Little Feat / The Backyard Tapes / 2CDR

Little Feat / The Backyard Tapes / 2CDR / Project Zip

Translated Text:
At Backyard, Austin, Texas, USA June 3rd 1993. Soundboard


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Is that Little Feat ’93 sound board Live first appearance that continues even now over 40 years activity through the ’80s reunion from the 1970s disbanded!

And recorded in officials outflow stereo sound board sound source 3 days performance than continuous performances which took place in Austin, Texas, back yards from the June 3, 93 to 5 days.

Fred Taketto who had played in the past of Little Feat session is the must listen live of the new organization Little feet that join!



01. Introduction/02. That’s Her She’s Mine/03. Fat Man In The Bathtub/04. All That You Dream/05. Rad Gumbo/06. 44 Blues/07. A Apolitical Blues/08. Old Folks Boogie/09. Texas Twiste/10. Texas Rose Caf?/11. Strawberry Flats

01. Six Feet Of Snow/02. Those Feat’ll Steer Ya Wrong Sometimes/03. Hate To Lose Your Lovin’/04. Representing The Mambo/05. Jazz Jam/06. The Ingenue/07. Cajun Girl/08. Shake Me Up/09. Oh Atlanta/10. Can’t Be Satisfied/11. Hot Tamales

at Backyard, Austin, Texas, USA June 3rd 1993

Project Zip. PJZ-558A/B

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