Manowar / Kings Of metal In Tokyo / 4CD

Manowar / Kings Of metal In Tokyo / 4CD / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Zepp Divercity, Tokyo Japan 29th & 30th October 2014.


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“Death To False Metal”
Fake metal to the death! Pursue over true of the Vu~imetaru in more than 30 years to the slogan KINGS OF METAL, 10 月 29 日 2014 early also became a legend among fans from Japan tour of the miracle of the king Manowar ’21 the first time in the metal industry When the 30 days Zepp Divercity Tokyo in full inclusion in the ultra-high quality audience recording without any leak from over done the state before curtain spree climax live in two nights until the curtain of the announcement! Strongest of metal boot leg by 4 Disc Press CD of masterpiece finally appeared!

’21 From the first visit to Japan performances of 1993 of legendary. Gallery of the problem, the venue of the capacity of the problem, never ever re-visit to Japan of Manowar miracle of that seemed never to be seen in Japan by a number of problems that prevent a re-visit to Japan, such as equipment of the problem has been announced while festival appearances among fans in within expectations to live increases the looming and with a great deal become a hot topic, rainy day suddenly of the cancellation before one week of festival. From there twists and turns leading up to this alone performances where many fans know. Emergency By now we the kings of the figure appeared in front, and its twists and turns after witnessing an intense live there in the ordeal that kings gave to Mano Warrior (Die Hard fan of Manowar) might have been.
Japan before your words from Manowar “Gi ve you a night you will never forget.”. Live it was thought this all that I saw the live spectacular, sublime, out of the standard, the ultimate itself! It was a great live much is not enough even if much wrote the words of tribute. The Vu~imetaru true to to to Vu~imetaru to continue to subdivide to have the aesthetics of Manowar? And I will not again re-question to us. Vu~imetaru to this each of 100% pure. Vu~imetaru record of the struggle of a man who devoted his life to to! Music that Vu~imetaru to will be happy to affirm to be a sound source that does not go without absolutely asked if I like even a little.

Recording who is not a person who comes into right now this person After Roku-ra to the metal live, Mr. know “West strongest taper”. Mr., a record of the 2014 Japan tour full of this turbulent, in order to bequeath to history in the best of form, both days participated in the Tokyo performances. Expedition with a hot mission of “I want to deliver this sound in all of metal fan”, it was me dared recording! Its greatness is the best to get to hear four of five of the said without sound, but let’s let me supplemented with text in order to enjoy more this live.
Disc 1, Disc 2 is complete recording of the live of October 29 the first day.
Mano Warrior who had gathered from all over the world from before the curtain is recording from the state live 10 minutes before the start of the venue of the bizarre climax to the chorus! Air mingled expectations and anxiety of the audience waits as kings that descended from this point to the hot air and in ’21 the first time the venue is handed down.
And dim. Usual “Ladies and gentlemen, From the United States of America, All hail Manowar” is to rush from the note verbale of, decorate the opening in all of live since been published in 1982 Manowar “Manowar”! Probably the band that played the first song the same song from the start of the career in a band that exists in this world would not except Manowar. I feel the ultimate in aesthetics from the very first song. To members spree decided exaggerated action tinged drama centered on Joey Dimaio venue also excitement soon. Also resounded unique roar that was Joey Dimaio guitar more distorting of. Ending spree tension enough to think of whether the other curtain in the song of the ending. That you do too much what is Manowar.

Once as certified world best sound is big band in Guinness record (2008 to abolish is the item itself because there is a fear that prompts the hearing loss …), sound roar itself emitted from the PA. It is fully prove that it is impossible to prove what serving of Manowar in this festival cancellation reason that became alternative equipment. Clothes and hair trembling by the sound pressure, a strange sound that is not painful to the ear that was boosted extremely bass Cut the high yet the tremendous roar of about feel the vibration in the body, the volume change in the middle of a song, each sound image specificity itself the balance of the instrument changes. Sound world without that you have ever experienced. Listen But in the actual venue to be honest because it was the sound of basket forest feeling not so you do not hear only bass and vocals, powerful while a tribute to Manowar was established a balance as greatness of this live is transmitted while leaving cheap I will Yes to mastering the sound.

