Manowar / The Triumph Of Steel In Osaka 1993 /1CDR

Manowar / The Triumph Of Steel In Osaka 1993 /1CDR /Non Label

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TheTriumph Of Steel Tour In Japan.


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Recorded live at the first visit to Japan Osaka Bayside Jenny January 23, 1993 than the performance of the legend of Manowar over 75 minutes by the ultra-high-quality audience recording! !

First visit to Japan performances that have been made to January 23 from January 20, 1993 Kawasaki 2 performances, Nagoya, was made with the Osaka. It records the Osaka performance of this CD in the tour the last day.
Has now become is the first performance in Japan has become a legend, but it failed in the box office, attracting customers manner honestly. Which performance is also not to be a full house, Nagoya dismal number of customers, this day gathered audience to live house of 1000 people capacity in Osaka was about 300 people.
At the time 1993 is still the era of metal bubble in Japan. Despite the fact there were many Okonawaru in the hall even in the live of metal-based, now performance metal boundaries of the king serving Manowar is in the live house, yet it is because it was quite a tough Kyakuri, the metal fan at the time the What serving as one of Manowar was not transmitted and at that time of the magazine it is thought to be caused by that had been treated color thing basis.

However said that this fan viewed in the first visit to Japan performances live of Manowar was amazing, fans did not look at the live, many of the seems amazing live Manowar is among young fans who know the Manowar in the first visit to Japan since Manowar a lot of fans to re-visit to Japan sticking also legendary as caudal fin is now aspire. However endlessly never determined re-visit to Japan. In the place that had given up is impossible or a lot of fans to see the live of Manowar anymore in Japan, re-Japan tour of the miracle of 21 years was realized finally overcame many difficulties enjoying at 4 Disc Press CD of a masterpiece as receive, please enjoy also live in Osaka from valuable this first visit to Japan performance.

The members of the first visit to Japan is Joey DeMaio, a member of the invariant of Eric Adams, former premier of David Shankeru had a technique, called legend in your familiar Rhino burned his drum set in Manowar join It is a member of this tour only.

While less When you play a CD also starts from the gathered Mano Warrior our hot Mano War call (die-hard fans of Manowar). You should be feeling the heat of the venue from this point. Usual “Ladies and gentlemen, From the United States of America, All hail Manowar” to rush from the note verbale of, decorate the opening in all LIVE Manowar since been produced in the world in 1982 “Manowar”!
You looming in the power of up to tremendous from opening. Making base and sound to emphasize the bass can be said again and unique (in this time of the visit to Japan was emphasized more than at that time, but had become sound making that it can be said that the singular).
Then also run through a stretch at full throttle in the set list to notify the what a Manowar to be deployed in the center of the upper songs.
Classic “Fighting The World” that has not been showcased in this time of re-Japan tour, big epic aesthetics of Manowar is jammed all “Battle Hymn”, the music selection of this tour unique “Ride The Dragon”, such as “The Glory Of Achilles” music selection also place glad to mania.
Beautiful breath of fresh air, such as in the set list to continue to earnestly attack “Heart Of Steel”, bass solo over 7 and a half minutes of the samurai Joey DeMaio used properly even soft not only Tsuyoshi has also become a good accent.
I would think in the usual outro “The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)” pleasant feeling of weakness that remains after you have finished listening to after too overwhelming finale of up to 12 minutes, “Battle Hymn”. Really it’s amazing live. It should also transmitted in only the sound. It does not say only a miracle overnight of this legend has been left as a sound in neat form.

From a distance the swollen audience, firmly this recording that captured the musical tone can be said to those of top class as the audience recording of the concert in Japan at the time of the metal-based. Emitted sound from the previous reputation as the day PA of the most sound is large band in the world that has been certified to the Guinness record is loud with each instrument, vocal was the preeminent sound audible to clear. Very has been recorded in the clear without cracking sound while large volume in this recording. Upon this release, the master also hear as subjected to mastering in the modern sense, it Yes finish in high-grade sound brightness has increased more scale and sound.

Along with the re-Japan tour in 2014 became a New legend, the sound of the first visit to Japan performance of this legend, by all means, please enjoy. “Death to False Metal” record of the struggle of the men who gave their all to Vimetaru the to the slogan. Live of all metal fans must listen! Please listen by all means. Hail and Kill!






CDを再生すると少ないながらも集まったマノウォーリアー(マノウォーのダイハードなファン)たちの熱いマノウォーコールから始まります。この時点から会場の熱気を感じれるはずです。お決まりの「Ladies and gentlemen,From the United States of America,All hail Manowar」の口上から突入するのは、1982年にこの世に生み出されからマノウォーのライブ全てにおいてオープニングを飾る「Manowar」!
今回の再来日公演では披露されなかった名曲「Fighting The World」、マノウォーの美学が全て詰まった一大叙事詩「Battle Hymn」、このツアーならではの選曲「Ride The Dragon」、「The Glory Of Achilles」といった選曲もマニアに嬉しいところ。
ひたすら攻め続けるセットリストの中で一服の清涼剤のような美しい「Heart Of Steel」、剛だけではなく柔も使い分ける侍ジョーイ・ディマイオの7分半に渡るベースソロも良いアクセントになっています。
12分に及ぶあまりに圧倒的な終曲「Battle Hymn」の後のお決まりのアウトロ「The Crown And The Ring(Lament Of The Kings)」を聞き終えた後に残る心地いい脱力感の中思うでしょう。本当に凄いライブだと。それは音だけでも伝わるはずです。この伝説の一夜がきちんとした形で音として残されているのも奇跡としか言えません。


新たなる伝説となった2014年の再来日公演とともに、この伝説の初来日公演の音を、是非、お楽しみ下さい。「Death to False Metal」をスローガンにへヴィメタルに全てを捧げた男たちの闘いの記録。全メタルファン必聴のライブ!是非聞いて下さい。Hail and Kill!

The Triumph Of Steel Tour

1. Intro 2. Manowar 3. Fighting The World 4. Metal Warriors 5. Kings Of Metal
6. Heart Of Steel 7. Bass Solo 8. Ride The Dragon 9. Hail And Kill 10. Kill With Power
11. The Glory Of Achilles 12. Black Wind, Fire And Steel 13. Battle Hymn
14. The Crown And The Ring(Lament Of The Kings)

Eric Adams – Vocals Joey DeMaio – Bass David Shankle – Guitar Kenny Earl “Rhino” Edwards – Drums



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