Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra / Budokan 1984 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra / Budokan 1984 / 1CD+ 1Bonus DVDR / Zion
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 30th March 1984 plus Bonus DVDR “YOKOHAMA 1984″* 

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Linda Ronstadt in 1984, when “WHAT’S NEW” became the triple platinum since “SIMPLE DREAMS”, and a new charm blossomed. Introducing a valuable original recording that allows you to experience the third performance in Japan, which was realized with the arrival of jazz mogul Nelson Riddle.
It was the performance of “March 30, 1984: Nippon Budokan” that was imbued with this work. It is a superb audience recording that permanently preserves the whole story. Speaking of the 1984 Japan Tour, the TV special program Pro Shot is also a standard, but this work is a completely different performance. Let’s look back on the schedule at that time to understand the situation in that area.

・ March 30: Nippon Budokan ← ★ This work ★
・ March 31: Tokyo Prince Hotel
・ April 1: Nippon Budokan (13th Tokyo Music Festival)
・ April 3: Kanagawa Kenmin Hall ← * TV broadcast
・ April 4: NHK Hall
・ April 6: Osaka Festival Hall
・ April 7: Nagoya Civil Hall

Above, all 6 performances (+ α). Speaking of Nippon Budokan, he also appeared in the “13th Tokyo Music Festival” as a special guest, but this work is a different solo performance. It was the first day of the Japan tour.
This work recorded at such a show is truly a world of “excellent” beautiful sounds. Crystal clear, clear air, crisp contours, and a responsive core … everything is beautiful, and I don’t know the distance anyway. Unlike the rock type that we usually handle, the hall sound does not act as cloudy or muddy, and the reverberating vibe is delicate like aurora and smooth like velvet. “Beauty that is completed only when there is a sound”, not “it does not make you feel the sound”. Such beauty resides in Linda’s singing voice and in the majestic orchestra. If you focus only on the clarity and say “it’s like a sound board”, it will be an insult to the recording. It is a recording in which the soul can be tossed by such “beauty of space”.
Of course, as you know, it doesn’t always look beautiful because it’s an audience recording. The reason why this work is so beautiful is that it is a masterpiece by a famous recording artist. After all, this work was created by a famous recording artist who is said to be the best in the history of Japanese recording. This person is said to surpass even the prestigious Kinney, and recordings that represent the Western music audience recording itself, such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, Stones, PINK FLOYD, U2, etc. mainly in the 1980s. Left. Legendary master Mike Millard’s “LOS ANGELES 10.1.1977 (Zion-183)” will be released at the same time this week, but this work can also be called “Japanese mirrored” directly from the legendary master’s original cassette. It is a marvelous brand that has been made into a CD.
The world of jazz standard led by Nelson Riddle is drawn with such a beautiful sound. The set is not limited to “WHAT’S NEW”, but there are plenty of famous songs that have expanded the world. Let’s organize the set here so that you can understand its mellowness.

● What’s New (9 songs)
・ I’ve Got a Crush on You / What’s New / Crazy He Calls Me (★) / Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry / Someone to Watch Over Me / I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You / What I’ll Do (★) / Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) / Goodbye
● Others (8 songs + α)
・ Don’t Cry Now: Desperado (★)
・ Rush Life: Falling in Love Again
・ Others: Keepin’Out of Mischief Now / Instrumental (★) / Hey Daddy / Mr. Sandman / Kalamazoo / Dream / Choo Choo Ch’Boogie (★)
* Note: The “★” mark is a song that cannot be heard even in the sharp video “IN CONCERT-WHAT’S NEW”.

… And it looks like this. He also sings the pronoun “Desperado”, but the axis is definitely “WHAT’S NEW”. This tour is also left in the official video “IN CONCERT-WHAT’S NEW”, but the repertoire such as “Crazy He Calls Me” and “What I’ll Do” was a song that I could not hear there either, and as a result the album “WHAT’S NEW” ] All songs recorded in the show. In addition, a lot of famous songs unique to this period were taken up, “Mr. Sandman” co-starred in Emmylou Harris’s “EVANGELINE” and Louis Armstrong’s “Keepin’Out” which was also the title of the unreleased phantom album. Various standards such as “of Mischief Now” and “Choo Choo Ch’Boogie” by King Louis Jordan of Jump will be shown.
The live performance version of “WHAT’S NEW” and its extended version, the 1984 performance in Japan. It is a super masterpiece of a live album that revives the full show from the original cassette of a legendary master. It’s beautiful not “for the audience” but “because it’s a guest record”. An evening of masterpieces drawn by Mine, which is only allowed for enthusiasts who know the underground sound source. Please enjoy it with the permanent storage press CD.

