Metallica / Damaged Justice 88-89 / 1DVDR

Metallica / Damaged Justice 88-89 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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A Collection of Real Live Footage


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A video work of a whole mania who assembled “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR 1988-1989” is a gift release decision.
What is contained in this work … … It can not be enumerated very much! It is an audience picture collection that selected a masterpiece / name scene from various images of “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR” (It is a pro shot of only “One” in London performance, Philadelphia performances and Seattle performances are also audience).
Although each song is arranged in fullshow tailoring, most of the 20 performances of that number are selected from different performances. Two songs are selected from the West Palm Beach performances and three songs from the Middleton performance when speaking in detail, but there are songs that are using something in one song instead. For example, “… And Justice For All” has 3 performances, and “Seek & Destroy” has images of 2 performances. As a result, 20 songs total 20 performances.
Therefore, it can not be expressed unconditionally as “Angle is ○ ○” and “Sound is ΔΔ”. However, to say that all of what is clear is the best shot, the best master. Although it is diverse enough to think that it is almost the whole record of “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”, it is not all. It has been selected as chitin and the kind of bad picture is omitted.
I am amazed by even more selective eyes. In this tour I am playing various songs with a cover jam, but I chose the East Rutherford performances that did the “Symptom Of The Universe” of BLACK SABBATH, “Last Caress” as well as “La Bamba” Troy playing to play is selected. The final result is “Frayed Ends of Sanity” in Middle Town Performance! Even though official website is a song whose first premiere is 2014, James in 1989 actually played that riff and is singing. I thought that evidence image overturned the conventional theory!? … … and thought, the song collapsed to the beginning and it ended (bitter smile). Such images are gathered as “Oh!?” Japan images are also used in “Am I Evil?”, And the world wide scene is condensed to one show.

America, Canada, UK, Brazil, and Japan … …. It is popular worldwide METALLICA that I realize that the world’s images are gathering in this way. While the images of the various places are used so much, there is a whirlpool of big chorus and enthusiasm in any country and any venue. How did the momentum of METALLICA at that time, the momentum swept the world? Because of the audience image, that hot air becomes a real feeling and it comes to rush.
It is not only a masterpiece selection of a whole audience but also “scales” and “era” are brewed out because it gathered. “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR” which shook the gloss of heavy metals to the world in the late 1980s. Please, please enjoy plenty with this work.


“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR 1988-1989”を集成したマニア渾身の映像作品がギフト・リリース決定です。
本作に収められているのは……とても列挙しきれない! “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”の各種映像から名演・名シーンを選りすぐったオーディエンス映像集なのです(ロンドン公演の「One」のみプロショットで、フィラデルフィア公演やシアトル公演もオーディエンス)。
1曲ずつの映像をフルショウ仕立てに並べてあるわけですが、その数たるや全20公演がほとんどが別公演から選ばれているのです。細かい事を言うとウェスト・パルムビーチ公演からは2曲、ミドルトン公演からは3曲が選ばれていますが、その代わり1曲中に何公演も使われている曲もある。例えば「…And Justice For All」は3公演、「Seek & Destroy」は2公演の映像が繋げられている。結果として、全20曲で20公演にも及ぶのです。
そのため、一概に「アングルは○○」「サウンドは△△」と表現することはできません。ただし、ハッキリしているのはいずれも極上ショット、極上マスターだと言うこと。“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”のほとんど全記録なんじゃないかと思うほどに多様ではありますが、全部ではない。キチンと選抜されており、ダメ映像の類はキッチリ省かれているのです。
さらに通な選択眼にも驚かされる。このツアーではカバージャムでいろいろな曲を遊んでいるのですが、BLACK SABBATHの「Symptom Of The Universe」をやったイースト・ラザフォード公演を選んでいたり、「Last Caress」も頭に「La Bamba」で遊ぶトロイ公演をセレクトしている。極めつけはミドルタウン公演の「Frayed Ends of Sanity」! 公式サイトでも2014年が初演となっている曲なのに、確かに1989年のジェイムズがあのリフを弾き、歌っている。これまでの定説を覆す証拠映像か!?……と思いきや、序盤までで曲が崩れて終了(苦笑)。そうした思わず「おっ!?」となる映像が集められている。「Am I Evil?」には日本映像も使われており、ワールドワイドな光景がショウ1回分に凝縮されているのです。

単にマニア渾身のオーディエンス傑作選というだけでなく、集めたからこそ“スケール”と“時代”が炙り出される。80年代末期に重金属の光沢を世界に振りまいた“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”。どうぞ、本作でたっぷりとお楽しみください。

1. Blackened (Hartford, CT 03/17/89)
2. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Troy, NY 03/15/89)
3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Seattle, WA 08/29/89)
4. The Four Horsemen (Long Island, NY 03/08/89)
5. Harvester Of Sorrow (Allentown, PA 07/29/89)
6. Leper Messiah (West Palm Beach, FL 02/15/89)
7. The Thing That Should Not Be (Middletown, NY 07/14/89)
8. Master Of Puppets (Miami, FL 06/04/88)
9. One (London, UK 10/88)
10. Seek & Destroy (Philadelphia, PA 03/12/89 & Buffalo, NY 03/13/89)
11. …And Justice For All(West Palm Beach, FL 02/15/89, Pittsburgh, PA 03/04/89 & Toronto, Canada 04/07/89)
12. Creeping Death (Long Island, NY 03/08/89)
13. Fade To Black (Hartford, CT 03/17/89)
14. Battery (New York, NY 06/26/88)
15. Symptom Of The Universe/Prowler/Run To The Hills/Helpless (East Rutherford, NJ 03/01/89)
16. Frayed Ends of Sanity (Middletown, NY 07/14/89)
17. La Bamba/Last Caress (Troy, NY 03/15/89)
18. Am I Evil? (Tokyo, Japan 04/89)
19. Whiplash (San Paulo, Brazil 10/06/89)
20. Breadfan (Middletown, NY 07/14/89)

COLOUR NTSC Approx.119min.

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