Metallica / Summer Sonic Tokyo 2013 / 2CDR

Metallica / Summer Sonic Tokyo 2013 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at QVC Marine Field, Chiba, Japan 10th August 2013 


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The complete recording of an ultra-high-quality audience recording of the stage side of the Tokyo Summer Sonic 2013. It is a fan must listen sound that captures over a 2 hours 15 minutes at the highest quality of all time, the stage of incandescent in Chiba QVC Marine Stadium in August 10. . I record the best sound source master of the surprise by See No Evil Records provided. Was released from the label “THROUGH THE SONIC 2013” has been recorded in a matrix of AUD recording and (in-ear-monitor), the source IEM, but this board is also used in “THROUGH THE SONIC 2013” I am using to direct a genuine audience recording source who is. It is too terrible too, is a very high-quality sound of the absolute must listen fan. Was released from the label ZODIAC “SUMMER SONIC OSAKA 2013” is if the high-quality sound board of the full sense of reality, here as if listening in monitor mix like, high-quality sound recording level of the line exactly. I record in sound solid in direct enough to think there is hard a lot of feeling, the reverberation of a unique venue, such as the limiter, while an audience recording, most of the people who were in the hall when it did not not able to experience the actual has been. When depends on the description of the taper, it is a recording with mixer desk area in front, but you can not hear enough good cheer to shoot the audience of frenzy is saying at all, given the situation, it seems mysterious, of the more outlandish is a high-quality microphone recording. It is a sound which can be called the exact opposite of the above as “SUMMER SONIC OSAKA 2013”, but the sound quality is excellent enough to both difficult to say which is better. In opening the Hit The Lights which became the swing in ’10, and Carpe Diem Baby, Holier Than Thou, from Reload, which is live showcase for the first time in Japan: In Japan, it is selection of music maniac and I Disappear of “M I 2” soundtrack recording one piece of the fan must-have that complete recording at the highest quality that approaches the sound board recording, the performance in Tokyo last year for his pleasing fan “SUMMER SONIC TOKYO 2013” is the first appearance in the title gift.

サマーソニック2013の東京側のステージを超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。8月10日の千葉QVCマリン・スタジアムにおける白熱のステージを、空前絶後の最高音質で2時間15分に渡って捉えたファン必聴音源です。。See No Evil Records提供による驚愕の極上マスター音源を収録。同レーベルからリリースされた「THROUGH THE SONIC 2013」は、IEM(イン・イヤー・モニター)・ソースとAUD録音のマトリックスで収録されていますが、本盤は、「THROUGH THE SONIC 2013」でも使用されている純正オーディエンス録音ソースをダイレクトに使用しています。あまりに凄過ぎる、ファン絶対必聴の超高音質音源です。ZODIACレーベルからリリースされた「SUMMER SONIC OSAKA 2013」が臨場感いっぱいの高音質盤ならば、こちらはまるでモニターミックスでも聴いているかのような、正にライン録音レベルの高音質。硬質感いっぱいの、リミッターのような独特な会場の反響音があり、オーディエンス録音でありながら、会場のいた人の殆どが実際は体感できなかったのではないかと思うほどにダイレクトでソリッドな音で収録されています。テーパーの説明によりますと、ミキサー卓エリア内前方での録音のことですが、狂乱のオーディエンスの放つ歓声が全くといって良いほど聴こえない、状況を考えると、摩訶不思議に思える、異様なほどの高音質マイク録音です。前述の「SUMMER SONIC OSAKA 2013」とは真逆とも言える音像ですが、しかし音質はどちらも甲乙付け難い程に優れています。日本では10年振りとなったHit The Lightsをオープニングに、日本で初めてライヴ披露されたHolier Than Thou、ReloadからのCarpe Diem Baby 、そして「M:I 2」サントラ収録のI Disappearとマニアックな選曲がファンを喜ばせてくれた昨年の東京公演を、サウンドボード録音に迫る最高音質で完全収録したファン必携の一枚「SUMMER SONIC TOKYO 2013」が、ギフトタイトルで初登場です。

Disc 1 (68:41)
1. Intro 2. The Ecstasy Of Gold 3. Hit The Lights 4. Master Of Puppets 5. Holier Than Thou 
6. The Four Horsemen 7. The Day That Never Comes 8. Carpe Diem Baby 9. I Disappear 
10. Sad But True 11. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 12. Orion

Disc 2 (64:54)
1. One 2. For Whom The Bell Tolls 3. Blackened 4. Nothing Else Matters 5. Enter Sandman 
6. Creeping Death 7. Battery 8. Seek & Destroy 9. Outro 

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