★ Recorded by the best audience of the performance of “March 30, 1984: Nippon Budokan”. Crystal clear, clear air, crisp contours, and a responsive core … Everything is beautiful, and the vibe of the reverberating hall is delicate like aurora and smooth like velvet. It is a superb beauty recording that lives in Linda’s singing voice and in a majestic orchestra, not “doesn’t make you feel the sound” but “the beauty that is completed only when there is a sound”. You can enjoy not only all the songs of “WHAT’S NEW” but also a group of masterpieces of jazz standard that will expand further.

 『WHAT’S NEW』が『SIMPLE DREAMS』以来となるトリプル・プラチナムに輝き、新たな魅力が開花した1984年のリンダ・ロンシュタット。ジャズ界の大御所ネルソン・リドルを迎えて実現した三度目の来日公演を体験できる貴重なオリジナル録音が登場です。
・3月30日:日本武道館 ←★本作★
・4月3日:神奈川県民ホール ←※TV放送
 もちろん、オーディエンス録音だから必ずしも美しくなるわけではないのはご存じの通り。本作がそれほどまでに美しいのは、名録音家の手による銘品だからに他ならない。何しろ、本作を手掛けたのは日本録音史でも最高と呼ばれる名録音家。この人物は、かの名門キニーさえも凌駕すると言われ、80年代を中心にエリック・クラプトン、ジェフ・ベック、ミック・ジャガー、ストーンズ、PINK FLOYD、U2等々、洋楽オーディエンス録音そのものを代表してしまう録音を残した。今週は伝説名手マイク・ミラードの『LOS ANGELES 10.1.1977(Zion-183)』も同時リリースとなりますが、本作も「日本のミラード」と呼んでも差し支えのない伝説名手のオリジナル・カセットからダイレクトにCD化した驚異の銘品なのです。
 そんな美のサウンドで描かれるのは、ネルソン・リドルに導かれたジャズ・スタンダードの世界。セットも『WHAT’S NEW』だけでなく、その世界を更に拡大したような名曲群が盛りだくさん。その芳醇さをご理解いただくためにも、ここでセットを整理してみましょう。
・I’ve Got a Crush on You/What’s New/Crazy He Calls Me(★)/Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry/Someone to Watch Over Me/I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You/What I’ll Do(★)/Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)/Goodbye
・ラッシュ・ライフ:Falling in Love Again
・その他:Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now/Instrumental(★)/Hey Daddy/Mr. Sandman/Kalamazoo/Dream/Choo Choo Ch’Boogie(★)
※注:「★」印は項鋭気映像『IN CONCERT-WHAT’S NEW』でも聴けない曲。
……と、このようになっています。代名詞的な「Desperado」も歌ってくれますが、軸となっているのは間違いなく『WHAT’S NEW』。このツアーは公式映像『IN CONCERT-WHAT’S NEW』にも残されていますが、「Crazy He Calls Me」「What I’ll Do」といったレパートリーはそこでも聴けなかった曲で、結果としてアルバム『WHAT’S NEW』に収録された全曲が披露。さらにこの時期ならではの名曲群もたっぷりと取り上げられ、エミルー・ハリスの『EVANGELINE』でも共演した「Mr. Sandman」や未発売に終わった幻アルバムのタイトルでもあったルイ・アームストロングの「Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now」、ジャンプ王ルイ・ジョーダンの「Choo Choo Ch’Boogie」等々、多彩なスタンダードも披露されるのです。
 まさに『WHAT’S NEW』の生演奏版であり、その拡張版でもあった1984年の日本公演。そのフルショウを伝説名手のオリジナル・カセットから甦らせたライヴアルバムの超傑作です。「オーディエンスにしては」ではなく、「客録だからこそ」美しいい。アンダーグラウンド音源を知るマニアだけが許された美音によって描かれる名曲の夕べ。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDで存分にお楽しみください。
★「1984年3月30日:日本武道館」公演の極上オーディエンス録音。クリスタル・クリアに透き通った空気感とキリッとした輪郭、そして手応えたっぷりの芯……すべてが美しく、響き渡るホール鳴りのヴァイヴもオーロラのように繊細でビロードのように滑らか。「鳴りを感じさせない」ではなく、「鳴りがあって初めて完成する美しさ」がリンダの歌声にも、荘厳なオーケストラにも宿っている絶世の美録音です。『WHAT’S NEW』の全曲どころか、さらに拡張するようなジャズ・スタンダードの名曲群がたっぷり楽しめます。
1. Intro
2. I’ve Got a Crush on You
3. What’s New
4. Crazy He Calls Me
5. Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now
6. I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry
7. Falling in Love Again
8. Someone to Watch Over Me
9. Instrumental
10. Hey Daddy
11. Mr. Sandman
12. I’ve Got A Gal In Kalamazoo
13. Dream
14. Choo Choo Ch’Boogie
15. I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You
16. What I’ll Do
17. Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)
18. Band Introductions
19. Goodbye
20. Desperado
Linda Ronstadt – Vocals
Nelson Riddle – Arranger, Conductor
Don Grolnick – Piano John Guerin – Drums
Bob Magnusson – Bass
Bob Mann – Guitar
Plas Johnson – Tenor
Liza Edwards – Chorus
Elizabeth Lamers – Chorus
Red Young – Chorus, Piano

Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra / Youohama 1984 / 1DVDR/ Non label
Live at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Yokohama, Japan 3rd April 1984 PRO-SHOT

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The main press CD is a live album where you can experience a full show that is an extension of “WHAT’S NEW” with amazing beautiful sounds. As mentioned in the commentary, it was the special TV program broadcast at that time that represented the 1984 performance in Japan. Therefore, we have prepared a professional shot work that you can witness the spectacle with the orchestra, which would have spread to the “other side” of the main press CD.
This work was filmed at the “April 3, 1984: Kanagawa Kenmin Hall” performance. This is the multi-camera pro shot. This concert was broadcast as a digest on a commercial broadcaster at the time, and was recorded by a domestic recording enthusiast. We have digitized directly from the carefully preserved Aircheck Master. The image has a vintage feel and is extremely real. It is not “completely official grade” like the master series introduced in our shop recently, but it has a slight graininess. However, there is no doubt that it has been digitized from the recorded Omoto Master, and there are no dubbing marks or tape twists. And the sound completely surpasses the image, and it is a sound board without complaint. The broadcast at that time will be revived vividly.
What is drawn with that visual beauty is exactly the “other side” of the main press CD. Although the number of songs is less than that of the main press CD because it is a digest broadcast of less than an hour, there are some rare songs that are delicious because there are only separate performances. Let’s organize by comparing the contents here.

● What’s New (5 songs)
・ What’s New / Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry / What I’ll Do (★) / Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) / Goodbye
● Others (5 songs)
・ Don’t Cry Now: Desperado (★)
・ Rush Life: Sophisticated Lady (★★) / Falling in Love Again
・ Others: Kalamazoo / Dream
* Note: The “★” mark is a song that cannot be heard even in the sharp video “IN CONCERT-WHAT’S NEW”. In particular, the “★★” mark is a song that cannot be heard even on the main press CD.

… And it looks like this. “Sophisticated Lady”, which will be included in the next work “LUSH LIFE”, will also be unveiled, but what’s even more delicious is the sexy figure of 37 years old at the time, singing with the great Nelson Riddle Orchestra in the background. Moreover, the show itself has the mood of the early 80’s. Especially interesting is “Falling In Love Again”. A crescent-shaped chair appeared in response to Linda’s words, “Moon, come out,” and I was supposed to sit on it and sing … but I had a problem here. No matter how long Linda waits, the moon will not come out. When she connected with MC, “I’m a shy moon and I’m not used to the stage,” she finally came down from the ceiling … I thought, but stopped halfway with a jerky movement. It ends up. Linda burst into laughter and seemed in trouble, saying, “Please come down a little more. My height is 5 feet and 3 inches!” “Ah !! I’ve gone up again.” What should I say? ” What’s more, this month’s chair was chachi, and by all means, it was the best 10 programs in Japan, or the set level of the group program at 8 o’clock. With modern showbiz, even if you don’t go as planned, you can just start singing and not feel any mistakes, but it doesn’t hide the slapstick.
What’s more, this slapstick is behind. Singing on the moon (it’s okay to ride on such a clumsy !?), but when getting off, Linda blows out and the singing voice is sloppy. Perhaps the laughter was switched on here, she burst into laughter at the production of Shabon in “What’ll I Do” and couldn’t sing at all. She laughed while she said, “Let me do it again from the beginning” and “I’m on TV as a professional too.” She wipes her tears, closes her eyes, ignores Sabaon and manages to sing … The old-fashionedness of the production and the grandeur of the show. It is a series of famous scenes that have a sense of the times more than fashion and hairstyles.
There are many commercials that have a sense of the times. When I think that the world’s strongest fire engine makes a camera announcement, a high school girl opens her reference book on the beach for some reason and leaks her words, “Youth is a little complicated like an equation …”. There are new diet colas on sale, strange drinks such as “milk has become transparent”, and “what? Sasuke?” It’s full of things that I don’t even remember the taste anymore. The aerobics that the talents that come out have no meaning, and the original Puttsun actress. One corner of Comedy Big 3 is dressed as Tsukutsuku Hoshi, the mascot of the Los Angeles Olympics …. It shows us the chaos that makes us uncertain whether it is nostalgic or even a different world.

