Megadeth / Nagoya 1987 / 2CD

Megadeth / Nagoya 1987 / 2CD / Zodiac

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NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 26th June 1986 Truly Perfect/Ultimate Sound(from Original Masters)Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 1st April 1988

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Following METALLICA, MEGADETH legend’s first visit to Japan that conveyed “real thrash metal”. Burning live album that vacuum packed the historical site appears.
It is contained in this work “April 4, 1987: Aichi Embassy Pension Center” performance. It is a superb audience recording directly converted into CD from original cassette excavated by its own route. Until now, recordings of Tokyo performances and Osaka performances were known, but of course this work is completely different. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the schedule of the first visit to Japan that will be a monument.

· April 2: Shibuya Public Hall “‘DETH’S COMING”
· April 3: Shibuya Public Hall “‘DETH’S COMING”
· April 4: Aichi Health Pension Center 【this work】
· April 6: Osaka Health Pension Center ※ Bonus 2 CDR

【Long-length live album of powerful sound】
Over, all four performances. In our store we reported on MEGADETH first visit to masterpiece ” DETH’S COMING (Power Gate – 044) ‘, but this work’ s Nagoya performance is the next day concert. The quality of such a work is a clear sound with tremendous realism. Speaking of the first visit to Japan so far, it was an equal ” DETH’S COMING ”, but a more powerful musical sound of this work roars. Moreover, it is wonderful because it is not a kind of explosive or roar. No, in fact it is pretty noisy, but it is not a recording, but the sound that MEGADETH himself emits. Up to a grain of the base is never broken while it is amazing, even if it is powerful, the peak does not distort. Although it is not a type called “just like a soundboard”, the sense of distance is hardly felt, and the sophisticated song development which is complicated and strange is clear to the refinement of microphones. It is exactly the sound that will become the best masterpiece of the first visit to Japan.
It is as long as that sound is happy. ” DETH ‘S COMING’ was 2 pairs in 2 performances, but this work is 2 pairs in 1 performance. Also played not only “Killing is My Business” and “Chosen Ones” but also the encore “Skull Beneath The Skin” that I could not listen through Tokyo 2 shows. As a result, it became a long show playing the whole repertoire except “Looking Down the Cross” “I Is not Superstitious”. Moreover, “KILLING IS MY BUSINESS”, “PEACE SELLS … BUT WHO ‘S BUYING?” Is said to be a famous masterpiece in the masterpiece shining in the history of slash metal. It is a rich slash paradise that looks back on a long history.

【The scene of the first meeting that is too terrible】
Furthermore, the intense personality of this work is the breath of the audience. This is already burning hot! As expected it is almost silent while playing (I’m shaking my head unconcernedly, kore: haha), but the cheering cheering between songs is terrible. If something is going to be empty for a while, “Woo!” “Dave But!” Got distorted, and now there are old people who call the band with a nostalgic punk “No bud!” (Laugh). No, it’s not only between songs. Speaking of MEGADETH in the beginning, it is an intellectual slash packed with name riffs that would make you want to say “How many songs is it?”, But at live it will develop at a tremendous speed. Even though I listen to it on CD, it seems that it is going to be stunned, but the spectators in Nagoya stick with their super fast deployment and raise their screams to fine texture. I memorize complicated songs in a good way and they are trying to precisely target the “skimmer” of riff and riff.
Among such “serious degree MAX” audiences, in particular, female customers are attracted to ears. Speaking of Slash Metal usually is a storm of a bad foolish voice, but MEGADETH is not. There are plenty of female voices at the venue there, too. Moreover, this female customer is giving a good taste. In general, I think of a female customer as a yellow-colored voice like an idol concert, but truly a lady of metal. Even though it is “___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 And among the songs, “Vocal is good, it’s a tight ass … ….” Talking about scorching hearts of erotic parents. Around where I call that Mustain “vocal”, I feel a lot of feeling for visiting Japan for the first time, but their warmth is also the first visit to Japan. Yes, the women gathered here are not in the eyes of the idol of the packaged media purveyor. They are prideful “western metal girls” who find “icons” with their own eyes and ears.
Mustain who came in front of such spectators also had plenty of feeling for the first time in Japan. Japanese “Aishitemusu” “Domoirigatto” also ragged outrageously irregularly. In the scene that introduces “Mechanix”, while giving out the name of METALLICA, saying “I wrote it,” Boxer wrote compliments “Shit !!” with full of strength. Even if I have said so far, the voice is so good that the smile of full face emerges in that voice.
Disk 2 is even more terrible. Although it is an encore from “Mechanix” of the main part of this volume, an encore wait is entered one song at a time. The spectators there are amazing. At first, I’m screaming at “Megadeth!” With full katakana opening, but it will gradually run out. “The voice rattles … … It is no good” “Sue’s, megades!” “Mega dee …… Mega!” Even so, I do not feel like stopping, half a scream of a bumper. Keep shouting with the spirit of “Pull out another song anyway!”, If you really come out and do one song and then leave, shout again. This work is a complete recording of such a scene to the announced announcement “Everyone please do not leave something, please come back.”

