Marillion / Leicester 1986 / 2CD

Marillion / Leicester 1986 / 2CD / Virtuoso
Live at De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK 29th January 1986

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1986’s MARILLION, which released the concept album’s masterpiece “MISPLACED CHILDHOOD” and made the world alive with the album full performance tour. The original recording that allows you to experience the full show in a super-fine way is a miracle excavation!

[Best masterpiece recording recognized by world masters] ――The “Lester performance on January 29, 1986” is engraved in this work. It is a transcendental audience recording that recorded the whole story. …… And I started as usual, but honestly I can not hide the confusion. After all, the master of this work, “Crazy S.”, recorded this work. It is one of the transcendental works that is no exaggeration to say that it is the highest masterpiece. Some of you may have remembered “WELCOME TO THE GARDEN PARTY: MILTON KEYNES 1986 (Zodiac 186)” when the keywords “MARILLION”, “Crazy S. recording” and “masterpiece” were lined up. I introduced that three-disc set as “the masterpiece of Crazy S.”, but I have no choice but to use the same expression for this work. The highest peak was the mountain range.
It was a little upset, but I started by cooling my head. First of all, let’s look back on the position of the show from the whole picture of the masterpiece tour of the century.

● 1985
・ May 26th-June 18th: Europe # 1 (12 performances)
<< June 17, “MISPLACED CHILDHOOD” release >>
・ August 17: MONSTERS OF ROCK appearance
・ September 4-November 28: Europe # 2 (50 performances)
・ December 3-7: Japan (5 performances)
・ Dec 10-20: UK # 1 (8 performances)
● 1986
・ January 8th-February 6th: UK # 2 (23 performances) ← ★★★
・ February 26-April 29: North America (30 performances)
<< June: EP “Brief Encounter” released >>
・ June 11th-August 3rd: Europe # 3 (13 performances)
・ Dec 27-31: UK # 3 (5 performances)

This is the 1985/1986 MARILLION. The above-mentioned “MILTON KEYNES 1986” is the same tour in the UK, but it is a part of “Europe # 3”. The Leicester performance of this work was the 17th concert of “UK # 2” about half a year before.
This work was recorded at such a show, but this is already tremendous super high sound quality. To tell the truth, “Crazy S.” himself was confident that he was “KILLER RECORDING !!” (it is very rare because I usually never praise it), but it is definitely a digit. Anyway, the direct, super-vivid, powerful core has no sense of distance, and the details are as vivid as on a sound board. Speaking of 1986, “Crazy S.” was said to have “no loss” in his heyday, but it is the highest peak even during the miracle period. Except for the “masterpiece,” there is no way to express it. Of course, the splendor of “MILTON KEYNES 1986” will not fade even if this work appears, but the individuality is quite different. “MILTON KEYNES 1986” had a great sense of bonelessness with no echo like an outdoor festival, but this work also picks up the hall ringing (although it is very slight). However, it doubles the thickness, power and luster of the ensemble without creating a sense of distance or turbidity, and it is beautiful while remaining super clear. It is truly a miracle recording of a brand.

[The great name board of the story filled with excitement unique to the hall] ≪A big chorus that lets you taste the taste of the customer record and the real charm of the hall. The popularity of MARILLION, which embodied the ideal image of British rock in itself, is tremendous, and the singing voice that sings out without waiting for the chorus rises in each song, and the melody becomes a thick and thick wave and fills the venue. is. Moreover, it is not up close. Of course, there are some screaming guys who were very impressed with the venue, but I can not feel it from this work, and the big chorus does not come in with a three-dimensional feeling that makes the sound of a thick and thick performance underneath. Still, each person’s voice is clear, and it spreads gently and finely as if it were raining in May. I’ve dealt with countless records from many bands, but I can’t remember the chorus that is so thick and beautiful. Not only the sound but also the mood is miraculous.
And because it is a masterpiece of the story album that is played, it is dreadfully dramatic. Six months have passed since the release of the album, and the audience is familiar with the story and the lyrics. Sing in spite of the continuation of new songs! “Lavender” is also a symbol of that. The audience tweeted “Lisa, for you Lisa” in line with Sabi’s lyrics “for you”. The feeling of being immersed in this story and the song, and the feeling of being closed room where large chorus does not spread. The deep and deep emotion that is different from the outdoor festival “MILTON KEYNES 1986” and the official edition “THE THIEVING MAGPIE” can only be called “hall version MISPLACED CHILD HOOD”.
Also, the taste of this work is not limited to the “MISPLACED CHILDHOOD” part. Speaking of album reproduction live, there is the 1988 Utrecht performance sound board that was officially released in the 2017 deluxe edition, but this set is different because the time is different. Let’s organize while comparing here.