Linda’s beauty and voice, standard numbers spelled by big bands, tohoho productions, and numerous nostalgic commercials … This work itself is a masterpiece pro shot with a rich “scent of 1984”. On top of that, it will tell you to the “other side” of the main press CD, and will expand the image of the masterpiece by dozens of times. Linda Ronstadt was shining in the world of new jazz standards in 1984. Please enjoy it with the main press CD.

本編プレスCDは、驚異的な美音で『WHAT’S NEW』を拡張したようなフルショウを体験できるライヴアルバムです。その解説でも触れましたが、1984年の来日公演を代表してきたのは当時放送されたテレビ特番でした。そこで、本編プレスCDの“向こう側”にも広がっていたであろう、オーケストラとのスペクタクルを目撃できるプロショット作品もご用意しました。

・What’s New/Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry/What I’ll Do(★)/Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)/Goodbye
・ラッシュ・ライフ:Sophisticated Lady(★★)/Falling in Love Again
※注:「★」印は項鋭気映像『IN CONCERT-WHAT’S NEW』でも聴けない曲。特に「★★」印は本編プレスCDでも聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。次作『LUSH LIFE』に収録される事になる「Sophisticated Lady」も披露されますが、さらに美味しいのは大御所ネルソン・リドル楽団をバックに歌う、当時37歳のセクシーな姿。しかも、ショウ自体も実に80年代前半のムードが漂う。特に面白いのは「Falling In Love Again」。リンダの「お月様、出てきて」の一言に合わせて三日月形の椅子が登場、それに座って歌う……はずだったのですが、ここでトラブル。リンダがいくら待っても月が出てこないのです。「内気なお月様でステージ慣れしてないのよネ」とMCで繋いでいると、ようやく天井から降りてきた……かと思いきや、ギクシャクとした動きで途中で止まってしまう。リンダは爆笑しながらも困った様子で「もう少し降りてきてちょうだい。私の身長は5フィート3インチなのよ!」「アッ!! また上がっちゃった」「もしかして英語が通じないのかな。日本語でどう言えばいいの」と、大混乱になってしまう。しかも、この月の椅子がチャチでして、どう見ても日本のベスト10番組か、8時の集合番組のセットレベル。現代のショウビズであれば、予定通りに行かなくてもそのまま歌い出してミスを感じさせないところなのですが、なんともトホホなドタバタを隠しもしないのです。
しかも、このドタバタは後を引いてしまう。なんとか月に乗って歌う(これほど不手際なのに乗って大丈夫!?)ものの、降りる際にはリンダが吹き出して歌声もヨレヨレ。ここで笑いのスイッチが入ってしまったのか、「What’ll I Do」でのシャボンの演出にも爆笑してしまい、まったく歌えなくなってしまうのです。「もう一度、始めからやらせて」「私もプロでとしてTVに出ているんだから」と言いながらも爆笑。涙を拭き、目を閉じてシャボンを無視してなんとか歌い切る……。演出の古めかしさ、そしてショウの大らかさ。ファッションや髪型以上に時代感が滲む名シーンの連続です。


1. Intro.
2. What’s New
3. CM
4. Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry
5. Sophisticated Lady
6. Falling In Love Again
7. CM
8. Kalamazoo
9. Dream
10. CM
11. What’ll I Do
12. Lover Man
13. CM
14. Band Introductions
15. Good-Bye
16. Desperado
17. CM

Linda Ronstadt – Vocals
Nelson Riddle – Arranger, Conductor
Don Grolnick – Piano John Guerin – Drums
Bob Magnusson – Bass
Bob Mann – Guitar
Plas Johnson – Tenor
Liza Edwards – Chorus
Elizabeth Lamers – Chorus
Red Young – Chorus, Piano


Special Bonus DVDR for limited numbered stickered edition of “BUDOKAN 1984″(ZION-184)

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