The second song is from the album that conquered the United Kingdom “HAIL TO ENGLAND” to the classic “Blood Of My Enemies”. We will continue to thoroughly trampled the venue in profound this song to mow down everything. Singing of Eric Adams in this song is a masterpiece. You can prove that you responsability to fight with a still strong body and throat, even beyond the 60-year-old age from Zessho spree 咆E like roar of the beast in the Mano Warrior.
Now tour debut “Call To Arms”, and amid heavy songs of middle tempo continues, in the place that was about time I want a lot of Mano Warrior who asked to raise kick the ass “Brothers Of Metal Pt.1” -based high-speed single-note riff of the title song resounds suddenly from masterpiece “SIGN OF THE HAMMER”. Venue for this sprint song will stretch heat up.
From recent work, “The Lord Of Steel”, “The Dawn Of Battle” until all of the MC without, you at once live proceed.
Narration and the image will begin to flow of “The Warrior’s Prayer” in the darkened the venue. From here you can rush the Manowar is the main of this Japan tour to reproduce part of the masterpiece “KINGS OF METAL” of 1988, which accounted cod to the king of metal industry (and remake in 2014). Directing the epic words projected on the screen to recite it to the Mano Warrior us is excellent.
Progress reproduce part original, in making the video for each song remake board and also different song order, can not be only to Manowar that sandwich and interviews video which is also said to be unique flow. Some of streamed was particularly impressive among the video Fallen “The Heart Of Steel MMXIV” the cry of the guitar of Karl Logan back in
Introducing regrettably died staff and musicians in a person involved in the Manowar as Brothers. For many years served as a drum in 2008 died in Scott Columbus, benefactor appearance of Ronnie James Dio, who led the Joey Dimaio in this world was especially impressive. And Akira Kurosawa Joey respect, has been introduced to Toshiro Mifune. Akira Kurosawa, Mifune Toshiro referrals seems to shed all over the world not only in Japan. It is too terrible either say what.
Pros and cons is cons of had remake board, but live and it will go to have a certain persuasive not issued such as whether or not the opinion from the classic “Blood Of The Kings” intense roar of the head of Eric’s.
Bass solo part also heard far from that of Billy scene Joey Dimaio tremendous speed at which said not win at a rate of picking. Not only Tsuyoshi, I will let the colorful base play, which is also flamenco specific part also scissors soft. Roaring song that is waged to back the obscene video “Wheels Of Fire”, masterpieces rust large chorus showed this day most of the climax unfolds “Hail And Kill”, “other bands 演Ru (do) is , Manowar is to do (do) “at the end of this volume in your familiar anthem of” Kings Of Metal “.
Even more amazing is from here. Like a footprint of Joey Dimaio you came back to the stage began alone with (sound effect) is what all speech by the Japanese as Godzilla! I unplug the Mano Warrior us of hepatic. All I done in the Japanese without such as any of campesterol and monitor. The first time in too much of thorough, Hats off to perfection. Please content is sure to hear. I will listen to appreciate your words from Joey that preach the metal road.
Angkor is the ultimate sprint song Manowar songs of the show from the song of unity of metal warriors around the world, “Warriors Of The World United”, “Black Wind, Fire And Steel” to. “Black Wind, Fire And Steel” ending of over into 7 minutes. There is a ritual that takes place during this 7 minutes but it does not know the sound is something you’ve packed all the aesthetics of Manowar in this 7 minutes.
A masterpiece of live lasted 2 hours usual outro “The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)” flows end. If you want to make sure that finished heard so far raised his right hand high heaven, it would be to have a Mano War sign that grab his right wrist with your left hand.
Masterpiece of live does not end just this day. I will continue to the second day of Disc 3, Disc 4, which exceeded the first day at all.