● DISC 1: Part 1 (5 songs)
・ SCRIPT FOR A JESTER’S TEAR: Script for a Jester’s Tear / The Web
・ FUGAZI: Emerald Lies / Incubus / Jigsaw (★)
・ All songs: Pseudo Silk Kimono / Kayleigh / Lavender / Bitter Suite / Heart Of Lothian / Waterhole (Expresso Bongo) / Lords Of The Backstage / Blind Curve / Childhoods End? / White Feather
● DISC 2: Encore (4 songs)
・ FUGAZI: Fugazi / Punch & Judy (★)
・ Others: Giz a Bun (★) / Market Square Heroes (★)
* Note: The “★” mark is a song that cannot be heard even in the officially-issued 1985 Utrecht performance SBD.

… And this is how it looks. The selection of the “MISPLACED CHILDHOOD” reproduction part has changed, while the composition before and after the classic part is fixed throughout the tour. Compared to Crazy S.’s masterpiece “MILTON KEYNES 1986”, which has been mentioned many times, 5 repertoires that have not been covered are “Emerald Lies,” “Jigsaw,” “The Web,” “Giz a Bun,” “Punch. & Judy ”can be enjoyed. It’s an “indoor hall version” for “Miyasu festival MISPLACED CHILD HOOD”, but it’s also a sister work that can cover a wider variety of masterpieces.
The outdoor festival “MILTON KEYNES 1986” that symbolizes the British scene at the time and this work that vacuum packed the taste of the hall with unexpected quality. Each of them is a transcendent live album suitable for being called the best masterpiece of world-renowned master “Crazy S.” If you experience these two spectacles, you can’t go back to “THE THIEVING MAGPIE” anymore. A sister work that is so ephemeral. The hall version. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press 2CD to your heart’s content.

★ Crazy S.’s comment “Fantastic Gig & KILLER Recording. Marillion at their peak for me”

コンセプト・アルバムの大傑作『MISPLACED CHILDHOOD』を発表し、アルバム完全演奏ツアーで世界を沸かせていた1986年のMARILLION。そのフルショウを超極上体験できるオリジナル録音が奇跡の発掘です!

そんな本作に刻まれているのは「1986年1月29日レスター公演」。その一部始終を記録した超絶級オーディエンス録音です。……と、いつも通りに始めてしまいましたが、正直なところ動揺が隠せない。何しろ、本作を記録したのは、かの名匠“Crazy S.”氏。その最高傑作と言っても過言ではない超絶の1本だからです。「MARILLION」「Crazy S.録音」「最高傑作」とキーワードが並んだところで、大名盤『WELCOME TO THE GARDEN PARTY: MILTON KEYNES 1986(Zodiac 186)』を思い出された方もいらっしゃるかも知れません。あの3枚組も「Crazy S.の最高傑作」とご紹介しましたが、本作も同じ表現を使わざるを得ない。最高峰は連峰だったのです。

《6月:EP『Brief Encounter』発売》

これが1985年/1986年のMARILLION。前述した『MILTON KEYNES 1986』も同じツアーの英国公演ですが、あれは「欧州#3」の一幕。本作のレスター公演は、その約半年前となる「英国#2」の17公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなショウで記録された本作ですが、これがもう凄まじい超・高音質。実のところ、“Crazy S.”氏自身が「KILLER RECORDING!!」と自負されていた(普段は決して自賛しないので非常に珍しいです)のですが、確かにケタ違い。とにかくダイレクトで超ビビッドで力強い芯には微塵の距離感もなく、ディテールの鮮やかさもサウンドボード並。1986年と言えば、“Crazy S.”氏にとっても全盛期で「ハズレが1本もない」と言われるほどなのですが、その奇跡の時期にあっても最高峰。まさに「最高傑作」以外に表現のしようがないのです。もちろん、本作が登場しても『MILTON KEYNES 1986』の素晴らしさは些かも色あせませんが、個性がだいぶ違う。『MILTON KEYNES 1986』は野外フェスらしい反響ゼロの骨太感が凄かったのですが、本作は(ほんのり極々わずかながら)ホール鳴りも拾っている。しかし、それが距離感や濁りを生み事なくアンサンブルの厚みと迫力と艶を倍加させており、超クリアなままに美しい。まさに奇跡の銘品録音なのです。

