McAuley Schenker Group / Monsters Of Rock In Germany 1986 / 2CDR

McAuley Schenker Group / Monsters Of Rock In Germany 1986 / 2CDR / Shades

Translated Text:
Zeppelinfeld, Nuremberg, Germany 30th August 1986 & Maimarktgelande, Mannheim, Germany 31st August 1986


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McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP formed immediately after a representative to name recording is reprinted in the coupling. M.S.G which has become and activities stop at the end of the memorable “SUPER ROCK ’84” in Japanese .. Then, it was to restart welcomed a new partner Robin McAuley was the summer of 1986. They are, while multiplying the selling to the record company, they dared the warm-up Live as a band in Europe. And stage debut in Ireland and Hungary, has appeared in “MONSTERS OF ROCK FESTIVAL” of the German version in the form of entrained to SCORPIONS. This work, we the German version MOR2 performance, “August 30, 1986 Nuremberg” 2 Disc audience album was coupling the “next August 31, Mannheim”.

First disc 1 “August 30, 1986 Nuremberg performances”. It is a former sound source that may have to introduce even as a gift album, but this time aimed at reprinted in the decision specification, was revived with the latest remastered. When you play, but was surprised at the curtain MC Gayaya over the peak feeling of Robin, “Armed And Ready” begins and slip and VOLUME is adjusted, it makes a great sound. After that delicious outdoor umami a “reverberation zero”, you can enjoy anyway musical tone of the core also bold sound is plenty. May be the reaction of the audience, it has raised a great deal, there is no such thing as be covered only in large cheers outdoors. Although the clapping of the close of the audience give us is to tell the scene feeling, which block the playing I do not at all.
Live to be drawn in such a sound, the band unique just before formation enthusiastic performance. Robin also (possibly) the first while greatly Harikiri at the big stage, carefully sing. Somewhat different from the studio work and live after, but still I think also as “also caught? In the cold” to the husky singing voice, in good spirits in the split relaxed. More voice of the young do not may have been this kind of voice. Of course, Michael is Michael. Since the activity stopped in 1984, on top of the long time of the tour, also fighting spirit that will Noseyo a new band to track enough. Having wounds all over one’s body was was the “SUPER ROCK ’84” You let me listen to the full extent the perky and sweet tone as beyond recognition.
And the biggest point of the set list that becomes the foundation of enthusiastic performance. Only to have to play the classic group of old M.S.G. plenty immediately after formation. This week will be Japan large masterpiece of performance “BUDOKAN 1988 1ST NIGHT (ZODIAC 190)” is also released, but of us to showcase not hear where the “Rock My Nights Away,” “I’m Gonna Make You Mine”. Is in the old M.S.G. but is the music of the pop was closer to “BUILT TO DESTROY” era, that’s why the Robin Just fit. The balance of the guitar cry to catchy melodies and cry, will tell you clearly than the “why teamed this two” words of a hundred.
In addition In addition, unreleased song “Here I Am” and the initial version of the (!) “Here Today – Gone Tomorrow” is also delicious. “Here Today – Gone Tomorrow” is, after to studio board than you have guitar singing in hard to much, great is “Here I Am” to say the least! It remains unpublished until now, but deadly crying Mello has been included plenty while DRIVE hard. Possibly removed to not match the color of pop “PERFECT TIMING”, but Will was forgotten as it includes, but close to the old M.S.G. clause, not at the level of the very “pop song of the only live”. Both’s the feeling of a great version “a continuation of the BUILT TO DESTROY”.