Disc 3, Disc 4 is also here to live at the same venue of October 30 has been full inclusion.
Misalignment of the video and sound seen on the first day, is eliminated all also sound out, and heard from the speakers effect was not able to demonstrate vocal or is bread on the left and right, exaggerated chorus has been installed in the back of the venue on the first day sound of special effects, such as or have also determined to stunning, it becomes the sound output itself is also “somewhat” better from the PA, Surprise song selection was rapture the Mano Warrior, trouble that can not be only in Manowar, Joey Dimaio this, such as further perfect Japanese speech day more than the previous day in all ultimate live was waged.
The day begins with a course also “Manowar”, also the same as Manowar live with the day before the next two songs production as a kind of theater, video, etc. for tight-determined change of set list for that is extremely rare lighting , rainy day classic “Kill With Power” day before was not on the whether the place where many of Mano Warrior thought go been been promoted in the same deployment and the previous day! The venue will be the frenzy state. The rust will occur large chorus of “Die, Die”. The chorus of “Die” occurs in metal circles it is much “Creeping Death” and of Manowar “Kill With Power” of Metallica.
From subsequent “Sign Of The Hammer” flow to the goose bumps thing there. Temperature of the venue to 2 barrage of galloping song went up surely 3 degrees.
And trouble that can not be only in Manowar will occur in the next “The Lord Of Steel”. When you start playing begins disturbance performance gradually. I will restrain suddenly playing Joey Dimaio. So I’ll explain “trouble happened. Noise from the monitor speakers to blow the speakers and I always things in terrible. Roar,” said. Upsurge Mano Warrior us in trouble that can not be more than a Manowar you want to sell roar, this trouble can be said to have a more closely the band and the audience. After the trouble persists, is unprecedented even for that re-playing the same songs as if nothing had happened from the beginning.
Also shift of video and sound that was seen the day before no, reproduce part of “KINGS OF METAL” also has become more perfect in the impressive thing.
Also on this day after the story end there is a Japanese speech of Joey Dimaio. Unplug the Manou~oria our Dogimo also this day in Japanese speech that it can be said that almost become fluent than the previous day perfect. Speech last tighten the toast of viper liquor. Indeed it is Samurai Joey Dimaio living in modern times.
Angkor is celebrating the end of a show in the “Black Wind, Fire And Steel” from the “Warriors Of The World United”. “Black Wind, Fire And Steel” on this day also Oyobi to 7 minutes ending and ritual that takes place at the bottom of the. And “The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)” live the flow of the outro to exit.
You have written a message in Japanese from “The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)” band that was projected on the screen in flows (!) At the end.
“This today October 30, that Manowarrior our Tokyo was the best, will Shimeyo known in this wonderful throughout Japan. We wait to come back .Hail and Kill.MANOWAR”

While both days tremendous roar, as I wrote earlier, it has become to what exactly the height of the ability of the taper is not cracking sound was exhibited. There is also a part that has picked up around the singing voice in such as rust, but it is also minimal. I’ve been showing tremendous upsurge in any place of venue and has been recorded in the best position even under the circumstances.
For both days it was an extreme sound creation that was thoroughly boost the bass, but also sound you hear in the hall I heard base clearly sound like with basket that lacks clear of, or difficult to hear the guitar, part basis but vocal there was Tata hard spots that hear, all that each instrument is referred to as a tribute to Manowar with a high of our technology will Yes to mastering clearly audible clear sound. You might charming sound even extreme sound of master directly convey the extreme sound creation of the day of the venue, such a person who because you’ve swallowed the tears in can not be many fans go to was decided suddenly live powerful so that you can enjoy even heard is you Yes finish to clear a balanced sound while leaving. If you saw the day at the venue, I think with each instrument who can be surprised to sound that can be taken clearly heard what had to play in this kind of wind.

The contents of the two days, which also became a legend soon to have a strong impact correctly ULTIMATE. Big epic that remains in Japan tour history of Vu~imetaru to! To listen to what the other without listening to this, it is an item of Vie metal fan must listen to all. Ultimate title will finally descended from ZODIAC Reberu to pursue a true metal. Hail and Kill!


「Death To False Metal」
偽メタルに死を!をスローガンに真のへヴィメタルを30年以上に渡り追求するKINGS OF METAL、メタル界の王マノウォー21年ぶりの奇跡の来日公演より早くもファンの間で伝説と化した2014年10月29日と30日にZepp Divercity Tokyoで2夜に渡り行われたライブを盛り上がりまくる開演前の様子から終演のアナウンスまで一切漏らすことなく超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録!圧巻の4枚組プレスCDによる最強のメタルブートレッグが遂に登場!

来日前のマノウォーからのお言葉「Gi ve you a night you will never forget.」。ライブを見たもの全てにこう思わせたライブは圧巻、壮絶、規格外、究極そのもの!賛辞の言葉をいくら書いても足りないくらいの素晴らしいライブとなりました。マノウォーの美学をもって細分化し続けるへヴィメタルに真のへヴィメタルとは?と改めて我々に問い直させます。純度100%のこれぞへヴィメタル。へヴィメタルに人生を捧げた男たちの闘いの記録!へヴィメタルという音楽が少しでも好きであれば絶対に聞かなくてはいかない音源であると断言させて頂きます。