Violent · intense · furious. This is the era of the arrival of the slash metal. If the slash of the initial MEGADETH is also chaos, the crowds of the audience are also chaos. I have worked on myriad live albums of myriad bands, but it is fresh and raw so far, there is not a memorable live album like this so much.
METALLICA First visit to Japan was also handed down as a legend, but MEGADETH was definitely a legend to Japan. This work is a sure evidence. The original cassette throws out the air that has been contained for 30 years from the speaker, a superior “field album”. We will deliver with cultural heritage which can only be a boot leg, permanent preservation press 2CD suitable for its shine.



・4月2日:渋谷公会堂 『’DETH’S COMING』
・4月3日:渋谷公会堂 『’DETH’S COMING』
・4月4日:愛知厚生年金会館 【本作】
・4月6日:大阪厚生年金会館 ※ボーナス2CDR

以上、全4公演。当店ではMEGADETH初来日を名作『’DETH’S COMING(Power Gate-044)』でレポートしてきましたが、本作の名古屋公演はその翌日となるコンサートです。そんな本作のクオリティは、臨場感も凄まじいクリア・サウンド。これまで初来日と言えば、イコール『’DETH’S COMING』だったわけですが、本作の一層逞しく図太い楽音が轟く。しかも、爆音・轟音の類ではないから素晴らしい。いや、実のところかなりノイジーだったりもするのですが、それは録音ではなく、MEGADETH自身が発するサウンド。ベースの一粒まで豪快ながら決して割れず、ド迫力であってもピークが歪まない。「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶタイプでこそないものの、距離感がほとんど感じられず、複雑怪奇な曲展開がリフの機微まで鮮明。まさに初来日の最高傑作となるサウンドなのです。
そんなサウンドと同じくらい嬉しいのが、長さ。『’DETH’S COMING』は2公演で2枚組でしたが、本作は1公演で2枚組。初日にはなかった「Killing is My Business」「Chosen Ones」だけでなく、東京2公演と通して聴けなかったアンコール「Skull Beneath The Skin」も演奏。その結果、「Looking Down the Cross」「I Ain’t Superstitious」以外の全レパートリーを演奏する長尺ショウとなったのです。しかも『KILLING IS MY BUSINESS』『PEACE SELLS… BUT WHO’S BUYING?』と言えば、スラッシュ・メタル史に輝く名盤中の大名盤。長い歴史を振り返っても希に見る特濃なスラッシュ・パラダイスなのです。

さらに本作の強烈な個性となっているのは、観客たちの息吹。これがもう、灼熱・激アツ! さすがに演奏中はほとんど黙っています(一心不乱に頭を振ってますね、コレは:笑)が、曲間に沸き上がる声援が凄まじい。ちょっとでも曲間が空こうものなら「うぉぉ!」「デーイブッ!」が乱れ飛び、今や懐かしい駄洒落「芽が出ずー!」でバンドをコールする輩までいる(笑)。いや、曲間だけじゃない。初期MEGADETHと言えば「一体、何曲分だよ?」と言いたくなるような名リフを詰め込みに詰め込んだインテレクチュアル・スラッシュですが、ライヴではそれが凄まじいスピードで展開する。CDで聴いていても茫然と置いて行かれそうなのですが、名古屋の観客はその超速展開にピタッと付いていき、細かいキメに雄叫びを上げる。複雑な曲もよーく暗記し、リフとリフの“スキマ”を正確に狙ってきやがるのです。
そんな“本気度MAX”な観客たちの中で、特に耳を惹くのは実は女性客。通常、スラッシュ・メタルと言えば野太い野郎声の嵐なのですが、MEGADETHはそうじゃない。会場のそここに女性の声もたっぷり含まれているのです。しかも、この女性客が良い味を出してやがる。普通、女性客と言えばアイドル・コンサート的な黄色い嬌声を思い浮かべますが、さすがはメタル嬢。「いぇー!」ではあっても「キャー!」にはならず、野郎共に混じって「Peace sells… but who’s buying!!」も野太く叫ぶ。そして、曲間では「ヴォーカルがイイね。むっちりしてるお尻がさ……」と語り合い、エロ親父ばりのスケベ心で品定め。あのムステインを「ヴォーカル」と呼ぶ辺りも初来日感たっぷりですが、彼女たちの目敏さも初来日だからこそ。そう、ここに集っている女性たちはパッケージされたメディア御用達のアイドルになんか眼中にない。自らの目と耳で「アイコン」を見つけ出す、誇り高き“洋楽メタル女子”たちなのです。
そんな観客を前にしたムステインも初来日感たっぷり。日本語「アイシテマス」「ドモアリガト」も乱発しながら異様にノリノリ。「Mechanix」を紹介するシーンではMETALLICAの名を出しながら「俺が書いたんだぜ」とブツクサ文句を言い、力を込めて「Shit !!」と一喝。そこまで言っていてもなお、その声には満面の笑みが浮かぶほど上機嫌なのです。



Disc 1(49:30)
1. Orange Light (Apocalypse Now) 2. Wake Up Dead 3. The Conjuring 4. Bad Omen
5. Rattlehead 6. Killing is My Business…And Business is Good! 7. Chosen Ones
8. My Last Words 9. Peace Sells 10. These Boots 11. Devil’s Island

Disc 2(34:13)
1. Band Introduction 2. Mechanix 3. Last Rites / Loved To Deth 4. Good Mourning / Black Friday
5. Skull Beneath The Skin

Dave Mustaine – Guitar, Vocal David Ellefson – Bass, Vocal Chris Poland – Guitar
Gar Samuelson – Drums


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