そして、演奏されるのはストーリー・アルバムの大名盤だから恐ろしいほどドラマティック。アルバムの発売から半年が経っており、観客は物語も歌詞も熟知。新曲の連続にも関わらず歌う歌う! その象徴ともなるのが「Lavender」。サビの歌詞「for you」に合わせ、観客が「Lisa, for you Lisa」とつぶやく。この物語と曲に没入している感覚、大合唱が拡散しない密室感。野外フェスの『MILTON KEYNES 1986』とも、公式盤『THE THIEVING MAGPIE』とも違う深い深い感動は、「ホール版MISPLACED CHILDHOOD」とでも呼ぶしかありません。
また、本作の旨みは『MISPLACED CHILDHOOD』パートだけではない。アルバム再現ライヴと言えば、2017年のデラックス・エディションで公式化された1988年ユトレヒト公演サウンドボードもありますが、本作は時期が違うこともあってセットが異なる。ここで比較しながら整理してみましょう。

●DISC 1:第一部(5曲)
・SCRIPT FOR A JESTER’S TEAR:Script for a Jester’s Tear/The Web
・FUGAZI:Emerald Lies/Incubus/Jigsaw(★)
・全曲:Pseudo Silk Kimono/Kayleigh/Lavender/Bitter Suite/Heart Of Lothian/Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)/Lords Of The Backstage/Blind Curve/Childhoods End?/White Feather
●DISC 2:アンコール(4曲)
・FUGAZI:Fugazi/Punch & Judy(★)
・その他:Giz a Bun(★)/Market Square Heroes(★)

……と、このようになっています。『MISPLACED CHILDHOOD』再現パートの前後をクラシックスで固める構成はツアー全体で共通しつつ、そのセレクトが変わっている。何度も言及しているCrazy S.氏の超傑作『MILTON KEYNES 1986』と比較しても、被っていないレパートリーも5曲「Emerald Lies」「Jigsaw」「The Web」「Giz a Bun」「Punch & Judy」が楽しめる。「矢がフェス版MISPLACED CHILDHOOD」に対する「屋内ホール版」ではありますが、同時にさらに多彩な名曲網羅できる姉妹作でもあるのです。
当時の英国シーンを象徴する野外フェスの『MILTON KEYNES 1986』と、ホールの旨みを想像外のクオリティで真空パックした本作。いずれも個性は違いながら世界の名匠“Crazy S.”の最高傑作と呼ぶに相応しい超絶ライヴアルバムです。この2本のスペクタクルを体験してしまったら、もう『THE THIEVING MAGPIE』には戻れない。それほどまでに絶世な姉妹作。そのホール篇。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで心ゆくまでご堪能ください。

★Crazy S.のコメント「Fantastic Gig & KILLER Recording. Marillion at their peak for me」


Disc 1 (40:08)
01. The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra)
02. Emerald Lies
03. Script For A Jester’s Tear
04. Incubus
05. Jigsaw
06. The Web

Disc 2 (72:29)
Misplaced Childhood
01. Pseudo Silk Kimono
02. Kayleigh
03. Lavender 男性客がサビのfor youに合わせて「Lisa, for you Lisa」と言う。感動的
04. Bitter Suite
05. Heart Of Lothian
06. Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)
07. Lords Of The Backstage
08. Blind Curve
09. Childhoods End?
10. White Feather
11. MC
12. Giz a Bun
13. Fugazi
14. Punch And Judy
15. Market Square Heroes

Fish – Vocal
Steve Rothery – Guitar
Pete Trewavas – Bass, Vocal
Mark Kelly – Keyboards
Ian Mosley – Drums

Special Thanks: Crazy S.

Virtuoso 428/429

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