Disc 1、Disc 2は初日の10月29日のライブを完全収録。
そして暗転。お決まりの「Ladies and gentlemen,From the United States of America,All hail Manowar」の口上から突入するのは、1982年に発表されて以来マノウォーの全てのライブにおいてオープニングを飾る「Manowar」!恐らくこの世に存在するバンドでキャリアのスタートから同じ曲を1曲目に演奏しているバンドはマノウォー以外ないでしょう。正に1曲目から究極の美学を感じさせます。ジョーイ・ディマイオを中心に芝居がかった大仰なアクションを決めまくるメンバーに会場は早くも大いに盛り上がります。ジョーイ・ディマイオのギター以上の歪ませた唯一無二の轟音も鳴り響いています。曲のエンディングではもう終演かと思わせるほど引っ張りまくるエンディング。やりすぎることこそマノウォーです。


2曲目はイギリスを制圧したアルバム「HAIL TO ENGLAND」から名曲「Blood Of My Enemies」へ。全てをなぎ倒す重厚なこの曲で会場を徹底的に蹂躙していきます。この曲でのエリック・アダムスの歌唱は圧巻。獣の咆哮のように咆えまくる絶唱から齢60歳を超えても未だに強靭な肉体と喉を持って闘えることをマノウォーリアーに証明します。
今ツアー初登場の「Call To Arms 」、「Brothers Of Metal Pt.1」とミドルテンポの重厚な曲が続くなか、そろそろ尻を蹴り上げてもらいたいと多くのマノウォーリアーたちが思ってたところに最高傑作「SIGN OF THE HAMMER」から表題曲のベースの高速単音リフが突如鳴り響きます。この疾走曲に会場は一気にヒートアップします。
近年の作品からの「The Lord Of Steel」「The Dawn Of Battle」までは一切のMCなく、一気にライブは進みます。
暗転した会場に「The Warrior’s Prayer」のナレーションと映像が流れ始めます。ここからは今回の来日公演のメインであるマノウォーをメタル界の王にたらしめた1988年(及び2014年にリメイク)の傑作「KINGS OF METAL」の再現パートに突入します。勇壮な言葉がスクリーンに映し出されそれをマノウォーリアー達に唱和させる演出は秀逸。
再現パートはオリジナル、リメイク盤とも違う曲順で曲ごとにメイキング映像、インタビュー映像などを挟むというマノウォーにしか出来ないこれも独特といえる流れで進行。いくつか流された映像のなかで特に印象的だったのが「The Heart Of Steel MMXIV」でカール・ローガンの泣きのギターをバックにFallen
賛否両論のあったリメイク盤ですが、ライブでは名曲「Blood Of The Kings」の頭のエリックの強烈な咆哮から否の意見など出させない確かな説得力を持って進みます。
あのビリー・シーンがピッキングの速さでは勝てないと言ったジョーイ・ディマイオ凄まじい速さのベースソロパートも聞きどころ。剛だけなく、フラメンコ的なパートも挟み柔もある多彩なベースプレイを聞かせます。卑猥な映像をバックに繰り広げされる爆走曲「Wheels Of Fire 」、サビの大合唱が繰り広げられこの日一番の盛り上がりを見せた名曲「Hail And Kill」、「他のバンドは演る(やる)が、マノウォーは殺る(やる)」で御馴染のアンセム「Kings Of Metal」で本編は終了。
アンコールは世界中のメタル戦士たちの結束の曲「Warriors Of The World United 」から終演の曲はマノウォーの究極の疾走曲「Black Wind, Fire And Steel」に。「Black Wind, Fire And Steel」のエンディングは7分にも及びます。この7分の間に行われる儀式がありますがそれは音では分かりませんがこの7分間にマノウォーの美学を全て詰め込んだものです。
2時間に及んだ圧巻のライブはお決まりのアウトロ「The Crown And The Ring(Lament Of The Kings)」が流れ終了。ここまで聞き終えたあなたは右手を天高く掲げ、その右手首を左手で掴むマノウォーサインをしていることでしょう。
圧巻のライブはこの日だけでは終わりません。全てにおいて初日を上回ったDisc 3、Disc 4の二日目へと続きます。