Disk 2 is the next day, “Mannheim August 31, 1986” performances continue. This also was reprinted introduce the master in the “SEQUENCE OF EVENTS”. This is a masterpiece recordings that fully enjoy the best condition of the clear sound from the beginning. The basic characteristics, although the performance of the band are very similar to the disk 1, new song group without. Also delicious songs that did not listen in the Japan tour only “Rock My Nights Away”.
In and say that there is no meaning, not rough to be. Here you can experience unexpected trouble scene. The trouble occurs, after the end of the “Cry For The Nations”. “The next new song Here Today -! ‘S Gone Tomorrow” although loudly declared, equipment is no sound is squid. Omoikkiri While Zu’ moss atmosphere is flowing, you Robin go connected by endlessly between about 13 minutes of the MC. Until then there is no only GRAND PRIX experience Robin, (although the German version) MONSTERS OF ROCK of I thought the definite winner troubled braze will …… at the big stage, quite a stage courage while bite tilt and jokes. Wait etc. While not recover etc. could live, why Ya audience begins to “U.S.A.!” Call “God damn, yankees !!” and loud laughter. However, is not such a margin is also in the long blank enough to be exhausted going to become a mood that Robin also was also fed up with the audience, but it also documents a feeling. Equipment will begin to play the “Courvoisier Concert” where was restored, but still has no atmosphere stand in crazy leave synth. In around to enter the “Lost Horizons” that somehow become in Bath, I live a “whoa whoa ……” enjoy (Robin also somewhat withered feeling of voice, suffering from disc 1-up).
It formed immediately after it is disk 1 plenty listen to delicious masterpieces group and unpublished songs precisely because, fun document to be struggling to unexpected trouble disk 2. This live set you can both enjoy super clear sound. Honestly, also scattered scene that is not digests with Sakibashi’ enthusiasm, but it is also very early unique.
Was born 30 years ago to leave now, seven years lasted McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP until the subsequent 1993. Moment of the birth of a group, even “special one-page” of Michael history, this weekend will be delivered to your handy.


McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP結成直後を代表する名録音がカップリングで復刻です。日本人には思い出深い“SUPER ROCK ’84”を最後に活動停止となってしまったM.S.G.。その後、新たな相棒ロビン・マッコーリーを迎えて再始動したのが1986年の夏のことでした。彼らは、レコード会社へ売り込みをかける一方で、ヨーロッパ各地でバンドとしてのウォーミングアップ・ライヴを敢行。アイルランドやハンガリーでステージ・デビューし、SCORPIONSに帯同する形でドイツ版の“MONSTERS OF ROCK FESTIVAL”に出演しました。本作は、そのドイツ版MOR2公演「1986年8月30日ニュルンベルク」「翌8月31日マンハイム」をカップリングした2枚組オーディエンス・アルバムなのです。

まずディスク1は「1986年8月30日ニュルンベルク公演」。かつてギフト・アルバムとしてもご紹介したことのある音源ですが、今回は決定仕様での復刻を目指し、最新リマスターで蘇らせました。再生すると、ロビンの開演MCがややオーバーピーク気味でビックリしますが、「Armed And Ready」が始まるやスッとヴォリュームが調整され、素晴らしいサウンドになります。その後は「残響ゼロ」な野外のうま味も美味しく、とにかく楽音の芯も図太いサウンドがたっぷりと楽しめます。観客の反応も良く、大いに盛り上がっているのですが、そこは野外だけに大歓声にまみれるようなことはない。間近の観客の手拍子が現場感覚を伝えてはくれるものの、演奏を遮るものは一切ないのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるライヴは、結成間際のバンドならではの熱演。ロビンも(恐らくは)初の大舞台で大いに張り切りつつ、ていねいに歌う。後のスタジオ作やライヴとはやや違い、さらにハスキーな歌声に「風邪でもひいている?」とも思うのですが、その割には元気で伸びやか。より若い頃の声がこういう声だったのかも知れません。もちろん、マイケルはマイケル。1984年の活動停止以来、久々のツアーの上、新バンドを軌道に乗せようという気合いも十分。満身創痍だった“SUPER ROCK ‘84”とは見違えるように溌剌と甘いトーンを存分に聴かせてくれます。
そして最大のポイントは、熱演の土台となるセットリスト。結成直後だけに旧M.S.G.の名曲群をたっぷりと演奏している。今週は日本公演の大傑作『BUDOKAN 1988 1ST NIGHT(ZODIAC 190)』もリリースされますが、そこでは聴けない「Rock My Nights Away」「I’m Gonna Make You Mine」を披露してくれるのです。旧M.S.G.の中ではポップ寄りだった『BUILT TO DESTROY』時代の曲ですが、だからこそロビンにはジャスト・フィット。キャッチーなメロディと泣きに泣くギターのバランスは、“なぜこの2人が組んだのか”を百の言葉よりも明確に教えてくれます。
さらにさらに、未発表曲「Here I Am」(!)や初期バージョンの「Here Today – Gone Tomorrow」も美味しい。「Here Today – Gone Tomorrow」は、後のスタジオ盤よりも遙かにハードでギターも歌っていますし、なんと言っても「Here I Am」が凄い! 現在に至るまで未発表のままですが、ハードにドライヴしながら必殺の泣きメロがふんだんに盛り込まれている。恐らくはポップな『PERFECT TIMING』のカラーに合わずに外され、そのまま忘れられてしまったのでしょうが、それだけに旧来のM.S.G.節に近く、とても「ライヴだけのボツ曲」のレベルではない。どちらも“BUILT TO DESTROYの続き”感が素晴らしいバージョンなのです。

