Little Feat / Rehearsals And Sesisons / 1CDR

Little Feat / Rehearsals And Sesisons / 1CDR / Vintage Masters

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Live In Texas 1971 SBD

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A compilation that summarizes precious first album sessions and rehearsal sound sources of “Little feat” formed around Lowell George and Roy Estrada who had been enrolled in former Zappa & Mothers in 1969 appeared! At this point, it is still a group of 4 people and is a valuable record sound source collection of the initial little feet that can catch a glimpse of its own musicality based on American roots music. It is a highly recommended title which additionally recorded the live in Texas for 71 years in the last!


01. No Whispering!
02. Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie / No Whispering!
03. talk
04. Cat Fever
05. Strawberry Flats
06. The Fan (incomplete)
◆First Album Rehearsals 1971

07. Cat Fever #1
08. Cat Fever #2
09. Hamburger Midnight #1
10. Hamburger Midnight #2
◆First Album Sessions 1971

11. Eldorado Slim
◆Live In Texas 197


Vintage Masters. VMCDR-516

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