAMAGED JUSTICE JAPAN TOUR 1989 (Zodiac 374)” is a new place to remember. However, since this work has different legs, the set is slightly different. Now, let’s organize the contents.

● Cliff Age Number (9 songs)
・ KILL’EM ALL: Seek & Destroy / Whiplash
・ RIDE THE LIGHTNING: For Whom The Bell Tolls / Creeping Death / Fade to Black
・ MASTER OF PUPPETS: Welcome Home (Sanitarium) / Leper Messiah (★) / Master Of Puppets / Battery
● … AND JUSTICE FOR ALL (6 songs)
・ Blackened / Harvestor Of Sorrow / Eye Of The Beholder (★) / To Live Is To Die / One / … And Justice For All
● Cover (5 songs + α)
・ Little Wing / Jam (How Many More Times / Run To The Hills) (★) / Helpless (★) / Last Caress / Am I Evil? / Breadfan
* Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard in the official Seattle performance.

… And this is how it looks. The selection of the cover played in the final stage is different, but the bigger one is the first half. The rare “Leper Messiah” and this tour-only “Eye Of The Beholder” will also be played. Even so, I could hear “Eye Of The Beholder” on “DAMAGED JUSTICE JAPAN TOUR 1989”, but “Leper Messiah” was a song that didn’t come true.
And the performance of spelling such a set is the most heavy metal. As mentioned above, “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR” starts from the European expedition and returns to its home country. This work is the second performance and there is no slight fatigue from the tour, and I am burning with the motivation to overrun the country. I want to hit complicated songs to the fans of the home country quickly, I want to show off the destruction of the goddess image … Such a vigorous momentum overflows, and even in the recording of “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR” in each country, the metal luster is very high It’s a show.

Chicago has been a master of early METALLICA, such as “THE ECSTASY OF ARAGON” in the 2nd era, “CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG” and “DEFINITIVE MASTER OF CHICAGO” in the 3rd era. This work is a new masterpiece that will be the “DAMAGED JUSTICE version”. Although this work itself is a heavy metal board, by enjoying it as a series, you can also run “METALLICA’s walk” with the best sound. This is also a luxurious enjoyment unique to audience recording. Please enjoy the permanent storage press 2CD to your heart’s content.

過激なまま壮大・緻密に進化した『…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL』で全世界を制覇した1988年のMETALLICA。その灼熱の現場を伝えるオリジナル・マスターが登場です。
そんな本作に刻まれているのは「1988年11月17日シカゴ公演」。その一部始終を記録したマスター・カセットからダイレクトにCD化された激鉄オーディエンス録音です。1988年と言えば、VAN HALENやDOKKENとの“MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1988”も有名ですが、本作はその後に行われた“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”の方。まずは、そんな当時のスケジュールからショウのポジションを振り返ってみましょう。

・5月23日-7月30日:MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR(30公演)
・11月15日-12月18日:北米#1(23公演) ←★ココ★

これが1988年/1989年のMETALLICA。『…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL』は夏に発売され、全米6位まで駆け上がる大ヒット。過激なスラッシュ・メタルが各国のトップ10に食い込むとう“事件”に世界を震撼しました。その勢いを駆って秋から“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”が開始。本作のシカゴ公演は、その本国編「北米#1」が始まったばかりの2公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなショウで記録された本作は、まさに極上のオーディエンス録音。「極上」とは言ってもサウンドボードと間違えるタイプではなく、現場の熱気も苛烈なリアル・オーディエンス。実際、その熱気がハンパではなく、「Blackened」のスタートを告げるギターの逆回転が流されるや、常軌を逸した歓喜が悲鳴とも暴動とも付かない狂乱となって吹き出す。そして、そのイントロをジェイムズの生リフが切り裂くのですが、ここでびっくり。音色的には明らかにオーディエンスではあるものの、そのエッジの鋭さや芯の骨太感! さらにパイロの「バン!」と共にバンド全体で大激走するわけですが、その炸裂音とブチ切れた観客の爆発力が凄いのなんの。“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”を象徴する名シーンですが、それでもなお、すべてを蹂躙して制圧していくリフ攻撃&シャウト……。『BLACK ALBUM』以降のメジャー感とは違うカルトな空気感が猛烈に圧縮された現場を正確に伝えつつ、それ以上にパワフルで整った重金属アンサンブルも同時に味わわせてくれる銘品なのです。
それもそのはず、本作は録音したテーパーもただ者ではない。80年代のシカゴ近辺で名作を連発した人物で、当店でもIRON MAIDENの『SLAVERY MASTER(Zodiac 002)』やMOTLEY CRUEの『THEATRE OF ROSEMONT(Zodiac 018)』、オジー・オズボーンの『ULTIMATE SIN IN CHICAGO(Zodiac 025)』といった名盤がお馴染み。さらに言いますと、確証は得られていないもののMETALLICAの超傑作『THE ECSTASY OF ARAGON(Zodiac 004)』『CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG(Zodiac 052)』『DEFINITIVE MASTER OF CHICAGO(Zodiac 273)』と同じテーパーではないか……とも言われている。これらの中の1本でも体験された方なら、強烈な迫力ながら整った安定感を実感していただけると思いますが、本作はその銘品コレクションの“DAMAGED JUSTICE版”。実のところ、テープチェンジによるカットが2カ所(「Master Of Puppets」中盤の32秒と「Fade To Black」イントロの9秒)ほどあったのですが、そこは別音源で補填。全編をシームレスで楽しめるようになっています。補填に使用したのは、日の近いロングビーチアリーナ公演の公式SBD。それが可能なほど、本編のサウンドもクリアな名録音なのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるのは、METALLICA全史でも重金属感がピークを迎えたフルショウ。“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”と言えば、『LIVE SHIT: BINGE & PURGE』のシアトル公演プロショットが象徴ですし、日本公演の名作プレス『DAMAGED JUSTICE JAPAN TOUR 1989(Zodiac 374)』も記憶に新しいところ。しかし、本作はレッグが違うのでセットも微妙に異なります。ここで、その内容を整理してみましょう。

