Mark Knopfler / Golden Heart England 1996 / 2CDR

Mark Knopfler / Golden Heart England 1996 / 2CDR / Project Zip
Live At Royal Albert Hall, London, U.K. May 23th 1996

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A new sound board from the European tour with the first solo album “Golden Heart” released by Mark Knopfler after the dissolution of Dire Straits! May 19th, 1996 Bristol UK performance and London Royal Albert Hall performance not recorded officially, 2 disc set, full set list including number of Dire Straits as well as new songs from the first solo album Attention live! !

01. Chet Atkins Intro
02. Walk Of Life
03. Rudiger
04. I’m The Fool
05. Last Exit To Brooklyn
06. Romeo And Juliet
07. Rudiger
08. Done With Bonaparte
09. A Night In Summer Long Ago
10. Father And Son
11. Golden Heart
12. Cannibals
13. Brothers In Arms
14. Money For Nothing
15. Going Home (Theme Of The Local Hero)
16. Chet Atkins Outro
◆Live At Colston Hall, Bristol, England U.K. May 19th 1996

01. Darling Pretty
02. Imelda
03. The Bug
04. Je Suis Désolé
05. Done With Bonaparte
06. Telegraph Road
◆Live At Royal Albert Hall, London, U.K. May 23th 1996

Project Zip. PJZ-719A/B

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