Disc 3、Disc 4は10月30日の同会場でのライブをこちらも完全収録しています。
この日も当然「Manowar」から始まり、次の2曲も前日と同じでマノウォーのライブは一種の芝居のごとく演出、映像、ライティングなどがかっちり決められているためセットリストの変更は極めてまれなため、前日と同じ展開で進めれられて行くのかと多くのマノウォーリアーが思っていたところに前日にはなかったまさかの名曲「Kill With Power」が!会場は狂乱状態となります。サビでは「Die,Die」の大合唱が起こります。メタル界において「Die」の大合唱が起こるのはメタリカの「Creeping Death」とマノウォーの「Kill With Power」くらいです。
そこから続く「Sign Of The Hammer 」への流れは鳥肌もの。疾走曲の2連発に会場の温度は確実に3度は上がりました。
そしてマノウォーでしかあり得ないトラブルは次の「The Lord Of Steel」で起こります。演奏を始めると次第に演奏が乱れ始めます。突然ジョーイ・ディマイオを演奏を制止します。そこで「トラブルが起こった。モニタースピーカーからのノイズが酷い。爆音でスピーカーを吹き飛ばすのはいつものことだと」と説明します。爆音を売りにするマノウォーでしかあり得ないトラブルにマノウォーリアーたちは盛り上がり、このトラブルがバンドとオーディエンスをより密接にしたと言えます。トラブル解消後、何事もなかったように同じ曲を頭から演奏しなおすというのも前代未聞です。
前日見られた映像と音のずれもなくなり、「KINGS OF METAL」の再現パートもより完璧で感動的なものになっています。
アンコールは「Warriors Of The World United 」から「Black Wind, Fire And Steel」で終演を向かえます。この日の「Black Wind, Fire And Steel」のエンディング及びそこで行われる儀式も7分に及びます。そしてアウトロの「The Crown And The Ring(Lament Of The Kings)」が流れライブは終了します。
「The Crown And The Ring(Lament Of The Kings)」が流れる中スクリーンに映し出されたバンドからの日本語(!)のメッセージを最後に書いておきます。
「この今日10月30日、東京のManowarrior達が最高だったことを、この素晴らしい日本全土に知らしめよう。我々はまた戻ってくる。Hail and Kill.MANOWAR」


強烈なインパクトをもって早くも伝説となった2日間の内容は正しくULTIMATE。へヴィメタルの来日公演史に残る一大エピック!これを聞かずに他に何を聞く、全へヴィメタルファン必聴のアイテムです。真のメタルを追求するZODIACレベールから究極のタイトルがいよいよ降臨します。Hail and Kill! 

Live at Zepp Divercity, Tokyo, Japan 29th October 2014

Disc 1 (62:35)
1. SE 2. Manowar 3. Blood Of My Enemies 4. Call To Arms 5. Brothers Of Metal Pt.1 
6. Sign Of The Hammer 7. The Lord Of Steel 8. The Dawn Of Battle 9. The Warrior’s Prayer(SE/VTR) 
10. Blood Of The Kings 11. KINGS OF METAL MMXIV Making VTR 12. Kingdom Come 

Disc 2 (62:05)
1. The Heart Of Steel MMXIV(Guitar Instrumental:Excerpt with VTR) 2. Heart Of Steel 
3. KINGS OF METAL Making VTR 4. Bass Solo(Incl. Sting Of The Bumblebee) 5. SE~Wheels Of Fire 
6. Ken Kelly VTR 7. Hail And Kill 8. Kings Of Metal 9. Joey’s Speech
10. Warriors Of The World United 11. Black Wind, Fire And Steel 
12. Outro(SE):The Crown And The Ring(Lament Of The Kings)

Live at Zepp Divercity, Tokyo, Japan 30th October 2014

Disc 3 (59:42)
1. SE 2. Manowar 3. Blood Of My Enemies 4. Call To Arms 5. Kill With Power 
6. Sign Of The Hammer 7. The Lord Of Steel (Breakdown) 8. The Lord Of Steel 9. The Dawn Of Battle 
10. The Warrior’s Prayer(SE/VTR) 11. Blood Of The Kings 12. KINGS OF METAL MMXIV Making VTR 
13. Kingdom Come 

Disc 4 (68:32)
1. The Heart Of Steel MMXIV(Guitar Instrumental:Excerpt with VTR)2. Heart Of Steel 
3. KINGS OF METAL Making VTR 4. Bass Solo(Incl. Sting Of The Bumblebee) 
5. SE~Wheels Of Fire 6. Ken Kelly VTR 7. Hail And Kill 8. Kings Of Metal 9. Joey’s Speech
10. Warriors Of The World United 11. Black Wind, Fire And Steel 
12. Outro(SE):The Crown And The Ring(Lament Of The Kings)

Eric Adams – Vocal Joey DeMaio – Bass Karl Logan – Guitar Donnie Hamzik – Drums, Percussion 


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