・KILL ‘EM ALL:Seek & Destroy/Whiplash
・RIDE THE LIGHTNING:For Whom The Bell Tolls/Creeping Death/Fade to Black
・MASTER OF PUPPETS:Welcome Home (Sanitarium)/Leper Messiah(★)/Master Of Puppets/Battery
・Blackened/Harvestor Of Sorrow/Eye Of The Beholder(★)/To Live Is To Die/One/…And Justice For All
・Little Wing/ジャム(How Many More Times / Run To The Hills)(★)/Helpless(★)/Last Caress/Am I Evil?/Breadfan

……と、このようになっています。終盤に演奏されるカバーのセレクションが違ってもいますが、それ以上に大きいのは前半。レアな「Leper Messiah」やこのツアーだけの「Eye Of The Beholder」も演奏されるのです。それでも「Eye Of The Beholder」は『DAMAGED JUSTICE JAPAN TOUR 1989』でも聴けましたが、「Leper Messiah」は叶わなかった曲です。
そして、そんなセットを綴る演奏こそが最高に重金属。上記した日程の通り、“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”はヨーロッパ遠征から始まり、本国に凱旋する流れ。本作はその2公演目とあってツアー疲れなど微塵もなく、本国を蹂躙する意欲に燃えたぎっている。はやく本国のファンにも複雑に進化した曲を叩きつけてやりたい、女神像ぶっ壊しを見せびらかしたい……そんな血気盛んな勢いが溢れ出し、“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”の各国録音でもひときわ硬度の高い金属光沢ギラッギラのショウなのです。

2nd時代の『THE ECSTASY OF ARAGON』や3rd時代の『CHICAGO 1986 FIRST LEG』『DEFINITIVE MASTER OF CHICAGO』など、初期METALLICAの名盤を生んできたシカゴ。本作は、その“DAMAGED JUSTICE版”となる新名盤です。本作自体が極めつけの重金属盤ではありますが、さらに連作として楽しむ事で“METALLICAの歩み”も極上サウンドで併走できてしまう。これもまた、オーディエンス録音ならではの贅沢な愉しみです。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで思う存分ご堪能ください。

Disc 1 (58:55)
01. Radio Spot
02. Ecstasy Of Gold
03. Blackened
04. For Whom The Bell Tolls
05. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
06. Leper Messiah
07. Harvester Of Sorrow
08. Eye Of The Beholder
09. Bass Solo
10. To Live Is To Die
11. Master Of Puppets
12. One

Disc 2 (55:16)
1. MC
2. Seek And Destroy
3. …And Justice For All
4. Jam
5. Creeping Death
6. Fade To Black
7. Guitar Solo 。
8. Little Wing
9. Battery
10. How Many More Times / Run To The Hills
11. Helpless
12. Last Caress
13. Am I Evil?
14. Whiplash

James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal
Lars Ulrich – Drums
Kirk Hammett – Guitar
Jason Newsted – Bass


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