続くディスク2は翌日「1986年8月31日マンハイム」公演。これまた『SEQUENCE OF EVENTS』でご紹介したマスターを復刻しました。こちらは冒頭から絶好調のクリア・サウンドが存分に楽しめる傑作録音。基本的な特性、バンドの演奏はディスク1に酷似しているものの、新曲群はナシ。日本公演で聴けなかった美味しい曲も「Rock My Nights Away」だけです。
では意味がないかと言うと、さにあらず。こちらでは予期せぬトラブル・シーンが体験できるのです。そのトラブルが発生するのは、「Cry For The Nations」の終了後。「次は新曲Here Today – Gone Tomorrowだ!」と高らかに宣言するものの、機材がイカれて音が出ない。思いっきりズッこけた雰囲気が流れる中、ロビンが延々と約13分もの間MCで繋いでいくのです。それまでGRAND PRIXしか経験がないロビンが、(ドイツ版とは言え)MONSTERS OF ROCKの大舞台でさぞや困ったろう……と思いきや、煽りやジョークをかましながらなかなかのステージ度胸。待てど暮らせど回復しない中、なぜか観客が「U.S.A.!」コールを始めるや「God damn, yankees!!」と高笑い。もっとも、そんな余裕も尽き果てるほどに長いブランクにはロビンも観客も辟易としたムードになっていくわけですが、それもまたドキュメント感。機材が復活したところで「Courvoisier Concert」を弾き始めますが、まだシンセが狂いっぱなしで雰囲気台なし。「Lost Horizons」に入る辺りでなんとかサマになってくるという、「ありゃありゃ……」なライヴが楽しめるのです(ロビンの声もやや枯れ気味で、ディスク1より苦しげ)。
今を去ること30年前に誕生し、以後1993年までの7年間続いたMcAULEY SCHENKER GROUP。マイケル史の“特別な1ページ”でもあったグループの誕生の刹那、今週末あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。

Disc 1(57:18)
Live at Zeppelinfeld, Nuremberg, Germany 30th August 1986

1. Intro 2. Armed And Ready 3. Rock My Nights Away 4. Cry For The Nations 5. Here I Am
6. Here Today – Gone Tomorrow 7. On And On 8. Courvoisier Concerto 9. Lost Horizons
10. Into The Arena 11. I’m Gonna Make You Mine 12. Rock Bottom 13. Doctor Doctor

Disc 2(53:29)
Live at Maimarktgelande, Mannheim, Germany 31st August 1986

1. Intro.2. Armed And Ready 3. Rock My Nights Away 4. Cry For The Nations 5. MC
6. Courvoisier Concert 7. Lost Horizons 8. Into The Arena 9. Rock Bottom 10. Doctor Doctor

Robin McAuley – Vocals Michael Schenker – Guitars Steve Mann – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocal
Rocky Newton – Bass, Vocal Bodo Schopf – Drums

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